Part 5 – Climax


“I’m sure you’re surprised to see me, my love,” the voice of Anna’s husband, Lukas, filled the room. His strong German accent tainted the softness of his words with malice that did not truly exist. All the same, Anna felt herself trembling.


“Yes, my love, I am.”


“Is it upsetting to you?”


“No, not upsetting. I just–I’m embarrassed Lukas. I feel like such a–”


“You should be embarrassed, Anna. You’ve been embarrassing me for a year now and I have stood by you despite all it.”


“I know. I know. I’m a horrible person, my love. I don’t know what you see in me.”


Lukas stood from is chair and walked across the room briskly. He cupped his wife’s chin gently in his hand and with his other hand wiped away her tears. “My dear, I knew your nature when I married you. I can’t fault you for being the woman that nature has designed you to be. I have accepted you and all of your faults because that’s what love is.”

Anna tried to smile but standing naked in front of her husband, with James hulking frame behind her, she was struck by the absurdity of her situation. The feeling of dread. Of loss. Of worry. She was consumed by her worst fears and it didn’t matter whatever pleasantries Lukas was uttering, she felt like she wanted to disappear.


Lukas let go of her chin and kissed her on the forehead. “James has assured me that you can be reformed. He thinks that you still have potential and that you can still be my wife despite your indiscretions.”


Anna turned to James and he nodded. “So–what–what happens now?”


Lukas walked over to the bedroom window and absentmindedly felt the material of the drapes. “Now? Now I think it’s best if we establish some guidelines, my wife.”


Anna felt her stomach churn and she suddenly felt weak. “O–ok.” She felt James’ hot hand on her shoulder and she jumped slightly. Looking back at him he was just giving her the same paternal smile he had done earlier. “What sort of guidelines.”


“I dislike you going out with man after man. It insults me and more than that it insults you. You need some structure, my love, and I–we intend on giving that to you.”


“We?” Anna echoed.


“We,” James said softly into her ear.


“James here is a good friend of mine.” Lukas smiled, “He had suggested this as a possible solution to our difficulties. It seems like you two already have a good rapport, am I correct.”


James nodded as Anna looked at him and she nodded in kind.


“So here is what I propose, my love. You can be with another man, I am comfortable with that. But for now, that man will be James.”




“I’m not done.” Lukas scolded, “I believe I hold some responsibility for our disconnection, my wife, so I will take responsibility for that by ensuring that I am involved.”




“I will be there when you are with James. I will escort you. I will stay with you. I will on occasion watch you together, and I will on occasion join in.”


Anna took in a quick breath in shock. “You…will?”


Lukas held out his hand and Anna took it, “I will, my love.”


A tear slowly trailed down Anna’s cheek and Lukas gently wiped it away.


“Don’t cry my dear. This is good is it not?”


Anna nodded emphatically, “it’s beautiful Lukas. You–I don’t deserve you.”


“Nonsense.” he chuckled holding both of her hands now and kissing both of her cheeks. “You are special to me and I want to be sure you have everything you ever want. That gives me the greatest of pleasure.” Then he winked, “Now get on the bed and suck on his cock like a good girl.”


“Yes sir,” Anna giggle and with relief launched herself onto the waiting bed. She spun around on her stomach and raised her head up, resting her chin on her hands and her elbows on the bed. She couldn’t help but press herself into the bed. Feeling the soft duvet caress her gently. She watched as James walked towards her, his erection becoming full once more. Simultaneously Lukas backed towards his chair, watching the two lovers getting closer. “You like this, Lukas?” she asked, quickly looking at him directly.


He smiled devilishly and nodded, finally sitting down. “Yes, now–suck his cock, my wife. Suck it like the naughty girl you are. Make him want to fuck your mouth like an animal. Make him crave you.” Lukas almost growled as he spoke.


Anna bit her lip and excitedly stared at James’ beautiful cock. It was mere inches from her face for the third time tonight but strangely it was as if she was seeing it for the very first time. She felt her clit begin to pulse and her nipples get hard with anticipation. She could feel the wetness grow in her as a warm ball of sexual energy replaced the feeling of her nervous stomach. For the first time she was going to be fucked while another man watched in the room. That in itself was exciting. But the fact that it was her husband made her melt.


James moved closer and Anna opened her mouth dutifully. She took in the thick head of his cock and savored the taste. She felt it pushing her mouth wide, pushing on her tongue, pushing on the roof of her mouth. She wished she could take it all. She wished he could use her mouth like it was her pussy. She wanted that so badly but this would have to do.


From the corner she could hear Lukas whisper encouragements to her, “Yes my love. Suck his big fat cock. Suck on it. Take it down all the way. Try to touch his balls with your lips as you suck. You gorgeous naughty girl. Feel his hands on your head. Feel his hips pressing forward. Feel him fuck your face and use your pretty mouth.”


Lukas’ dirty talk just spurred Anna on to want more. She wrapped her hands around James’ athletic legs. She could feel the heat emanating from him and pouring into her. His hands were twisted into her hair. His cock, buried in her mouth. Her eyes watered from the strain. He released her and pulled back. It’s only then that Anna realized she hadn’t taken a breath. She gasped and took in a gulp of air before pulling at James and taking his cock back into her mouth. She savoured the sound of James groaning. Over in the corner she could hear as Lukas had slipped off his pants. He was slowly stroking his own cock and still babbling encouragement to Anna. She couldn’t hear him anymore though. The blood was pounding in her ears as she held her breath and let James fuck her mouth a little more.


Another gasp. Another gulp of air. James looked down at Anna in amazement.


“..lick his balls.” came the instruction from the corner. Anna’s hearing had faded back in now that she could breathe once more. “Lick his balls and stroke his fat dick.” Lukas licked his own lips as he stroked himself.


Anna smiled and with a little drool sliding down her chin replied to Lukas, “Yes sir.”


He grinned at her in approval.


Looking up at James she gently stroked the head of his cock as she snaked her tongue out to lick and flick at his balls. She tasted the sweet salty flavor and reveled in their musky scent. Pulling him closer to her she licked her way up the side of one ball and flicked her tongue into the sensitive area between his leg and his cock.


“Yes, lick those balls my love. Lick them. Love them. Suck on them. Tease them my wife. Feel the cum in his balls. You will soon be filled with it. Oozing out of you like a perfectly naughty volcano.” Lukas whispered.


Anna felt herself melting into this moment. Her mouth, her body, her pussy, her hands, they moved as if she was possessed. She felt as if she was watching herself from afar. Witnessing her salacious sexuality dripping over James. She wanted him now. Her body ached to be filled with him. To be fucked by him. Her pussy felt so warm and wet and ready she squirmed on the bed, pushing her pelvis into the duvet and grinding in a desperate effort to put pressure on her clit.


James held her head steady as she continued to lick his balls, then his cock, then back to his balls. His head was thrown back and he grunted and groaned a slew of incomprehensible swears.


“Fuck her, James. It’s time for you to fuck her.” Lukas declared, his hand still softly tugging on his own cock.


James didn’t need to be told twice, and Anna didn’t need to be told at all. In a fraction of a second, she had spun herself around and was now facing James. Her legs were spread wide and she held them there, grateful for all the yoga classes she had taken.


James positioned his cock at the entrance to her wet slit and she purred in anticipation. She had closed her eyes and waited for his cock to enter her, but James was only slowly rubbing his cock over her, teasing her. She opened her eyes to see him staring right into hers and without any hesitation he plunged his manhood deep into her. Anna squealed at the quick pain but it was shortly eclipsed by a wave of pleasure pulsating from inside of her. She moaned and shuddered.


“Yes, take that cock.” Lukas encouraged, “Take his cock deep into you. Feel his balls slap against you. Feel him pound into you as the bed pushes you back into him.”


Anna wrapped her legs around James and her arms around his strong back. She felt her pussy clinging to his cock as he withdrew it then once more he plunged himself back into her. She moaned and whimpered.


James was enjoying the sight before him. Anna’s lip quivering after each thrust. Her face twisting with pain then relaxing and gasping as pleasure replaced the pain. She was moaning with each push of his body and the feeling was sensational.


Lukas had stood from the chair and was still encouraging Anna. He moved over so she could see him and the two locked eyes. There was a strange moment where Anna couldn’t tell if she was being fucked by Lukas or by James. She moaned and shuddered again. Opening her eyes once more she stared into James’ eyes but heard Lukas’ voice.


“Take that cock my love. Take every inch of him. Let him fuck you so deep and so hard. Cum all over his thick manly cock. Cum for him my love. Cum for me.”


She felt as if the room was spinning. Her body was on fire. Her fingers, toes, skin all buzzing as she felt wave after wave of pleasure pulsating through her. As James thrust into her again and again another crescendo of pleasure shuddered through her body. She heard Lukas’ voice, felt James cock, felt her body and  her mind being thoroughly fucked by both men simultaneously. She couldn’t hold back any longer she gasped and shrieked, “Don’t stop Lukas, don’t stop! I’m going to cum!” she dug her nails into James back her eyes clenched tightly. “Oh fuck..oh fuck..oh fuck.” she stammered. Anna’s eyes flew open and she gazed into James’ piercing blue eyes. She looked to her right and saw Lukas watching her too. His face contorted as he whispered indecipherable words of encouragement. She felt James pull back almost to the point of leaving her body before he thrust as deep as he could. She felt her body explode in pleasure like a firework of atomic energy. Her breath stuttered and she gasped for air. She spasmed and squealed as a tremendous orgasm rocked through her body. All the tension of the past hour, all the worry, regret, and guilt of the past year suddenly left her body in a firey ball of exquisite bliss. As the waves cascaded over her she felt the warm afterglow of excitement pulsating through her. She looked up at James and suddenly wanted nothing more than for him to fill her up. She wanted him to release his cum into her spasming pussy.


Mouthing the words at first because she couldn’t find her voice she muttered over and over, “Cum for me James, cum for me. I want it.”


“Yes, my love. Take his load. Let him fill you up with his hot thick semen. Let his cum jet into your beautiful pussy. Let him complete you.” he bent over and kissed her. His hand still on his own erect phallus as he stroked it in time to James’ thrusts.


With a bear like guttural yell, James gripped the bed tightly and announced not in words but in grunts that he was cumming. Anna felt his cock inside of her swell and pulse a jet of cum splashed her insides. He pulled back and thrust forward and another jet of cum released, then another. She felt like she was melting into the bed. Spasming with him in her own post-orgasmic bliss. She felt his essence start to dribble out of her and she moaned in contentment.


James then stood up and looked Anna over. Her legs still spread wide, his cum leaking down her freshly fucked pussy onto the duvet below. He smiled at her and she smiled back. Her hair a mess, the look in her eyes one of contentment.


“Now me,” Lukas smirked and he positioned himself in front of his well-fucked wife. His cock smearing a mix of Anna’s juices and James’ cum around before plunging into her messy pussy.


Anna gasped and gripped onto her husband. “Yes, Lukas. Fill me up with your cum my love. Give me all of it. Let me feel so full of cum and love that I’d burst.”


Lukas stared into his wife’s eyes and fucked her hard. His smaller frame gyrating into her pussy like a jack rabbit. The sloppy sound of sweat, cum, and Anna’s own wetness sounded deliciously messy to the married couple. “Yes, Lukas. Cum for me baby.”

With a howl, Lukas kicked his head back and shuddered. His own cum shooting into his wife’s sex to mix with her lovers. The thought of that made Lukas spasm again and again. He felt as if his entire body was being drained into Anna.


She moaned and squirmed under her husband. Opening her eyes to see James smiling beside her. She smiled back and then looked to Lukas. He had a devilish grin on his face. He stood up and his cock flopped out of her. Behind it a steady slow stream of cum oozed out. Anna sat upright and watched it. Mesmerized as it ran down her leg and onto the carpet below. She looked up at her husband and smiled. With a sincerity she had been missing for far to long she leaned over and kissed her husband, “I love you so much,” before she collapsed back onto the bed in a fit of giggles.


“So I take it the new arrangement is amicable my love?”


Anna didn’t answer, she just gave a thumbs up sign and passed out feeling fulfilled for the first time in her life.



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