the Big Tipper

This short is written for my good friend ‘E’. Love ya bubs. Hope you like your story.

Working at a coffee shop certainly has it’s perks. Especially if you have a mild caffeine addiction, and are attracted to handsome men in business suits. It has been four months since you started this job and already you could feel yourself slowly coming out of your shell. In high school you were always on the periphery, never able to strike up conversations with strangers. Never able to mingle with other students. Always keeping to yourself, deep in a book or your studies, and rarely coming up for air. This year was going to be different. This year you had made a promise to yourself to push beyond your comfort zone. You wanted to get out into the world. Explore and experience the beauty and wonder of it all. But perhaps more importantly than all of that, you wanted to finally move past your old high school love and graduate to a more sophisticated, educated, worldly gentleman. The first step, finding the guts to talk to them.

This is where the coffee shop job came in. In truth you didn’t really need the job. Your parents had set aside enough money when you were growing up that university would be paid for. Because of your aptitude for overachieving, you ended up receiving a full scholarship for the first two years of university. So instead of using the money for tuition, books, and other supplies, you were able to save it. The coffee shop job was really only to bring you into contact with the social sophisticates that you wanted to be more like. It was much easier to talk to them in brief two or three minute conversations that generally centered around each patron’s overly complicated order. On some occasions when the shop wasn’t as busy a few of the men would start some small talk. Ask how you were doing, if you liked the job, how was your weekend. That sort of thing. Then, there was Jax.

He was a beautiful man. A tall Nordic man with slicked back blonde hair and ice cold blue eyes. He looked like he was a reincarnated Viking. Strong. Imposing. Handsome. Athletic. Perhaps his most attractive quality, though, was that he didn’t act like he knew he was beautiful. He was kind, considerate, and always tipped at least $5, which on a $7 coffee was pretty generous. You loved his smile, the way he winked at you when he said thank you. His silky soft voice sent shivers through your body. When he placed his order you had to try not to stare at his lips, but looking into his eyes made you swoon even worse. If he would have asked you to serve yourself in the coffee cup, covered in whipped cream and a dash of cocoa, you would have done so in a heartbeat.

Your biggest problem was your own fear. Inwardly you were scared to show more than a fleeting interest in this man. He captivated you but beyond the initial attraction you were scared to tell him what you wanted. He wasn’t the type of man you could have a relationship with. As loathe as you were to admit it you were a woman that was quick to jealousy. Having this man on your arm would be a treat when he was there but every waking moment that he wasn’t you knew you would be driving yourself crazy with thoughts of women hitting on your man.

No he wasn’t the relationship type. You knew that. He was the type of man you wanted to ravage you. To have him take you in his crushing embrace. Allowing his will to overtake yours. Allowing yourself to be lost in his beauty. But how could you tell him this?

You weren’t a prude by any stretch of the imagination. You knew more about sex then all of your girlfriends if only from books. But how do you just tell a man you want him for sex without looking so trite and whorish.

So on slow days you would stand at the counter and daydream of what you’d say to him.

Dearest Jax,
When I see you each morning you make me melt inside. Your eyes pierce my soul and your smooth voice hypnotizes me. Oh Jax what I want to do with you. To you. For you. If you wanted I would serve your coffee with nothing but my bra and panties on. I’d bend to your whim. I’d make every carnal pulsing passionate desire come true.
I wish you’d come in today and whisk me away from this drudgery. Pull me along in your strong thick hand. Let me feel your strength flowing through you into me. Drag me to your car, take me to your office. Parade me in front of your coworkers as your prize before taking me into your office.
God I want you so bad.
I want to feel weak in your arms. Like a small crushable animal. You could devour me in a single wolf-like bite, but you’re so tender and caring. Let me show you my appreciation. I’ll drop to my knees in front of your glorious frame. Your body towering above mine. I can feel my pulse race, my fingers buzz with excitement. My mouth is dry with fright filled anticipation, but I can not stop this path I’ve started down. Let me take care of that my Sir. Let me slide your zipper down with care and wonder. Let me pull your manhood out. Let me touch it. Feel it. Kiss it. Love it.

01 25 2013 010

Oh who were you kidding, you thought to yourself. He liked you, but just not in that way. He would have made a move by now. Wouldn’t he? You were now very curious. For all his charm and good looks, is he just too much of a gentleman to take the first step? The thought wormed it’s way through your psyche for days.

On the weekend you talked to your girlfriends and asked for advice. Most told you to chill out and wait for him to make his move. But one of your friends, recently single, responded with “I say, fuck it. Go for it. Why does he have to be in charge?” You giggled at the thought of commanding this modern wrapped viking lord to do your bidding, imagining several scenarios which tickled your fancy.

The next week Jax came in as he usually did and requested the same order as he usually did. In a fit of lustful ingenuity you claimed the machine required to make his drink was being cleaned and wouldn’t be ready till later. Upon seeing his predictable disappointment you offered, “You know I could always bring it to you when it’s ready, you work nearby don’t you?” He smiled and cocked his head to the side, surprised at the offer.

“Sure, why not.” he smiled. To himself he was thinking that this was just a ploy to gain a larger tip, but he didn’t mind in the least. “Here’s my card. My office’s address is there. When you arrive tell the receptionist that you’re there for a delivery and she’ll show you the way to my office.”

“Sounds good.” you reply quickly.

“For your trouble.” he continues, placing a $20 bill on the counter with a smile.

You quickly pick up the cash and smile, “My pleasure.” you whisper to yourself as you watch his large frame saunter confidently out the door.

A few hours later you prepare his drink, and notify your coworker that you’re done for the day. She smiles and tells you to have a great day. “Oh, I will.” you giggle. The company apron removed and your hair back in place you look monumentally different. You had dressed yourself today in a tight black dress that was demure with a dash of sultry. Underneath the dress was a lingerie ensemble that you were quite proud of; a black lace pushup bra, a black garter with sheer stockings, and a thong pair of panties to complete the look. You felt invigorated. The underwear was so different from your day to day comfortable cotton underwear that you felt like a high priced call girl. It was empowering to feel so sexually strong. As you walked down the sidewalk on the way to Jax’s office building you could feel the eyes of every suited man on you. Their desire for you self evident. You soaked the attention up and walked in a strut that exuded a confidence you had never felt before. You were a lioness on the prowl. The scent of your prey so near, oblivious to your savage intent.

A few blocks later you were at the door to his office. His drink in your hand, a smile on your face, and a cocky confidence coursing through your body. The door opens slowly as Jax was advised by his receptionist that you had arrived. His eye open wide, a shocked expression crossed his face. He had never seen you wearing anything more than your work uniform to date and you could tell by the way he was looking you over that he approved of how you were dressed. “Come….come in.” he stammers and you smile to yourself.

Taking a few steps into his office you look at him and order, “Close the door.” and watch as he does your bidding. “Here’s your drink, but I don’t think you want it anymore.”

“I don’t?”

“No. Why would you want to spend your time drinking that, when you could be drinking in this instead.” with a deftly sly move you unzip the back of your dress and let it fall to the floor. Your heart racing you can feel your pulse hammering away in your ears. You stand in front of him now, your dress a crumpled pile on the floor. His eyes look you over in anguish. Instinct conflicting with logic. He wants to devour you. He wants to take you here and now, but the logical side of his brain knows there will be consequences. You smile at him, seeing the conflict within him. Stepping out of the dress on the floor you put your hand on his shoulder and push him back to his desk. He sits down and you lightly drag your fingers from his shoulder to his jaw to playfully close his mouth which is still agape.

01 31 2013 022

Then with a wink you turn to the door he closed, walking slowly towards it you can feel his eyes on your body. You turn your head over your shoulder and make the motion of a kiss before locking the door and turning back to Jax. He’s still looking you over, his drink now seemingly awkward in his hands. You stalk him now. Stepping quietly and confidently towards him, smirking to yourself as you notice the distinctive bulge in his pants growing perceptively larger as you approach.

You lay your hand on his thigh, and draw it up his leg on the inside, feeling the thick quadriceps muscle twitching beneath your touch. You come close to his crotch but only lightly dance your fingers across before continuing up his body, across his silk dress shirt covered torso, across his chest, to his throat, finally to his strong angular jaw. You grip it roughly in your hand and look him in the eyes, “It would have been better if you had made the first move.” you sneer, “but as you didn’t I have been forced to take charge of the situation.” His eyes dart back and forth between your eyes, and your lips, both curious and confused. “Get on your knees.” you command. He doesn’t move at first until you continue, “Get on your knees now!” the playful forcefulness of your command causes him to unthinkingly obey submitting to your will.

He looks up at you from his knees. The confusion on his face is delectable. You feel so free. So in charge. Standing directly in front of him you smile and run your hands down your body. Over your breasts, down your waist, to your sides, your ass. You imagine his hands on you and you close your eyes, bite your lip and smile. You grip his tousled long blonde hair in one hand before looking into his eyes and saying “Kiss me.” with all the force of a general commanding his army. You feel Jax move as if to stand and you tug at his hair to hold him down. “No.” you growl. “Kiss me…….here.” You slide your free hand down your body and slip it over your silk and lace thong panties lightly stroking your buzzing anxious clit. Moving your free hand to his head to join the other you command him again. “Kiss me!” and he does as he’s told. With a tenderness you would have never expected from a man so large and imposing he inches his lips closer to your sex. You resist the urge to wiggle your hips forward and stand motionless, your hands tight on the wild mane of hair of this viking lord.

His lips make contact with your panty covered slit and you can’t help but let a soft moan escape your mouth. It’s been quite a while since you’ve had a boyfriend, and there’s no sex toy in the world that feels like a man’s mouth on your sopping sex. He looks up at you now and seeing the look of pleasure on your face, redoubles his efforts. He kisses and probes with his lips all the subtle curves, hills, and valleys of your pussy. You want more though. As much as his kisses feel wonderous, you need more. Releasing his hair with one hand you reach down and pull your panties to the side, revealing your nakedness to him. Without needing further commands he kisses your lower lips again, and you feel your skin tingle with excitement. You close your eyes and let your head drop back as you stand. You can feel the hot wetness of his tongue slithering out of his mouth. He drags it across your sensitive skin and immediately your legs begin to quiver. Sensing you’re enjoying his torturous touch Jax increases his intensity. His tongue dances back and forth, in, out, up down. On your clit, then off it. Then stabbing into you, then licking up and flicking your clit again. His attention never staying still. It’s so unpredictable you can feel yourself getting anxious, not knowing what’s coming next.

At that moment his lips surround the pulsing bulb of your clit and he gently sucks and pulls it into your mouth. The sudden specific attention electrifies your body and your brain goes haywire trying to process the sensation. He releases your tender clit and licks you once more from bottom to top, flicking at the end once more. You can’t help but moan. Your legs are shaking trying to stabilize yourself, and now instead of gripping his hair you’ve placed both hands on his broad shoulders. Feeling your imminent collapse Jax moves his hands from his sides and now slides them up the back of your legs. You shudder and moan again with the new sensation. He continues to lightly brush your skin as his hands travel upwards finally coming to rest on your exposed ass. Fiercely gripping them he drives his tongue deep into your wet pussy and you feel your legs buckle. If it weren’t for his hands on your ass and your hands on his shoulders you would have surely fell to the ground, but now as all of your weight was on him he now had complete control. Standing and picking you up as if you were nothing more than a doll he gently lays you onto his desk.

Your head is swimming with pleasure, excitement, anxiousness, and fear all simultaneously. He stands above you now, his tall mountainous frame even more impressive as you lie on your back. Without your instruction he returns to his knees and returns his lips and tongue to your quivering pussy. You can feel him flick, lick, and suck at your clit with just the right amount of pressure to drive you wild. With his tongue occupied you feel the foreign sensation of his finger running up and down your slit. You can’t help but squirm slightly, moving side to side and clenching your ass muscles as you try to increase the pressure of both his tongue and his finger. With no warning he easily and expertly slides his finger into your waiting pussy. The sensation blasts through your body and your legs jump and tense up. After a moment you relax and enjoy the feeling of being teased both inside and outside of your body. He pushes his finger deep into you and then as he curls it up, slowly pulls back till only the tip is in you, before pushing it back again.

You squirm and stifle a moan as you can feel your orgasm beginning to come to a head. He continues to slide his finger in and out of you as his tongue dances across your buzzing clit. Your mouth opens wide and you close your eyes. The pleasure washes over your body like a wave of rushing warm water, tantalizing every inch of your skin. You can feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, the shivers, the tingles. You moan aloud and buck your hips trying to get more of his tender attention. With no warning he slides a second finger into your now soaking cunt. Feeling fuller, feeling his fingers exploring you from the inside, his tongue pressing against your aching clit, you can’t hold back any more. You mutter, “J..J-a-a-a-ax….I’m….I’m….oh fuck..I’m c-c-u-c-c-cu-umming!” He doesn’t stop for a moment, instead he maintains his intensity, his attention, his care. You can feel warmth shunting through your body and you squeal as your legs collapse around his head. Bucking your hips wildly and erratically you continue to moan and gasp for air as you continue to cum hard.

Finally the shudders and spasms subside and you start to laugh if for no other reason than to marvel at the fun you just had. You look back down to Jax who’s still kneeling between your legs. “That…..was…..amazing.” you giggle, “You really know what you’re doing!” you continue in sincere honesty.

“I’ve had some practice.” he says winking at you. Then he stands, his hands on your still outstretched legs. “Now….” he smirks as he undoes his belt and unzips his fly, “….my turn.” His sizable manhood swings upward with force, finally freed from it’s cloth prison. You look at it in amazement at his cock. It’s size and girth larger than you’ve ever had to handle before.

Quietly you mutter under your breath, “Now that’s a big tip.”


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