A Lunchtime Affair

“Sit down and relax” is all you said.

I did as I was told, still in my suit and tie. The large front window was open, and the midday sun was shining through the sheer curtain. It had the wonderful effect of lighting the room naturally, and the delightful side-effect of turning your sundress perhaps a little more transparent then you would have assumed when you bought it. I could see the combination of excitement and nervousness pulsing through your body and manifesting it in your facial expression. You undulated between a mischievous smirk and a nervous lip bite, or had I mistaken nervousness for simple sexual urging. Your eyes twinkled as you were staring at me like a lioness stalking her prey. As you walk up to me ever so slowly I see the outline of your form. Your shapely legs, your curvy hips, your more than adequate breasts and that sexy smile compete with delectably kissable lips.

It was wrong what we were doing. Wrong on a societal and cultural level. But it didn’t matter to either of us. Our nature had taken over. A chance meeting. A small exchange, “How are you. How have you been?” all the small and paltry pleasantries. “We should catch up sometime.” a simple suggestion, benign and plain. “Yes we should!” came an over enthusiastic reply. Plans were made. Phone calls exchanged. Plans were altered.

“My son is sick.”

“My wife made plans I didn’t know about.”

A month goes by, then a second until the stars aligned. “He’s going on a hockey trip this weekend with my son.” you say, “So I’ve got nothing else to do.”

“I’m free on Friday evening” I respond nonchalantly.

The date is set. The time is set. The place is set. Yet we, the people involved, are surprisingly unsettled and nervous. It’s been years. It’s been a lifetime. “How does she still make me feel those butterflies.” I say to myself. “How does he still make me melt inside when he smiles.” you say to yourself.

“If I had to do it over again….”

Friday came so incredibly slowly. My heart was racing by Thursday. Once Friday came my hands were constantly sweating with every minute I thought of us meeting. You were home alone, with more time to think, more time to worry, and more time to fantasize. By Friday you were already prepared. I, on the other hand, was a wreck. “Going out for coffee with a co-worker.” I text with jittering hands. “Ok, have fun.” the short response. Quickly I close all of my open files, rearrange my desk, and drink several glasses of water. Why is my mouth so dry? I can hear my pulse in my ears, my eyes wide and the world around me seems to move slow as adrenaline courses through my body. 15 minutes later I’m at the arranged location my stomach full of butterflies. I see you through the window and you lift your arm to wave once and smile, that twinkle in your eye throwing me like it always does. I feel myself stumble through the door, mumbling to the waitress about meeting someone. She doesn’t understand, but it doesn’t matter we’re supposed to seat ourselves and she honestly doesn’t care. I slide into the booth across from you and blurt “Fancy seeing you here.” you laugh at my cornball attempt at humour and then smirk mischievously at me.

Now it’s two weeks later. It’s lunch time and the noon sun is bursting through your front window. Here I sit in your husband’s favorite recliner, wearing the suit my wife helped picked out for me. You’re wearing the dress you bought to show off to your husband, but only just an hour before did you clip the tag off of it. We’re being bad, and every single moment of inertia is continuing to push us inevitably together.

As you walk up to me I nervously look around the room, uncomfortable with the attention. Uncomfortable with the way you’re looking at me, like a piece of meat you want to tear into. “Eyes front” you bark with a smirk. I stop looking at the ceiling and direct my eyes back to you. You long hair cascading down and over your shoulders. Placing your hands on either side of the chair you bend down to look me in the eye. I’m getting bolder now, I smirk back, I smile, and you see in my eyes the look that you wished you saw from your husband. I look over your lips, down your neck and I see your breasts pressing against the thin fabric of the dress almost as if they are desperately trying to escape. You lean forward ever so close. Your lips brush up against my cheek and run down to my ear as you whisper, “It’s time we make up for all that we’ve missed out on.” and you take my earlobe into your mouth and nibble it gently. The shivers of excitement shudder through my body and I can’t help but moan. It’s been so long since I’ve experienced the erotic touch of a woman that I’m nearly on the same level of sensitivity as a virgin. Pulling your lips from my ear you place them on my lips so very softly, enjoying each slow sensual movement as the pressure of your soft lips onto mine causes us both to take in a big breath. After a couple more exploratory tender kisses you pull back and look into my eyes. “You want this as much as I do, don’t you.” Silently I nod. “I can tell,” you say through a smile. I take a moment to look you over again, your sundress so light and airy and nearly see through. I can see the outline of your lace bra and delight in the sight of your nipples hardening and pushing through both layers of fabric.

As I gaze at you, your eyes trail over my body like an explorer planning a route through uncharted territory. You smile at my tie, push my suit jacket apart and flip it up with a small laugh. You look further down and see the bulge in my pants pushing against the fabric, much like your breasts in your dress, it’s desperate to be set free. “What do we have here?” you giggle uncontrollably and with little warning your hand runs up the inside of my thigh and rests on the clothed head of my thickened hard cock. The sudden attention causes waves of pleasure to course through my legs as they shake slightly. You stare into my eyes again, grinning and biting your lower lip rotating your hand over the head of my cock in slow circles and enjoying my quick and uncontrollable jumps in the chair; your husband’s chair. I can’t help but close my eyes and tilt my head back as I enjoy the strange touch of another woman other than my wife. With little warning I feel the slight tug and the tell tale sound of the zipper on my pants making its way downward towards my balls.

“Mmmm….it’s been a long long time, but I still remember this beautiful cock.” you giggle, as you fish for it in my underwear, pulling it out into the air conditioned air of your living room. Here we are, sitting in the middle of the room. Your hand on my hard thick cock, your back to the window only covered by a thin white sheer. If any suspecting neighbor or mailman was to glance through the window, no doubt they would see something untoward, but they may not be able to understand who or what they were looking at. The soft skin of your hand is tantalizing. Feeling your fingers dance over my swollen member like a blind woman would read a person’s face. I miss this feeling, it’s been too long. Your hand grasps my cock and squeezes a little, the slides up and back down. I look at you and you’re completely enamored by it. You’re no longer looking at my face, or into my eyes, you’re looking directly at my erect tool. You play with it, feeling it’s weight, feeling it’s heat, the shape of the head, the veins, the skin soft but the shape hard and powerful. You bite your lip and now look up at me, the desire drips from your eyes and an audible moan escapes your mouth. Licking your lips, you slowly lower your body in front of me, kneeling gently between my legs. “Oh god…” I mumble, anticipating what was to happen next as you slowly lowered your mouth to kiss the tip with your sultry lips.

You snake your tongue out and it circles the wide tip of the head of my pulsating phallus. It’s light tender touch teases my body and causes me to squirm in the chair a little bit. Silently you reach up and grab my hand with yours and gently place it on your own head. For a moment I’m taken aback not entirely sure what I’m to do, then it dawns on me, and I instantly realize what you’d like to happen for the rest of the night. My fingers slowly tangle themselves within the long strands of your dark brown hair while you dutifully lick and kiss the head of my aching cock. Gripping your head with my hand I pull you down a few inches and you immediately engulf my engorged member with your warm wet loving mouth. The sensation is intense, and I feel it buzz through my balls, through my legs, and out the tip of my fingers. I can hear you moaning as you move up and down on my cock, your tongue secretly licking the sides and head of my penis while your mouth contains as much as you can handle. You move your hands from my thighs, up to my chest, and while you’re teasing my hot heavy organ you begin to unbutton my dress shirt, one button at a time. Then my tie. Then off comes my suit jacket. My shirt slinks off as well, all the while your mouth, your beautiful talented sexy mouth, never stops giving my hard cock attention. I stop you now, pulling you off, and pull your head up so that you’re looking me directly in the eyes, “Strip.”

Your eyes grow wide. You look around briefly. You’re in the living room of your home. The shade pulled, the window almost open. This is so wrong. “Now” I command and you stand slowly. Inch by inch you reach back to unzip your dress. I can hear each and every tooth on the small plastic zipper click as you inch the zipper open ever so slowly. All at once you bring your arms to the side, and with a small subtle shrug of one shoulder, then the other the dress falls from your shoulders and drops in a heap at your feet. You stand nearly naked in front of me. Just your bra and panties keep you from being totally exposed. It’s been years since I’ve seen you this way, but you still have the same effect on me. I want you badly. Every fibre in my being is screaming at me to rip what remaining cloth is hugging your skin and drag you over to the couch to have my way with you. “Damn you’re gorgeous” I can’t help but blurt, and instinctively you look at your feet and blush. “Don’t do that.” I say angrily, “don’t hold your head down and act all bashful.” You raise your head at my words. “Hold your head high and own it. Own the compliment.” You smile and you stick your chin up, your back straightens and your hands go to your hips as you can’t help but pose like a runway model. “the bra,” I continue, “Lose it.” You smile and turn around. I see that beautiful backside I’ve always admired. Shapely legs leading up to a perfect round little ass. The years and the kids have been kind to you. “Still as beautiful as I remember” I mutter. I can see your cheek move as you smile without looking at me. Reaching back you unclasp your bra, then bending at the waist you shimmy the straps off and the bra flops to the floor next to your waiting dress. You straighten up and turn to me, your hands covering your breasts in mock modesty. “Well now, you know what I want.” You raise your shoulders as if to say, “No, what ever do you mean?”. Then you wink. You let the fingers of your hands separate and I can see your hard nipples poke through. Slowly you move your hands down to cup your weighty breasts. “Perfect” I coo happily. Letting your hands drop to your sides you come back to me on the chair and lean in for another long passionate kiss.

I can’t take it any longer, and I stand hurriedly. You look at me confused and I swing you into the chair. With a “Ummph” you grunt as you land roughly in your husband’s chair. It’s my turn now. I quickly take off the rest of my clothes and then kneel down in front of you. Your eyes are wide with excitement and fear. It’s been so long for you since a man has done this for you…..to you. Since he’s taken charge and dictated the pace. The relief is utterly overwelming. You smile a giddy stupid smile and manage to stutter out “W-w-what are you going to do?” and without answering I continue on my mission. Starting with your foot I kiss my way up the sensitive inside of your leg, pausing to nibble, lick and bite every so often. Now I’m directly in front of your panty covered sex. I can smell your sweet musk of excitement. You’re damp and ready for anything, but I delay. Gingerly I kiss and lick my way up your other leg, only to return to the same spot. Then ever so slowly I lower my lips to the lovely lace bottoms you’re wearing. I gently place a loving kiss on your lower lips then blow softly on your sensitive skin. I see you slightly shudder as I do so but you aren’t going to stop me. Pulling the thin fabric to the side I kiss you again. This time my lips to your naked sex. Then I snake my tongue out and draw it up from the bottom of your sweet slit all the way to the top where your clit has become noticeably red with excitement. I flick it gently with my tongue and then continue my attention up and down hearing your moans of approval.

Waves of excitement course through your body. Looking down at me you see a man that’s not your husband touching you in a way your husband hasn’t for years. The combination of foreign feeling and naughtiness ravages your brain and you ache for more attention. My tongue tenderly explores your quickly dampening cunt as you moan with greater vivacity. I feel your hands drop to my head and you moan again in approval. I deftly move my hand to your soaking sex now and gently massage it feeling the lips of your pussy getting puffier by the second as the intensity of your excitement pulsates higher and higher. With little warning I slide my finger into your waiting pussy and immediately lick your clit at the same time. Slowly I pull my finger out, then push it back in over and over again with an almost agonizingly slow pace feeling your pussy cling to it as if asking for more. You moan even and breathlessly urge “Yes….yes.” I oblige you and soon after I’m sliding two fingers up into your tender pussy. You moan and shake as I lick and flick your clit with my tongue, pausing only to stop and suck it into my mouth. The jolt of pleasure shoots through your body and you arch your back begging for more, at which point I….stop and stand up.

“W-w-wha….what the fuck?” you say, understandably disappointed. But without saying I stand you up, turn you around and place you kneeling in front of the recliner. Gripping your lace boy short panties in my hands I rip them down to your knees. Not pausing to take them completely off I dive into you, my tongue lashing at your exposed ass. You feel my lips on your skin, my tongue, my teeth rake across you and you shudder again. I can’t help but give you’re cute ass a bite and then kiss the teeth marks better. Your hands have worked their way up the recliner so your body is stretched out. Your back is arched as you silently beg for my ravenous attention. Kissing my way up your naked back I take a moment to lick and kiss my way over to your side licking and sucking on the pendulous flesh of your ample bosom. You giggle a little as it tickles but quickly quiet down as I spank your ass for the outburst. Leaving my hand where it landed I grip your ass cheek firmly and squeeze, enjoying the feeling of it in my strong hand. As I do so I wander up to your neck, then your ear, and whisper “You’re mine.” and smile to myself as I see you shiver just with those simple words.
Pulling back now I place a hand on each cheek and gently separate them, exposing your nearly dripping wet pussy and cute untouched asshole. Without warning I drive my tongue as deep as I can into your sex then draw it up, slowly, all the way till it comes to rest on your ass. You wiggle your butt at the sensation. You like it, but are afraid to ask for more. I flatten my tongue out on your asshole and then bring it to a point again, touching and exploring nerve endings that are exploding with unaccustomed pleasure. As I do that I wiggle my thumbs back and forth on the engorged lips of your tasty pussy. You gasp and wriggle a little more but dutifully stay in position your hands high on the chair, your back arched, your ass exposed and your pussy aching for more. Moving from teasing your asshole I slide down to lick at your clit. Now my thumbs move to trace circles on your butt and I can feel your ass pulse as your body pleads for me to enter you. Deftly I gently push one of my thumbs into your cute butthole, and you squirm and let out a little giggle. Your ass tightens and loosens on my thumb and immediately I’m greeted with an increase of moisture coming from your already soaking pussy. “It’s time” I say as I break for a small breath. Your response a mumbled “Take me.”

Standing behind you I aim my stiff member at your slit and slide it ever so slowly into you. Stopping at the rim of my cock head I hear you moan, “Oh f-f-fuck…I forgot how thick you were.” I can’t help but grin in pride, but swiftly my grin turns maniacal. My hand traces it’s way up your back to your neck and comes to rest there, my fingers curling over your neck and tickling at your collar bone. My other hand maintains its grip on your ass. Tightening both hands I pull myself closer and slide inch by inch into you. “O-o-h…g-gen….ge-n-gentle” you manage to stutter. I’m obliging your request for now. But once I know you’re ready, I’ll be anything but gentle. Ever so subtly I flex the muscle at the base of my cock which causes my cock head to briefly expand. You moan in response and again a maniacal grin crosses my face. I pulse my cock once more and as I feel it subside I grip your hard and thrust the rest of my hardness into you till my balls are tickling your clit. “F-f-fuck” you grunt, but without the chance to say another word I pull out and thrust back again, then again, and again. Each time you moan encouragement as I hear the steady slap of my hips meeting your cute ass. I marvel at the sexy sight in front of me. Your gorgeous writhing body enjoying my touch, moaning and begging for more. It’s utterly thrilling. I slide my hand from your shoulder and neck to entwine my fingers in your long hair again. Gently pulling on your hair with each thrust you start to squeal. Then without warning your hips start buck and I feel your pussy clamp down on my cock hard then relax then clamp down again as you spasm uncontrollably.

“Fucking ninja orgasm.” I chuckle.

“Ya didn’t see that one coming” you reply as you start to regain your composure. I slowly pull out and grin at the slick wetness encompassing my hard phallus. “Awww” you complain, turning to me and pouting.

“Oh, we’re not done. We’re just changing it up here. It’s your turn.” and with that I stand you up briefly kiss you and then take my place on the middle of the couch. You follow me over and without any urging place your knee on one side of my thigh then straddle me. Slowly you lower yourself onto my cock, your hand helping guide me into you. Again as I enter you moan “F-f-fuck” but now you’re a little warmed up. A little  used to the feeling, and definitely anxious for more. Placing your hands on my wide shoulders you close your eyes, bite your lip and slowly lower your body onto my waiting sex. Inch by inch I slide into you, the walls of your pussy clinging to me in a carnal handshake. Now in control you know the pace you want to dictate. For the moment you enjoy the full feeling of my cock completely inside you. You can feel it’s warmth, it’s flex, and it’s girth. You bite your lip again and raise your hips up, then drop back down. This time it’s me that moans as you ride me with increasing ferocity. I gaze over your body, your eyes closed, your head back and your mouth open as you bounce on my thickness. Your hair cascades randomly over your shoulder or over your chest, flirting with your bountiful and now bouncing breasts. Your nipples hard and pointed, begging for their own attention. I look over your shoulder and can see the TV across from us. The sun has made it into a darkened mirror as I can make out our shapes undulating on the couch. Around the TV are pictures of you and your family, your husband, your son. I’m not in any of those pictures, but I’m inside of you instead. I grip your hips with my hands and thrust back up into you causing you to gasp. Your eyes fly open and I can already tell what’s coming. It’s not going to trick me this time. Gripping your hips again I thrust up and thrust hard as we start to hit a beautiful percussive rhythm. I lower my head to your breasts and kiss them as I continue to thrust. You can’t stand it, you want it too so you grasp your breasts and push them up and together presenting me with two succulent nipples to tease. I take one into my mouth, then the other alternating between them as I fuck you. Tenderly I lick at one, then I bite the other, then bite the first, and lick the second. You’re starting to lose control. Your rhythm is becoming sporadic. I feel your hips start to grind into me as your mouth opens and you gasp and gulp for air.

I can feel your pussy twitch and pulse as you begin to cum. The waves of pleasure wash over you and pulsate from your center out to your fingertips, to your ears, your lips, down your legs and every hair stands on end. You shudder and gyrate as you squeal, “Oh y-y-yess…f-f-f-uck!” and cum for the second time, your juices oozing out of your soaking pussy and dripping down my balls. It takes all of my concentration not to cum right then and there. You can see the pained expression on my face and know what you must do. Flopping off to the side you grip my hard cock in your hand and slowly start to jerk it up and down. I moan and can’t help but twitch my hips as well. “I want it” I hear you whispering in my ear,  “I want your cum.” you purr still stroking my angry looking staff. “I want your thick white cum right here” you motion to your breasts snaking your hand around them and pinching at your nipples. I can’t take much more so I stand up and turn towards you. Grabbing my dick again your stroke it in front of your face, biting your lip and looking deep into my eyes. I can see you want it almost as much as I want to cum. You whip out your tongue and lick my cock and then continue to stroke. I moan and arch my back and you do it again. Then your other hand reaches down and gently pulls and strokes at my balls. Your tongue snakes out again and you engulf my cock with your mouth then continue to stroke it, licking just the tip. I can’t hold out any longer as I feel it begin to twitch and spasm in my balls. “O-oh…oh…fuck, I’m….I’m going to cum.” I splutter to which you hiss, “Yessssss” and continue to tug at my swollen member. Seconds later you’re rewarded as a jet of hot thick cum ejects from me and splatters across your chest. You continue to tug and another splurt bigger than the first strikes you on the neck and chin. I’ve lost complete control of my body and submit to your touch, submit to the pleasure as it cascades over me. Another splurt of cum blasts from my body and strikes you across the cheek. You don’t mind one bit though, seeing me lose control is a rush. You feel so wanted, so desirable, so sexy. You smile as my cum slowly drips down your body, looking into my eyes and we can’t help but laugh.

“Best….lunch….ever” I manage to croak as we continue to laugh.


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