I’m going to change the pace of this site for a brief amount of time. The woman in this story is not a figment of my imagination. She is real. She is flesh and bone and she’s magnificent. Her name may or may not be Monique, and the story that follows may or may not be based in reality. I will not reveal that truth. She is a woman that I hold dear to my heart. A special friend that is one of the few women I have ever met that could possibly match me for intensity, ferocity, carnal abandon, and lasciviousness. She is the yin to my yang, the softness to my hardness. A match for me in every way. In a word, she is exhilarating.

What she looks like in reality is not important for you, the reader. As I write I can picture her in my mind. I can see her beautiful face, her sparkling eyes, her captivating smile and hear the adorable airy giggle that percolates through her voice. Know that she is beautiful to me and you can fill in the details yourself as to what that beauty could be for you.

So without further delay here is the first of a few stories about and for my darling, Monique.

Bonne Nuit ma chérie, I hope these words please you and find you well.



I looked out the window into the inky blackness of this cool autumn night. The trees illuminated by soft moonlight danced and swayed in the gentle breeze. Winter was most certainly taking her long strides towards us, but for now, we took pause to enjoy the last breaths of summer as autumn rolled on by. Letting go of the curtain it fell back into place, concealing the dark from outside and containing the dark inside.

“Please, Master, don’t leave me like this,” you’re whimpering off in the corner of the room.

“Oh, my pet, you know I could never.” I take a quick stride over to you sitting on the floor. “I adore you too damn much.”

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My Biggest Fan

“Come over now,” you say, “the doors unlocked and I’m all alone.”

I lick my lips in anticipation. “10 minutes.” Oh how I love a fan.

01 22 2013 013


“I want to show you my appreciation.” you said a few hours earlier, “for awakening this….this….thing…in me.” I smile and hand the signed book across the table to you. Your eyes are wide, bright, and excited. Your chest is heaving with each quickened breath. I let my eyes wander down from your face, across your lips, down your neck and past your breasts, your nipples hard and poking through the light fabric of your whimsical blouse.

My handler catching my siteline interrupts this brief moment of predation, “Buying his book is all the appreciation he needs.” What a lie, but I smile and nod like a robot. “I’m happy that you enjoy my writing.” I manage to push out, the words coated in truth but filled with dishonesty.

You smile, “Well….thank you….and if you ever want to….feel appreciated….” you extend your hand, a small business card outstretched to me.

My handler snatches the card away, “Thank you miss, please move along, there are more people in line.” There were of course, many admirers. Many odd and strange individuals that deeply need to tell me what they think of the book. How it spoke to them. How it moved them. How it changed their life. Pathetic. My eyes are on you and your short black skirt as you walk away. Awakened something in you did I…..fascinating. You turn when you’re almost out of sight, smile, wink, and place a small rectangular card in the last book on the top row just before the cashier’s station. Clever girl.

Two hours and a few hundred books and pleasantries later I’m finally released from my obligations and stand to stretch. “I need to go for a walk, stretch my legs a bit.” I say to my handler and she sighs like I’ve ruined her day before motioning me to proceed. “Thanks” I reply to her irritation, as if I needed her permission in the first place. I walk around the table adorned with posters of the hypersexualized cover of my 4th novel in the “Awakened” series. Playing with my pen in my left hand I walked over to the same collection of books you had sauntered by. Thumbing through the top row nonchalantly I stopped at the last book, opened the cover, and to my delight I was greeted by your small plain business card. “Well well well.” I mutter to myself, “I shall give you a call…saleswoman…of Devil’s Creek Candles.” Hearing distinct footfalls behind me I quickly palm your card and put the book away masking my heady excitement with a poker face of utter boredom.

“Next up is a radio interview in an hour at Hot Shots WX106. They specialize in rock, pop, country, and talk. You’ll be on for their drive time show so be perky. People don’t like it when you drone on. Then another signing at a coffee shop called the Slappy Bean on Main. Ridiculous name if you ask me but the locals seem to enjoy it. I’ll get you a Starbucks low fat chai latte and put it in one of their cups. Then tomorrow…” she kept talking but I didn’t bother to listen. My mind instead was on you and those perky nipples under your blouse.

“I”m going for a walk Cathy. Give me some space alright?”

She backed away without saying a word, clicking on her pen incessantly as she does when she’s forced into an unnatural state of quietness. “My god woman you need to get laid.” I silently thought to myself shaking my head and stepping out into the fresh air.

After walking down the block and turning the corner I dove into my jacket to retrieve my phone. Once it was out I grabbed the card from my pocket and swiftly dialed your number. “Hello?” came the soft sickly sweet response.

“Hey there,” I respond, still uncomfortable with my recent fame I still manage to sound timid on the phone. “You left your card for me?”

“Oh god! You……my…god…” you exclaim loudly in shock before quickly changing your tone to a whisper, “I…I can’t believe you called? You….you….actually called me?”

“Of course I did. How could I not with such a rousing expression of appreciation you gave earlier.” I stopped walking for a moment, thinking back to your eyes, your lips…..”Very rousing.” I whispered.

“Oh geez..oh…I have to go, I’m at work. Call…can….uh..” you stammered over the phone still in a little shock, “….can…you call me later? I’ll be free later?”

“I have a few more public appearances to make today but I’ll be sure to give you a call.”

“Oh…ok …ok….yes…that would be so awesommmme.” the last word stretched out amusingly.

“Anything for a fan.” I say, smiling then hanging up. I quickly toss the phone and card into my pocket. Before turning and seeing Cathy across the street. Her arms crossed and her face scrunched in a scowl. She only uncrossed her arms to motion that it was time to go. I sighed to myself and dragged my feet back to meet her.

The next two hours passed agonizingly slow. There is a schism of reality in a radio DJ’s booth. They’re so disturbingly boisterous and animated but visually look like sociopathic serial killers. If I had to hear my name included in the “Wacky wild drive at five” one more time it was quite possible I may try to cave Marvelous Mike’s head in with his own microphone. I kept looking over at Cathy trying desperately to create some sort of telepathic link so I could tell her to get me the hell out of here, but all she did was talk on the phone and give me the thumbs up anytime I made I contact. Cathy’s head would be next after Mike’s. I don’t think I’d even feel guilty about it either.

From Hot Shots WX106, we strode across the street and down the block to the number one coffee shop in Devil’s Creek, the Slappy Bean. Unlike the usual coffee shop I was accustomed to, this one seemed to be populated by retired lumberjacks and rodeo clowns. They still had the stuck up snotty looking hipster barista behind the counter, but he spoke more like an early 1960’s hippy and acted like one too. What a weird little town. A table was set up in the corner where a stack of my books and the same nearly pornographic posters were adorned. I took my chair and waited as Cathy arranged the fans into a healthy sized line that wound it’s way through the kitschy coffee shop. Unlike the radio show where I felt trapped and claustrophobic, this was at least mildly pleasant. There was far too many late to middle aged soccer mom’s for my liking, but it seemed that’s who my writing appealed to. Eighty or so signatures and awkward fan encounters later the line had dissipated and I was finally free to go.

The cab ride back to the hotel was short and quiet. Just the way I liked it. Once we arrived Cathy started in on me telling me where we were heading next. Who we were going to meet. Where we would stay. How I was supposed to act. What I was supposed to do. It was exhausting and I hadn’t even done any of it yet. I thanked Cathy for her help during the day and shooed her off to her room as I made my way to my suite. I showered and shaved off all the handshakes and pleasantries I could while picturing in my mind’s eye the lovely curves of my favorite fan. As I dried myself standing over the large king sized bed I fished through my pockets to find my phone. Going through the menu I selected the last dialed number and hit “call”.

“Come over now,” you say, “the doors unlocked and I’m all alone.”

I lick my lips in anticipation. “10 minutes.” Oh how I love a fan. “What’s your address?”

“151 Kayak Path” you giggle, “Hurry or I’ll start without you.” Whispering the last part nervously.

“151 Kayak,” I repeat. My penchant for palindromes causing me to drool over the address. “Why don’t you start without me then.” I chuckle, “I’ll just slip in like a thief in the night to steal your delicious innocence away.”

“Oh god I love the way you talk….hurry……I’ll be….waiting” you disconnect the call and I stare at the phone for a moment. This could be quite fun.

Not too long ago I was trapped in a dead end job with very little prospects for an intriguing life. But after being convinced by a couple of friends that my writing was good enough to do full time I took the plunge and dove straight into it. Six years and 38 million books sold later I had become a shocking success. The nature of my work shocked most that knew me. They had pigeonholed me as the mild mannered quiet and reserved type. While that certainly was the image I had been portraying for most of my life, it was really only a mask to keep people from being frightened of me. Now, after writing the inner most secrets that swam through my devious mind, I found that I had more fans than I would have ever imagined, most of which were women.

Slipping out of my hotel room I strode off down the hall, down the elevator, through the lobby, and into a waiting taxi. Once inside I rattled off your address to the cabbie I sat back into the seat and smiled. Smoothing over my pants and brushing my coat I pictured you in your bedroom teasing yourself in rapt anticipation of my arrival. I found my curiosity getting to me. I started to wonder what your nipples looked like, what the shape of your navel was, did you have any secret tattoos, and naughty piercings. What would your nether region look like. Would you be wild, delicately trimmed, or the bearer of a full out Brazilian. How would you smell, how would you taste, what delicious and delightful sensations would you share with me. Did you like it slow, soft, passionate, or did you prefer to be thrown over my shoulder and tossed onto the bed with wild abandon. Did you moan? Did you squeal? Would you squirm under the touch of my talented tongue? Would you pull my hair and beg for more, or would I pull yours and have you beg for more. I bit my lip and balled my hands into fists. The taxi has arrived.

I hand the cabbie a few bills and turn to walk up the sidewalk to 151 Kayak. A palindromic number followed by a palindromic word. If I was the swooning type, I would swoon over that alone. Once I reached the door I outstretched my finger to press the doorbell but stopped just shy of it. Instead I redirected my hand to the door knob and slowly turned it. It was unlocked, just as you had promised. The latch clicked and I swung the door in slowly stepping into the darkened front hall of your home. The fragrant wash of scented candles filled my nostrils with their pleasant fruity odor. The entire main floor was surrounded by them. There was a lit candle of various sizes on every surface available dimly lighting the room and keeping the feeling of exciting mystery alive. I slipped off my shoes and tossed my coat onto a nearby chair before standing in silence as I attempted to ascertain where you were. A muffled moan let me know where to go and I pushed the door closed, locked it, and headed up the stairs to your bedroom.

As promised I snuck up the stairs as quietly as possible, not wanting to alert you to my presence as of yet. I heard another moan and immediately felt the pressure of my own excitement pushing against my pants. Slipping up to the door to your bedroom I stayed there breathlessly, hear you mutter to yourself and moan once more. I push the door open ever so slightly and slowly as possible so you still are unaware of my existence in the house. I can see you now, splayed out on your soft duvet. One hand is holding one of my books, and the other is fiercely gripping a glass toy gently sliding it into your already moist and tasty looking pussy. I find myself now standing in your doorway, the door completely pushed out of the way. Your eyes are intent on the page though, and your hand is busy pushing the decorative dildo in and out of your sweet sex. You kick your head back and let another moan escape your deliciously kissable lips, flopping the book to the bed and fluttering your legs back and forth. Raising your head back up you now see me at the door and smile, “I started without you…hope you don’t mind.” you giggle.

May23 033

“I enjoyed the show.” I chuckle, “but I’d very much like to join you there.”

A wide grin shoots across your face and you slide the glass dildo out of your pussy, then motion me over to join you. Dutifully I walk up to meet you on the bed, standing directly in front of you the bulge of my erection clearly visible through my pants. “Someone’s happy to see me.” you say with another giggle, then tossing the glass dildo to the side. You swing your legs over the edge of the bed and sit directly in front of me. Lightly your hands run their way up my clothed body feeling my taut muscles hidden below the cloth. They run up the inside of my leg, gently across my bulge, feeling my organ straining against the fabric. Abruptly you unzip my fly and reach in to pull out my stiffening cock. Holding it in one hand you look it over, admiring it from each angle. The shape of the head, the ridge, the veins, the stiffness, the weight, you smile and look up at me. Without averting your gaze you slowly run your tongue down my thickness from the very tip to the sensitive spot where the shaft meets my balls. Gripping the shaft with your hand you delicately lick them each tenderly before expertly sucking one and then the other into your mouth. I moan my satisfaction as I drop my hands to your head, entwining my fingers in your hair in a subtle attempt to ensure you keep going. Slowly you slide your closed hand back and forth on my shaft, releasing one tenderized testicle from your mouth to allow you to engulf the head of my cock. The sensation shudders through my body and I feel my legs shake slightly as my grip tightens on your head. You respond by reaching your hand around my hip to squeeze my well muscled ass.

For a moment my mind wanders. I think of all the sexual encounters I’ve written about. All the exotic and erotic locals, the beauty, the desire, the craving, the tumultuously fervent releases. All the words I’ve written and scenes I’ve set without ever being able to experience them myself. My sex life was boring, bland, uninteresting. Could this be a pivotal moment? Could this be where my fiction becomes my reality? I look down at you as you work your mouth and tongue back and forth on my slickened shaft. A mass of hair, lips, hands, and tongue. Tantalizing my senses. Teasing my nerves. I feel my scrotum tighten as another wave of pleasure pulses through my body. At that moment the stress and irritation of the previous few days comes to a head. My blood rushes through my body and I can feel the beast I hide within me clawing at my mind roaring to be set free. “Ahhhhhhh fuck!” I shout in a blast of annoyance. You look up at me with a curious expression and I grip you by the shoulders, pull you up and then toss you back onto the bed in an angered rage of passion.

You lay there with a devious grin on your face. Your arms and legs splayed out and inviting me in to feast on you. I stare at you through hungry eyes, tearing off my shirt, ripping down my pants, casting away my underwear till I’m bare and naked. My engorged phallus pointing angrily at you. It’s head pulsing as if it’s breathing for itself. “Come here.” I command and you do as you’re told, crawling on all fours towards me, a smile on your face as you flip between looking at my cock, to looking into my eyes. As you reach me you extend your tongue and get prepared to take me back into your mouth, but I have other things in mind. “Turn around.” and you do so slowly, looking back over your shoulder at me as I stare at your nakedness. The curve of your back as it runs into your ass, the subtle sweep of your hips, you bite your lip and I adore you for it. With a rough hand I swing down in a quick stealthy motion to spank your cute ass. Your eyes open wide then return to your grin, wiggling your butt in approval. I grip your cheeks with both hands and knead them softly enjoying the silky smooth skin before I raise my hand and spank you again. I hear you squeak a little and then once more your smile returns and you wiggle in anticipation of more. I raise the opposite hand and spank once more. Then gripping your ass roughly I drop down and slither my tongue from your deliciously fragrant and very wet slit all the way up to your twitching asshole. Flattening my tongue over your ass I hear you moan and I flick at it like an evil serpent would it’s prey. With my tongue teasing you I release one of your cheeks and simultaneously pull my head back as I come down hard with another spank. The outline of my hand now visible in red even in the dim light of your bedroom. You shudder and wiggle your ass a little more, trying to show your appreciation despite or perhaps because of the stinging pain.

I reach up with my hand and grip your hair roughly pulling you back to me as I lean over you. I whisper into your ear before I bite it, “We’re only just getting started love.” spanking you once more then dropping down to tease your ass again with my tongue. With one hand I hold you in place and the other I run up your back, to your shoulder, to your throat gripping it with just enough pressure to make you tingle as I run my tongue between your ass and your tasty cunt. Good god I could do this forever. Hearing you moan, feeling you squirm, tasting your juices and inhaling your delicious scent. It’s intoxicating. All I want is more. All I need is more. Running my hand down your back to your hips again I free my other to run up the inside of your leg and cup your sweet sopping sex. You’re delightfully wet and I adore that. Slinking my finger up your slit then back down I can feel you writhe a little. You know what’s coming and you want it, badly. I run the tip of my finger up and back, then curl it and gently push my knuckle into your wetness. I smile to myself as I feel you push your body back to meet me. With my tongue still tickling your tender asshole I push my finger agonizingly slow into your hot tight wet pussy. You moan and writhe a little and I reward you by spanking your ass and then driving my finger into you again. Now curling it down inside of you I gently tease your g-spot and smirk as I watch your feet twitch on the bed.

Without warning I pull my finger out and you moan in disappointment. Gently I massage the now puffy lips of your sweet sex tantalizing your aching pulsing clit. Then again without warning I drive two fingers into your pussy, and with my thumb slowly rub little circles over your clit. “Oh Fuck!” I hear you squeal to my delight. Continuing the same motion with my thumb, again I curl my fingers inside of you gently tapping at your g-spot as I simultaneously rub your clit with my thumb. “Geez! Fuck..oh fuck!” you squeal again, but I’m not finished. I take the thumb of my other hand and wet it in my mouth. Placing it at your twitching asshole I rub it softly in little circles just as I do your clit, but before you can have a chance to react I gently push it into your tight asshole. Violently your body spasms as the combination of sensations begins to overwhelm you. I hold on and continue to drive my fingers into your pussy and my thumb into your ass. You writhe, you moan, and I hear you gasp, much to my satisfaction. I watch your body in the dim candle light as your back arches your mouth opens wide and then your hips begin to buck violently in the throes of another delicious orgasm. I slow my movements and allow you to recover briefly.

You drop your head to the bed, your ass still in the air and your body heaving as you gasp for air. I extract my fingers from you and laugh to myself. They’re completely coated with your juices and I love it. With my other hand I grip your hip and then throw you onto your side. You look at me with the dazed wonder of afterglow in your eyes and allow me to position myself at the spasming entrance to your glorious sex. Slowly I push into your tight still spasming pussy and I’m greeted by an long satisfied moan erupting from your open mouth. Inch by inch I slide into you gripping your hip with one hand and your ass with the other. I feel you move your hips from side to side, attempting to get me even deeper inside. You’re enjoying the feeling of my cock inside of you the fit so tight that you can almost feel my pulse through my engorged member. Sliding slowly back out I take stock of the sight in front of me. Such a beautiful fan you are. Your eyes meet mine and you smile but shortly after they fly open wide as I drive myself deep into you.

01 22 2013 012

My beast is loose again and I can barely contain myself. I drive into you harder and harder, your ass slapping against my hips as I go. I roughly grab your ass then spank it and fuck you again. You moan and writhe beneath me which only fuels the fire in my heart. I deftly take my thumb and slide it into your asshole as I fuck you. You squeal your approval and I feel your ass pulse around my thumb as I continue to drive into your willing body. I can feel myself alreadly losing control as my balls tighten to my body. It’s too soon though, and I want to make this last. Driving into you one more time I then extract myself and join you on the bed. You’re collapsed and on your side but want more of me. You want to show me how much you appreciate what my writing has done for you. How you’ve woken up this desire inside of you. How you’ve cast away the shackles of your old naive life and dove into this new you. The new you doesn’t feel shame from sex. The new you relishes it. You don’t feel the need to settle. The need to close down and subject yourself to the monotony of monogamy. You’re alive now. Awake and anxious to experience the depth and breadth of pleasure that is possible. Grabbing my twitching cock in your hand you engulf the head with your mouth once more, tasting the sweet mix of flavor from my excitement as well as your own.

I grip your head tightly and push my cock in and out of your mouth, enjoying the feeling of your tongue dancing around my stiffness as I do. With my thick member still in your mouth you direct me to lie down on the bed. As soon as I do you release me from your mouth, stroke me a few times with your hand, then immediately jump on top of me and lower your still soaking sex down onto my cock. I feel the puffy lips of your tasty pussy being pushed aside and feel the delicious hot wetness of your sex engulfing me. You let out a long protracted groan before raising your hips up again and pushing down once more. I look you over with intensity driving through my eyes. I run my hands from your face, across your throat, to your breasts which are moving to the rhythm of your motion. I lightly tweak each nipple between my thumb and forefinger enjoying the look on your face as I increase the pressure on them. Pulling each nipple slightly before releasing them I hear you gasp and can’t take any more.

Like an animal I grab you and flip you to your back, my body still between your legs. Sweeping under them I catch your legs under my arms and push them back towards you. You legs spread wide and you manage to mutter “Oh fuck” before I drive my cock as deep as it can go. A jolt of pain and pleasure shoots through your body as the unexpected deep penetration pushes into you. I pull out and drive again, then pull out wait for a moment, and when your eyes open to look at me I drive once more deep into your spasming cunt. “Oh fuck..oh fuck yes….fuck me fuck me Hard!” you scream and I indulge you. Picking up the pace of my thrusts the rhythmic slapping of my body into yours increases in volume and pace. You gasp and moan for more and I give you more. Then I move your legs together with your feet just next to my ears. Turning to one side I nip at your foot and then push deeply into you again. The angle is different and the pleasure is intense. I can feel your body start to spasm out of control. With my free hand I pull at one nipple then the other before pinning you to the bed. My hand on your upper chest and my fingers at your throat I continue to pin you down and fuck you just as hard. “Oh god..oh..f-f–ffuck” you moan, “I want you….I ….fuck…I…” you stammer and stutter as my body slams into yours, “I want….your…fucking….cum!” you manage to yell between thrusts.

Picture #18
Picture #18

It’s all I can do to hold on, with my fingers pulling on both nipples I slide into you a few more times. You beg me again for my cum and I can feel that I’ve lost control. The ache inside of me pulses and pushes through my body. I feel my legs shudder and spasm as the warm feeling washes over me. “No, no!” you squeal “I want to taste it.” My eyes fly open and I look straight at you, “I want to taste your essence!” Pulling out of your sloppy wet cunt I grasp my slickened cock and stroke it a few times. You lick your lips in anticipation and sit up to meet me halfway. Looking at me, then my shaft you smile and beg for it once more, “Give it to me….give me all of that sweet tasty cum!” and with that final request I feel the first blast of seed ejecting from my thick hard staff and landing onto your waiting tongue. You quickly gulp it down as another blast pulses across your lips, then another, and another. With dutiful diligence you lick up each drop and savor the flavor. “mmmmmm” you moan as you squeeze my cock and extract the very last drop. “Delicious.” you whisper.

“Anything for a fan.” I chuckle, then collapse beside you on the bed. With a smile on my face I know for a fact I’m going to miss my flight tomorrow. Cathy is going to be pissed.

06 19 2012 081

A Frank Conversation

“I don’t get it.”

“What don’t you get? Or maybe, more importantly, why does it matter?”

She looked at him with indignation, “I’m your fiancée, I have a right to know.” She flicked her long brown hair out of her eyes and tucked it neatly behind her ear. Jen scrutinized Max’s demeanor like a beat cop would a lowly street thug. “We are supposed to tell each other everything and know why we’ve done the things we’ve done.”

Max scoffed at her with a grunt, “You talk like you’ve learned everything about relationships from that shitty Seventeen magazine you read. Why do you even read it now? You’re almost thirty. Isn’t that embarrassing?”

She scowled, “stop trying to change the subject Max-  I play video games in my basement -amillian.”

He shrugged. “Well, your point is moot anyways. I told you everything already. It’s not up to me to make you understand. If you don’t get it that’s your problem, not mine.”

“Ok fine. Maybe I don’t have to get it but I still would like you to explain it. I mean it doesn’t make sense to me. If you’re not gay, why did you let a guy suck you off?”

Max chuckled. It sounded so strange to hear her say these things out loud but she did have a point. It was weird he supposed, “I don’t know. It was just…easier.”


“Yeah. Like gay guys, they know you’re not looking for a relationship. They’re not expecting it.”

“But doesn’t that make it shallow? How can you get all excited if you’re not even attracted to the person who’s sucking your dick?”

“Dicks don’t have eyes hun. They don’t care. If shit feels good it feels good no matter who’s doing the deed.”

“Seriously? So you can have some fat cow of a woman all sweaty stinky and whatever gobbling down your dick and you’d still be all for it?”

“If she’s doing a good job yeah. But most chicks aren’t really that good at sucking cock.”


“They’re not. It’s just, I don’t know, they’re less invested in the process. It’s like this is a chore they have to do. Like it’s on the level of vacuuming before company comes over.”

Jen laughed, “So the women before me were really bad then?” She found herself pleased with this. It’s always nice to know you’re the star of our lovers sexual memory.

“Uhh,” Max looked at Jen clearly calculating which words would sting the least.

“No. No. No! Are you seriously lumping me in with girls that suck at sucking?”

“Look you wanted, to be honest, and you wanted to get it, so you can’t really decide after that little rant that you would rather not hear the truth.”

“So you’re saying in not good at blowjobs?”


Jen relaxed. “Ok.” Then she scowled, “wait. No, I’m not good or no you’re not saying that I’m not good.”

Max bit his lip nervously,”No you’re not good.”

“You mean compared to these gay guys.”


Jen slapped him on the shoulder and the room echoed with a loud crack of skin on skin. “What the fuck?”

“You wanted me to be honest and if I’m going to be honest, you’re not very good.”

“But you’re always moaning and grabbing my head and shit.”

“I moaned to encourage you. I grabbed your head because you needed guidance. Not because you were good but because you’re pretty bad.”

Jen looked at him in anger but felt hurt simultaneously. Granted she wasn’t one to be proud of her exploits in the bedroom and have her prowess define her, it still seemed like an insult. “So why then. Why are these guys so much better than me? Is it because they’ve got a dick too so it’s like having a cheat code or whatever?”


“See that’s the issue right there.” Max pointed at Jen and she sneered at him. “Girls think that every dick is the same. Put mouth here. Lick a little here. Tug roughly here and that should be enough. Girls constantly bitch about how guys don’t spend enough time on foreplay when they spend even less!” Max put his arms up emphatically and Jen slapped him again on the shoulder. “It’s the truth, Jen. Your gender is master of hypocrisy.”


She slapped him again and he winced this time, “that’s such a load of crap. I suck on you about as much as you go down on me!”


“Nah you really don’t and even if you did it’s about quality, not quantity.”


Jen snorted, “You’re lucky I do it at all.”


“And there it is again. I’m lucky for what attention you provide. I’m lucky to have you blindly and roughly fondly my most sensitive parts. Lucky huh? You see the problem here?”


She crossed her arms in an attempt to stop from hitting him again.


“When a guy goes down on me it’s like, that’s his world. He wants nothing more from me. He’s devoted to making my pleasure his priority. He’s down there and not thinking that he’s got to put in a couple of minutes worth of effort to run out the clock and get on with me time again. He’s down there and fucking worshiping my cock like it’s the fucking statue of David.”


Despite her anger, Jen chuckled, “That’s so gay.”


“Yeah, but if you want to be better that’s what you’ve gotta do. How do you think I do it when I go down on you?”


Jen rolled her eyes. “Whatever.” She tried to dismiss his point but it was, unfortunately, accurate. Max was amazing. He had this ability to get her toes to curl within a few minutes, then tease her for what felt like hours as she rode along a wave of pleasure just slightly below the threshold of an orgasm. If she begged for release, he’d make her wait longer. If she squirmed for more pressure he’d give it and then take it away again making her squirm even more. By the time he had decided she’d been teased enough Jen felt like she was going to wet the bed with her climax. Before Max, Jen had never had an orgasm that she didn’t do herself. Once she knew how it felt, she was an absolute addict. “I guess you’re alright.”


“So you can see how if someone put that sort of energy into it, like what I do for you, how that would totally change your acceptance of who was doing the deed?”


“I guess, but–I don’t know.”


“Really? Think about it for a second. If you had, let’s say, some good looking masseuse, and she’s rubbing your back and shoulders and getting you all limbered up and relaxed…”


“–this sounds like a porn.”


“Oh, it’s used so much it’s a trope. But tell me, Jen. Let’s say you’ve got this chick, and she’s already got her hands all over you. Your body has already accepted her touch and welcomed it. Your mind has already accepted and grown to enjoy the soft touch of another woman. If you took away your inhibition or fear of letting another woman becoming intimate with you, how do you think you’d react?”


Jen looked away from Max and off into the distance. The view of the city from this vista was spectacular. “I don’t know.”


“You’re naked, her hands are on you. Your body is relaxed. Your nerve endings are primed. You can feel your skin buzzing at her touch and then–”


Jen took in a little more air as she felt as if she was there, “–no”


“–she touches you, with her tongue. She’s an expert. Her soft lips and tender tongue coaxing your body to open up to her. No stubble. No roughness of a man. Soft, tender smoothness of a woman that only wants to pleasure you. Could you even help it? She’s just so good–”


“–stop it.”


“–her tongue and lips searching out all the secret places on your body. Making you squirm. Making you close your eyes and just go with it.” Max stared at Jen. She had turned away and scrunched her eyes tightly shut. Reaching out for her he let his hand run softly down her arm from shoulder to wrist and she jumped at his touch with a sharp gasp. “Do you think you could resist? Would you even want to?”


She opened her eyes and turned to him, “Fuck you, Max. Fuck you and your fucking smooth talking motherfucking tongue.” Her cheeks were flushed and her eyes darted about excitedly. 


Max smiled and gripped her wrist pulling it up towards his mouth his kissed and licked at her flesh. “Oh, my. Is it true Jen? Do you secretly have lesbian thoughts?” His eyes twinkled as he continued to softly nibble on her wrist.


She shivered and pulled her hand away, “Fuck off.”


“So yes then?”


She stared at him. His black hair slicked back perfectly. His blue eyes never leaving hers. His strong shoulders leading to powerful arms and yet holding her with the gentlest of touches. “Maybe.”


“So then you do understand, don’t you?”


Jen nodded slowly. Hating the fact that he got the best of her. “I guess. But–”


“But what?”


“–well that still doesn’t explain why you let them fuck your ass.”



A Little Tease


I’m going to give you a little preview of something I’m working on at the moment. This isn’t the complete work, it’s just what I’ve got so far. There’s a number of directions I could take this little story and that, in itself, makes me happy. I’ve had a lot of starts and stops of late with other works and I needed something like this to just clean my pallet and allow myself to have some fun.

So without further delay, here is a teaser for the as of yet unnamed short I’m working on.

I hope you enjoy it.

Also, please, if you do like it, or even if you don’t let me know in the comments below. I’m interested to hear your opinions. Feel free to even way in on where you’d like to see the story go from here.





“What do you think?” She’s smiling and dressed only in underwear and a silk robe.


“Gorgeous.” he’s smiling, dressed in a suit and sitting at his desk.



“This is going to be fun.”


“I know,” he’s still smiling. “Be right back.”


Chad minimized the chat window and looked up to his secretary who had strolled into the room. “Chad, I have a few things for you to sign before the board meeting. After meeting with the board, you’ve got a 1 pm meeting with Sheffield, then a 3 pm tee time at the club with Mr. Lohan.”


“Thanks, Sarah, cancel the tee time and arrange a rain check with Lohan please.”


“Kay.” She looked over to see Chad’s laptop sitting next to his desktop computer. It was open and the icons lay upon a screenshot of Chad and his wife on their honeymoon. “Setting up to keep an eye on your contractors?”


Chad nodded, “You got it, Sarah. You can’t trust these guys with full access to your house. If you don’t keep an eye on them they might just walk out the door with all of your most treasured possessions.”


“…like your wife,” Sarah added with a chuckle.


“Exactly.” he nodded.


Sarah rolled her eyes and handed him the set of documents before sauntering out of the plush 10th-floor corner office. “Boys,” she muttered to herself, well within earshot of Chad.


He watched her leave and admired her ass she walked, “Girls.” He licked his lips. “Maybe sometime,” he whispered to himself and then turned his attention back to his laptop. He maximized the chat window again and he was greeted with an empty screen. Well, not so much empty but a screen that was devoid of his wife. Instead, he saw his kitchen. The laptop was resting on the kitchen island and in the distance, he could see a little movement. The game had begun.


Anna had set the laptop down moments before and positioned it to have a view of the hallway leading up to the front entrance. The doorbell had ringed and she had gone to let the contractor in. He was there to fix a couple of problems within the kitchen and a few other miscellaneous issues in other parts of the house. None of the problems were out of Chad’s ability to fix himself, but in fact, they had all been purposefully sabotaged by Chad as part of this ruse.


Anna now stood in front of the grand entrance doorway and took a deep breath. She drew her robe tightly around her body before changing her mind and loosening it again. The doorbell rang once more and she quickly opened the door before she lost her nerve.


“Hi there!” she said cheerily. The brisk morning air swept past her and gently blew the robe open a little bit further. Instinctively she pulled it back to cover herself up but in that brief moment the contractor, Kyle, had already caught a glimpse.


He smirked without thinking, but quickly replaced his smile with a poker face of indifference. “Hi, I’m from Wrangler’s Repairs. Someone had made an appointment to make some, uh, repairs in the house?”


“Indeed, we did! There’s a list my husband made in the kitchen right back there if you would be so kind.” she gestured down the hallway and Kyle nodded.


“Your husband–he isn’t here?”


There was a sound of concern in Kyle’s voice. “Nope. Just me. Husband is at work making the money to pay for all of this.” she chuckled and Kyle nervously laughed as well. Anna could see he was trying his best not to stare at her. His eyes were darting around the house looking for a safe spot to land, but inevetibly they came to rest, however briefly, on her. She smiled, “Don’t worry, though, he left detailed instructions so you don’t have to worry about asking the woman of the house what to do.”


Kyle put up his  hands defensively, “No no, it’s not that I just–”


Anna stopped him, “It’s quite alright, Kyle. This ain’t my thing. I’m not exactly the swinging the hammer type.” She put her hands out and did a little curtsy. Kyle blushed and nodded. “Ok, now you better get going. That list looked long to me so unless you wanna be stuck in here all day with me, you better get to it.”


He nodded and strode confidently down the hallway into the kitchen.


On Chad’s screen, as he absentmindedly signed papers and put them on his outbox tray, he could see a man in his mid-twenties making it down the hallway. He had a slightly overweight build, short brown hair, and the shadow of beard constructed out of neglect rather than desire. He had meaty workers hands and larger than average forearms, no doubt from a few years of working in a tough manual labor field. He wore a generic pair of brown overalls and a thin white t-shirt below it. Behind him, Chad could see his wife. Her robe was completely open at this point and she wore an outrageously large smile on her face as the two of them came into better focus.


“I see here’s the list?” Kyle pointed to a piece of paper to the left of the laptop. He strolled up and looked at it. As he read the list Anna stayed in the hallway. Her robe open, she blew kisses at the laptop’s integrated webcam. She rolled her body from side to side like she was back on stage again, running her hand down from her neck, over her bra covered breasts, all the way to the waistband of her panties. She stuck a thumb in and pulled them down just a little bit before quickly abandoning the process and sweeping her robe closed.


Just as she did, with near perfect timing, Kyle turned to look at her, “You’re right, this is a pretty long list. I hate to say it, but I’m probably going to be here all day.”


Anna nodded, “That bad huh?”


“Yeah, let me call your husband and let him know.”


“Oh, I’m sure he knows.”


“I–I’m just trying to be above board here so there are no unexpected surprises.”


Anna clenched her fists to keep from giggling and nodded, “Ok you’re probably right. No one likes surprises.”


As Kyle turned is attention to his phone Anna winked and wagged her tongue obscenely at the webcam.
Chad chuckled and waited for his phone to ring.



This is the picture that inspired this piece – thank you Internet! =)





So where do you think this is going to go? Is Anna going to try to seduce Kyle? Is she only going to stay just out of sight while he works? What’s Chad’s motivation here? His wife, scantily clad, alone with a younger man who’s….good with his hands. Uh oh? or Oh my?

Also, please, if you do like it, or even if you don’t, let me know in the comments below. I’m interested to hear your opinions. Feel free to even way in on where you’d like to see the story go from here.


She walked into my room, papers in her hand, “I have these for you to sign sir.”
She doesn’t look me in the eye. Her gaze is on the papers. My gaze is firmly fixed on her form. She’s stunning. Long auburn hair framing a beautiful face with perfect pouty lips. The line of her neck running down to petite but strong shoulders, the curve of her small but perfectly proportioned breasts hidden beneath an airy white blouse. Her waist is slight and petite as well and emphasizes the curve of her feminine hips, and those legs. My god her legs were stunning works of art. Strong, supple, beautiful, smooth and delicious. If only her skirt was a little shorter. If only…
The papers shake in front of me and I’m ripped back into reality. “Yes yes, hand them over.” She reaches forward and places them in my hand. I snatch them away from her and look them over. She hasn’t moved, “Is there something else?”
She fidgets and stares at her feet. Her lack of confidence is alluring. “Well, sir I was wondering–” she slowly raises her head up from staring at the floor. Her eyes meander across my desk from left to right doing their best to avoid me.
She snaps up and looks directly at me, “I was wondering if I could leave early today sir?”
I frown. This is an impertinent request at best. “For what reason should I allow it?”
She sways her head from side to side. “Well–” she looks up at me finally. Her big brown eyes capturing my attention and I feel my breath quicken slightly. “–Mrs. Schaffer’s just showing a video and I–” She stumbles searching for the words. “–I have so much homework to do.” She’s doing her best to look pathetic and hoping I’d feel sorry for her. It might be working.
“Did you ask Mrs. Schaffer?”
“She said to ask you, sir.”
“I see. I see.” I furrow my brow and stroke my chin in mock consideration. “I’ll allow it–”
“Oh thank you sir!” she turns on her heel and is about to walk away.
“–but you owe me.”  I can’t help but smirk.
She turns back to face me, “Owe you?” Her eyes betray her. The thoughts in her head are so easy to read.
“Yes–owe me.” I smile openly now and she smirks back.
“Wha–what would I owe you, though?” she asks demurely. Her head cocks to the side like a puppy. She’s openly looking at me now. No longer with her eyes on the floor. They’re drooling over me. Staring at my hair, my face, my suit and through my desk, perhaps hoping to see what hides beneath it.
“Use your imagination.”
She licks her lips and I can see on her face the little devil that she is. “When?”
She perks up and smiles brightly. “Ok,” she looks me over one last time and turns to leave. I watch her pleated skirt bounce with each stride.
It’s lovely to be the Headmaster.




You’d think I’d be used to it by now, but I’m not. Maybe I never will be. I close my eyes. I breathe. I count out my breaths in my head; each inhalation and each exhalation. One, two, three, four. Pause between each. Slow the breathing. Concentrate on your heart. Feel it thumping in your chest. Feel the air tickling your neck. One, two, three, four. Slower still. Let the thump fade. Concentrate. Open your eyes. Sight your target. Wait for it. Breath. Thump. Click. Crack! Target down. Thump. Next. Click Crack! Target down. Thump. Next. Click Crack! Again. Click Crack! Again! Click Crack. Five down. “Get up you lazy bitch!” my brain screams “Get the fuck up!”


My hearing returns as the world fades in once more. I’m on my skis again. Pushing. Gliding. Pushing. Gliding. The thump in my chest moves to my ears. I can the familiar metallic taste of effort glints over my tongue. Push. Glide. Push. Glide. Two more laps to go. The finish line is coming closer with each effort and yet with each push I can feel my legs wanting to seize up. My heart is pounding. My lungs are burning. And yet I push. And I push. And I push.


The sound of the air rushing across my ears is all I can hear now. The crunch of the snow beneath my skis is less of a sound and more of a feeling. I can see her in front of me now. Her bib flapping in the wind. Am I gaining? Push harder. Push. Harder. Beyond her there is the crowd. The cheering. The accolades. “Push god damn it!” my brain screams. But my body screams back, “We’re done.”


I can feel my legs lose their connection to my body. I feel wobbly. Woozy. My vision is getting narrower and narrower. All I can see is her bib. She’s not getting closer. I’m stuck in this tug of war. “Push god damn it push!”  I hear the rapid drumming of my pulse in my ears. My heart feels like it’s going to explode out of my chest. My fingers buzzing, my lungs burning, my eyes watering. This feels like death. This feels like the end.


Then in an instant the pain is gone. I can’t feel a thing. I can’t hear a thing. I see my own body from some distant perspective. The agony on my face is not mine. The pain in my eyes is not mine. It’s some husk of a human pushing and gliding. I can see she’s going to lose. Still she pushes on. She strives to reach the finish. To reach the bib on the woman in front of her. She’s across the finish line now, and has collapsed into a heap next to her rival. I close my eyes and shake my head. So close.


Once I open them again the pain is fresh once more. I feel like I’ve been run over by a truck and left to die by the side of the road. Dull aches and sharp stabs are everywhere. My body is heaving as I gulp in great chunks of air. It’s stinging my lungs as I only now realize how cold it is outside. The feeling slowly returns to my fingers, and they ache. I can feel my legs once more but they refuse to react to my commands to get up. I lie here instead, like a puddle of flesh and bones, staring at her bib. I hate her. I hate her with all my being. Every agony I am suffering is her fault. I want to scream at her. Voice my frustrations. My desperate anguish churns in my throat cutting off the precious air I crave. Tears stream down my face and I hear myself sob like a toddler. I hate her for beating me. I hate her so god damn much.


She turns to me and smiles, “Great race.”


…and all is forgiven.

Strangers on a Train

ka-click ka-clack, ka-click ka-clack

The regular precision of the train wheels on its rails was hypnotic and soothing. Eric gazed out of the window to the passing landscape beyond. He loved trains. He didn’t realize he did until just now, but he definitely loved trains. The beastly power of them. The quiet calm of their speed. They were a mix of old world nostalgia and modern comfort. Being a Midwesterner from boring county encapsulated within a boring state, trains were not something that one chooses to ride. Not unless one was a steer or a pig and if that was the case you were definitely not riding for your pleasure. Trains in Eric’s area were not the kind that you read about in romance novels. They don’t have exotic names. They don’t have interesting routes. The terrain is flat and monotone, like a black and white picture of spilt milk. So when he was told by his travel agent that after landing in Antwerp he would be traveling by train for the remainder of his European business trip, Eric was less than pleased. His opinion, however, had drastically changed since then.

ka-click ka-clack, ka-click ka-clack

“Pardon me, is it alright if I take this seat?”

Eric looked up to see the pleasant face of a cheerful British woman staring back at him. “Yes ma’am you certainly may.” He replied with a smile and a slight head bob. If he could have he would have tipped his cowboy hat to the pretty woman, but of course that was left back home with every pair of jeans he owned.

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Dreams and Desires

“I dreamt about you last night.”


“Oh?” Your voice perks up and I can hear the curiosity clear as day.


“Yes, it was…”


“…was it good?” you interrupt, unintentionally. You’re distracted.


“…it was good.” I finish, answering your question.


“Tell me about it.” you query, nonchalantly. You’re still curious but it’s been a long day and you find yourself having to switch ears and shoulders holding the phone as you walk around your house, tidying up.


“Are you sure you want to know?” I tease, smiling as I walk around my own place, the dream fixed in my mind.


“Of course,” you reply. I hear the muffled scratching of your phone being moved again. “Of course,” you repeat, unsure if I heard you the first time, “I do love the way you tell stories after all.” A small chuckle escapes your lips and it puts a smile on my face.


We know each other, you and I, but not in the sense of a normal relationship. We’re more than pen pals, less than lovers, more than friends but less than boyfriend girlfriend. The status of who we are and what we mean to each other is intangible and undefinable. But regardless, there is the undeniable attraction. We think the same way, like the same things, enjoy the same music, and entice each other with our actions, our words. We could be much more than this, whatever this is.


“You were at my place.” I begin, settling into the chair in my living room. “It was dark outside, and inside only a few lights were on.”


“Mmm hmm?” you reply, and I can hear you still moving about your place. I haven’t yet caught your attention but I’m sure that will change.


“I’m not sure where we just came from but we’re dressed up quite nicely.” I continue, “I’ve got on the remnants of a suit, minus the jacket, and you have on a long dress. It’s tight at the top, showing off your figure and your hips, and it’s got a long slit down the side from your ankle to mid thigh. I seem to recall it being a charcoal grey, and I must say hun, you look fantastic in it.”


“Well that’s good to know.” you retort with a laugh.


“Yes, well you’ve got fantastic legs and an equally delicious ass. Of course any dream I have of you will show this off.” I chuckle then continue, “You’re wearing a pair of elegant black heels, which in a way is funny, because I don’t think I’ve ever seen you with heels on.”


“Nope.” you affirm. The muffled movement of your body has now stopped. You’ve sat down and have now given me your full attention.


“Anyways, we’re at my place, like I said, and I’m sitting on the one chair I have. The room is essentially bare. You walk in front of me and show yourself off. I sit there smiling like a goof, watching your figure, the slit in the dress flashing a soft sexy leg before it gets covered once more. You turn away from me and look over your shoulder, winking. My eyes run down your body and I smile at the fact I see no panty line.”


“Because I don’t wear full panties with long dresses.” you giggle, “Thong or commando, that’s the only way I roll.” you chuckle, “However did you know that?”


“I didn’t, but it seemed to fit with what I know about you.” I laugh in return.


“Then what happens?” you ask, now even more interested.


“You walk up to me and you run your hand down my body, from my chest, across my tie, down my leg and then back up again to rest on my crotch.”


“Oooh, nice dream.” you interrupt chuckling again.


“I definitely think so.” I reply then continue to recount my story, “Your hand cups me, and holds my sex gently. I feel your individual fingers running over the cloth covered organ of my desire and I can’t help but twitch and move my legs to give you further access.”


“Oh I do like that.” you whisper into the phone. You smile and let your own hand run up your leg and rest on you quickly dampening panty covered sex. “Then?”


“You blow me a kiss, lean into me, and whisper into my ear.”


“I say, ‘Now it’s my turn to tease you’ “you blurt out in a hushed but hurried way.


“It is isn’t it?” I smile in response to your active participation in my dream. “I guess that’s fair.”


“You’re damn right it is!” you exclaim, “You constantly text me all these naughty stories and fantasies. You get me revved up and I can’t do anything about it.”


I laugh in response. “That’s generally the idea.”


“Well it ain’t fuckin’ fair now is it.” you retort. You sound mad but I can tell it’s just a mask. In truth you love every message I send you. It takes you out of the humdrum boring day that you’re residing in, and whisks you away to a fantasyland of sex and sensuality. “So yea, it’s my turn to tease you.”


Realistically, I’d never mind it. Teasing is one of the best parts of a sexual encounter. If you just go for the dynamite finish you lose out on all the nuances. Without good, sensual, torturous foreplay sex just isn’t the same. Ramping up desires, withholding pleasures, it’s all part of the game to let each partner in the play feel as if they are the center of all attention. So by all means, I would certainly welcome your teasing….but I won’t let you know that. That’s half the fun.


“Oh shit.” I say in response, knowing full well how much I’d really enjoy your tender teasing. “What have I got myself into?”


“Well you tell me, it’s your dream after all. I just know that I wouldn’t let you have it easily.” you chuckle, biting your lip as you picture the scene we’re both painting.


“Yes, well you know what I like now don’t you.” I smile to myself, but the intonation in my voice conveys exactly what I’m thinking, “After you run your hand over my cock, and whisper into my ear you turn and walk away a few steps.”


“Mmm hmm?” you respond, getting comfortable on the couch you sat on. Letting your legs swing open and wag back and forth. Completely unladylike, but you’re alone, modesty is unnecessary.


“As you walk away you run your hands down your body, down your breasts, over your waist, around to your hips and ending at your delicious ass, which you of course….”


“…spank.” you finish the sentence giggling. Your own hands wandering over your body as you feel yourself getting flushed and excited as the phone conversation continues. “Then?”


“Well I’m sitting there watching you, and I have to tell you babe, it’s hot as hell.” I laugh, “You look over your shoulder at me and wink which gave me shivers and I felt my balls twitch with excitement.” I hear a giggle escape your lips but I continue to tell you about my dream. “Then you ran your hand up your back to grasp the tiny zipper before slowly pulling it down to where it stops just above your ass.”


“You love my ass don’t you.” you interrupt with a laugh.


“I do.” I admit, “Its fantastic hun. I can’t help but wish it was right here in front of me with my hand on it….feeling your soft skin…hearing you whisper all the things you want me to do to you….”


“Hey hey…one fantasy at a time big boy.” you laugh. “So what happened next in this dream you had?”


“Well you slipped one shoulder off, then the other.”


“Mmm hmm?” you reply, fiddling with your bra as I speak. Wiggling out of it and tossing it next to you on the couch. Much better you think, looking down and smirking seeing your nipples poking through the thin fabric of your t-shirt. You orient your phone to capture the moment, snap a picture and send it off to me as I continue the story of my dream.


“Then as the shoulders fall to the side, you slink side to side and ease the rest of the dress down.”


“Well now, that sounds like fun.” you chuckle, hearing the confirmation that the picture you took has been successfully sent.


DING my phone chirps and vibrates. I look down at it, pausing my story for a moment. Seeing the message was from you I look at it and bite my lip and laugh as I glimpse your tight t-shirt showing off your now bra-less breasts. Erect nipples so anxious for a tender touch. Delicious I think to myself. “Hey…you’re going to make me forget where I am in the dream!?” I curtly blubber, with a tinge of sincerity mixed with sarcastic overtones.


“Oh I’m sure you’ll be able to work through it…” you retort, “…so what happened next?”


“Well you’re wearing that set of lingerie I got you.”


“The black one or the red one?”


“You know which. The black one of course.”


“Ooooh I like those, they’re so pretty. So are the reds, but black goes well with everything.” you chuckle.


“Yes they definitely are both sets. But the garter and stockings look hot with your black thong and matching bra.”


“That’s why you picked them.”


“It certainly is.”


“I haven’t worn them yet.” you mutter with slight disappointment.


“Well you know if you ever need someone to appreciate them, I will.” I laugh.


“That’s true!” you laugh in return, “Ok, tell me more. I want to know what happens next!”


“Well now you’re standing in front of me, your ass facing me….”


“…again with the ass…”


“You’re still in your heels, and you look gorgeous.” I hear you laugh on the other end of the phone but continue, “So then you turn back and you walk up to me. I’m staring like an idiot.


“Of course.”


“I can’t help it, you’re so damn sexy. I’m overwhelmed with the need to have you.”


“Have me?”


“I want you desperately. I want to taste you, to kiss you, hold you. Feel your nakedness against me. Feel your soft skin, the touch of your fingers, and the tenderness in your lips. I want it all.


“Mmmmm…I like the sound of that.”


“So you walk up to me and run your hand up my thigh.”


“You’re not even naked yet!” you complain.


“No, but that’ll change.” I quickly reply. “You run your hand up my thigh and rest it again on my now very stiff cock.”




“You fish around and find my zipper, then slowly pull it down, watching my cock pushing the fabric away as if it’s desperate to escape.”




“I lift my body from the chair briefly and you pull my pants down and then off, tossing them next to your dress in the corner.”


“Good, about time!” you laugh, “Then?”


“You reach down and you fish my cock out from behind my underwear. You take it out and stare at it for a moment.”


“Mmmm… it looks tasty.”


Anticipating that response I hit send on something I prepared earlier.


Blinggggg I hear your phone chirp.


You pull the phone from your ear to see it’s a message from me. Intrigued you open the message and see a candid shot of my erect phallus, as if you were sitting right in front of it. It’s hardness pulsating before your eyes despite the frozen nature of the captured moment in time. “Damn” you mutter under your breath, and I smirk to myself upon hearing your response. “It definitely looks tasty.” you giggle. I picture in my mind your smiling face. Your dimples so adorable. You’re biting your lip, gazing at my sex then back up to me transmitting with a look all the anxious desire you’re feeling. “I wish I had that in my hand right now” you mumble, adjusting the phone as you move your body on the couch removing another article of clothing. You reposition the phone now and relax, your legs splayed wide open, your fingers running soft delicate circles across your now naked pussy.


“Well in my dream that’s exactly what you did.” I continue, unabashed and brazen in my obvious tempting of your desires. “You pulled me out from the captivity of my underwear into the freedom of the cool night air.”


I hear you sigh before you whisper, “God I love the way you talk.”


“Perhaps then you should interrupt less.” I tease.


You giggle, “Yes yes, of course. Please good sir, continue your story. Pay no attention to the naked woman playing with herself while she imagines being a part of this story he’s telling.”


“No mind indeed.” I chuckle, my own hand lowering to my erection which is straining to be free, and would like nothing better than to be within your grasp. “Anyways,” I continue, trying to regain control of myself so that I can continue to control you, “after you freed my cock from my underwear you look into my eyes and drag a single finger up the underside, over the tip, and down the other side. You smile at me and lick your lips subtly before lowering yourself down to it, agonizingly slow.”


“Ugh.” you groan. “I’m teasing you in the dream but I’m only teasing myself now!” you let out an exasperated sigh. I smile to myself amused at your observation. You pull the phone from your ear and look at it, then holding it at arm’s length you bellow “Fuck, just let me taste you already damn it!” As you return the phone to your ear you hear me laughing, “Not funny. I’m getting so antsy here I could explode!” you admit, much to my delight.


“That’s the idea.” I retort, “But trust me, in my dream, it was me that was in agony.” The image is transfixed in my mind and I recall it with disturbing clarity. “You lowered your head to my cock, so damn slow I could scream. It’s then that I realize that the tie that I had around my neck before was suddenly wrapped around my wrists and holding me in place on the chair.”


“Oooooh… you’re trapped!” you giggle, enjoying the plight of your current tormentor.


“Very much so. I recall pulling and tugging at the tie, anxious and desperate. All I want to do is run my hands through your hair. I want to direct you closer and have your tongue on my cock, your mouth engulfing me.” I explain. I hear you moan through the phone and smile at the continued control I have over you. The thoughts in my mind tantalize me, but to have them tease and torture you is sincerely delicious. “But all you do is lower yourself so only the very tip of your tongue touches me.”


“Mmmmm hmmm?” you moan in response, running your finger across your lips and gently licking it as you do, imagining it to be my stiff member instead.


“Of course it’s torture. Your tongue so light, then your lips, then back to your tongue. My cock is aching and pulsating in agony. My hips push up as I try to get more of your attention. But each time I raise myself up you pull back the same amount, keeping the same slow, light, teasing pressure on my sex.”


“Gah……you’re making me so wet here!” you exclaim suddenly. “I can see it so clearly in my mind and I want it so bad babe.” you partly whisper and partly moan through the phone. You fingers that were dancing across your lips have now walked their way down your body and are drawing circles in the faint wisps of hair between your legs. You bite your lip and push a single finger into your pussy and gasp at your surprising sensitivity and delicious wetness. “Fuck me.” you mutter under your breath, knowing full well the story has only begun.


“It makes me smile to know how uncomfortably turned on you are hun. I can almost taste you through the phone….”


“Ugghhhh…..shut up. You’re killing me here. Now tell me what happens next in your dream. I need to know!!” the last word drawn out like a child whining for ice cream after already being denied twice before.


I laugh into the phone. If you only knew the state I was in myself maybe you would take small comfort in my anxious pain as well. But for now, I’ll continue. “Well it is my own dream so I didn’t let that teasing go on forever.”


“You must like it though if you dream about it.”


“Wouldn’t you like to know?” I retort sardonically, but your astute observation is definitely correct. “Anyways,” I attempt to continue once more, “the teasing….”


“Right….I have to stop teasing by now right?” you interrupt again. Your finger lazily pushing in and out of your very wet pussy as you speak.


“…the teasing stops abruptly when you lower your mouth and take me in as deep as you can let me.” I finish. “Of course I moan, my god it felt amazing. Your warm, wet, loving mouth, running down my shaft, engulfing the sensitive head of my cock as your tongue twirled expertly around me within your mouth.”


Your response this time only comes in the form of a drawn out guttural grunt. While you’re listening to me you’ve pushed a second digit into your pussy and bit your lip with the intensity of pleasure that pulsed through your body. “Fu-u-u-u-uck” you whisper, not so much to me as to yourself.


“Then you take your mouth away from my cock and slowly run your hand up and down the shaft but only using your thumb and middle finger. Your touch is exquisite but it’s so light, so tender I find myself squirming even more now.”


“Fuck…I’m squirming right now as you speak.” you admit in a moan. “I’m having trouble holding onto the phone!”


I smile and continue the story, realizing that I have your complete attention now. The kettle could be squealing, the neighbor’s dog barking, fire trucks could be arriving to put out a fire on the second floor of your house, and yet you would not notice any of that. Your focus instead is all on me. You devour each word from my lips. Each thought that I share you take into your body like a drug addict with a fresh needle. This is always the fun part. “As you tease my shaft you bend your head further down and run your tongue up my balls, licking one side then the other. Kissing, licking, and gently sucking on them which feels absolutely amazing.”


“Mmmmm….that sounds like fun. I’d love to make you squirm as much as you’re making me squirm. If you had any idea how turned on I was right now…..”


“….I’d be over there in a heartbeat to make good on all the fantasy I’ve been feeding you…”


“..Oh fuck don’t say that!” you exclaim, excited but firm, “Don’t you dare say that! I want you so bad right now it’s not even fair to tease me like that!” Your desperation is evident in your tone so I leave the matter for now.


In truth, even if I wanted to be in your home in a heartbeat, I couldn’t. With nearly 3000 miles between us, there would be no such thing as “over in a heartbeat” unless it was to describe how quickly you’d cum if I let you. “I know, I know.” I respond as I sigh. “Still….it’s a nice thought isn’t it?”


“Fuck ya….god…you have no idea how much I want that right now….” you breathlessly reply. “Tell me though, what happens next?”


“Right, the dream.” I respond.


“Yes! Tell me what happens next!?” you demand, anxious for the next morsel.


“Well you’re rubbing my shaft, and licking and sucking at my balls.”


“Yessssss.” you hiss, clenching your teeth and curling your fingers up inside of your pussy before retracting them again.


“Then you stop, abruptly.”


“What?!” you unconsciously shout into the phone mad at the dream version of yourself.


“Yes, you stop. You release my shaft and pull your head away, dragging a finger up and over my cock head one last time.”


“Gah….fuck. I hate that dream me is teasing real me! This isn’t fair!” you laugh, giggling away the frustrations.


“Then you stand up straight and stare at me before slowly turning around….”


“Oh the ass again….you and my ass…”


“Do you want me to continue the story or not?” I tease maliciously.


“Sorry sorry sorry!” comes the response, thick with desperation. “Please continue good sir. Do not let the weeping puddle of a desperately horny woman dissuade you from your storytelling.”


“Oooh, nicely put.”


“Shut up!” you retort venomously, “Just tell me what happens after I stand.” Unconsciously you have linked the moments of your fingers to the movements of your dream self. Each tease in the story teases you. Each moment of slow torture, tortures you. I’ve got you hanging off every word. “What happens next!”


“Well you turn around and yes, you present your ass to me. But before I can get a chance to appreciate it’s deliciousness, you’ve backed yourself up towards me. The soft skin of your shapely ass rubbing up against my hard, hot, blood filled cock.”


“Mmmmm…..that sounds fun.” you mumble, fingers moving once more to the beat of my dream.


“It feels amazing.” I reply, “The softness of you contrasting with the hardness of me, my cock bouncing and rubbing side to side as you snake your ass from side to side like a sultry private dancer.”


“Mmmm….then…..uhhh…then what?” you query, your fingers curling up inside of you again. Teasing each special spot within your pussy that you instinctively know how to reach at a moment’s notice.


“You slowly remove your thong, then turn back to face me.”


“Oh?” you blurt, “Is what I think going to happen….going to happen?”


I ignore the question and keep going despite the interruption, “You lean over and brace yourself against my chest, placing both hands on my body while staring into my eyes. As you do you swing one leg over my leg….”


“Oooh fuck…..and then the other over the other?……so I’m straddling you now?” you excitedly interject.


“Yes hun, you’ve straddled my legs. Then you shift yourself so that you’re inches away from me. My cock twitching and throbbing rests just outside of your wet, hot, excited pussy.”


“Mmmmmm…I think I know what happens next….”


“You reach down and grip me with one hand and place me at the entrance to your slickened sex before lowering yourself slowly onto my cock.”


“Yesssssss….finally.” you moan, your fingers now moving in and out of your body even quicker than before. Stopping only to pull out and rub gentle circles on your clit before being plunged back in.


“It feels so god damn good to finally have that relief.” I continue, smiling as I hear you stifling several moans on the other side of the phone. “Your pussy clinging to my cock as you move. It grips me and pulls on me as you slide up and then plunge back down again. I’m still tied up though and I’m at your mercy. I wish so much to be able to grip your hips and thrust up into you from my chair. I want to pull you close to me and nibble on your ear, whisper how amazing you look, how good you’re making me feel. I want to lower my mouth to your breasts and snare a nipple between my lips, licking and sucking on it as you bounce on my cock. I want it so bad, but you’re in control.”


“Fu-u-u-uck.” you moan. Even though I can’t see you I can hear in your voice the desperation, the anxious desire to cum. You want what I want. You crave what I can provide. You wish your fingers were my fingers, my cock, my tongue, my lips. You want it so badly. Your legs swinging closed and open again wishing there was a man’s body between them. My body. “Damn it man you’re turning me on so much.” you mutter between short excited gasps.


“Well it’s a dream so even though I was tied up, I’m suddenly untied.”




“Yes, and perhaps more amusingly, now it’s you tied up to the chair instead.”


“What?? Noooooo” you complain. “That’s no fair!” you hand stops playing with yourself briefly as you try to picture the new scene in your mind.


“Oh I don’t think you’ll mind.” I chuckle. “Your wrists are bound to the arms of the chair, and your legs are tied to the seat. There’s a piece of fabric that runs over your calves and around the underside of the chair….”


“Wait so I’m….I’m facing…” the realization of what I’m describing slowly dawning on you.


“Yes…your ass is facing me, and you’re facing the back of the chair. So you’re strapped down to it, but you’re nicely accessible.” I laugh.


“Damn it…you’re killing me.” you giggle, thinking about how it would feel to be tied down. You haven’t ever had that experience, but you always love the way I describe it.


“Yes, well that’s not the best part.”




“It’s a chair with wheels you see.” I say, pausing for a moment for you to contemplate the implications. “So I can wheel you where I want, spin you where I want, with ease.”


“I see.” you reply, cautiously optimistic that I’m not going to torture you too badly. You’re already aching to cum right now and if I prolong it any longer you feel like you could possibly lose your mind.


“So with you strapped down it’s my turn…”


“Fuck” you mutter under your breath, anticipating more teasing.


“…I’m sorry do you not want me to continue?” I threaten, while smiling on my end of the phone.


“No no nooooo….I’m just….I’m….well…frustrated.”


“You’re frustrated?” I ask, pretending to be ignorant of the plight of put you in.


“Yessssssss” you hiss, “I’m so turned on right now it’s killing me! I swear you know exactly what to say and exactly what to do to make this utter agony.”


“So you want me to stop.”


“NO! Don’t stop! I …I just…..god damn it I WANT TO CUM!” you yell at the phone again, holding it once more away from you while angrily demanding satisfaction.


“So I should continue…”




“Then try not to interrupt.” I chuckle.


“Fuck you…just…tell me what happens next.” you laugh. Then once more bite your lip in anticipation of what my devious mind has designed for you next.


“Right so you’re strapped to the chair now, and I spin you around and kiss you. I look into your eyes and ask if you want my cock inside you.”


“God damn it…of course I do!” you answer for the dream version of you.


“Funny enough you answered something to that effect in the dream too.” I laugh. “So I spin you back around so your ass faces me, but before I aim my cock and stab it into you, I lower my mouth to your exposed ass and run my tongue up over your clit, up the moist slit of your dripping pussy, to your tender asshole before bringing my hand down on your ass with a loud slap.”


“You spanked me!?” you ask incredulously.


“You’re damn right I did.”


“Mmmmmm….I’d like that.” you moan, then giggle at your revelation.


“So after I spank your cute ass I grip it, aim my cock, and plunge it into you as deep as I can, without allowing you any opportunity to be ready for it.”


“F-f-f–f-u-u-uck” you moan, plunging your fingers into your pussy as you picture my thick phallus inside of you instead.


I know I’ve got to finish soon or you’ll preemptively gush before the story is ready for it. “I grip onto your hips and pull you back into me as I thrust deeply into your delicious pussy.”


“Mmmmm” you mutter, no longer able to reply with any coherent thought.


“I run my hand up your back, then drag my nails down before spanking you once more as I thrust into you over and over again. The room is echoing the sound of my hips slapping into your ass and I can hear you moan with each driving thrust.” On cue I hear you moan through the phone followed by another gasp. Your fingers are working their magic down below and with the phone wedged between your ear and shoulder your free hand has run up your stomach to your breasts where you’ve twisted and pulled at one nipple, then the other. “I can feel you’re losing control. I can feel your pussy twitching and gripping me as I thrust.”


“Fuck it feels so good.” you mumble, “I want that hot dick so bad.”


“…and you have it.” I continue. “But I abruptly stop and pull out of your spasming sex before you can cum to quickly…”


“Mother fucker!!”


“I spin you around again and position my pulsating sex in front of your face and immediately you take me into your mouth. As you lick and suck on me I reward you with another loud spank.”




“I pull from your mouth and spin you around again, driving my thickness into you until you can feel my balls slap against your aching clit.” I can hear you moan again on the other end of the phone and deeply wish I could see you right now. To be able to see you losing control of your body, feeling delicious waves of pleasure pulsing through you, buzzing, electrifying your skin. Causing you to gasp and moan erratically. “I continue to fuck you, hard, fast, angrily, like a wild animal.”


“F-u-u-u-ck” you moan again, louder this time. “I want to cum so bad right now, but I want to hear the rest of the story.”


“…your eyes are clenched shut. Your jaw open and you breathe in big gulps of air as you enjoy every inch of me. Every touch tantalizes you. I run my tongue up the center of your back and you shiver and moan in response.” I smile knowing what comes next. “What you haven’t noticed though, with your eyes clenched shut, is that with each thrust I’ve shuffled the chair closer and closer to the front window.”


“Wait…what??” you splutter, pulled out of your near orgasmic trance.


“…I pull the curtains open and we look out onto the darkened street. It’s lit only by a scant few street lights. Your mouth is open and your face twisted in pleasure. In the window you can make out the silhouette of our reflection. Seeing us together is too much to handle you start to lose yourself in the moment. As you do you can see a couple walking their dog on the other side of the street. A car is coming the opposite direction. You feel my cock driving into you. The couple looks at the car pass. They’re looking right at us. The man doesn’t notice, but the woman does. Her mouth opens wide, your mouth opens wide. You gasp as she gasps. She taps her partner enthusiastically trying to get him to look where she’s looking. It’s too much…you can’t handle it. You can’t move. You shudder, you squeal, and gasp as you cum viciously and violently. Shaking your head from side to side creating a fan of hair whipping in front of the window. The man is watching you, the woman is watching you, I’m watching you and you can’t stop cumming. It’s too much for me now, the sight is just too beautiful. With a quick jolt I pull out of your spasming pussy, spin you one last time towards me and with a hot, thick jet of cum, spill my excitement over your lips in full view of the excited strangers on the street. Another pulse blasts through my body and another rope of cum jettisons itself onto your waiting tongue.”


“Oh fuck I’m cumming!” you squeal right on time. Your fingers spastically play with you as the moment takes you over. Your surroundings melt away and you find yourself in the scene I described for you. As you gasp and spasm you can almost taste my cum on your tongue, its salty sweetness a delight. You feel so alive, so incredibly beautiful in my eyes. You moan loudly as you slowly begin to regain control of your body.


I keep going with my story, “Your eyes fly open and you lick your lips as you begin to laugh with the relief of this release. We both turn to look out the window to see the couple giving us a thumbs up before walking around the corner and down the street.” I finish, “At which point, I woke up.”


“Damn it man….I LOVE the way you think.” you laugh into the phone, looking down at yourself and noticing the wet spot on the couch you have left. You roll your eyes at yourself and stand up, picking up the cushion and flipping it over. “I just wish I could have that in reality sometime.”


“I know……sometime….”


There’s a brief pause as we both think about the implications of such a moment.


The silence is suddenly broken….as there is a light, playful knock


….at your door


….you drop the phone….

Cold Steel

“Who is the mole?”


Guston’s eyes slowly came into focus. He blinked away the blurriness seeing a form in front of him. A silhouette of a woman, gradually becoming more defined. His head ached and he looked around the room, unaware of how he came to be in this position.


“Who is the mole?” came the demand for the second time. The accent was distinctly eastern european and was dripping with venom.


“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Guston replied with an slurred statement that even a three year old could determine was a lie. His head was pounding and he felt the need to rub his temples to sooth the pain but as Guston moved his dominant hand to reach up to his head he felt the cold steel of a pair of handcuffs strapped to his wrists. “Well fuck.” he thought, rather unprofessionally.


It was anticipated that within his line of work there was the danger for capture, and with that danger came the even more unpleasant reality that torture would be inevitable. Of course everyone has seen movies where the stoic hero stands defiant in the face of such impending torment, but the reality is that it’s completely terrifying.


“Don’t bother lying Mr. Telekov…..we know you’re a spy.” the woman had a look of viciousness in her eyes. Considering that she was the only one in the room with him, her rank and confidence must both be quite high.


“A spy?” Guston replied, as he attempted to manufacture an air of surprise at the accusation. “I’m not a spy…..I work in construction.”


The woman took one step towards him and slapped him across the face with the back of her gloved hand. “Shut up Guston, we know who you are.”


“Guston? I’m not…Guston…you have the wrong name, I’m….”


“Alexander Telekov, supervisor in charge at the building site of the Laika and Strelka towers.” she interrupted.


“Yes…that’s who…”


“You claim to be.” she cut him off, “But we know you are actually Guston Whitfield of the British SIS.” She leaned in closer to him now allowing him to finally see the features of her face earlier obscured by his blurred vision. It was Zlata, his secretary at the build site. “Shit” he thought to himself.


Zlata had come highly recommended to him by one of his Russian colleagues at Mečta Construction. She was supposedly vetted by MI6, but clearly someone had dropped the ball. Their mistake had now landed him in a concrete windowless cell with a superbly stunning, but clearly dangerous Russian counter agent. “Zlata?” he responded as best as he could, “This must be some sort of joke. Did Pecha put you up to this?” Pecha, of course was his inept partner at the company. Constantly late, constantly over budget in his projects, and a known practical joker. It was his best play for time as he tried to figure out how much Zlata, or at least the woman he knew as Zlata knew of him.


“Oh shut up.” she yelled, “I know who you are. I know where you grew up. I know where you trained, I even know who your 4th grade teacher was. I know everything so drop the act and tell me who the mole is!”


“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Guston repeated, fully aware how his response would be received. The mole she was asking about had been planted in the Russian interior ministry almost 10 years prior. His identity was known only to a handle of people in MI6, Guston being one of them. If she was questioning him about the mole, then the Russians knew he existed, but they didn’t know who it was. This was good news for the mole, but bad news for Guston. It meant that he was likely to be here until he broke, and everyone breaks, it’s just a matter of how long.


Zlata rolled her eyes at his impetuous defiance, “There is no point on holding out,” she said to him staring into his emerald green eyes, “I will break you.” She took her hand up and grasped his jaw staring at his eyes, then his lips and back to his eyes, “Such a shame.” she continued, “You could have been fun.” She shrugged and turned on her heel, walking away around Guston and out the door that was out of his range of view.


Guston sat there for a while alone in the cold concrete room. The handcuffs were tight around his wrists pinching the skin slightly. Around each ankle was another pair of cuffs locked to the chair legs. This was not a happy situation to be in. She was right though, Guston thought to himself. It certainly could have been fun. Zlata and he had been flirting salaciously for the past few months. Being that she had been vetted by his superiors Guston saw no reason why he couldn’t pursue some recreational time with her. Even now while locked in this room he marveled at her beauty. She had long athletic legs, slim but sensuous hips, a narrow waist that led up to small but perfectly proportioned breasts. Her face was that of a traditionally stunning Russian woman. She had full pouty lips which she adorned with a blood red lipstick, auburn eyes, and long black hair which ordinarily was tied up and out of the way. A stunning woman, and now, a very dangerous woman.


The door clicked and swung open behind Guston and he heard the distinct clicking of Zlata’s boots. With a sudden jolt he felt the uncomfortable sensation of cold steel pressing against his neck. “Fuck…here we go.” Guston thought to himself, wondering if he could really resist the torture that was soon to come. He heard the sound of metal sliding against metal and reasoned, correctly, that it wasn’t a knife in Zlata’s hands, but a large polished pair of stainless steel scissors.

“The name of the mole.” Zlata stated impassionately as the scissors opened and closed next to his ear.


“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Guston repeated as he braced himself for whatever painful punishment Zlata had dreamed up.


snip The scissors closed on something, but it wasn’t Guston himself because he had felt no pain. Looking down at his shoulder he saw what had happened. The scissor had been used to cut the shoulder of Guston’s disheveled dress shirt. While he felt a momentary relief with the realization he hadn’t yet been cut, as rapidly as the relief came it rushed away as she laid the scissors on the freshly exposed skin. “You know Guston I always thought you were pretty cute.” Zlata said while circling behind him. “What a pity it will be to destroy that.” She let out an exasperated sigh.


“My name is Alexander……Alexander Telekov!” Guston shouted. “You’re making a horrible mistake!”


“Am I?” snip The second cut opening a hole in the arm of his shirt pinching his skin as she closed the scissors. “Funny” she continued, “I don’t think I’m making a mistake at all.”




The scissors cut a hole in the back of his shirt this time. Guston flexed and fidgeted against the handcuffs that were restraining him. Zlata smiled at his squirming, catching herself looking at the muscles in his back ball up and flex. “It really was too bad,” she thought to herself, “he would have made an intriguing conquest.”




“I’m not Guston whatever his name is….my name is Alexander….” he shouted again but stopped as Zlata brandished the pointy end of the scissors directly in front of his eye. He fought against his instincts to fidget lest he lose an eye for his troubles.


She took the point of the scissors and drew it down his face, across his lips, across one side of his neck then the other. The cold metal causing his hair to stand on end but the adrenaline rushing through his body kept him from shivering. She continued to drag the scissors down his body until they rested on his crotch. “Who is the mole in the interior ministry?” she barked again.


Guston took a breath and opened his mouth to speak, “I….”


Zlata pushed the point into his crotch and shouted at him, “Tell me you’re not Guston one more time, I dare you.” she pushed the scissors then relaxed them, “See what happens if you continue to lie to me.” she looked serious to Guston, so he closed his mouth and remained silent.

“I cannot tell you.” Guston finally said.


Pleased with herself Zlata stood up straight again, “Finally, you admit that you are who I already know you to be.” she hissed spinning the long steel scissors playfully. “So you admit then that your name is Gustan Whitfield.”




“And you are a spy for the British SIS.”




“But you’re claiming no knowledge of the mole?”


“Yes.” Guston replied as expected hoping years of playing poker at the barracks would help with his dead panned emotionless face.


“You’re lying.” she sneered at him raising the scissors up in front of his face, then bringing them down heavy and hard. There was a loud thud as they impacted the chair just in front of Guston’s crotch. Guston relaxed his breath and did his best to pretend he wasn’t phased by the act. Zlata knew better. She had broken many a man, and this one would be no different. Scissors in hand, she turned the blades and pointed upward, then snipped each button off Guston’s shirt. With a roughness that juxtaposed her soft beautiful face she ripped the shirt open and exposed his chest. “You think you’ve trained for torture?” she sneered once more. “You think you’re prepared. That you can hold out?” she continued, walking around Guston dragging the metal across his body as she did. “No one can. It is, inevitable.”


Guston knew she spoke the truth, but he was stalling for time. With him captured his superiors would realize the predicament and put into action a contingency plan to safeguard the security of the mole. He just needed to hold out as long as he could. “What I would give for a pint of Guinness right now.” he thought to himself. He felt the cold steel scissors dragging across the skin of his neck. The blades opened with the distinct sound of metal sliding across metal and he felt the point of each blade poking into his spine. “So how shall I break you.” Zlata mused. She sounded almost bored. Guston reasoned that it helped to be detached from the subject you’re likely to be inflicting pain and likely killing. He heard the scissors shearing blade slide together and felt a tug on his shirt as she sliced from collar to cuff on his left arm. “Such a pretty man.” she said nonchalantly to herself, then sliced the other side in turn.


The fabric of his shirt now just hanging from his body Guston somehow felt even more vulnerable than before. “Such a shame.” Zlata whispered into his ear, startling Guston with her sudden closeness. “In other circumstances I would relish the removal of your shirt.” she hissed, then moved to his other ear. “But now I’m sad to say that will never be.”


Guston’s mind was racing and he grasped for the only thread he was able to see, “Why could it never be?” he said with a quiet confidence that caused Zlata to stop in her tracks and stare at the side of his face looking for some clue as to what he meant. He turned to face her as best as he could under the circumstances. “I’m basically dead already am I not?” he continued, “You will try to torture the information out of me, and in the end I’ll die.” Zlata was concerned with Guston’s keen observation of the circumstances wondering what he was trying to get at. Instead of silencing him like she may have for any other subject, Guston was allowed to continue to speak.


“You have me here.” he said, “I’m trapped. I’m clearly not going anywhere.” he strained against the cuffs, tensing his muscles to indicate how he was hopelessly bound.


“What is your point.” Zlata finally said in frustration.


“Who says you can’t allow yourself the pleasure of enjoying yourself before you dispose of me?” he said dryly, as if he didn’t care about his life one bit. Zlata paused for a moment, not replying immediately. Guston knew in that moment that he had her. The fact that she hadn’t outright dismissed his offer instantly meant there was a chance. “Zlata I know you want me. You can’t deny it.” he said with a cocky confidence, “…and you know I want you.” Guston paused for a moment letting the thought sink into her mind.


Zlata opened her mouth to respond, then closed it. She thought to herself that she could use this for her own benefit as well as the ultimate goal of breaking him. She walked around him again dragging the scissors over his shoulders, down his chest, over his well muscled arms, and back. Guston felt the scissors dropping from his skin and heard Zlata walk away and open the door to his concrete cell. From beyond the door he could hear some muffled Russian followed by a snap of to boot heels being drawn together as someone saluted. Moments later the click of her boots came closer, the door clicked shut and there was the extra click of a deadbolt being turned. “I sent the guard away.” she said eventually, clearing up the questions running through Guston’s head. “We are on our own now.” she continued.


Her demeanor had changed. The hard, edgy, cold woman that she appeared to be moments earlier had morphed into a slithering, sultry, beauty. Her movements were no longer designed to entice fear from Guston, but instead entice other emotions. Guston recognized this immediately. She was once more the sensuous, seductive, secretary that he couldn’t help but flirt with. He felt a twinge in his balls and he chuckled to himself thinking about having to debrief his superiors. If he ever made it out of this alive, his superiors would want to know what he did to make it and that would be an exercise in hilarity.


She still had the scissors in her hand though, which made Guston nervous. Zlata walked up in front of him and placed her hands on his knees. “I’m not releasing you.” she stated dryly.


“So now what?” Guston asked, honestly unsure of the response he would get.


“Now?” Zlata said, leaning towards him and smirking, “Now we get you out of those clothes.” She quickly bent over and slid the blade inside the cuff of his pants. With a steady pace she cut his pant leg all the way up till she reached his hip. At that point she stopped and repeated the action with his other leg. Guston shifted uncomfortably in the chair he was bound to. This new element of eroticism was harder to handle than he expected.


Zlata ran the scissors up the inside of one thigh, over his crotch, and back down the other thigh. Despite the situation Guston felt his body instinctively react to her touch and he felt the immediate desire for more. She placed the scissors on his lap and while staring directly into his eyes she reached down with both hands to unbuckle his belt. Once it was unbuckled she pulled on it, sliding it through every loop on his pants until she held it in her hand. She smirked at him and then brought his own belt down hard across his partly exposed thighs. He jumped but said nothing. She brought it back and then slapped it across his chest. He winced this time and she laughed heartily chucking the belt into a corner behind her.


Grabbing the scissors once more she dragged them across his chest, stopping to circle each nipple a few times before continuing down. He squirmed from side to side as she moved the metal implement and it was hard to tell for either of them whether he moved to avoid pain or moved to increase pleasure. She opened the blades once more and cut the waist of his pants, then continued over to the right to meet the other slice she had cut ealier, then repeated the action on the right side.


Guston looked a mess now. His shirt in tatters and only hanging on to him in a few places. His pants were cut from cuff to crotch, and from waist to crotch. With a flick of the scissors each pant leg fell open and the piece of cloth covering his sex flopped down. She could now easily see the outline of Guston’s cock clear against the strained fabric of his underwear. She stared for a moment, amusing herself with salacious thoughts and what if’s. Biting her lip she looked back up to him. Guston in turn looked directly at Zlata as she smiled and said, “You’re right. It would be a shame to kill you without having a taste of that first.” For the first time since he woke up in this cell he smiled, and heard her laughing heartily.


Placing the scissors on the floor next to his foot she ran her hands up the inside of his legs slowly. She felt each limb beneath her hand, the muscles of his leg thick and strong. Inch by inch she crept and smiled to herself seeing him squirm. It was amusing to her that he was squirming more now than he was before. She stared at him as she moved her hands up his body, slowly getting closer and closer to his bulging sex. By the time she reached it, she was smiling broadly, hearing him moan and quietly swear to himself. “Fuck.” came his breathless complaint. Her gentle hand grazed across his quickly hardening cock and he pushed his hips up slightly hoping for more contact.


His desire for more brought a smile to Zlata’s face and she brought her hand up and then slapped him hard on the inside of his thigh, stinging him more with the surprise than the actual contact. Reaching down she picked the scissors back up and slid the blade inside the leg of his now exposed underwear. With the expertise of a master seamstress she carefully snipped away the fabric. To her amusement his erection remained despite the fear of the blades slicing in such close proximity to his thick organ. Once the fabric had been sufficiently cut away, his phallus launched itself up away from his body and pointing skyward, relishing it’s sudden freedom. Guston shifted uncomfortably again. He was at this woman’s mercy, and he hoped he had played his cards right.


Zlata looked at him and smiled evilly. With an air of malicious intent she once more dragged the scissors across his skin, up the inside of his thigh and now over his exposed cock. The head of his member pulsed and bobbed as he twitched. The singles from his brain becoming crossed. Part of him felt that he should be terrified and avoid all contact with the psychotic woman in front of him, but there was another part that couldn’t help but desire more contact from her. She was unlike any of his previous conquests. She was stronger. More dangerous. Deadly. The mix of fear and excitement was intoxicating. If it weren’t for the realization that his death may be inevitable, Guston would have found this to be a highly erotic situation. He concentrated on partitioning that reasoning to one side of his mind. It was important for him to believe that this was nothing more than an amusing tryst between boss and secretary. If he acknowledged the demise that was surely to follow, his performance would certainly suffer and the time he was playing for would disappear instantly.


“You like that don’t you.” she said softly into his hear, her words silky and enticing as the cold scissors trailed around the tip of his stiffened member. Admittedly he did, so he nodded. She bit his ear and whispered “So do I.” then looked into his eyes and smirked again. Leaning forward she kissed him on the lips. He was a handsome man and Zlata would have enjoyed taking him to her bed if circumstances could have allowed it. She bit his lip and pulled away causing him to swear in unexpected pain. Zlata just laughed and turned around in front of him, walking a few steps away.


Guston suddenly became more aware of what she was wearing. She was dressed to kill, but not in the literal sense. Her tall black boots were shined with military precision and ran up to equally enticing black stockings. Guston followed the seem of the stockings up to her short tight skirt that wrapped around her well shaped ass. Her blouse was stark white and billowy. Through the light fabric Guston was able to see the outline of a black lace bra. If circumstances were different, he would have enjoyed unwrapping such a beautiful package as Zlata. She looked over her shoulder at him, as if she felt his eyes on her. “You like what I’m wearing Guston?” she snickered seeing the head of his cock pulse again. She enjoyed this sense of power she held over him. Zlata was well aware of the desires of men. She had been hit on and flirted with since she first developed breasts. It was nothing new to her. This, however, was different. Having a man bound and under her complete control. His life in her hands, his pleasure in her hands. She definitely enjoyed it on a very personal and completely unprofessional level.


“Yes…” came Guston’s reply. The word catching in his throat, “Yes…I do.” he repeated.


Zlata smiled again, still looking at him over her shoulder. “Do you want to see more?” she asked provocatively, twirling the scissors in her hand again.


Guston almost growled in response, “Yes….yes I do.” He twitched against his restraints again, suddenly wishing he was able to touch himself, if only to give some relief from the anxious need that pulsed through his mind.


With the same scissors she was using to threaten him with she slowly placed them under the lowest button of her blouse and snipped. A small button fell to the floor. The thin plastic cylinder lightly dropping, bouncing, then rolling in a random direction before coming slowly to a rest. Once it did, Zlata snipped the next button and in a similar fashion it dropped, bounced, and rolled. Guston bit his lip and watched, entranced by the provocative process. His eyes followed each button before returning to see Zlata aiming the scissors for the next snip. Once she had reached her midriff the blouse began to open on it’s own accord and Guston saw the silky skin that hid beneath the light fabric. This time it was Guston who bit his own lip. Zlata was delicious.


Another snip, and another button fell to the floor. The look on her eyes was predatory. While she cut each button off she watched for any movement he made. Smiling to herself as she watched him look at the rolling button then quickly return his gaze to her. “What fun” she thought. With only three buttons left Guston became aware that he was holding his breath. The next button that was released allowed her black lacy pushup bra to come into view. Once that one stopped, the second last button fell and more of her breasts became visible. The cleavage created by the supporting garment was devilishly delectable. The last button fell and the blouse opened completely. Guston looked Zlata over with the eyes of a hungry man. Her body was beautiful. He deeply craved to touch her. To feel her skin, to taste her on his mouth. To kiss his way up her body from stomach to lips. Zlata smiled again and shrugged the blouse off, letting it drop to the floor in an unorganized heap.


She twirled the scissors in her hand once more and walked back up to Guston. He was sitting nearly motionless in the chair. His arms were pulled over the back of the it and locked into place. His legs attached to the legs of the chair. Zlata came up beside him and leaned over to whisper into his ear, as she did so her breasts came into contact with his strong shoulder. “I can tell you’re enjoying this.” she hissed. And he was. The simple feeling of her warm skin pressed against his shoulder was enticing. He felt his balls twitched with the small contact as his brain begged for more. She continued to whisper into his ear, “I can tell you’re enjoying the show.” as she whispered she ran her hand up and over his cock, squeezing the head and causing Guston to groan in pleasure. She bit his ear roughly and he gasped once more with the sudden shock of unexpected pain. “Do you want more?” she asked, already knowing the answer. Guston nodded slowly. “I want to hear you say it.” she dictated, now looking into his eyes with her hand roughly squeezing and releasing his thickness.


“I want more.” Guston replied dutifully.


“Do you? I can’t tell.” she mocked, still squeezing his cock, then gently stroking it once before squeezing it hard again.


“Uuuuuhhhhhh” Guston groaned, “F-u-u-u-ck”


“Tell me again. Convince me.”


“I …uhhhhhh……f-u-u-u-u-u-ck…I waaaaaaaaaaah…..I want ..more.” the words separated as Zlata alternated between squeezing, stroking, and twisting his cock.


“That’s better.” she approved, releasing his cock and slapping across the face before turning away and laughing.


Guston watched her once more. His body quivering with desire for her. Craving her. Aching for her. She looked over her shoulder at him again. Once more twirling the scissors. Slipping the edge into the waist of her skirt she slowly, agonizingly so to Guston, sliced the fabric inch by inch. As she did it separated, revealing little by little the black lace matching underwear and garter. Finally she squeezed the scissors together for the last cut and the skirt mercifully fell away. Guston stared at her, his eyes wide and anxious. She had on a black lace and silk thong panty with matching black lace garter that held up her stockings. The look was intoxicating. Zlata was incredibly beautiful fully clothed. Seeing her standing there in front of him in nothing but a pair of boots and her underwear made Guston shudder and quake wishing he could run his hands across her body. If only he could touch her, pull each last piece of clothing off. He was suddenly feeling as if this torture may be worse than the threat of pain he had to endure earlier.


Zlata walked up to him again running her hand up his leg again, then standing with her legs straddling his. Her hand back on his cock, he groaned in relief. Happy to be at least touched in some way. Her warm soft skin grazed the exposed skin on his leg and he wanted to lift his leg up into her to increase the contact. He wanted so desperately to feel her, to feel the warmth of her sex pressed up against his thigh. Would she be as wet as he was hard? As he squirmed beneath her she smiled at him and did just that. Lowering her body she gently grazed across his exposed thigh. The touch of his skin against her panty covered pussy was exquisite, though she wasn’t going to let him know that. She shifted side to side and rotated her hips provocatively while simultaneously stroking his hard cock with only her thumb and forefinger. She enjoyed watching Guston shuddering and shivering as he ached for a little more. The sight was making her damp and she smiled, seeing a drip of pre-cum start to surface from his engorged phallus. She squeezed it hard and a single drop of the clear liquid oozed out and dripped down the head of his cock. Zlata resisted the urge to lick it off, and instead circled her forefinger lightly over the head and spread the liquid around till the drop was gone. Guston couldn’t help but shake as she did. The slow teasing torture was hard to handle. Pain may have been preferable at this point. At least with pain he could resist. He could steel himself against it and shut down that part of his brain. But instead he wanted more of this. He wanted more of her touching, her tantalizing touch. It was intoxicating and invigorating.

Zlata suddenly stood and slapped the head of Guston’s cock and laughed. While it didn’t hurt, once more the shock stunned him. His sex oozed out more pre-cum as his body continued to ache for more attention. Zlata picked up the scissors again and twirled them. With her back to Guston she snipped the shoulder strap on one side, then the other. The bra remained in place and she turned to look at him. Sliding the cold metal up against her breastbone she snared the front of her bra and with a wink, snipped the fabric. The tension from the elastic pulled the bra rapidly off her breasts and they bounced back to their natural position, nipples hard, erect, and aching for Guston as he ached for her. “You like this don’t you.” she sneered at him. He nodded slowly once more and she laughed. “You want to lick them don’t you.” she chuckled, flicking each nipple in turn, then pulling and twisting them. She enjoyed the look on his face and the pleasure she induced in her own body.


Walking back up to him she ran her hands over his balls, cock, and chest. She kissed him deeply and enjoyed the feeling of his tongue pushing into her mouth, tangling with hers in an unseen wrestling match of sorts. She broke from the kiss and allowed her breasts to run over his shoulder once more knowing that the feeling of her hard nipples against his skin would drive him wild. Sure enough as she moved she watched his cock twitch, and the head expand and then contract allowing another helping of pre-cum to escape. This time however she couldn’t resist the urge and she lowered herself over his thigh. Her naked bosom resting on his thigh she ran her tongue up the length of his extended member to rest at the tip, tasting the small drop he had left for her. Guston moaned in approval afraid to move lest she stop. He was rewarded for his patience as Zlata lowered her mouth over his cock and gently took him into her mouth. He moaned louder and Zlata smiled to herself. This was becoming even more fun. With his sex still within the confines of her mouth she saw his balls tighten against his body, the head expanded, and additional drop of pre-cum oozed out to her delight.


Guston strained against his restraints. Pulling his limbs away in a vain attempt to get more of Zlata. He looked over her. Her mouth fully encompassing his cock, her ass perfectly placed bent over his thigh. If his hand was free he surely would have spanked her by now. She was so delicious, so sexy, and such a tease. He grunted and moaned again as she withdrew her mouth from his cock and now gripped it tightly as she licked at his balls. Guston rotated his hips and tried to provide her more access to him, encouraging her to lick further. He was rewarded for his movement then felt a gentle slap on his balls as she stood upright and laughed, once more walking away, scissors in hand, twirling them maniacally. “Don’t even think about it Guston.” she laughed, “I’m in charge here, and don’t you forget it.” He nodded in capitulation, wishing she wanted him as much as he wanted her.


Little did he know, of course, that she did. She was just better at masking it. Once more she lowered the scissors to her body and slipped the thin fabric of her panties between the blades. She turned from him and snipped on side, then the other. Moving her legs a little further apart the panties, now in pieces, dropped to the floor and exposed her ass completely. Guston heard himself take in a quick breath. Her nakedness was a deep pleasure to his eyes. He drank in every inch of her sultry body. She looked over her shoulder once more and winked. Then she walked up to the bound man, her sex exposed and the lips of her pussy visibly engorged with excitement. She could no longer pretend to be less interested in this than he was. He could see quite clearly the glistening of her own interest as her pussy became wetter by the second. Guston looked up from her exposed sex to her breasts, then her face, where he saw her now with her lip bit and a look on her eye that said she had waited long enough. She stood once more with her legs straddling his thigh. Lowering herself onto him he finally felt her nakedness on his, her heat on his, and her wetness. How exciting. She swung one leg over his other so she sat on his thighs, her ass suspended in the air.


“You cum before me and I cut your balls off. Got it?” she said coldly to him. Guston nodded slowly and waited for the inevitable excruciating pleasure of her pussy sliding down his cock. Zlata dropped the scissors to the floor with a clank and raised herself up, pulling forward and aiming Guston’s thick member at the glistening entrance to her aching pussy. She wanted this as much as he did. She wanted to cum so badly. She wanted to feel every inch of his beautiful cock inside of her. This man was fucking her to save his life and she enjoyed every second of this twisted game they were playing. With all the patience she had left she slowly lowered herself onto his cock and was rewarded with a long protracted guttural moan from the trapped Guston. He felt delicious with her. His cock flexed and strained against her, teasing the nerves within her so exquisitely.


She immediately felt flushed with heat as her arousal took over her body. Placing her arms around his neck she raised and lowered herself and slid him even further into her body. This time it was Zlata that gasped as his thick cock grazed that special spot within her pussy that rarely got the attention it deserved. She raised herself and lowered herself again, this time quicker. And again even quicker still. “F-uu-u-u-uk” Guston groaned. He tightened his jaw and resisted as best he could against the pleasure of her body sliding up and down his. She rotated her hips and plunged down again, gasping as she did. Then again, harder, faster. Zlata moaned again. He was her toy now, her little plaything. “Well maybe not so little” she thought and laughed to herself. “Don’t you dare cum before me.” she reminded him hearing him moan again and then swear knowing her promise. She was bouncing on him with a regular precision now, and could even feel his balls raising up and slap her as she bounced. She felt herself starting to lose control. Her fingers and toes began to twitch and curl. Her body started radiating a warm heat throughout as her stomach fluttered with each new thrust. With no warning for Guston or for herself she felt her pussy clamp down hard on his thick cock as spasms of pleasure rocked through her body.


Her legs shook spastically as the powerful orgasm coursed through her. Guston bit his lip hard and resisted as best as he could the deep driving need to cum as well. She squealed and shouted something indistinguishable in russian as she shook her head from side to side creating a fan of her hair as she finished a long body contracting orgasmn. Just as she finished she quickly stepped off and released him from her pussy. His cock slapped hard against his stomach and she chuckled as it was completely drenched in her juices. “F-u-u-u-uck” Guston moaned. He wanted to cum so badly. His balls tight against his body, his cock pulsing and twitching in agony. Instead he felt Zlata’s hand on his balls and her other hand on the shaft. He opened his eyes and looked into hers. She winked and then slapped his cock on the head again. “God damn it!” Guston exclaimed loudly.


“You don’t get to cum until I say so.” she laughed. “Do you want to cum for me?”


“Fuck….yes…I do.” Guston admitted wholeheartedly. Wishing desperately for the release he craved.


“Then tell me who the mole is?” Zlata laughed.


“Fuucccccccck” Guston swore loudly. Then gasped as mid-swear Zlata had dropped down and once more engulfed his cock with her mouth. He moaned and whimpered as she sucked his member and teased it with her mouth with light flicks of her tongue. It was such pure pleasurable agony. “Fuck fuck fuuuuuuck” he shouted again and Zlata took her mouth off him but only to laugh. She then gripped the shaft of his cock and squeezed it again, once more a large drop of pre-cum oozed out of the head and she licked it into her mouth. Guston gasped again as he took erratic breathes in.


“So it’s simple. You cum now, I cut your balls off with those fantastic scissors.” she pointed to the scissors with his cock, bending it against it’s natural position sending shivers through Guston’s body. “If you tell me who the mole is, you can cum all over my mouth, and you can keep your balls.” She laughed again. “Do you understand?”


Guston whimpered and nodded.


“Tell me you understand.”


“I….I understand.” he managed to mutter.


“Sorry what was that?” she asked roughly as she tugged on his now super sensitive rod.


“I UNDERSTAND!” he shouted, before slumping in the chair and whimpering.


“Good boy.” Zlata chided, patting him on the head of his cock as if it was a pet. “Because I feel like getting fucked again.”


Guston groaned and for the first time in his life he begged the universe to not have sex with a beautiful woman.


She laughed again, and then stood and turned with her backside to him. She pushed his legs to the side and stood between them. Slowly and with expert precision she lowered her ass to him and as she made contact his thickness easily slid into her sopping wet pussy. This time it was her turn to gasp. After cumming the first time she was already quite sensitive and the pressure that Guston was putting on her insides was absolutely delicious. She rotated her hips as she lowered herself down feeling his cock drag and touch different sensitive spots within her twitching pussy. She heard Guston swear under his breath and she smiled to herself. She raised herself back up and tilted her hips as she did, letting his cock slide across her sensitive g-spot before sliding back down again.


Guston was losing his mind. His balls were aching for release, his hands were shaking in the handcuffs. Even the hair on his body felt aroused. He was hypersensitive to any touch and was in agony trying to control himself and keep from cumming. He looked Zlata’s backside over, her back slim and attractive as it met her hips. She was stunning. His scrotum tightened once more and he closed his eyes trying to think of something else. “Who is the mole.” Zlata asked, her question coming in the form of a gasp. “Tell me or you’ll never cum again.” she threatened.


“I can’t tell you!” Guston shouted, more to tell himself than to tell her.


“If you don’t, you can’t cum. Simple as that.” she moaned her response. “It feels so good Guston, doesn’t it.” she grunted as she dropped her body back onto him again, then reached between her legs to cup and stroke his balls before lifting up and dropping once more. “Doesn’t it?” she asked again.


Guston whimpered and bit his lip. His cock was spasming within her and he was losing control by the second. How much time had elapsed? He wondered. Was the mole safe yet? They should be safe now right? He thought to himself, trying desperately to rationalize the craving need that was driving through his brain. He heard Zlata moan again as she grinded her body into his. “Maybe that was the key,” he thought. “Get her to cum again and she will be too sensitive to tempt me further.” Deciding at once this was the best course of action he adjusted his body so he was able to raise his hips. Then with all the strength to resist he could muster, he began to thrust up and into her as she dropped onto him. The added attack sent shockwaves through Zlata and she squealed in approval.


“Fuck YES!” she shouted, encouraging him further.


Guston kept thrusting into her, hearing the smack of his hips colliding with her perfect ass echoing through the small cold concrete cell. He was in agony and desperately hoped she’d cum soon so he could relax, if only for a moment. On cue he felt her pussy tighten around his sensitive cock as another orgasm began to rock through her body. She reached back to balance herself on his thighs as her hips spastically jerked forward and her legs collapsed under her. Zlata’s pussy was now completely drenched and the juices of her excitement were now running down Guston’s poor cock and off his tight scrotum teasing him with each little drip. Guston groaned and felt the cool air of the room rush onto his cock as she finally released it from her body. Instead of having anytime to himself, however, she simply dropped her mouth to his cock and sucked him into her, tasting the mix of both of their sexes and enjoying the delicious salty sweet cocktail.

Guston threw his head back and moaned loudly. If she didn’t stop he was going to lose it. He was desperate. He tried to think of anything that would save him from this. Anything non-sexual. Anything at all. But his mind would not allow it. He was transfixed. Stuck within this moment of agonizing pleasure. “That has to have been enough time.” he muttered, thinking aloud. Zlata withdrew her mouth from his cock and began to lightly stroke it once more with her thumb and forefinger. The pressure was so faint but it felt exquisite. Guston once more felt himself losing control. His hands began to shake and his leg closed and opened again. Zlata poured on the pressure, leaning forward and licking at his nipple, then biting it. “Fu-u-u-u-uck” he shouted again nearly tearing up from the agony of holding back.


“Who is the mole?” Zlata asked again, her mouth inches from his cock her tongue flicking out to lick the very tip of his cock as she stroked Guston slowly. “Tell me now and you can cum right now.”


Guston moaned and closed his eyes shaking his head from side to side.


“You better tell me Guston,” she chuckled, “looks to me like you’re going to explode any second now.”


Guston shook violently. His hips bucking and thrusting. His balls tight against his body. The head of his cock twitching and spasming. She was right. He couldn’t hold out much longer. He desperately hoped that the mole was already safe.


“Tell me now,” she cooed again, “tell me now and you can cum all over this beautiful mouth, on to this talented tongue. You know you want to.” she teased, slowly stroking him then squeezing and twisting his cock before stroking once more. She lowered her mouth one more time to his sex and gently ran her teeth over the head.


Guston spasmed and shouted “Alright alright!” he spluttered. “the mole….” he shuddered “..the mole is…” he gasped and grunted “is Kristich…” he panted and felt his body lurch as sweat dripped from his head and into his eyes “….is Kristich Demelnakov!” he finally was able to finish.


“See that wasn’t so hard was it?” Zlata said with a smile, then lowered her mouth to his cock one last time. Guston grunted and felt the relief of tension wash across him. She pulled her mouth off and slowly jerked his cock several more times. With a deep spasmic gasp Guston shouted something unrecognizable and a jet of white hot liquid shot from his tortured phallus landing on Zlata’s waiting tongue. She pulled his cock again and another shot ejected itself onto her lips, and another and another. Guston shook violently in his chair as he continued a long protracted orgasm of epic proportions. When he finally stopped cumming and shaking Zlata licked her lips and kissed the head of his cock in appreciation.


“Now you will tell me everything I wish to know about SIS operations in Russia….”


“Fuck…” Guston mumbled.


Runaway Bride

I was having trouble for a few days because I was lacking inspiration to complete a story. A recently acquired friend of mine just happened to spark something within me. Though I’m sure she never intended it, she set me off writing this story like a madman. So to her I’d like to say thank you.

Thank you Jenny. You’re a real star and I hope you enjoy the story that you accidentally helped to create. 😉


Stranger Danger




“Stranger danger” you thought to yourself with a smile. Maybe at one time that was the case, but you were a grown woman now, and this man sleeping next to you was not offering you candy nor was he trying to get you into his van. “Shit….what’s his name?” the question came to you and you lied there in silence looking about the room as if the answer was going to come from somewhere else. Was it Matt?……Mike?…..Was it even an “M” name at all? You sat up slowly in the bed clutching the sheet to your naked breasts the way they do in every movie. Realizing the silliness of it, and that you didn’t need to maintain a PG rating, you dropped the sheet and smirked. “Was his name even important?” you asked yourself, unable to come up with a decent rebuttal.


Looking around the bedroom you could see the remnants of the previous night. The blinds were askew where he had pressed you up against the window. There was one of your shoes in the corner of the room, the other wasn’t visible within your sight line but most likely was near the edge of the bed. Beside you the stranger stirred, mumbling something unintelligible before taking a big breath and letting it out slowly. “Still asleep,” you concluded finding yourself content in that knowledge. “Nicholas!” your brain suddenly squealed. That’s what his name was. You looked to the ceiling and pantomimed a celebration that involved an inordinate amount of fist pumps and middle fingers being raised to the sky. You remembered because his name made you laugh. You wanted desperately to call him St. Nick, but it was hard to make jokes once his pants were off, and funny enough, you didn’t know his name until they were down around his ankles.


“This is so crazy!” you remembered saying, “I don’t…..I don’t even know your name?!” you managed to say, between kissing him and rapidly disrobing. “Me? My name is Nicholas.” he stated matter of factly moments before he slid his pants around his ankles and started to step out of them.


“Did you even tell him your name?” you ask yourself, trying to recall if you had or not. The sly feeling trickling through your mind is that you hadn’t. “How the hell did I even get here?” you asked yourself, laughing as you looked over the handsome….naked? You check quickly lifting the covers and seeing the outline of his muscled legs and delightfully round rump drop the covers, naked…definitely naked man.





:20hrs ago:



“I’m going to be sick.”


“For reals?”


“Oh god….I really shouldn’t be here….I shouldn’t be doing this….”


“Oh whatever sis….he loves you…you love him….this is what yer supposed to do right? Isn’t that what people like….do when they love each other and whatever?”


Your sister, though astonishingly pretty and grown up looking in the bridesmaid dress you hand picked, had the maturity of a toddler and the vocabulary of a valley girl that had been dropped once too many times as a child. “I know, I know….but…it doesn’t feel right.” you try to explain but the words have no impact.


“What if you wear some like….I dunno….like…different shoes?” she offered.


“Huh?” is all you manage to reply, baffled by her supposed solution.


“You know. Like…change your shoes. Sometimes when I think…you know….like…I’m not having a good day and stuff….I like…change my shoes and then…it’s better. You know?”


“Good god,” you thought to yourself, “no one has a clue what you’re saying.” is what you wanted to say, but instead you just stood staring into the mirror looking at yourself and your sister in the mirror. The wedding dress really did look amazing. You probably would never look better than in this moment and in this dress, but all the while as you stared into the mirror it was as if you were looking at someone else and that stranger in the mirror was wearing your dress, not you. “I don’t know what you mean sis.” you managed to reply softly.


“Like sometimes when you change your shoes the ground is like….softer….and like….you know? Like when you walk and you feel better…lighter….happier. Maybe you need to change your shoes. That’s all. You’re just wearing the wrong ones.”


Then there was a singular moment of clarity and the issue became clear in front of you. You were getting married to the wrong pair of shoes! The comfy ones. The ones that you don’t worry about damaging because you can replace them at Walmart for less than $10. They were safe, boring, and above all, they didn’t fit. “I’m wearing the wrong shoes.” you said allowed, much to your sisters delight, happy that her advice was worth while for the first time ever. She began taking her shoes off and started to hand them to you when you hopped off the stand and walked right by her. You picked up the dress and sauntered right out of the Hall, out the lobby, past some of the guests that had arrived late, and out onto the street. Moments later you had hailed a cab and were heading away from the comfort of $10 laceless boat shoes.



:12hrs ago:


“What’s your name?”



“Huh?” it was hard to hear the question as the music raged in the background.


“What is your name?” came the question again, this time with overly expressive lip and mouth movement so that even the most stunted of lip readers could understand what was going on.






“AN….DRE……A” you repeated loudly. Emphasizing each syllable. He nodded nonchalantly while sipping his drink. “What’s yours?”


“Ni…a…..” the response came, completely unintelligible as the song that was playing had kicked into high gear.


“Huh?” you repeated, scowly and wincing as you tried to hear his response.


“Ni…….s” he repeated, louder than before but still just as impossible to decypher. You just nodded and smiled pretending to understand what he said.


“Want to…..t……ere?” he asked, the sentence dissolving into the increasingly fervent music. You ascertained that he must have either asked if you wanted to get out of here, or asked if you wanted to get a beer. Since you already had a drink in your hand and it was the furthest thing from a bromidic barroom beer, you concluded he must have asked if you wanted to leave with him.


A quick nod and a half hearted smile is all that you needed to give him in order to convey your feelings on the matter. He paced his unfinished drink on the side, took yours and placed it next to his, then stood with his hand out. You took it instinctively and stood up next to him. Without any further discussion he presented his arm to you and you took it walking out with him as if it was always your intention to do so.



:10 Hours Ago:



Since leaving the bar it was much easier to have a conversation with the man, but conversation didn’t seem to be on either of your minds. He, of course, was a handsome man. He had the features you always read about in spy novels or romance chick lit. How did they like to put it? Tall, dark and handsome. Chiseled jaw, elegantly dressed. His hair in place, his breath odorless, his musk delicious to inhale. In so many ways this man was the exact opposite of the one you had left at the altar mere hours before. He was a pair of Louis Vuitton pumps. Exquisite, expensive, beautiful to look at, and hard on the feet. The laceless boat shoes were quickly becoming a tired memory.


After the bar he had taken you to a park nearby the building the bar was in. It was a quiet, beautiful, tranquil space filled with expertly trimmed bushes and well manicured grasses. Perfect for a long walk and an intimate talk, neither of which you had any interest in. Despite the pangs of societal guilt knocking at the door in the back of your mind, you had already decided that this man was going to be yours tonight. Perhaps it was the alcohol, or maybe it was the rush of emotion from running away from the future that had been so certain, but you felt dizzy and excited in this strangers presence. His solid frame was imposing, his beautiful eyes made you feel butterflies when he looked at you and smiled. He was talking now, but you didn’t care to listen. You were instead just watching his lips move and wondering how they would taste. Would he be as attentive and alluring as you hope he would be? Would he know where to put his hands? Would he know how to hold you tight and aggressively but loose enough so you didn’t feel trapped? He’s stopped talking now, what did he say? Does it matter? You simply smile and nod, “Uh huh.” you mumble, faking your way through a conversation you have no part in.


The rouse must have worked because he began to talk again. That jawline was so delicious. His eyebrows, were they manicured? They’re just too perfect. You look to his eyes, to his lips, to the thick strength of his neck, a telling sign of what lies underneath the clothes you wish were already gone. You let your gaze trail down, imagining the line of his body beneath the fabric. His chest, would it be hairy or smooth? His legs are well muscled and strong, and you quickly glance over his crotch wondering what mystery hid behind the zipper of his fly. “What do you think?” he ended his sentence. You had no clue what he was talking about. It could have been sports, politics, or a lengthy excerpt of the Bible for all you cared. You just wanted him. You wanted him to take you back to his apartment and ravage you. To tear off all of your clothes and send you into an oblivious state of ecstasy. “Well?” he asked again, and you realized a response would be required.


“Beautiful.” is all you managed to mumble not caring about his completely confused expression.


“I don’t understand.” he admitted, slightly amused by your answer to the question of, “Do you want to grab a coffee?”

“I don’t care.” you replied shaking your head and laughing. “I don’t really care about whatever you were talking about. I don’t care about your question. I don’t care about anything right now.”




“I just…..don’t….care.” you repeated, moving closer to him, “All I want is for you to take me back to your place….and be….care…less…..with….me.” each of the last words were punctuated with little kisses you planted on his perfect pouty lips.


“Alright then……shall we get a cab.” he laughed and turned you around to walk back out of the park.



:9 Hours Ago:



That was another first you could check off the list. Making out with a stranger in the back of a cab. “Check”. Your hopes were reassured, and your fears dissuaded. He was indeed a terrific kisser. He took his time, and balanced exploratory kissing with aggressive passionate kissing. It was intoxicating. You wanted him so badly. You could feel yourself shivering in anticipation, melting into him, allowing him to move you where he wanted. His strong hands on your head, his perfect lips kissing, sucking, biting yours. You felt the draw of his body. The anxiousness pulsated through you and your hands danced across his torso with a flighty touch trying desperately to hold on to some semblance of dignity. Several times you caught the taxi driver watching you in the mirror. Ordinarily you’d be upset. How dare he stare at you while you’re kissing your lover. But tonight, was different. You wanted to be seen. You wanted everyone to know how bad you were being. You even went so far as to wink at the poor man as you enjoyed your new nameless lovers tongue running down your neck sending shivers cascading through your body and standing every hair on end.


“We’re almost there.” he mutters into your ear before biting it. You feel yourself swoon and droop into his strong solid body. “Thank god.” you think to yourself. Your hands have danced over every inch of him and you could hardly wait to see the nakedness hidden underneath. With a dangerously bold injection of fearlessness you ran your hand between his legs, from his knee up his thigh to rest on what was now very distinctly a thick pulsating erection. You gripped it in your hand through his pants, feeling it’s length, it’s with. Trying to discern any and all features through multiple layers of fabric. Responding to your touch you felt his teeth graze your neck and nibble at your exposed skin. Without thinking you gripped his cock roughly through the fabric and gently twisted. The tension and pressure enough to make the strength wilt from him as his mouth opened wider and he moaned. Once more you caught the eye of the driver in the mirror. He looked at you with hungry eyes and you blew him a kiss as you released your grip on your nameless lover allowing him to concentrate enough to return his lips to your ear whispering what he plans to do when you reach his apartment.


The taxi slows and finally comes to a halt in front of a large apartment tower and both you and the stranger make adjustments to ready yourselves for public view. After closing the door behind you he slips the driver a large bill through the window and tells him to keep the change, but the driver instead has his eyes on you. Drinking in every inch of your sensuality for later use when he’s home with his wife. You blow him one last kiss, and give him one more wink before standing up straight and waltzing away arm in arm with your prize stallion.


“G’night John” he says to the doorman.


“G’night Mr……Sta….k..n” the name disappearing in your mind the moment the doorman utters it. You don’t care about names. You don’t care about tomorrows. The time is now, and you were going to enjoy it.


:8 Hours Ago:


The elevator took far too long to reach his floor, but you did your best to cope by enveloping yourself in his body. He wrapped his strong arms around you and kissed you deeply as if you were lovers from former lives. You allowed him to kiss you, and drifted away into a formless existence, as if watching yourself from outside your body. You felt his hands on you, his arms around you, his lips on yours. The heat of his skin, the intensity of his eyes. Good god you wanted him! When would this elevator get to it’s destination. You could no longer wait. While he held you close you drew both your hands down his chest, around his waist, down his legs, and up his thighs to reach his very erect cock, still tortuously hidden beneath layers of clothing. “Fuck” you mutter, cupping at his balls and stroking his member through his pants, then smile as he once more loses concentration while kissing you.


Finally the elevator dings and seconds later the doors open with a thud. “This way,” he commands, taking you by the hand and leading you down the short hall to a large door labled “PH1”


“Penthouse?” you thought to yourself. “Not bad.” you smirked. You had never chased money, power, or men with either, but it was a bit of a thrill knowing that this man of means found you irresistible. He swiped his card through the keyless entry and the door clicked in response. Turning you he smiled and swung the door open to show you his not so humble abode.


It was a stunning looking apartment. This man either had style, or knew who to pay to acquire the appropriate style. It was sparsely furnished which made the large expansive room seem even bigger. On the far side of the apartment was an entire line of windows starting in one corner and then continuing seamlessly around the other. Out the window you saw the brilliance of downtown below you. The lights of the city reflecting the stars, traffic was minimal and had the look of shooting stars reflected in a large pool of water. “Not bad.” you said with a smile looking back at the proprietor of the property, “But I’m more interested in what’s behind door number two.” you continue, reaching for and then running your hand up over his still bulging crotch.


“I was hoping you’d say that.” he chuckled closing the door behind himself as he followed you into the living room of his apartment.


Once you had brought him up to the edge of the room you stared out over the city while you held him. The light from the front hall illuminated your silhouette and both of you were lightly reflected in the floor to ceiling windows. No longer able to contain yourself you lower to your knees in front of him and gently unzip the fly of his dress pants. With the zipper out of the way his cock pushes further out to meet you, no longer having to strain against two layers of fabric. Swiftly you wrench his pants to the ground and he calmly steps out of them. You lick your lips as you look over the outline of his cock under this final barrier of cloth. Lightly you draw your finger over the outline, feeling every ridge, every bump, every vein. You could feel the heat of his engorged member through his underwear and smiled to yourself as you could see him twitching trying to hold back but still enjoying your teasing touch. Looking up at him you ran your hands over the outside of his thighs till you reached his waist, then hooked your thumbs inside the waistband of his underwear before slowly pulling them down to his knees.


As expected the head of his cock was trapped by the waist band and bent against the fabric as you pulled the underwear further down. At a certain point the waistband loosened it’s hold and you were greeted by the delightful upswing up his cock, hearing it slap against his hard flat stomach before returning to it’s aggressive horizontal position. It was like it was it’s own animal. Red, angry, mean looking, but still beautiful in your eyes. You bit your lip and brought your face closer to his musky sex enjoying the heat pulsating from its surface. His cock twitched and the head expanded briefly and then returned to normal. You looked up at him and extended your tongue to a point. Edging ever closer you could see the anxious look in his eyes. He clearly wanted this as much as you did, but you knew you wanted it more.


You ran your tongue up the tip of his cock and were treated to a long extended moan emanating from the gaped mouth above you. You smirked to yourself and then ran your tongue up the tip again, but this time over to the right, then once more, but over to the left. Again he moaned and out of the corner of your eye you could see him clench and then relax his fingers as he attempted to maintain civility in the face of greater temptation. You ran one of your hands from his waist over to his balls. You cupped them as you continued to tease him with your tongue, feeling them gently in your hand resisting the urge to grip them and squeeze them. He moaned in appreciation of your attentiveness, continuing to ball his hands into fists.


Out of the corner of your eye you caught your reflection in the large window. The darken sparsely starred sky has made it almost as a mirror. Seeing yourself in such a manner shoots a jolt of excitement through your body. Seeing yourself on your knees, tongue extended to tease a beautifully shaped cock. You continue to administer careful licks, and tender kisses to his delicious phallus, but instead of watching his eyes you watch yourself in the reflection. It’s delightfully deviant. You think that this is what he must see, this is what this hunk of man flesh finds exciting, and while you watch yourself slowly draw his cock into your mouth, you can’t help but agree. If this was some movie you had secretly ordered at a hotel, you would enjoy it. If you had been asked by your friends if you watched it, you wouldn’t deny it. It was sexy. It was succulent. You smiled and winked at your reflection before closing your eyes and taking his thickness as deep as you could into your warm inviting mouth.


As you took him inch by inch, you felt his hands finally drop to your head, his fingers in your hair and checking the reflection in the window you could see his gaze watching your determinedly. “Fuck!” he manages to moan as you slide his cock back out, licking it once, and drawing it back into your mouth as your tongue continues to swirl around the head. His hips twitch as he tries to hold back from bucking and thrusting. Every instinct in his body aches to grab you, throw you to the ground and madly fuck you with wild abandon, but he holds fast. “That just won’t do.” you think to yourself, and increase the tempo and veracity of your ministrations. “God damn it!” he shouts and you smile, despite the large erection sliding between your lips.


With your hand gently tugging on his balls you slide back and forth on his cock, feeling it pulse and strain in your mouth. With your free hand you reach up and feel his smooth hard chest. Smiling once more as you tweak his nipple through his shirt causing his body to shake. Once more you look at yourself in the reflection. You look sensational. Like a fabulous debutante turned sultry seductress. Your lips glisten with a mix of your own spit and his leaking sweet and salty juices. Gripping his shaft tightly in your hand you pull your head back and lick the tip of his cock. A light strand of pre-cum ropes between your tongue and the tip of his head. “Fuck that’s hot.” you think to yourself looking at the reflection. It was like an odd out of body experience, combined with exhibition. You felt like you were showing off, for your own benefit. Your mind racing with excitement and your pussy tingling with anticipation. You wanted this dick inside of you. This hard angry, mean looking cock. You wanted to feel it. Every inch. Every single nuance. You wanted to feel it stretch your pussy. You wanted to feel the twinge of pain mixed with the waves of pleasure. God damn if he didn’t pick you up and toss you down to fuck you, you were going to do it to him. If he wasn’t going to be the aggressive man of the moment, then you were going to show him how it’s done.


You take one of his balls into your mouth and suckle it gently while stroking his shaft and once more you see his head flop back as he moans. “Oh you like that do you?” you think to yourself, continuing to lick and suck on his tender scrotum. Why had you never thought to do this before? Your tongue continued to explore as you alternated between gripping his shaft tightly, and stroking the head lightly. His legs shook and trembled and you felt his hands starting to grip your hair roughly, then relax once more. “He’s trying to be nice.” you thought to yourself. “I’m going to have to take charge then.” Pulling his shaft up and exposing his balls you dive in and aggressively lick and suck on them feeling him twitch and shudder with a combination of fear and excitement. You look once more over at your reflection and give yourself a wink. “Time to take charge.”


Standing in front of him now you still grip his erection in your soft hand before planting a wet sloppy kiss, amusing yourself with the thought of him tasting his own juices on your lips. Of course he’s too turned on to give a care and kisses you as deeply as you kiss him. Using his cock as a lead you turn and drag him over to the couch that is nearby. With one hand on his member, and the other on his chest you push him back onto the couch. “Strip!” you order and he immediately does as you demand, unbuttoning his shirt, loosening his tie, and removing both, tossing them to the floor. “God he looks good enough to eat” you think to yourself, biting your lip as you drink in his nakedness in front of you. The head of his erection pulsing and twitching as he looks you over as well.


You, of course, are still dressed and that just won’t do. You take one step towards him and push his legs open so that you may stand between them. The feeling of being exposed and vulnerable does not appear to worry him in the least, instead he becomes even more excited. The look on his eyes even more intense as he stares at you. While standing between his bent legs you turn around, and slink your body from side to side, as if dancing to slow music that only you can hear. With one hand you reach back and unzip your dress, looking over your shoulder at him as you push the fabric off one shoulder, then looking over the other shoulder as you push the dress of it as well. You see yourself once more in the window and smirk. “That’s hot” you think to yourself, and then slither side to side allowing the dress to slide down your body and drop to the floor. Slowly you step out of the dress as you continue to slither side to side. Then, with your back still to him you bend over with straight legs and pick the dress up, tossing it over to the side. You run your hands up your legs as you slowly straighten up, emulating as best as you can, a sensuous strip tease worthy of center stage. Reaching behind your back you unclasp your bra, and with your free hand you clutch the lacy support tight to your body. Then with all the subtlety of a hungry cat on the prowl you turn to face him, smiling at his obvious anxiousness, slowly lift your hand away, and drop the bra on his raging hardon.


He continues to smile as he picks the bra up and moves it the side. As he does you turn once more, hooking your thumbs into your panties you bend over again and slowly inch them down over your ass till they also drop to the floor. Once more you stand up slowly and look over your shoulder at him. His gaze is fixed on your naked ass and he’s biting his lip hard. Clearly he’s desperate to maintain control of himself which is the one thing you wish he wouldn’t do. Still, the amusement of torturing this poor man into submission is exquisitely satisfying. You bend over one last time to remove your pumps when you feel his warm hand slap across your ass. “No.” he finally commands, “Leave the shoes on.” You look at him around your legs, smiling as you do, then stand once more turning to face him.


His eyes are drinking you in, every inch a tasty morsel. You reach down again and grip his hard cock and pull on it a couple of times. He twitches and grimaces with a mixture of pleasure and pain. You bend over and engulf his thickness with your mouth allowing your spit to dribble out and trail down the length of his shaft to his scrumptious looking balls. With no further thought you quickly straddle him, setting one knee down beside his thigh and placing the other one down once you have his cock lined up. With everything in it’s place you slowly lower your body on to him and feel the agonizingly wonderful feeling of his member stretching you out as his phallus slowly slides all the way in. You moan in approval and he echos you in turn. Rising up you feel your body clinging to his as if it’s saying it’s not quite done with his cock. You couldn’t agree more and lower yourself back again. This time he slides easier, quicker, slicker. His cock teasing the sensitive insides of your pussy as your clit enjoys the pressure of his pubic bone pushing into yours. He moans and you gasp a little, then rise up and plunge down. Harder this time, faster. Then again..harder still, faster still. Your bodies collide with a stiff slap and you feel the distinct pleasure of his balls swinging up to meet you as he thrusts.


“Fuck!” he shouts, much louder than you were expecting. The sound reverberates around the sparsely decorated room and only excites you further. Up you slide again, down once more. He thrusts up to meet you and again you feel his balls, his body, everything. You can start to feel your skin flush, your fingers tingling. You seem to be getting even wetter if that was even possible. Once more you catch your reflection in the mirror. You smile and watch yourself rise up, and plunged down, then again up and down. Faster each time. Quicker and quicker.


Without warning you feel it rushing through your body. Like diving into a warm pool of pure pleasure you nerves and muscles twitch and pulse. You gasp and take in a quick breath of air as your body spasms. “Oh fuck.” you moan quietly as your eyes flutter and roll back. You’re losing control, but this beautiful stranger is well aware. With his strong hands he grasps your wrists and begins to thrust up into you with steady precision. The constant, unending attack is making you writhe, your legs jolt you from side to side and you can hear yourself panting, unable to get a steady breath. Then as you think you’re about to regain control he moves one of his hands from your wrist and into your hair, gripping you and pulling you towards him. The tension on your scalp intensifies every feeling bursting through your body. Your hips bug, you open your mouth and for the first time you yell, “F-f-f-f-fuc-k! I’m cumming god ….fucking……damn…!” as your body rocks and shudders. The spasms cascade through you as the tension you’ve being building up for so many restless days is finally relentlessly released. Mercifully he slows his pace to allow you to recover.


His slickened member still sliding in and out of your poor quivering pussy, you keep muttering, “Oh fuck…oh fuck…oh fuck that felt good…fuck..fuck” You still in the throes of your orgasm and you can feel your face, fingers, and even your toes tingling, but this man is not slowing or stopping his motions. You smile and bite your lip. You’ve never been with anyone that could take you to the summit twice in one go. His hand slides down from your hair to your neck, as his other slides up from your wrist to join it. Within his strong grasp you feel your heart flutter with both fear and excitement. Holding you there for a moment he gyrates his hips up into you then rotates and thrusts again. You feel yourself getting wet once more, and yet another moan escapes your lips.


Without warning he picks you up and stands in front of the couch with your legs wrapped around him. After one last thrust he drops you to the couch in a heap. You look at him in confusion but you’re still anxious for more. Grabbing one of your arms he pulls you up towards him then faces you away from him on the couch. Now you’re kneeling, your ass sticking out and presenting itself to him as a prize to take. You look in the window at his reflection, and catch him looking as well. You smile, and he laughs giving you a hearty spank on your exposed and wiggling ass. Leaving his hand on your ass you feel him squeeze then release your ass cheek before spanking you once more. You’re aching for it now. All you can think about is how much you want his cock back in you. As you squirm beneath him he lines up the head of his stiff member and slowly slides it forward. It’s agonizingly slow. He moves barely at all, and you twitch and squirm as you get antsy for more of his thick hard cock. Rocking your hips from side to side you try as best you can to get him a little deeper. You gasp suddenly as you feel the head of his cock pulse and flex, stretching you for a moment and giving you the delectable full feeling you’re aching for. “God damn it fuck me!” you hear yourself squeal, much to your own surprise.


But he didn’t, much to your shagrin. Instead he just spanked your quickly reddening ass instead. You squirm and wiggle once more as he slowly pushes the head of his member into you, only to pull it out again. “F-f-f-f-f-f-f-fuck” you moan loudly, “Damn it!”. All you can hear is him chuckling evilly behind you. His hand comes down and grips your ass once more, then the other slides down your back to your other cheek squeezing them both roughly. You desperately want him to fuck you but now you’re frightened to ask lest he torture you even further. You feel his dick twitch within you and his head pulses once more. Again he slides into you slowly and you close your eyes and bite your lip, hoping, wishing, desperately wanting for him to push it all the way in. You want to feel every inch, every morsel. But again, just as you think he’s going to, he slides his way back out again. You can’t help but whimper.


“What do you want?” he asks, coldly.


“Huh?” you respond, trying as best you can to stop from gyrating and rotating your hips. You can’t take any more teasing.


“I asked you a simple question.” he retorts with a taste of venom in the words, “What do you want?”


“I want….I want you to fuck me.” you reply softly, afraid of the repercussions of your admission.


“Are you sure?”




“You don’t sound sure. Are you sure you want me to fuck you?” he’s torturing you on two fronts now. As he’s asking you the question he’s continuing to tease your poor pussy with agonizingly slow, shallow movements of his cock. Your pussy has become so sensitive to any movement you can almost feel every ridge and vein on his member.


“I want you to fuck me.” you state again, slightly louder than the first time.


“Louder.” he demands, thrusting a little further into you.


You leap at the chance at deeper penetration and repeat back louder still, “I want you to fuck me.”


“Louder!” he yells, “I don’t believe you!” he thrusts a little harder, a little deeper and you feel chills and shivers running down your spine at the increased tempo.


“I want you to fuck me!” you yell.


“Louder!” he yells back at you, “I want the whole building to know what you want.” He grips your hips roughly and propels himself into you. The loud smack of your ass meeting he hips delights your ears as your pussy pulsates around his cock.


“I WANT….YOU….to….FUCK MEEEEE!” you scream at the top of your lungs, stunned at the feeling it gives you. The shout alone is causing your fingers to buzz again and your lips start to hurt from biting them.


With one hand he grips your hip and thrusts hard into you, as deep as is possible. The pang of pleasure and pain shoots through your body and you can feel your pussy gush from your excitement. Slowly he pulls out and you whimper, fearing further torture. You then feel the foreign but salacious feeling of his thumb drawing little gentle circles on your tight as yet untouched asshole. With a quick buck of his hips he thrusts back into you and you moan in approval. Again he pulls back slowly and simultaneously continues to tease your asshole. The sensation of having your ass tickled by his gentle thumb and finally having the full length of his cock inside of you starts to send you into a tailspin of pleasure. “Fuck me!” you moan loudly and he thrusts again. “Fuck me!” you demand and again he thrusts. The sensations are pulsing through your body again and you can feel you’re losing control.


“You think you’re going to cum again?” he growls, gripping you by the shoulder with one hand while the other continues to tease your poor asshole. “Not until I say so.”


“But….” you moan in response, suddenly fearing any reprisal.


“No, you’re not allowed. You can’t cum until I tell you.” he commands, increasing then decreasing the veracity of his thrusts and staring at you in the reflection in the window.


“Oh fuck..” you mutter trying to concentrate now on relaxing. You gasp and shudder involutarily.


“No you don’t.” he grunts again, slowing the thrusts of his cock to a crawl. You whimper once more, feeling yourself aching for release more than you’ve ever done in your life. “Not yet.”


“I need to…..cum.” you moan. Squirming back and forth, trying desperately now to reduce the friction you’re feeling from his stiff member sliding in and out of your soaking pussy. “I…I….I can’t hold on.”


“No.” he grunts again, easing his cock all the way into you once more. “Not until I say you can.”


“Please” you hear yourself beg, “Please I need tooooooo.”


“Not until I say so.” he growls again, but this time his growl is punctuated by his own stifled moan. You feel your pussy twitch and squeeze down on his cock making each slow deliberate thrust even sweeter. You whimper again and start blubbering. No words make it past your lips, instead just a stream of incoherent babbling. You moan and squirm and desperately try not to beg for more. You feel your arms start to shake, your toes curl and relax, then curl again. You feel yourself bunching your hands up into fists then slapping them down on the couch. You’re in agony, desperate, horrible, beautiful agony. You can’t think of anything else but cumming. All you want is to feel that release. You want to unkink the hose and let the torrent flow through you. You feel your entire body buzz, your head becomes light and your eyes start to roll back as you mouth opens wide and you gulp in air. “Now.” he says softly, his lips on your ear. “Cum for me.” he says, louder this time. Stopping to nibble on your ear. He thrusts more deliberately, keeping a steady pace of long deep thrusts. You gasp and moan as the waves start to crash across your body, but before you realize it he’s slide his thumb into your ass. The foreign feeling is tremendous and you feel your ass clamp down then release on his thumb. He wiggles it from side to side and in and out ever so lightly as he increases the pace of his thrusts. You’re now lost in the cascade of pleasure washing across your body. You feel your ass twitch, your pussy pulses and your legs begin to shake as you cum for the second time tonight. The time even harder, longer, and louder than before. You squeal in delight and yell obscenities for all to hear.


Behind you the distinct gasping of your beautiful stranger comes to the forefront of your mind. His thrusts become erratic and shallow. His gasps equally so. Then a loud growl bordering on howl bellows out of the man as he shouts “Ohhh fuckkkkkk….yessssss” pulling out of your soaking cunt to eject his hot white seed onto your backside. You feel the first thick rope of cum splat across the small of your back. It’s followed by a second slash which glances of your ass cheek. The final spasm causes him to buck wildly and he jettisons another sample of his seed which lands between your shoulder blades. Looking at him in the reflection you can think of no other hotter scene than the one you just witnessed. Seeing this man in full control was delicious, but seeing him lose control and become the animal you desired was even more scintillating.


The gasps slow and the low gutteral moans give way to a subtle chuckle. You look over your shoulder at him and see what he’s laughing at. Out of the corner of your eye you see that your back now looks to be claimed as his as thick white ropes of cum crisscross your skin causing you to smile at your accomplishment. This wonderful stranger that has so thoroughly fucked you now stands proud in recognition of his handiwork. He smiles at you then gives you a quick spank, “Get in the shower, you’re filthy.” he chuckles. You follow the man’s instructions and head off to the shower smirking at the feeling of his cum dribbling down your back and onto the floor.


:7 Hours Ago:


After both of you had showered you joined him in his bed. Naked again you slithered up next to him as he quickly dozed off to sleep. On the nightstand a phone vibrated and you picked it up to see what was the cause. On the screen was the message, “Hope you had a good time. I still love you. Let’s talk about it in the morning.” Your fiance. The man you were almost wed to just last night. The man you feared to get hitched to because he seemed so average and boring. He knew what you did? He knew where you were? And he didn’t mind? Perhaps you had sold him short. Maybe he was more adventurous than you assumed. Maybe……just maybe… should invite him over to the stranger’s penthouse for brunch tomorrow, and the three of you could work it all out over the next few days. That sounded like a great idea.


Picking up the phone you quickly texted back. “Had a great time. Lots of fun. Wish you were here. Would have been even better.” You paused for a moment, your finger hovering over the send button, then over cancel, then back over send. With a last fleeting thought you hit send and the message went through the ether of the telecommunications network and onto your fiance’s phone.


Once more your phone vibrated and you took a big breath before you glanced down to see the reply. “Should I bring your toys?”


You gasp in slight shock, but then bite your lip as the naughtiness returns. Rapidly you type “Y-e-s” and hit send, staring at the screen as the message gets sent away, and continuing to stare as you await a response.


“Sweet. Love you babe. See you in the morning, with fresh batteries. lol”


You shook your head at the phone, stunned at the turn of events. You went from fiancee, to runaway bride, to cheating girlfriend, to soon to be married swinger, all in a matter of a day and a half. “Love you too. xoxo” you type back, hitting send, and placing the phone back on the night stand. You curl back into the bed and look at the man next to you. Your life, suddenly became a lot more interesting.