To my darling muse,

02 21 2013 030

Good god I want to taste you again.

I want to run my tongue up your leg kissing and biting as I go.

I want to hear you moan and feel you squirm.

I want to taste your sweetness and tease your delicate pussy with my tongue.

I want to feel your hands on my head trying to push me further into your sopping sex.

Your legs wrapped around me.

Your mouth open wide;




M o r e

02 21 2013 028

I want to make you cum my darling muse.

I want to make you cum hard and make you ache;

For another



02 21 2013 023

I want to strip you bare

Tease every nerve until you can’t help but scream for me to fuck you.


And my oh my

…will I ever.

02 21 2013 013



Addicted to You

It’s been three years, seven months and four days since I saw your face. Yet still it’s etched into my mind like some beautiful statue by a renaissance master. My heart aches for you. My body shakes with desire for you. Where is my mind when it’s not thinking of you?

02 21 2013 008

I miss the intensity of your kiss my love. So raw, passionate and sensual. I’d like to kiss you again if only once more. To feel you in my arms. Feel your soft delicate sexy body under my hands. Your curve of your cute ass, the silkiness of your flawless legs. I want you still, so very much, right and wrong be damned.

02 22 2013 005

I hear you’re married now. Does he make you squirm like I did? Do you scream his name like you did mine? Do you call him in the middle of the day to tell him how much you need him?


Don’t you miss what we had? The intensity, the chemistry, the passionate sleepless nights filled with angst free sex. There were no limits with me. I accepted your beast and you accepted mine. We mixed our blood and howled at the moon together. We were the world. We were everything.

02 21 2013 027

I hear you’re happy now. In bed by ten, up at 8 am. Your days are predictable. Your life is safe. Your situation stable. But you must miss the adventure. Does your new man sweep you away to tantalize your senses at a moments notice? Do you prefer roses to orchids now? Acceptable instead of exotic. Normal instead of unpredictable. Do you miss me at all?


I reach for you in my mind, but you’re no longer there. You are the beauty to someone else’s beast. You are the masterpiece to someone else’s frame. My Mona Lisa, my Sistine Chapel, my David, my Notre Dame Cathedral. You are forever the wonder in my mind. The passion in my heart. The smile on my face. The ache in my soul.

02 22 2013 001

I will forever miss you.


The wonderous poison I will always crave.



Wicked Thoughts

I want you.

I want you here. I want you now. I want to drag you from your dull dreary tired life into mine. Here I’ll tear your clothes from your body. Pull your nakedness next to mine. Let you feel the blood coursing through me. My breath hot on your neck. My hands hard and strong on your soft silky skin.

I want you in my room. On my desk. I want to sweep it clean and drape you over it. Run my tongue and lips over every curve. Every crevice. Every tender nook, and sacred cranny. I want to nibble on your thigh, bite at your ass, suck on your breasts, and taste your moistness.

I want you on top of me. Straddle me as I sit. Tease my thickened rod with your slickened sex. Slide up and down as you kiss my neck, whisper wicked things into my ears, rake your fingers across my back and make me ache for a little more.

I want you bent over in front of me. Your delicious ass in the air. Your sex glistening with excitement, quivering with anticipation. Feel my weight behind you. Feel the heat of my body on your back. Turn your head and kiss me as I push deeper and harder into you. Feel my lips on yours, my tongue behind your ear. My teeth gently biting the nape of your neck. Feel my strength pour into you.

I want your body close to mine. I want you close. I want your everything. Wrap your legs around me. Clutch me hard and pull me in. Feel my manhood pulsate deep within you. Feel my heart beating quick next to yours. See my body spasm as you quake with me.

Gasp for air with me. Paw and claw at me. Shudder and cum with me. Shatter the windows and shake the walls with squeals of utter delight. I need you to.

I need you too.

First Love of 2014

Damn do I love you.

The way you make me feel.




I find myself enveloped within you,

Cocooned in warmth that permeates to my very core.

Everyday you sooth me

Comfort me

Enrapture me with your silky soft essences.

I enjoy every moment I’m with you

I despair leaving you

Stepping out into the cold


Dreading the feeling of your warmth being pulled from my skin

You’re my sanctuary.

I wish I could be with you now.



…I’m a man and I can admit it.

I really love a good bath. 😉



Secret Love

08 09 2012 017
If you had any idea how many nights and waking days I’ve dreamt about you. The feel of your skin on mine. The soft silky wrapping of your beautiful body. Every subtle curve. Every special scent unique to only you.
The way you hold your head. The way you toss your hair. You intoxicate me. You drive me wild. I long to kiss those lips. To look deep into your eyes and peer into your very soul. I want to whisper into your ear all the things I would do for you, all the things I would do with you, and all the things I would do to you.
To make you shiver. To make you gasp in excitement. I want you to close your eyes and think of me. I want you to lose your train of thought because you’re reminded of me. I want your body to ache for me like an addict longs for the needle. So when I come to visit, and we finally have our time together; there will be no questions, no need for blind trepidation.
You will be pulled to me by sexual gravity. You’ll hold me tight against your body. You’ll feel my strength exude from every pore. You’ll feel my fingers dance across your body knowing every secret special spot to touch. You’ll feel my lips run down your neck. You’ll feel my tongue slither across your breasts and beyond. You’ll hold me tight as you shake and shudder. You’ll gasp. You’ll moan. You’ll squirm and ache for more. You’ll look into my eyes and melt in my arms as I carry you away to a new reality.
See you soon.

Happy Birthday

As the night drifts over the city I’ll drift into your room. Softly, quietly, like a thief in the night. I slither up to your bed in silence with my eyes fixed on your sleeping face. You look so peaceful as you rest in the pillowy softness of your bed. Gently I kiss your forehead, then your cheek, and as your head slightly turns I kiss your sweet strawberry colored lips. Unconsciously you smile and I see your eyes flutter without waking. Tenderly and with slow deliberate patience I pull down the fluffy duvet that covers your sleeping body. Inch by inch I reveal you to the night air. I smile to see my good fortune as you’ve gone to bed wearing only an oversized t-shirt. The shirt rises and falls as you take deep slow breaths. The shirt tight around your ample breasts pulls up and relaxes with each breath. I pull the duvet completely off now and take up station on the bed. My hands on either side of your hips, my body face down between your legs, my face mere inches from your unsuspecting sex. Continue reading “Happy Birthday”

From the Unknown

To You,

It crept over me last night like the sunlight over a slumbering earth. The urge incredible. The taste in my mouth, the tingle on my lips. I want to send you this letter. I want to tell you to meet me where you’ll know I’ll be. I want to pull you close and have you feel my heart beat close to yours. My eyes to your eyes. My skin on your skin. I want you to feel my touch ooze through you. I want our souls to dance together in the low light of dusk till the wakening light of dawn. Feel my presence on you. Feel my breath on your neck. My lips kissing yours. My passion tickling your senses. Standing your hair on end. Can you feel it now? My tongue touching every curve and crevice of the intoxicating landscape of your body. Can you feel me now? My lips kissing each tender and ticklish spot sending the shudders and shivers cascading through your body like distant rain on the horizon. Can you hear me now? Whispering all the secrets my soul has for you. Tantalizing your mind with the temptation of the next promised touch.

Hold me close. Feel your heart beat next to mine. Feel your breath sync to my breath. Feel your skin heat up with the gentle friction of mine. Feel your lip quiver in anticipation. Feel your legs shudder. Feel my hand drawing intricate invisible patterns on your body. Feel my fingers tease your every pore. Can you feel it now? The urge and anxiety building within your stomach as the butterflies gather. Can you feel it now? My tongue on your tender skin speaking to you in its own special way.

I want to make you quake. I want to make you gasp and shiver. I want to hear you moan and beg for more. I want to make your skin buzz and your eyes roll back. I want to push every inch of my very essence into you and make you feel how much I desire you. I want you to know how much your pleasure means to me. I want it to wash over you like wave after wave in a never ending succession. I want to make your hips buck, your legs collapse, your heart flutter and your mind explode.

Give yourself to me. Give every inch, every morsel, every molecule to me. Give in to my touch. Give in to my desire. Give in to my passion and let go of your control. Let me take you away. Let me pull you from this earth and into a nearby heaven. Accept it. Love it. Use it. Desire it. You are mine this night.

Meet me where you know I’ll be. It’s time to lose yourself in me.