I’m going to change the pace of this site for a brief amount of time. The woman in this story is not a figment of my imagination. She is real. She is flesh and bone and she’s magnificent. Her name may or may not be Monique, and the story that follows may or may not be based in reality. I will not reveal that truth. She is a woman that I hold dear to my heart. A special friend that is one of the few women I have ever met that could possibly match me for intensity, ferocity, carnal abandon, and lasciviousness. She is the yin to my yang, the softness to my hardness. A match for me in every way. In a word, she is exhilarating.

What she looks like in reality is not important for you, the reader. As I write I can picture her in my mind. I can see her beautiful face, her sparkling eyes, her captivating smile and hear the adorable airy giggle that percolates through her voice. Know that she is beautiful to me and you can fill in the details yourself as to what that beauty could be for you.

So without further delay here is the first of a few stories about and for my darling, Monique.

Bonne Nuit ma chérie, I hope these words please you and find you well.



I looked out the window into the inky blackness of this cool autumn night. The trees illuminated by soft moonlight danced and swayed in the gentle breeze. Winter was most certainly taking her long strides towards us, but for now, we took pause to enjoy the last breaths of summer as autumn rolled on by. Letting go of the curtain it fell back into place, concealing the dark from outside and containing the dark inside.

“Please, Master, don’t leave me like this,” you’re whimpering off in the corner of the room.

“Oh, my pet, you know I could never.” I take a quick stride over to you sitting on the floor. “I adore you too damn much.”


Chapter 1

Moonlight Drive

“Are you ready my sweet?” I asked gently. My voice was a silky soft baritone and I knew how much you loved it.

“Yes I am.” came your reply. There was an excited bubbly happy tone to your voice. You were more than ready to meet me. You couldn’t think of anything else. “I’m wearing the black dress you wanted me to wear,”

“And the heels?”

“Of course.”

“I’ll be there in a few more minutes.” I disconnected the call and drove to your apartment. The drive allowed me to gather my thoughts. Tonight was going to be special. Tonight I was going to push the boundaries of our normal dates and see how far I could get you to go. I had sensed from you that you wanted to add a little something extra to our lives and I believed I had exactly what you needed.

Once I arrived at your apartment I checked my hair in the mirror, adjusted my tie, and exited the car. Before I could reach the main door to the lobby I could see you bounding down the hallway, almost skipping as you did. The door burst open and the vision of you stood beautifully framed within the doorway. The bright hallway behind you illuminated your figure and I caught my breath. You looked stunning.

The black dress you were wearing was one I had seen you wear in Vegas. It was a tight number which hugged your petite frame deliciously but flared out perfectly at your hips. Your beautiful legs were covered in sheer black stockings which ran down to a pair of black heels with an open toe and a tiny buckle on the outstep. You looked, divine. I held out my hand, palm up, and you took it with your small, delicate, and surprisingly warm hand. “Ready?” I asked, my eyes twinkled in the fading light of the sun.

You smirked and blurted with unbridled enthusiasm, “Hell yeah. Let’s go!”

With that, I lead you back to my car. I opened the door for you and you slid into the passenger seat. I kissed you on the cheek quickly and closed the door. Walking around the front of the car so you could stare at me just like I stared at you, I turned to catch your gaze and winked. “So where are we going?” you asked once I had buckled up and started the car.

“It’s a surprise, my love.”

“Ooooh,” you cooed and you reached across to stroke my thigh, “good. I like surprises.”

“I know you do,” I engaged the engine and we tore off down the street.

On the way, we talked idly about the week that passed. You told me about your coworkers being lazy. I talked to you about the latest shitstorm that I had to clean up at work. We chatted like normal friends, but it had been a while since we were just friends. After a little while, we arrived at our favorite restaurant. It was a quaint little place in the heart of the little Italy of our city. We walked in and were seated immediately in the booth at the back.

Dinner was delicious as it always was at Antoine’s, but dessert was the real attraction. I ordered a tiramisu for us and we shared it lovingly in the privacy of our little booth. You were as delectable as the dessert. Smooth, soft, sweet, and delicious. So instead I leaned over and whispered to you, “If I could get away with it I would go down on you right here.”

Your eyes snapped open wide and you stifled a giggle.

I nibbled on your ear gently and placed my hand on your thigh, “I would run my tongue all the way up your leg. I would sneak my way up and kiss you right, here.” With my fingers, I wandered up under your dress and ran it across your naked slit. Good girl I thought, you came without panties just as I had instructed. As my finger touched your sensitive spot you gasped and giggled once more.

On cue, the waiter came up to ask how dinner was. I smiled and made small talk with him as my finger continued to wander from side to side. You squirmed in place and sat there smiling trying not to reveal what was going on below the table cloth. The waiter asked if there was anything else we needed and I declined. “Just the bill then?”

“Yes thank you.”

Once he was out of earshot you turned to me and pouted, “That wasn’t nice! What if he caught us?”

“Then he would get a good show I guess, my love.” I grinned and you clapped me on the shoulder playfully.

The bill arrived and I took care of it. We stood once more and headed out to the car. But as we got there I turned to you and asked, “You want to try something a little different Monique?”

The look on your face was one of mixed feelings. “Yes?” you managed to answer.

“Good girl. Come now. Come with me.”

We linked arms and walked down the boulevard. The vibrancy of the night getting into full swing. Everywhere there was laughter, the chattering of conversation, and live music leaking out of every building like the scent of freshly baked bread. It was a beautiful night. In the time that we were in the restaurant, the fading sun had ducked below the horizon and the sky was filled with a brilliant orange and red. I pulled you close and kissed you on the cheek.

“Do you trust me?”

“Of course.” you reply without a second thought.

“Then let’s walk into that park up there. I’m going to lean you up against one of those big oak trees and I’m going to lick that sweet pussy of yours.”

You gasp and laugh again. “You’re bad!” but your eyes twinkle with excitement.

We walk through the park in as the last light of the sun dripped away and dusk washed over us. There was a gentle breeze brushing by the trees and I felt you shiver a little as you walked. “Cold?”

“Just a little.” You looked at me with that brilliantly white smile flashing in the low light.

“Good lord you are gorgeous.” I gushed. Pulling you close, my hands around your waist, my fingers edging closely to the top of your cute little ass. I wanted to devour you right then and there. Tonight was going to be an exercise in self-control and it was going to be agonizing. I knew that all too well. “Come here my love,” and I kissed you under the umbrella of a large oak tree.

We melted together and felt the world fade away. The passion and energy flowed between us like little sparks of electricity running up and down our limbs. There was a fire within you that came out when we kissed. A fervent desire that you tried desperately to hold back in quieter times. We kissed and our tongues danced together. Your hands wandered my body as my hands wandered yours. Cupping your beautiful face and kissing you with such tenderness and love. “Oh Monique, my beautiful Monique,” I whispered into your ear.

“Yes, Mason?”

“Come here, my sweet. We are going to make a night to remember.”

With a quick tug, I pulled you closer to me, spun you around, and pushed you gently back till you made contact with the tree. Your eyes flew open wide as you realized my playful suggestion was more of a promise. I kissed you again and let my hands wander from your waist to your hips, to your legs. One hand running up the inside of your leg while the other wandering back up. Over your breast, to your neck and then to the back of your head. You were moaning into my mouth and I could feel your body shiver again, only this time it wasn’t from the cold. My hand had cupped your delicious sex and found it quickly becoming moist to my touch. I whispered into your ear, “I’m going to taste you here my pet. I’m going to kiss and lick your perfect pussy and you will love every second of it.”

Without any other warning, I dropped to my knees and flipped up your dress. You gasped with the shock but held your dress up allowing me access. Before me, I saw the sweet deliciousness of your pussy. Kissing you up your thigh and down the other, you squirmed and spread your legs slightly. I could see as you pushed your crotch a little closer to me, trying to encourage me to go further. Snaking my tongue out I ran it across your sex, tasting your nector and flicking your pulsating clit with a devilish touch. I felt your body shudder and you let go of your dress. I could hear you hiss, “Yes,” and your hands lowered to my head. Your fingers ran through my hair and pulled me closer to your sex. Every touch made you quiver. Every kiss you tighten your grip. The lips of your perfect pussy were becoming engorged with excitement. Your clit was begging for attention. Each time I flicked it with my tongue you moaned and pulled me closer, but with each pull, I lessened the pressure of my licks. Each time you tried to get more from me I gave a little less.

I could feel your anxiousness. I could see you spreading your legs further and trying to angle yourself so as to let me feast on you. Your body exposed to my mouth, your cunt starting to drip with need. “Please, baby, don’t stop,” you whispered. Your eyes looked from side to side trying to determine if we were hidden enough. “Fuck baby please,”

“Does my love want to cum?”

“Yes,” you hissed again.

“Right here in this park?”


“In front of anyone that might see?”


I stood up and left you exposed, “Well, unfortunately, you’re not in charge, my pet. I am.”

“Fuuuuck.” you complained, “Why?”

“Because….you like it that way,” I winked and you groaned. “You are under my care, my pet. I am in charge and I will look after you and your needs, but I will only do so on my terms.”


“Yes, my love. You are mine to care for and I am your….”

“Master?” you offered, the twinkle in your eye returned.


“So my Master will take care of me then?”

“Yes, my pet.”

“Then I will do whatever Master asks of me.”  You curtsied cordially and smiled devilishly.

I knew in that moment, you were onboard for this experiment.

I took you by the hand and we walked a little further into the park. The path wound its way through old creaking trees that had seen their share of life. We passed between them and let our fingers run across the bark. The craggy roughness feeling so alive with texture. The last light on the pathway became obscured behind a branch and we ducked passed a collection of bushes into a small clearing beyond. I had been to this space with you before during the day. It’s a perfect little picnic sized clearing when the sun is out. With the moon out and the stars beginning to dance, it was a perfect little spot for a different sort of activity. “Stop here, my pet,” I commanded with a whisper.

Dutifully you stopped in your tracks. You turned to look at me and I felt overwhelmed for a moment by your beauty. The moonlight was catching your face perfectly. Your eyes brilliant in the low light, your smile so inviting, I could see you were getting cold and a slight shiver rocked your body as you maintained your position. “Yes, master?”

“On your knees, my pet.”

You stifled a giggle and dropped immediately. Sensing what the next command may be you positioned yourself facing me, licking your lips as you stared at my crotch in the low light.

“You know what I want, don’t you my pet?”

You nodded and reached out. Your delicate fingers danced across my body and came to rest at my crotch. With the subtleness of an expert courtesan, you unzipped my fly. Your hands, slightly cool to the touch, reached inside and pulled my growing manhood out. It pulsed and throbbed with your touch and I couldn’t help but moan. “Master likes?” you asked in a quiet whisper. Your lips brush across the head of my thickness as you spoke, the gentle feather-like touch sending shivers racing through my body.

“Yes,” I manage to moan, and you smile with self-satisfaction.

You stop for a moment and grip the shaft of my cock, holding it roughly and inspecting it. You admire every inch, every vein, the ridge of my head all the way down to where the shaft intersects my now quaking body. With no further instruction, you take your mouth and engulf the head of my cock. I can feel your tongue flick the sensitive underside as you pull your mouth back to form a kiss. “You have a beautiful cock,” you manage to whisper between kisses and licks. Stroking it idly as you look up into my eyes. “It’s just perfect master.”

“Show me how much you adore it, my pet.” I manage to croak.

With no hesitation, you take my manhood as deep as you can into your mouth. You hold it there and pull back, only to push it back in. I can feel your tongue swirling across the underside of my dick as you suck on it. Your hands are also involved, gripping, tugging, stroking. I’m having a hard time holding back. I want to grip your head, hold you fast, and slowly fuck your beautiful mouth till I cum down your throat, but that animalistic carnal beast needs to be reigned in. Tonight isn’t about my needs, though I expect them to be fulfilled. Tonight is about you and though you don’t know it yet, you’re going to be a spasming puddle of post-orgasmic bliss by the time I’m done with you this night.

I allow you to continue to suck me for a little longer. Each stroke pulling me closer and closer to the edge. Just as I think I can’t hold back anymore I pull you off of me and up to your feet. You quickly wipe your mouth and grin at me like a Cheshire cat. Even as we stand there, my erection bobbing in the cool autumn air you reach down and grip me, squeezing and then releasing me. There’s a devilish glee behind your eyes and I feel like I’ve woken something salacious within you. “What does my Master want of me now?” you ask with a grin.

“Turn around,” I command and you do so without delay. I run my hands from your legs, up your body to your arms, then place your arms on the trunk of the tree in front of you. You stand there and look back at me looking like you’re about to be arrested. I see you smirk and I spank your cute ass with a snap. You wince a little but the smirk remains. I can’t help myself, you are adorable. The black dress you have on hugs you in all the right places and I feel like I could devour you right here and now. Your back arched, your ass sticking out invitingly. Your dress moving softly in the wind, inviting me closer like a bull to a matador’s cape. “I want you, my love,” I whisper into your ear lovingly. “I want you right here. I want you right now.”

You softly moan in response and arch your back a little further.

Kissing you softly on your neck, then nibbling gently on your ear I continue, “I want to taste that perfect pussy, my pet. I want to run my tongue up and down and when you can’t take it anymore I want to…”

“…fuck me, master?” you finish with a grin.

“Oh, my pet you know me so well.” I grin grazing my teeth across your exposed neck. As promised I lower to my knees and push the bottom of your dress up. Your naked ass exposed in the moonlight is a perfect round globe of deliciousness. I stare for a moment, storing the mental picture of your body in my mind. Then with a touch, so light your skin shudders with goosebumps I gently part the cheeks of your ass and run my tongue up from your now very wet pussy to your sensitive asshole. I hear you moan again and you push back onto my tongue. Flicking and licking my way around your delectable sex I feel myself getting obscenely hard with anxious need. The craving is growing within me, pulsating, pushing, clawing at me from the inside out. You squirm and wiggle your ass trying desperately to get more contact, but I’m playing with you. Each time you push for more I pull back just a little bit. I can hear your moans turn to groans of begging before you finally break your silence.

“Please, master. Please.” you breathlessly whisper in the quiet clearing.

“Please what, my pet?” I ask, knowing exactly what you’re craving. I just want to hear you say it.

“Please, my master, my love, I need you.”

“You need me to what?” I ask again, my tongue flicking across your asshole while my hand cups your breast, feeling the hard nipple below the thin fabric.

“Fuck me. Fuck me please, my love. I need it. I can’t wait anymore.” you groan in a hushed voice.

“My pet’s needs are always a priority, and I see no reason why I shouldn’t agree to this request. Do you?”

“No I don’t.” you stammer, shaking your ass from side to side.

“Very well then,” and with that, I stand again. Positioning myself behind you, my cock is raging and throbbing. I can feel the heat of your sex emanating from you. I can hear your breathing, ragged and excited. Your body is quivering with anticipation, an utterly beautiful sight. I reach down and adjust myself, placing the head of my cock at your slickened entrance. You take a quick gasp of air and bend over a little more to give me even more access. With that I push my cock a little further into your body, parting the puffy lips of your beautiful pussy and entering into the warmth of you. The hot slick wetness of your body grips me as I softly slide in. You tense up involuntarily still not quite used to the thickness I’m providing you with. You take in another short gasp of air and I feel you relax. Your pussy relaxes its grip slightly and I feel myself sliding easily into you. I move as slowly as possible, partly to let you get used to my width and partly just to tease you. It’s agony for me as well. I’m aching to grip your little waist and thrust into you with animalistic ferocity.

I hear you moan again, “Please, please….please,”

Kissing you cheek, I whisper to you, “As you wish,”  With little warning, I pull myself back until only the very tip of my cock is still within you. I can hear you whimper and you tense up, waiting for the plunge. Gripping your hips I push my way back into your tight, wet, spasming sex. You shudder and squeal as the sensation of my thickness rushes through the center of your body sending cascading waves of warmth and titillating pleasure coursing through your body. With each stroke comes a twinge of pain mixed with so much pleasure. You gasp and moan feeling your body melt into mine. We are one now below the stars, under the branches of this ancient tree, exposed to the world, exposed to each other. You tremble and shudder and beg for more.

“More, please, I want more master!” you breathless cries wash over me and push me even harder.

I reach my hand up to your head, my fingers enjoying the sensation of your long black hair running between my fingers. With a little twist and a light tug, I pull back on your hair. You cock your head back and squeal again, “Yessss, yes. Please! I’m a bad pet master. Punish me with that hard cock. Fuck me till I can’t take it anymore.” you grunt and spasm and push yourself back towards me.

With each thrust, you want for more. With each pang of pain as I plunge deeper into you the pleasure increases. You feel your body quaking. The bark of the tree even excites you as it’s texture runs over your fingertips. “Cum for me my pet,” I instruct, not bothering to whisper any longer. “Cum for your master. Let your body go and collapse into me. Feel my power, my energy flow into you. Feel my body fill you up. Feel my love washing over you. Feel it all, and cum for me.”

With a spastic shake, you reach back and grab for me, missing wildly, “Yes. Yes. YES!” you moan. Then I feel it. Your pussy clamps down on my phallus so hard it’s exquisite. Your knees collapse and you start spasming wildly, moaning and squealing. Your eyes fluttering, your mouth gaped open in pleasure, pain, and a desperate attempt to take in more air. Your orgasm rocks your body and you finally fall to the ground in a heap.

I stand over you, my cock still erect, hard, angry looking and dripping with your juices. Without a moment’s hesitation, you plunge your mouth onto my cock and suck on it as if your life depended on it. You seem consumed by your own lust. Gobbling my phallus down like it was your first meal in an age. Your lips smack and you nearly choke yourself several times. I finally get a hold of you and instruct you to stop. You look up at me and pout. Seemingly upset that you didn’t get to finish me right then and there.

“Come on now, my pet.” I say with a smile, “Let’s go home and finish this night properly.”  I lower my hand to you and you take it in yours.

Standing you wipe your mouth with the back of your arm and grin, “Yes sir.”

As we walk out of the clearing I stuff my own aching sex back behind the confines of my pants and walk behind you. Your dress looks slightly twisted and one of your stockings has come down a little. Still, you are gorgeous in your slightly disheveled appearance. You look back at me over your shoulder. A smirk on your face and that twinkle in your eye. To the rest of the world, you look surprisingly innocent but I know better.

And we’re only just getting started…..


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