In Her Eyes

You kiss me with sweet sensual seduction
soft but daring, warm and caring
You give me my turn to dart and explore
my lips dance across your face
like fireflies in a moonlit meadowed place

Your arms surround me, and pull me so close
I feel your heat, your heart, your soul
Entwined and oblvious to the world around
Wrapped in your embrace, calm surrounds me

Your hands flutter down my body
light and airy with your tenderly teasing touch
feel my soft skin against your hard exterior
and be enraptured by the elegance.

Clothes slide off with silky resolve
dripping to the floor as if melted by our passion
naked we stand, together all alone
drinking in the delicious sight before us

You whisper all that I need to hear
with a simple and silent smirk
you’re advancing towards me,
seducing me with your piercing eyes

kiss your way down my body
explore my every curve
let me feel that electricity
dance across every nerve.

Make my heart leap, and my breath quicken
Make me melt inside and drip with passion
Let me know you know me
Let me KNOW you love me
Let me feel your soul penetrate me
And take me to those dizzying heights.



May11 IMG_0276It’s always better in moonlight.

The light is soft and sensuous.

The contrast accentuates your femininity.

Light and shadow playing with your body.

The curve of your back, the line of your leg as it greets your ass

I see the outline of your open mouth, your lips so tender

Hair cascading over your shoulders, slipping through my fingers as threads of silk

The subtle outcropping of your jaw meeting your neck,

a favorite place for my tender tongue to begin.

There is nothing better than moonlight.

The soft glow glinting in your eyes

It catches the glistening of your excitement,

the hardness of your nipples

contrasting the softness of your tantalizingly delectable breasts.

Moaning sounds better in quiet moonlight

We’re wolves in the forest

Devouring each other

Consuming every



The Dance is Over – Turn the Music Off

I miss you.

I miss that twinkle in your eye. The smirk with bad intentions. The laugh loud and infectious. I miss watching your hair swish side to side as you walk out of the room. The way your skirt rises when you sit down to talk to me. Show me your boots, show me your shoes, I’ll pretend to care while I stare at your gorgeous legs.

It was better before.

We could talk about anything. We could share anything. Fears and desires and the nuances in between. You’d complain about the size of your breasts. I’d tell you they’re delightful the way they are. You’d ask me what I was working on, and I’d show you what I was writing. I loved the look in your eyes as they darted across the screen. Seeing your pulse quicken and your breath shorten. I’d send you snippets to your phone and force you to read them in front of me. I miss that terribly. Seeing you squirm and look up at me, asking for more.

I am happy for you.

But I can’t help but be selfish. For every point of strength you gained from me and added to your relationship I lost a little more. The closer you became, the further you slipped from me. Unwilling to tempt fate. Unwilling to push the envelope further. You pulled back and pushed me away. Phone calls are awkward. Glances are sideways. The attraction still there. Still buzzing at our fingertips, still hiding behind those eyes, but you’re just not here anymore.

I’ve lost you.



Forgotten words.

I was about to format an old hard drive before repurposing it in a new computer. Before I did, however, I checked to see if there was anything on it of value. This is something I wrote back in 2005…seems….ok enough to post.



the room grows dim with soft luminosity

eyes adjust whilst the tender shell of mortality

pulses in nervous anticipation


glowing as embers of wood wicked by the flame

skin absorbs the song of the universe and gently

dances to the peaceful tune


distant giant steps echo through the body in regular procession

the blood quickens to its increasing cadence

hearts race, souls expand


I stand before you as Adam in the Garden

Your eyes upon me study my lines

As an artist with brush in hand


The moon light grasps you in a tender embrace

Wrapping your subtleties with silky soft light

Caressing smooth and sensual curves


I stretch out through the dark, my ends humming

Hands graze your beautiful visage to hold you close in anticipation

drink the raw passion from my eyes


as a soft breeze I lean my head to meet you

with the pounding of our hearts palpable

tenderly we kiss


silence surrounds us as our souls intertwine

as the beating of a single heart pounds for two

stronger still as we mold into one


drawn by desire

forged in love






the Bitter Truth

I hear keys at the door and meet you as you walk in.

“How was it I ask?” Smiling as I question.

“Great.” You expound recounting the dancing of your friends. The songs that played. The drinks drunk and the men that were teased. “They flirted and they flaunted.” You laugh cruelly at their worst intentions “they wished they could have me but if course they could not.” Kissing me on the cheek.

You smell of cigarettes, perfume and cologne. Not one scent yours. Not one scent mine.

“How was your night out with the boys” you return the favor of suspicion.

“Too short. Too fun.” I muse. I recount the delightful waitress in her low cut flirty top. Her smile and bright eyes which wondered over me roughly. “But I’m not for her,” I conclude “I’m yours and yours alone.”

You lean in and kiss me again noting a shade of lipstick that you don’t own in a place you rarely linger.

“Poor girl” you laugh at her expense, “trying to obtain what could never be hers.”

We slide into bed together. Sharing the comfort of a quiet night.

We embrace and extol our love for the other

….as we dream ravenously of another.


From the Unknown

the craving wells up inside of me

like flood waters never to recede

I can’t concentrate

my hands shake and body shivers

the banks are overflowing

the need laps my toes

the liquidity of my desire creeps up

and I’m destined to drown

 Episode 2 - Honored Guest

I can’t hold it back

my mind rushes

with images of us together

my pulse races

wishing, pleading, begging

“If only you were here with me…”

Picture #19

these hands are useless when they’re not holding you

this mind is murky except for thoughts of you

I see you clear in front of me

the object of my desire

the drug I can not do without

I am utterly


under your spell

Episode 2 - Honored Guest

the Beast Within

There is a beast inside of me that aches to be free.

It craves you like the sail does wind.

 Episode 4 - Light as a Feather, Hard as an Anvil

I’m caged behind this wall of civility

A hungry predator pacing

Kept from the prowl


Chained is that fiend within me.

The ravager,

The savage,

The devourer of the innocents.

May08 O_face

My own inner demon that races through my mind

Beats the drum of my heart.

 May15 Sensual 006

It’s just so exhausting,

Holding it back.

Pretending it’s not there.

07 05 2012 002

I am the calm and civil gentleman.

I hold open the door.

I smile politely

count the hands ;)

But all I want to be is

Primal. Carnal. Hedonistic.


There is a beast inside me.

It aches to be free.

 08 09 2012 009




Midnight Man


I am your midnight man.


The kids are down to sleep

Your husband is snoring

The windows are rattling.

02 21 2013 005

You want what I have.

Crave what I provide

I am your midnight man,

Your secret rendezvous

If only in your mind

02 21 2013 012

You think of me and you feel aglow

Blush and imagine my hands on your body

My tongue on your skin

My lips on your ear

Whispering all the desperately dirty things,

You wish you could do.

02 21 2013 010

If only it was real, if only I was real

Midnight approaches, and you run your hands down your own body

You wish they were someone else’s

You wish they were mine.

02 21 2013 002

But in the end, you fall to sleep alone

In this bed of two.

Wishing, and hoping

For one more midnight rendezvous.





Your face, once so clear is fading
The softness of your lips, the clarity of your eyes
Just memories slowly slipping
Like snow melting on my skin.

The touch of your long hair grazing my arm
The scent of your perfume
Easily replaceable, but still.

Now just a breeze through the meadow
The image of serenity remembered
Dissolve to blackness, formless
Only a thought, no longer tangible.

I reach for you in the tendrils of my mind
but I can no longer grasp you
I can hear your voice, your laugh
but you are gone

You were the rain on my seed

Now you are the flower on my grave