Postings Schedule

In order to ensure that I flex my creative muscles on a regular basis I’ve decided on a regular release schedule for my postings.

For my novel in progress, From A to Z, I’ll be posting episodes, or chapters each Wednesday in the early morning. I figured this was most appropriate since it’s in the middle of the week, and since it’s commonly called “Hump Day”. How appropriate to post erotic lit on hump day.

For my letters, poems, and other non-story related creative works, I’ll be posting them on Fridays. No reason why, except for perhaps to allow the weekend for consumption/digestion. As they’ll be quite a bit shorter I’m hoping this gives them the time they’ll need to not be over looked.

Any other non-creative, non-story or personal posting will be posted anytime I feel like it. =)

New in 2013 I’ll be posting a fact / truth about me every Monday until 52 truths have been revealed. The fact I reveal will be voted on throughout the week on the sidebar poll. Voting will end on Saturday giving me Sunday to write about whatever fact it is that’s revealed. Readers can select out of five questions which one of the five I should answer. In the case of a tie, I will pick what I believe to be the most interesting. In the horrid event of no one actually voting because they don’t care….I will cry myself to sleep.

Since, at the moment, I have very few “followers” this schedule will mean next to nothing. I’m hoping, however, that over time that will change and I can perhaps somehow change hump day into something quite interesting and entertaining.




Monday – Fact / Truth day – New poll posted

Wednesday – From A to Z – Erotic Novel in Progress

Friday – Poem / Short story / Letter /etc

Saturday – End of Voting

Random – Whatever doesn’t fit in the preceding categories


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