Wrongful Dismissal


“I don’t understand. No. No I don’t. It shouldn’t be me that……fine….I said fine….yes… I’ll take care of it.” Placing the phone down gently you stare at it with icy eyes wishing the person on the other end of the line nothing but malice. “Chicken shit.” you mutter under your breath. Adjusting yourself and getting your hair back in place you straighten up and look over your computer at Mr. Huntington’s assistant. To your horror he happened to look up as you did, making brief eye contact and smiling at you. “Fuck” you mutter to yourself. It’s 4pm though and you can’t delay any longer. “Daniel? Can I get you to meet me in boardroom 1B? We need to talk about something.”

“Alright Evelyn. Do you need me to bring any of Mr. Huntington’s files?”

“No…..no…that’s quite alright. You go on ahead I just need to print something and I’ll be right in.”

“Ok E.” he says quickly, a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye.

“Fuck” you mutter to yourself again as you print out the general company form labeled “Reason for Dismissal”

Standing at your desk you took a big breath in as you watched Daniel walk around the cubicles on his way to room 1B. “This is going to suck” you thought to yourself, then followed a fair distance behind him, picking up the form on the way.

There was minimal staff on by this time. Usually after 4pm on a Friday the office was very much a ghost town with the exception of yourself, Mr. Huntington, and Daniel. In general all three of you worked late hours, but today Mr. Huntington had taken the day to go golfing with a few of his old buddies from college. Today he had also decided that Daniel, though great at his job, would be better suited elsewhere. Secretly you knew that it was entirely due to Daniel’s sex. Mr. Huntington had made the amusing mistake of thinking Daniel was not Daniel the boys name, but Daniel the girls name more often spelled Danielle. After seeing his resume and hearing your review of his interview he decided it would be a good idea to hire him. Though in Mr. H’s mind, he was a she.

The first day Daniel showed up and introduced himself as Mr. H’s new assistant, the look of bewilderment was glorious. Of course he couldn’t fire Daniel immediately, that would have looked suspicious. He waited just long enough to “evaluate” his assistant, and just long enough to still be within the 3 month probation period where it isn’t necessary to provide cause for dismissal.

You sighed to yourself, paper in hand and dragging your feet down the abandoned hallway. The door to the boardroom was open and through it you could see the handsome young Daniel sitting quietly thumbing through his phone likely telling someone he will be working late again. You walked into the boardroom and slowly turned to close the door behind you. This was going to stink. After the door clicked shut you turned to meet the deep brown puppy dog eyes of a now suspicious Daniel. We never shut the boardroom door unless it was an especially important meeting. His posture changed immediately from proud and upright to more relaxed and slightly slumped.

“I’m not going to like this am I.” he managed to croak.

Daniel had the unfortunate timing of graduating from college into the worst depression since the 30’s. jobs were scarce. Advancement was a near impossibility. Most of his graduate class had either got jobs at the businesses their parents owned or like him were scrambling for anything they could get. One week shy of his three month probation he was on high alert. Going above and beyond. Putting in extra time. Coming in on weekends. Always a smile on his face. Always there with whatever Mr.H needed. But no matter how hard he tried Mr. H never engaged him. He kept an arms length distance and an irreverent detatchment. This worried Daniel greatly and now it was going to become abundantly clear his worries were justified.

“Oh Daniel you know I like you…”


“Mr. Huntington is of the opinion that you and he are not a good match.” the words oozed out of your mouth like a vile poison. Daniel looked at you through big brown puppy eyes. The hurt on his face clear as day.

“There isn’t anything I can do to change your mind?”

“This isn’t my call Daniel it’s Mr. Huntington’s. I don’t get a say in the matter.” You stated with utter distain.

“But if you did?” Daniel questioned “if you did get a say what would it be?”

“It wouldn’t even be a question hun. I’d definitely keep you.”


“Sorry didn’t mean to say that.” You admitted. There were only two people you ever called hun. They were your ex husband and your son. Daniel knew this and was likely trying to determine if you thought him more of the former or more of the later.

“So you like me, and you’re my boss so why am I being let go then?”

“I’m sorry Daniel but I can’t say.”

“Can’t or won’t?”

“Can’t. Company policy for any termination under the three month probationary is to keep the reason for the termination confidential. I’m sorry.” The sentence spluttered out of you completely robotic.

“I see.” Daniel replied seemingly resigned to his fate. “So there’s absolutely nothing I can satire do to save my job?”

“I’m afraid not.”

“Is there any other position open in another department? Or something else I could do?”

“Policy is that a termination from one department means the former employee will not be employed in any other. There are no lateral positional movements” again the robotic yammering.

“Well….shit.” Daniel swore. It was the first time you ever heard a cuss word come out of his mouth. “That just…well it fucking sucks is what it does.” He finished.

“I’m really sorry Daniel. If there was something I could do I would do it. I swear.”

“I know….I know.” He replied earnestly. “I know that you liked me.”

You laughed nervously taken aback by his observation. You were definitely attracted to him but tried to do your best to keep it professional. “Well you’re a good worker despite what Mr. Huntingon may think.”

“Right.” Daniel said looking at you sideways in a way that made you feel like blushing and running away simultaneously. “That’s definitely what I meant.” He laughed and you blushed even more. “Right well, I no longer work here and you’re no longer my boss so how about we go out for drinks tonight and celebrate my early retirement?”

Without thinking it through you immediately blurted “Sure why not?” Laughing.

You both stood up and walked out of the boardroom, leaving the dismissal form on the boardroom table, every box empty of any information.

The elevator ride down from the 22nd floor was somehow different then the ride up. Daniel seemed taller, confident, and strangely seemed to smell even better. You glanced over at him and saw him smirk. “Why is he so different?” You thought to yourself.

“Are we taking the company car?” Daniel inquired politely.

“Sure why not.” You replied quickly. The company car was usually the exclusive use of Mr. Huntington and the higher executives. A spacious Lincoln towncar limousine complete with driver. You called the service from the elevator and informed Daniel that they would be meeting you both out front.

“Where would you like to get drinks?” he asks you, ever so polite.

“Your choice hun.” you squeak out, cursing to yourself as yet another “hun” has slipped through your lips.

You see him smirk and then lick his lips briefly before responding, “I’ve heard good things about Coq D’or, let’s go there. You’re buying though right? It’s only fair since I’m not entirely sure where my next paycheck is coming from.” he laughs as he finishes the sentence and you join him nervously.

“Of course I’m buying. It’s only fair.” you repeat.

The doors open for the lobby and he motions for you to walk ahead. Smirking you, walk in front and make your way to the security desk to sign out for the night. Out of the corner of your eye you catch his reflection in one of the mirrored pillars up ahead. His gaze is distinctly not looking forward and is quite obviously directed at your rear end and legs. Without thinking you abruptly turn around and catch him in the act. You give Daniel a scowl of disapproval but the moment you turn back to the security desk you can’t help but smile and feel the warm glow that accompanies spontaneous blushing.

“I love your boots.” Daniel blurts out, the words almost as much a shock to him as it is to you.

“Oh.” you reply. “Oh…uh…thank you. I’m glad you like them.” you manage to blubber out. Glad you like them? What the heck did you mean by that? He’s going to think you only wore them to impress him now.

“Shall we?” he says motioning to the lobby entrance and the waiting limo beyond. “The bar is close but it’ll be a nice ride I think.”

You turn to him and smile but do not respond. All the while your mind racing. What does he mean by ride? Is that innuendo? Does he think I’m into him? Does he think all I want to do is get with him? “I need a drink.” you unconsciously mutter out loud.

“You and me both.” Daniel replies, to your horror. The internal monologue you were wrestling with had momentarily become externalized. “Shit” you thought to yourself, careful not to say it aloud.

You sat in uncomfortable silence for the rest of the ride to the bar. It seemed to you that Daniel was much too close to you but secretly you wanted him closer. What was happening to you? Why was he so god damn intriguing now? Why now? Why? Momentarily your brain flashed the image of what Daniel might look like naked in front of you. Your heart jumped and you felt the tell tale flush of heat wash across your body as you also noticed you instantly became a little wetter down below. “We’re here.” he states cooly, stepping out from his side of the car. You quickly adjust yourself and try to maintain your composure desperately trying to ensure the momentary flush could not be detected. “Shall we?” Daniel motions to the entrance, then like a suave gentleman beyond his years he opens the door for you.

Walking in you find a nice quiet table in the back of the bar. Soon after the waitress comes by and asks for your order. To your surprise Daniel orders for both of you. A classic caesar for him and a scotch, neat for you. “You’ve been paying attention it seems.” a smile escaping as you can’t help but be somewhat impressed.

“It was my job to pay attention to what Mr. Huntington needed, and since you and he worked so closely, I paid attention to your needs too.” Daniel said, punctuating his sentence with a wink. You stifled a giggle but couldn’t help but think to yourself, “There are other needs you can pay attention to Daniel.” smirking at your own private joke.

“Well thank you Daniel. It’s clear you cared and I’m impressed.”

“Not impressed enough to let me keep my job though hmm?”

“It’s not up to me. Not my call.”

“You could try. You could always try and convince Mr. H.” Daniel enticed. Trying his very best to sound objective and logical instead of helpless as he felt.

“He usually doesn’t pay attention to my opinion on such matters….” you say under your breath as you take a sip of the smooth and likely quite expensive scotch.

“So you’ve tried before?” Daniel replies, clearly seeing an opening where one wasn’t moments before. He takes a small sip of his own drink and places it down. “You have, haven’t you.”

“Yes.” you admit sullenly. “It didn’t go too well.” remembering the tirade you suffered through after trying to keep Mr. Huntington’s previous assistant.

“Well you don’t know till you try.” Daniel squeaks, unable to contain his understandable pleading. “Is there anyway I can convince you to at least try?” his big brown eyes piercing your poor attempt at cold distance.

“First,” you utter simply to break the uncomfortable gaze, “I’d like another of these.” you motion, waving your drink back and forth before downing the remaining scotch.

Gratefully the subject changed to other lighter hearted things. Funny people at the office. Odd quirks of family members. Strangest date each of you have had. Best time you’ve had without breaking the law. Best time you’ve had while breaking a law. Before you knew it you and Daniel were sitting side by side in the booth and leaning on each other laughing. His cologne filled your nostrils and sent shivers down your spine. Once more your mind pictured him naked, standing in front of you. His young athletic body full of hard edges and smooth round muscles. You bite your lip and wiggle your hips attempting to fight the excitement brewing inside of you. It had been a number of years since you’ve had a nice night out with a single gentleman. Suddenly you feel Daniel’s hand on your leg and he whispers into your ear, his lips so close they graze your ear and send electric pulses coursing through your body. “I know what I can do to convince you to talk to Mr. H.”

You turn to meet his gaze. Your eyes focusing intently attempting to determine if this is a cruel joke. He stares right back at you, a smirk on his face and a twinkle in his eye. “Fuck it” you think to yourself. “Why not.” you reply to him and his smirk broadens to a large captivating smile as he pats your thigh. You leave money at the table to take care of the bill and both of you walk over to the hotel concierge. Moments later you found yourself in another elevator with Daniel. The air electric with exciting possibilities. You thumb the key card, rotating it in your hand. People would frown on this. They would be upset. You were about to break some sort of ancient social code but you didn’t care. The image of Daniel naked in front of you was in the forefront of your mind and soon it would be a reality. The elevator door opened and you sauntered out, the proud lioness on the prowl. Daniel followed, staring at your ass and legs again, this time you let him. This time you enjoyed it, you looked over your shoulder and winked at him.

The lock clicked as you swiped the keycard, and you pushed the door open. The room was dark and orderly. A large king sized bed was placed in the middle of the room. Across from it a large armoire hiding a TV. A mini fridge to the left. Somewhere in a drawer there would be a bible. Just like the rest of the accoutrements, it wasn’t going to see any use. You turned to Daniel and thought about asking if he was sure about this, but then the look on his face, the glint in his eye, even the way his hair was laying made you want to devour him whole. You quickly pulled him close and shut the door behind him, only to open it again to place the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the handle, laughing as you did so.

Off came his coat. Off came yours. Thrown to the side in a small pile. Another step into the room. He pulls his tie to the side and then off, you lean down to unzip your boots and kick them away. Another step into the room and he kicks his shoes back towards the door. His tie is off, and the buttons of his shirt are slowly being released as his naked chest begins to emerge in the dark room. You reach back and unzip your skirt, then slowly push it down, wiggling your hips from side to side. He watches your every move, unbuttoning his shirt at an agonizingly slow pace. “Fuck this” you blurt and you release the last button and tear the shirt off his body. He is just as magnificent as you imagined. His body resembled that of a long distance track star, or an Olympic swimmer that you’d ogle every four years. Softly you run your hands down Daniel’s body feeling his soft skin and the muscles taught underneath. The heat pulsed from him and you soaked it up. You closed your hands into fists and bit your lip, then look back into his eyes and opened your hands wide again running them down his body again, but this time stopping at his pants.

Staring into his eyes you lowered to your knees in front of him running one hand down the side of his leg while the other ran over the front of his pants to gently cup and caress his manhood through the layers of cloth. Slowly you unzipped his fly, pulling yourself closer as you do so and kissing his taught abs that could easily be on any magazine cover. His fly now open you reach inside his pants. You can feel the heat of his cock before your fingers even touch it. A small gasp escapes your lips as you grip his quickly hardening phallus. Pulling it through his underwear and then through his pants his stiffening member now clearly visible to your eyes. “It’s beautiful” you can’t help but mutter. It is intoxicating to you. The sight of his thick hard cock makes you quiver and you can feel yourself start to get even wetter. You look up from it to see him looking down at you. His mouth open the same pleading look from earlier in the bar is visible in his eyes. While staring through him you lower your face to his cock and take him gently inside of your wet loving mouth.

“Ohhhhhhhhh” you hear him groan. His eyes close and he slowly slumps his head back. You see the outline of his manly adam’s apple and then you take him further into your mouth. “Oh E. You’re amazing.” he mutters. Your hands now free you let them explore his youthful body running them down his chest, across his stomach, then around to feel the strong powerful thrusting muscles of his cute ass. You manage to smirk with his cock in your mouth as you gently squeeze his butt. Daniel then moves his hands which were hanging awkwardly at his sides, to your head gently holding you in place. You can feel his ass flex and he slowly pushes his cock further into your mouth only to retract it and push it in again. All the while your tongue dances around his shaft and head tantalizing and teasing him as he gently fucks your mouth.

Moving your hands from his ass you unbutton his pants, and remove his belt. His pants fall to the ground in a heap and he steps out of them gingerly, being sure to leave his swollen member where it is in your mouth. You then reach down and begin to unbutton your blouse. Momentarily you look up and see him smiling as he looks down at you and the shelf of cleavage your bra has created. You pull your head back off of his cock and see him look at you with worry in his eyes. You just smile and yank down his underwear. Now, like your momentary flashes, he stands naked in front of you. His thick cock standing out proud and anxious for more attention.

You stand up in front of him now in nothing but your bra and panties the excitement coursing through your body. You grab his hand and pull it to your dampening crotch and immediately moan at his touch. He raises his eyebrows at your moan and gently cups and rubs your panty covered sex much to your delight as you groan in approval. You reach out and grab his cock and then with your other hand gently cup his balls. He also groans in approval and you step back towards the bed, his cock in your hand, and his hand on your sensitive pussy. Your leg makes contact with the bed, and then your other leg does the same. You’re now locked in place. For a moment you look into each other’s eyes as you might before plunging over an abyss. Then with little warning he pulls his hand from your soaking sex, spins you around, and pushes you to the bed. You fall roughly into the soft pillowed mattress, your ass exposed to the air. You then feel his hands grip your panties and roughly yank them to the floor then tossing them away. His hands run up the outside of your legs, then over your now naked ass, then down the backside of your legs, and up the inside. You smile to yourself as you can’t help but think, if security checkpoints were more like this, you’d bring contraband onto every flight. Before you can finish that thought his hands are on both ass cheeks and as he squeezes them hard, pulls his face towards you and lashes his tongue all the way from your sensitive clit, up your pussy and only stopping at your tender asshole. He then takes the same trip again, and again…changing the speed, the weight of his tongue, stopping to flick and lick at your asshole, then your clit, then stabbing his tongue into your very wet cunt.

“O-o-o-oh fuck” you manage to croak. “Fuck Daniel that feels amazing.” and you reach back to grab his hair and pull him deeper into you. His tongue dances over your sweet sex with expert timing. As he does he reaches around to cup your breasts rubbing your hard nipples through the soft fabric of your bra. You can feel yourself being lost in the moment. You close your eyes and feel all of the attention at once, every nuance and touch your body shudders as you quiver towards an orgasm, but before you can get there Daniel pulls his tongue away. You turn to scowl at him but before you can indicate your displeasure he plunges his cock into your unexpecting pussy. “F-u-u-u-u-uck!” you squeal not used to its size, shape, or delicious heat. Your sex starts to gush as he slides back and then pushes into you once more. With no warning you begin to climax already. He clearly senses it and continues the same pace, sliding in, then out, then in again. Further and further with each push. “Oh…..oh….OH! FUCK!!!” you squeal and you cum hard all over his rigid manhood soaking the bed below.

He pulls his cock out and flips you over on the bed. Taking you legs and putting them on his strong shoulders he slowly begins to push into you once more. The previous orgasm barely finished you start to shudder and feel another wave coming at you. Uncontrollably your skin is on fire. You fingertips buzz and your nipples feel as if they are going to explode. He sees the look of pained excitement on your face and picks up the pace of his thrusts, pushing hard, deep, penetrating thrusts into your spasming body. He reaches up and pulls the straps of your bra off your shoulder, then pulling the bra down your tender nipples are now exposed to the cool air of the hotel room. With no warning he bends his head down and takes one into his mouth, gently biting then sucking on it. Simultaneously he tweaks and pulls the other. With all of this and the intoxicating feel of his hardness slipping inside of you, another orgasm starts to rock your body. You shudder and quake and squeal something unintelligible. Half a second later you realize what you shouted “Cum on me you beautiful boy. Cum all over me!” Taking your demand to heart he pulls out of your still spasming pussy and strokes his heavy cock a few times. With a low gutteral moan he see his body jerk and then a jet of warm white thick cum splatters across your waist and neck. Another jerk and another stream jetisons across your body. Another spasm and the last final splurt of cum hits you on the neck, chin, and lips. You can’t help but snake your tongue out to taste it. The sweet but salty juice of his desire.

“I’ll talk to Mr. Hungtington tomorrow. I’ll call him at home and insist.” you blubber in the throes of a post orgasm stupor. “You’ve earned that at least.” you smile.

Daniel lies next to you and smirks. “You know, if you are able to save my job, this would probably qualify as some sort of sexual harassment.”

“Then you’re fired Daniel. Now shut up and fuck me again.” you laugh.



If you enjoyed reading this, you can show your appreciation buy purchasing it on Amazon. I enjoy knowing you found pleasure in my work, and each little bit of encouragement just spurs me on to continue to write for you. 😉






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