Cold Steel

“Who is the mole?”


Guston’s eyes slowly came into focus. He blinked away the blurriness seeing a form in front of him. A silhouette of a woman, gradually becoming more defined. His head ached and he looked around the room, unaware of how he came to be in this position.


“Who is the mole?” came the demand for the second time. The accent was distinctly eastern european and was dripping with venom.


“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Guston replied with an slurred statement that even a three year old could determine was a lie. His head was pounding and he felt the need to rub his temples to sooth the pain but as Guston moved his dominant hand to reach up to his head he felt the cold steel of a pair of handcuffs strapped to his wrists. “Well fuck.” he thought, rather unprofessionally.


It was anticipated that within his line of work there was the danger for capture, and with that danger came the even more unpleasant reality that torture would be inevitable. Of course everyone has seen movies where the stoic hero stands defiant in the face of such impending torment, but the reality is that it’s completely terrifying.


“Don’t bother lying Mr. Telekov…..we know you’re a spy.” the woman had a look of viciousness in her eyes. Considering that she was the only one in the room with him, her rank and confidence must both be quite high.


“A spy?” Guston replied, as he attempted to manufacture an air of surprise at the accusation. “I’m not a spy…..I work in construction.”


The woman took one step towards him and slapped him across the face with the back of her gloved hand. “Shut up Guston, we know who you are.”


“Guston? I’m not…Guston…you have the wrong name, I’m….”


“Alexander Telekov, supervisor in charge at the building site of the Laika and Strelka towers.” she interrupted.


“Yes…that’s who…”


“You claim to be.” she cut him off, “But we know you are actually Guston Whitfield of the British SIS.” She leaned in closer to him now allowing him to finally see the features of her face earlier obscured by his blurred vision. It was Zlata, his secretary at the build site. “Shit” he thought to himself.


Zlata had come highly recommended to him by one of his Russian colleagues at Mečta Construction. She was supposedly vetted by MI6, but clearly someone had dropped the ball. Their mistake had now landed him in a concrete windowless cell with a superbly stunning, but clearly dangerous Russian counter agent. “Zlata?” he responded as best as he could, “This must be some sort of joke. Did Pecha put you up to this?” Pecha, of course was his inept partner at the company. Constantly late, constantly over budget in his projects, and a known practical joker. It was his best play for time as he tried to figure out how much Zlata, or at least the woman he knew as Zlata knew of him.


“Oh shut up.” she yelled, “I know who you are. I know where you grew up. I know where you trained, I even know who your 4th grade teacher was. I know everything so drop the act and tell me who the mole is!”


“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Guston repeated, fully aware how his response would be received. The mole she was asking about had been planted in the Russian interior ministry almost 10 years prior. His identity was known only to a handle of people in MI6, Guston being one of them. If she was questioning him about the mole, then the Russians knew he existed, but they didn’t know who it was. This was good news for the mole, but bad news for Guston. It meant that he was likely to be here until he broke, and everyone breaks, it’s just a matter of how long.


Zlata rolled her eyes at his impetuous defiance, “There is no point on holding out,” she said to him staring into his emerald green eyes, “I will break you.” She took her hand up and grasped his jaw staring at his eyes, then his lips and back to his eyes, “Such a shame.” she continued, “You could have been fun.” She shrugged and turned on her heel, walking away around Guston and out the door that was out of his range of view.


Guston sat there for a while alone in the cold concrete room. The handcuffs were tight around his wrists pinching the skin slightly. Around each ankle was another pair of cuffs locked to the chair legs. This was not a happy situation to be in. She was right though, Guston thought to himself. It certainly could have been fun. Zlata and he had been flirting salaciously for the past few months. Being that she had been vetted by his superiors Guston saw no reason why he couldn’t pursue some recreational time with her. Even now while locked in this room he marveled at her beauty. She had long athletic legs, slim but sensuous hips, a narrow waist that led up to small but perfectly proportioned breasts. Her face was that of a traditionally stunning Russian woman. She had full pouty lips which she adorned with a blood red lipstick, auburn eyes, and long black hair which ordinarily was tied up and out of the way. A stunning woman, and now, a very dangerous woman.


The door clicked and swung open behind Guston and he heard the distinct clicking of Zlata’s boots. With a sudden jolt he felt the uncomfortable sensation of cold steel pressing against his neck. “Fuck…here we go.” Guston thought to himself, wondering if he could really resist the torture that was soon to come. He heard the sound of metal sliding against metal and reasoned, correctly, that it wasn’t a knife in Zlata’s hands, but a large polished pair of stainless steel scissors.

“The name of the mole.” Zlata stated impassionately as the scissors opened and closed next to his ear.


“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Guston repeated as he braced himself for whatever painful punishment Zlata had dreamed up.


*snip* The scissors closed on something, but it wasn’t Guston himself because he had felt no pain. Looking down at his shoulder he saw what had happened. The scissor had been used to cut the shoulder of Guston’s disheveled dress shirt. While he felt a momentary relief with the realization he hadn’t yet been cut, as rapidly as the relief came it rushed away as she laid the scissors on the freshly exposed skin. “You know Guston I always thought you were pretty cute.” Zlata said while circling behind him. “What a pity it will be to destroy that.” She let out an exasperated sigh.


“My name is Alexander……Alexander Telekov!” Guston shouted. “You’re making a horrible mistake!”


“Am I?” *snip* The second cut opening a hole in the arm of his shirt pinching his skin as she closed the scissors. “Funny” she continued, “I don’t think I’m making a mistake at all.”




The scissors cut a hole in the back of his shirt this time. Guston flexed and fidgeted against the handcuffs that were restraining him. Zlata smiled at his squirming, catching herself looking at the muscles in his back ball up and flex. “It really was too bad,” she thought to herself, “he would have made an intriguing conquest.”




“I’m not Guston whatever his name is….my name is Alexander….” he shouted again but stopped as Zlata brandished the pointy end of the scissors directly in front of his eye. He fought against his instincts to fidget lest he lose an eye for his troubles.


She took the point of the scissors and drew it down his face, across his lips, across one side of his neck then the other. The cold metal causing his hair to stand on end but the adrenaline rushing through his body kept him from shivering. She continued to drag the scissors down his body until they rested on his crotch. “Who is the mole in the interior ministry?” she barked again.


Guston took a breath and opened his mouth to speak, “I….”


Zlata pushed the point into his crotch and shouted at him, “Tell me you’re not Guston one more time, I dare you.” she pushed the scissors then relaxed them, “See what happens if you continue to lie to me.” she looked serious to Guston, so he closed his mouth and remained silent.

“I cannot tell you.” Guston finally said.


Pleased with herself Zlata stood up straight again, “Finally, you admit that you are who I already know you to be.” she hissed spinning the long steel scissors playfully. “So you admit then that your name is Gustan Whitfield.”




“And you are a spy for the British SIS.”




“But you’re claiming no knowledge of the mole?”


“Yes.” Guston replied as expected hoping years of playing poker at the barracks would help with his dead panned emotionless face.


“You’re lying.” she sneered at him raising the scissors up in front of his face, then bringing them down heavy and hard. There was a loud thud as they impacted the chair just in front of Guston’s crotch. Guston relaxed his breath and did his best to pretend he wasn’t phased by the act. Zlata knew better. She had broken many a man, and this one would be no different. Scissors in hand, she turned the blades and pointed upward, then snipped each button off Guston’s shirt. With a roughness that juxtaposed her soft beautiful face she ripped the shirt open and exposed his chest. “You think you’ve trained for torture?” she sneered once more. “You think you’re prepared. That you can hold out?” she continued, walking around Guston dragging the metal across his body as she did. “No one can. It is, inevitable.”


Guston knew she spoke the truth, but he was stalling for time. With him captured his superiors would realize the predicament and put into action a contingency plan to safeguard the security of the mole. He just needed to hold out as long as he could. “What I would give for a pint of Guinness right now.” he thought to himself. He felt the cold steel scissors dragging across the skin of his neck. The blades opened with the distinct sound of metal sliding across metal and he felt the point of each blade poking into his spine. “So how shall I break you.” Zlata mused. She sounded almost bored. Guston reasoned that it helped to be detached from the subject you’re likely to be inflicting pain and likely killing. He heard the scissors shearing blade slide together and felt a tug on his shirt as she sliced from collar to cuff on his left arm. “Such a pretty man.” she said nonchalantly to herself, then sliced the other side in turn.


The fabric of his shirt now just hanging from his body Guston somehow felt even more vulnerable than before. “Such a shame.” Zlata whispered into his ear, startling Guston with her sudden closeness. “In other circumstances I would relish the removal of your shirt.” she hissed, then moved to his other ear. “But now I’m sad to say that will never be.”


Guston’s mind was racing and he grasped for the only thread he was able to see, “Why could it never be?” he said with a quiet confidence that caused Zlata to stop in her tracks and stare at the side of his face looking for some clue as to what he meant. He turned to face her as best as he could under the circumstances. “I’m basically dead already am I not?” he continued, “You will try to torture the information out of me, and in the end I’ll die.” Zlata was concerned with Guston’s keen observation of the circumstances wondering what he was trying to get at. Instead of silencing him like she may have for any other subject, Guston was allowed to continue to speak.


“You have me here.” he said, “I’m trapped. I’m clearly not going anywhere.” he strained against the cuffs, tensing his muscles to indicate how he was hopelessly bound.


“What is your point.” Zlata finally said in frustration.


“Who says you can’t allow yourself the pleasure of enjoying yourself before you dispose of me?” he said dryly, as if he didn’t care about his life one bit. Zlata paused for a moment, not replying immediately. Guston knew in that moment that he had her. The fact that she hadn’t outright dismissed his offer instantly meant there was a chance. “Zlata I know you want me. You can’t deny it.” he said with a cocky confidence, “…and you know I want you.” Guston paused for a moment letting the thought sink into her mind.


Zlata opened her mouth to respond, then closed it. She thought to herself that she could use this for her own benefit as well as the ultimate goal of breaking him. She walked around him again dragging the scissors over his shoulders, down his chest, over his well muscled arms, and back. Guston felt the scissors dropping from his skin and heard Zlata walk away and open the door to his concrete cell. From beyond the door he could hear some muffled Russian followed by a snap of to boot heels being drawn together as someone saluted. Moments later the click of her boots came closer, the door clicked shut and there was the extra click of a deadbolt being turned. “I sent the guard away.” she said eventually, clearing up the questions running through Guston’s head. “We are on our own now.” she continued.


Her demeanor had changed. The hard, edgy, cold woman that she appeared to be moments earlier had morphed into a slithering, sultry, beauty. Her movements were no longer designed to entice fear from Guston, but instead entice other emotions. Guston recognized this immediately. She was once more the sensuous, seductive, secretary that he couldn’t help but flirt with. He felt a twinge in his balls and he chuckled to himself thinking about having to debrief his superiors. If he ever made it out of this alive, his superiors would want to know what he did to make it and that would be an exercise in hilarity.


She still had the scissors in her hand though, which made Guston nervous. Zlata walked up in front of him and placed her hands on his knees. “I’m not releasing you.” she stated dryly.


“So now what?” Guston asked, honestly unsure of the response he would get.


“Now?” Zlata said, leaning towards him and smirking, “Now we get you out of those clothes.” She quickly bent over and slid the blade inside the cuff of his pants. With a steady pace she cut his pant leg all the way up till she reached his hip. At that point she stopped and repeated the action with his other leg. Guston shifted uncomfortably in the chair he was bound to. This new element of eroticism was harder to handle than he expected.


Zlata ran the scissors up the inside of one thigh, over his crotch, and back down the other thigh. Despite the situation Guston felt his body instinctively react to her touch and he felt the immediate desire for more. She placed the scissors on his lap and while staring directly into his eyes she reached down with both hands to unbuckle his belt. Once it was unbuckled she pulled on it, sliding it through every loop on his pants until she held it in her hand. She smirked at him and then brought his own belt down hard across his partly exposed thighs. He jumped but said nothing. She brought it back and then slapped it across his chest. He winced this time and she laughed heartily chucking the belt into a corner behind her.


Grabbing the scissors once more she dragged them across his chest, stopping to circle each nipple a few times before continuing down. He squirmed from side to side as she moved the metal implement and it was hard to tell for either of them whether he moved to avoid pain or moved to increase pleasure. She opened the blades once more and cut the waist of his pants, then continued over to the right to meet the other slice she had cut ealier, then repeated the action on the right side.


Guston looked a mess now. His shirt in tatters and only hanging on to him in a few places. His pants were cut from cuff to crotch, and from waist to crotch. With a flick of the scissors each pant leg fell open and the piece of cloth covering his sex flopped down. She could now easily see the outline of Guston’s cock clear against the strained fabric of his underwear. She stared for a moment, amusing herself with salacious thoughts and what if’s. Biting her lip she looked back up to him. Guston in turn looked directly at Zlata as she smiled and said, “You’re right. It would be a shame to kill you without having a taste of that first.” For the first time since he woke up in this cell he smiled, and heard her laughing heartily.


Placing the scissors on the floor next to his foot she ran her hands up the inside of his legs slowly. She felt each limb beneath her hand, the muscles of his leg thick and strong. Inch by inch she crept and smiled to herself seeing him squirm. It was amusing to her that he was squirming more now than he was before. She stared at him as she moved her hands up his body, slowly getting closer and closer to his bulging sex. By the time she reached it, she was smiling broadly, hearing him moan and quietly swear to himself. “Fuck.” came his breathless complaint. Her gentle hand grazed across his quickly hardening cock and he pushed his hips up slightly hoping for more contact.


His desire for more brought a smile to Zlata’s face and she brought her hand up and then slapped him hard on the inside of his thigh, stinging him more with the surprise than the actual contact. Reaching down she picked the scissors back up and slid the blade inside the leg of his now exposed underwear. With the expertise of a master seamstress she carefully snipped away the fabric. To her amusement his erection remained despite the fear of the blades slicing in such close proximity to his thick organ. Once the fabric had been sufficiently cut away, his phallus launched itself up away from his body and pointing skyward, relishing it’s sudden freedom. Guston shifted uncomfortably again. He was at this woman’s mercy, and he hoped he had played his cards right.


Zlata looked at him and smiled evilly. With an air of malicious intent she once more dragged the scissors across his skin, up the inside of his thigh and now over his exposed cock. The head of his member pulsed and bobbed as he twitched. The singles from his brain becoming crossed. Part of him felt that he should be terrified and avoid all contact with the psychotic woman in front of him, but there was another part that couldn’t help but desire more contact from her. She was unlike any of his previous conquests. She was stronger. More dangerous. Deadly. The mix of fear and excitement was intoxicating. If it weren’t for the realization that his death may be inevitable, Guston would have found this to be a highly erotic situation. He concentrated on partitioning that reasoning to one side of his mind. It was important for him to believe that this was nothing more than an amusing tryst between boss and secretary. If he acknowledged the demise that was surely to follow, his performance would certainly suffer and the time he was playing for would disappear instantly.


“You like that don’t you.” she said softly into his hear, her words silky and enticing as the cold scissors trailed around the tip of his stiffened member. Admittedly he did, so he nodded. She bit his ear and whispered “So do I.” then looked into his eyes and smirked again. Leaning forward she kissed him on the lips. He was a handsome man and Zlata would have enjoyed taking him to her bed if circumstances could have allowed it. She bit his lip and pulled away causing him to swear in unexpected pain. Zlata just laughed and turned around in front of him, walking a few steps away.


Guston suddenly became more aware of what she was wearing. She was dressed to kill, but not in the literal sense. Her tall black boots were shined with military precision and ran up to equally enticing black stockings. Guston followed the seem of the stockings up to her short tight skirt that wrapped around her well shaped ass. Her blouse was stark white and billowy. Through the light fabric Guston was able to see the outline of a black lace bra. If circumstances were different, he would have enjoyed unwrapping such a beautiful package as Zlata. She looked over her shoulder at him, as if she felt his eyes on her. “You like what I’m wearing Guston?” she snickered seeing the head of his cock pulse again. She enjoyed this sense of power she held over him. Zlata was well aware of the desires of men. She had been hit on and flirted with since she first developed breasts. It was nothing new to her. This, however, was different. Having a man bound and under her complete control. His life in her hands, his pleasure in her hands. She definitely enjoyed it on a very personal and completely unprofessional level.


“Yes…” came Guston’s reply. The word catching in his throat, “Yes…I do.” he repeated.


Zlata smiled again, still looking at him over her shoulder. “Do you want to see more?” she asked provocatively, twirling the scissors in her hand again.


Guston almost growled in response, “Yes….yes I do.” He twitched against his restraints again, suddenly wishing he was able to touch himself, if only to give some relief from the anxious need that pulsed through his mind.


With the same scissors she was using to threaten him with she slowly placed them under the lowest button of her blouse and snipped. A small button fell to the floor. The thin plastic cylinder lightly dropping, bouncing, then rolling in a random direction before coming slowly to a rest. Once it did, Zlata snipped the next button and in a similar fashion it dropped, bounced, and rolled. Guston bit his lip and watched, entranced by the provocative process. His eyes followed each button before returning to see Zlata aiming the scissors for the next snip. Once she had reached her midriff the blouse began to open on it’s own accord and Guston saw the silky skin that hid beneath the light fabric. This time it was Guston who bit his own lip. Zlata was delicious.


Another snip, and another button fell to the floor. The look on her eyes was predatory. While she cut each button off she watched for any movement he made. Smiling to herself as she watched him look at the rolling button then quickly return his gaze to her. “What fun” she thought. With only three buttons left Guston became aware that he was holding his breath. The next button that was released allowed her black lacy pushup bra to come into view. Once that one stopped, the second last button fell and more of her breasts became visible. The cleavage created by the supporting garment was devilishly delectable. The last button fell and the blouse opened completely. Guston looked Zlata over with the eyes of a hungry man. Her body was beautiful. He deeply craved to touch her. To feel her skin, to taste her on his mouth. To kiss his way up her body from stomach to lips. Zlata smiled again and shrugged the blouse off, letting it drop to the floor in an unorganized heap.


She twirled the scissors in her hand once more and walked back up to Guston. He was sitting nearly motionless in the chair. His arms were pulled over the back of the it and locked into place. His legs attached to the legs of the chair. Zlata came up beside him and leaned over to whisper into his ear, as she did so her breasts came into contact with his strong shoulder. “I can tell you’re enjoying this.” she hissed. And he was. The simple feeling of her warm skin pressed against his shoulder was enticing. He felt his balls twitched with the small contact as his brain begged for more. She continued to whisper into his ear, “I can tell you’re enjoying the show.” as she whispered she ran her hand up and over his cock, squeezing the head and causing Guston to groan in pleasure. She bit his ear roughly and he gasped once more with the sudden shock of unexpected pain. “Do you want more?” she asked, already knowing the answer. Guston nodded slowly. “I want to hear you say it.” she dictated, now looking into his eyes with her hand roughly squeezing and releasing his thickness.


“I want more.” Guston replied dutifully.


“Do you? I can’t tell.” she mocked, still squeezing his cock, then gently stroking it once before squeezing it hard again.


“Uuuuuhhhhhh” Guston groaned, “F-u-u-u-ck”


“Tell me again. Convince me.”


“I …uhhhhhh……f-u-u-u-u-u-ck…I waaaaaaaaaaah…..I want ..more.” the words separated as Zlata alternated between squeezing, stroking, and twisting his cock.


“That’s better.” she approved, releasing his cock and slapping across the face before turning away and laughing.


Guston watched her once more. His body quivering with desire for her. Craving her. Aching for her. She looked over her shoulder at him again. Once more twirling the scissors. Slipping the edge into the waist of her skirt she slowly, agonizingly so to Guston, sliced the fabric inch by inch. As she did it separated, revealing little by little the black lace matching underwear and garter. Finally she squeezed the scissors together for the last cut and the skirt mercifully fell away. Guston stared at her, his eyes wide and anxious. She had on a black lace and silk thong panty with matching black lace garter that held up her stockings. The look was intoxicating. Zlata was incredibly beautiful fully clothed. Seeing her standing there in front of him in nothing but a pair of boots and her underwear made Guston shudder and quake wishing he could run his hands across her body. If only he could touch her, pull each last piece of clothing off. He was suddenly feeling as if this torture may be worse than the threat of pain he had to endure earlier.


Zlata walked up to him again running her hand up his leg again, then standing with her legs straddling his. Her hand back on his cock, he groaned in relief. Happy to be at least touched in some way. Her warm soft skin grazed the exposed skin on his leg and he wanted to lift his leg up into her to increase the contact. He wanted so desperately to feel her, to feel the warmth of her sex pressed up against his thigh. Would she be as wet as he was hard? As he squirmed beneath her she smiled at him and did just that. Lowering her body she gently grazed across his exposed thigh. The touch of his skin against her panty covered pussy was exquisite, though she wasn’t going to let him know that. She shifted side to side and rotated her hips provocatively while simultaneously stroking his hard cock with only her thumb and forefinger. She enjoyed watching Guston shuddering and shivering as he ached for a little more. The sight was making her damp and she smiled, seeing a drip of pre-cum start to surface from his engorged phallus. She squeezed it hard and a single drop of the clear liquid oozed out and dripped down the head of his cock. Zlata resisted the urge to lick it off, and instead circled her forefinger lightly over the head and spread the liquid around till the drop was gone. Guston couldn’t help but shake as she did. The slow teasing torture was hard to handle. Pain may have been preferable at this point. At least with pain he could resist. He could steel himself against it and shut down that part of his brain. But instead he wanted more of this. He wanted more of her touching, her tantalizing touch. It was intoxicating and invigorating.

Zlata suddenly stood and slapped the head of Guston’s cock and laughed. While it didn’t hurt, once more the shock stunned him. His sex oozed out more pre-cum as his body continued to ache for more attention. Zlata picked up the scissors again and twirled them. With her back to Guston she snipped the shoulder strap on one side, then the other. The bra remained in place and she turned to look at him. Sliding the cold metal up against her breastbone she snared the front of her bra and with a wink, snipped the fabric. The tension from the elastic pulled the bra rapidly off her breasts and they bounced back to their natural position, nipples hard, erect, and aching for Guston as he ached for her. “You like this don’t you.” she sneered at him. He nodded slowly once more and she laughed. “You want to lick them don’t you.” she chuckled, flicking each nipple in turn, then pulling and twisting them. She enjoyed the look on his face and the pleasure she induced in her own body.


Walking back up to him she ran her hands over his balls, cock, and chest. She kissed him deeply and enjoyed the feeling of his tongue pushing into her mouth, tangling with hers in an unseen wrestling match of sorts. She broke from the kiss and allowed her breasts to run over his shoulder once more knowing that the feeling of her hard nipples against his skin would drive him wild. Sure enough as she moved she watched his cock twitch, and the head expand and then contract allowing another helping of pre-cum to escape. This time however she couldn’t resist the urge and she lowered herself over his thigh. Her naked bosom resting on his thigh she ran her tongue up the length of his extended member to rest at the tip, tasting the small drop he had left for her. Guston moaned in approval afraid to move lest she stop. He was rewarded for his patience as Zlata lowered her mouth over his cock and gently took him into her mouth. He moaned louder and Zlata smiled to herself. This was becoming even more fun. With his sex still within the confines of her mouth she saw his balls tighten against his body, the head expanded, and additional drop of pre-cum oozed out to her delight.


Guston strained against his restraints. Pulling his limbs away in a vain attempt to get more of Zlata. He looked over her. Her mouth fully encompassing his cock, her ass perfectly placed bent over his thigh. If his hand was free he surely would have spanked her by now. She was so delicious, so sexy, and such a tease. He grunted and moaned again as she withdrew her mouth from his cock and now gripped it tightly as she licked at his balls. Guston rotated his hips and tried to provide her more access to him, encouraging her to lick further. He was rewarded for his movement then felt a gentle slap on his balls as she stood upright and laughed, once more walking away, scissors in hand, twirling them maniacally. “Don’t even think about it Guston.” she laughed, “I’m in charge here, and don’t you forget it.” He nodded in capitulation, wishing she wanted him as much as he wanted her.


Little did he know, of course, that she did. She was just better at masking it. Once more she lowered the scissors to her body and slipped the thin fabric of her panties between the blades. She turned from him and snipped on side, then the other. Moving her legs a little further apart the panties, now in pieces, dropped to the floor and exposed her ass completely. Guston heard himself take in a quick breath. Her nakedness was a deep pleasure to his eyes. He drank in every inch of her sultry body. She looked over her shoulder once more and winked. Then she walked up to the bound man, her sex exposed and the lips of her pussy visibly engorged with excitement. She could no longer pretend to be less interested in this than he was. He could see quite clearly the glistening of her own interest as her pussy became wetter by the second. Guston looked up from her exposed sex to her breasts, then her face, where he saw her now with her lip bit and a look on her eye that said she had waited long enough. She stood once more with her legs straddling his thigh. Lowering herself onto him he finally felt her nakedness on his, her heat on his, and her wetness. How exciting. She swung one leg over his other so she sat on his thighs, her ass suspended in the air.


“You cum before me and I cut your balls off. Got it?” she said coldly to him. Guston nodded slowly and waited for the inevitable excruciating pleasure of her pussy sliding down his cock. Zlata dropped the scissors to the floor with a clank and raised herself up, pulling forward and aiming Guston’s thick member at the glistening entrance to her aching pussy. She wanted this as much as he did. She wanted to cum so badly. She wanted to feel every inch of his beautiful cock inside of her. This man was fucking her to save his life and she enjoyed every second of this twisted game they were playing. With all the patience she had left she slowly lowered herself onto his cock and was rewarded with a long protracted guttural moan from the trapped Guston. He felt delicious with her. His cock flexed and strained against her, teasing the nerves within her so exquisitely.


She immediately felt flushed with heat as her arousal took over her body. Placing her arms around his neck she raised and lowered herself and slid him even further into her body. This time it was Zlata that gasped as his thick cock grazed that special spot within her pussy that rarely got the attention it deserved. She raised herself and lowered herself again, this time quicker. And again even quicker still. “F-uu-u-u-uk” Guston groaned. He tightened his jaw and resisted as best he could against the pleasure of her body sliding up and down his. She rotated her hips and plunged down again, gasping as she did. Then again, harder, faster. Zlata moaned again. He was her toy now, her little plaything. “Well maybe not so little” she thought and laughed to herself. “Don’t you dare cum before me.” she reminded him hearing him moan again and then swear knowing her promise. She was bouncing on him with a regular precision now, and could even feel his balls raising up and slap her as she bounced. She felt herself starting to lose control. Her fingers and toes began to twitch and curl. Her body started radiating a warm heat throughout as her stomach fluttered with each new thrust. With no warning for Guston or for herself she felt her pussy clamp down hard on his thick cock as spasms of pleasure rocked through her body.


Her legs shook spastically as the powerful orgasm coursed through her. Guston bit his lip hard and resisted as best as he could the deep driving need to cum as well. She squealed and shouted something indistinguishable in russian as she shook her head from side to side creating a fan of her hair as she finished a long body contracting orgasmn. Just as she finished she quickly stepped off and released him from her pussy. His cock slapped hard against his stomach and she chuckled as it was completely drenched in her juices. “F-u-u-u-uck” Guston moaned. He wanted to cum so badly. His balls tight against his body, his cock pulsing and twitching in agony. Instead he felt Zlata’s hand on his balls and her other hand on the shaft. He opened his eyes and looked into hers. She winked and then slapped his cock on the head again. “God damn it!” Guston exclaimed loudly.


“You don’t get to cum until I say so.” she laughed. “Do you want to cum for me?”


“Fuck….yes…I do.” Guston admitted wholeheartedly. Wishing desperately for the release he craved.


“Then tell me who the mole is?” Zlata laughed.


“Fuucccccccck” Guston swore loudly. Then gasped as mid-swear Zlata had dropped down and once more engulfed his cock with her mouth. He moaned and whimpered as she sucked his member and teased it with her mouth with light flicks of her tongue. It was such pure pleasurable agony. “Fuck fuck fuuuuuuck” he shouted again and Zlata took her mouth off him but only to laugh. She then gripped the shaft of his cock and squeezed it again, once more a large drop of pre-cum oozed out of the head and she licked it into her mouth. Guston gasped again as he took erratic breathes in.


“So it’s simple. You cum now, I cut your balls off with those fantastic scissors.” she pointed to the scissors with his cock, bending it against it’s natural position sending shivers through Guston’s body. “If you tell me who the mole is, you can cum all over my mouth, and you can keep your balls.” She laughed again. “Do you understand?”


Guston whimpered and nodded.


“Tell me you understand.”


“I….I understand.” he managed to mutter.


“Sorry what was that?” she asked roughly as she tugged on his now super sensitive rod.


“I UNDERSTAND!” he shouted, before slumping in the chair and whimpering.


“Good boy.” Zlata chided, patting him on the head of his cock as if it was a pet. “Because I feel like getting fucked again.”


Guston groaned and for the first time in his life he begged the universe to not have sex with a beautiful woman.


She laughed again, and then stood and turned with her backside to him. She pushed his legs to the side and stood between them. Slowly and with expert precision she lowered her ass to him and as she made contact his thickness easily slid into her sopping wet pussy. This time it was her turn to gasp. After cumming the first time she was already quite sensitive and the pressure that Guston was putting on her insides was absolutely delicious. She rotated her hips as she lowered herself down feeling his cock drag and touch different sensitive spots within her twitching pussy. She heard Guston swear under his breath and she smiled to herself. She raised herself back up and tilted her hips as she did, letting his cock slide across her sensitive g-spot before sliding back down again.


Guston was losing his mind. His balls were aching for release, his hands were shaking in the handcuffs. Even the hair on his body felt aroused. He was hypersensitive to any touch and was in agony trying to control himself and keep from cumming. He looked Zlata’s backside over, her back slim and attractive as it met her hips. She was stunning. His scrotum tightened once more and he closed his eyes trying to think of something else. “Who is the mole.” Zlata asked, her question coming in the form of a gasp. “Tell me or you’ll never cum again.” she threatened.


“I can’t tell you!” Guston shouted, more to tell himself than to tell her.


“If you don’t, you can’t cum. Simple as that.” she moaned her response. “It feels so good Guston, doesn’t it.” she grunted as she dropped her body back onto him again, then reached between her legs to cup and stroke his balls before lifting up and dropping once more. “Doesn’t it?” she asked again.


Guston whimpered and bit his lip. His cock was spasming within her and he was losing control by the second. How much time had elapsed? He wondered. Was the mole safe yet? They should be safe now right? He thought to himself, trying desperately to rationalize the craving need that was driving through his brain. He heard Zlata moan again as she grinded her body into his. “Maybe that was the key,” he thought. “Get her to cum again and she will be too sensitive to tempt me further.” Deciding at once this was the best course of action he adjusted his body so he was able to raise his hips. Then with all the strength to resist he could muster, he began to thrust up and into her as she dropped onto him. The added attack sent shockwaves through Zlata and she squealed in approval.


“Fuck YES!” she shouted, encouraging him further.


Guston kept thrusting into her, hearing the smack of his hips colliding with her perfect ass echoing through the small cold concrete cell. He was in agony and desperately hoped she’d cum soon so he could relax, if only for a moment. On cue he felt her pussy tighten around his sensitive cock as another orgasm began to rock through her body. She reached back to balance herself on his thighs as her hips spastically jerked forward and her legs collapsed under her. Zlata’s pussy was now completely drenched and the juices of her excitement were now running down Guston’s poor cock and off his tight scrotum teasing him with each little drip. Guston groaned and felt the cool air of the room rush onto his cock as she finally released it from her body. Instead of having anytime to himself, however, she simply dropped her mouth to his cock and sucked him into her, tasting the mix of both of their sexes and enjoying the delicious salty sweet cocktail.

Guston threw his head back and moaned loudly. If she didn’t stop he was going to lose it. He was desperate. He tried to think of anything that would save him from this. Anything non-sexual. Anything at all. But his mind would not allow it. He was transfixed. Stuck within this moment of agonizing pleasure. “That has to have been enough time.” he muttered, thinking aloud. Zlata withdrew her mouth from his cock and began to lightly stroke it once more with her thumb and forefinger. The pressure was so faint but it felt exquisite. Guston once more felt himself losing control. His hands began to shake and his leg closed and opened again. Zlata poured on the pressure, leaning forward and licking at his nipple, then biting it. “Fu-u-u-u-uck” he shouted again nearly tearing up from the agony of holding back.


“Who is the mole?” Zlata asked again, her mouth inches from his cock her tongue flicking out to lick the very tip of his cock as she stroked Guston slowly. “Tell me now and you can cum right now.”


Guston moaned and closed his eyes shaking his head from side to side.


“You better tell me Guston,” she chuckled, “looks to me like you’re going to explode any second now.”


Guston shook violently. His hips bucking and thrusting. His balls tight against his body. The head of his cock twitching and spasming. She was right. He couldn’t hold out much longer. He desperately hoped that the mole was already safe.


“Tell me now,” she cooed again, “tell me now and you can cum all over this beautiful mouth, on to this talented tongue. You know you want to.” she teased, slowly stroking him then squeezing and twisting his cock before stroking once more. She lowered her mouth one more time to his sex and gently ran her teeth over the head.


Guston spasmed and shouted “Alright alright!” he spluttered. “the mole….” he shuddered “..the mole is…” he gasped and grunted “is Kristich…” he panted and felt his body lurch as sweat dripped from his head and into his eyes “….is Kristich Demelnakov!” he finally was able to finish.


“See that wasn’t so hard was it?” Zlata said with a smile, then lowered her mouth to his cock one last time. Guston grunted and felt the relief of tension wash across him. She pulled her mouth off and slowly jerked his cock several more times. With a deep spasmic gasp Guston shouted something unrecognizable and a jet of white hot liquid shot from his tortured phallus landing on Zlata’s waiting tongue. She pulled his cock again and another shot ejected itself onto her lips, and another and another. Guston shook violently in his chair as he continued a long protracted orgasm of epic proportions. When he finally stopped cumming and shaking Zlata licked her lips and kissed the head of his cock in appreciation.


“Now you will tell me everything I wish to know about SIS operations in Russia….”


“Fuck…” Guston mumbled.



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