My name is Julian Lisette and it’s quite possible that I am a figment of your imagination. Contained within this site are the musings, writings, and flirtations that bubble out of me. I’ve got a mischievous mind that’s itching for the chance to send you into a long series of moaning, gasping, spasms of delight.

I enjoy the pleasure of inducing pleasure in another. The words I write are merely the mode of expressing what’s in my mind..and my mind moves your body. Through them you’ll miss the feeling of someones hand in your hair. Hearing the quick breathes and subtle gasps, the moans, the pleading for a little more. The writhing and wriggling and beyond all else the capitulation to a sensational crescendo.

You see I have a substantially vivid and creative imagination. Especially when it comes to all things deliciously dirty and downright lascivious. You’ll soon see that beast within me. The ravager, the savage, the devourer of the innocents. My own inner demon that races through my soul and beats in my heart.

Now it’s time for your demon to play with mine…



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