Anna found him seated on the couch. He still was naked. His cock still stiff and pulsating. She licked her lips and came closer. The tv was on now. James was watching the 5 o’clock news.


“Aren’t we-” Anna began, “I thought- I’m confused did I do something wrong?”


James didn’t look at her. “Not at all. You’re lovely Anna.”


Anna straightened up and smiled, but the smile slipped from her face almost immediately, “but then why did you stop?”


He finally turned to her, his eyes twinkling in the dimly lit living room. She almost felt like backing away. It was as if he was a hungry wolf staring her down. “I can stop whenever I want Anna.”




He held up his hand, “Control over your own desires is an important skill in my profession.”




He scowled. “Listen, Anna, I know you want to fuck me. I know you can’t think of anything else but fucking me right now. You feel that hot churning ball of excitement in your loins and you want it filled with my cock. I know that.”


She nodded with every statement.

“But you need to learn how to control yourself, Anna.” He stood up and walked over to her, his erection bouncing from side to side as he took each step.


Anna struggled not to look at his cock. She stared into his eyes intensely. “Control…myself?”


He cupped her chin gently, “Yes my dear. You need to learn how to control yourself. I don’t fuck sluts. I fuck women.”

Anna cringed at the word, “I’m–I’m not a slut James.”


He looked at her like she was a child, “Oh you poor thing, I don’t think you have any clue what you are.”


“No. I know what I am. I’m not a slut I’m a-”


“How many times have we met, Anna?”




“And before me, how many times had you met your previous lover?”


“Three times.” she almost groaned as she said it.


“Of those three times, how many times did you end up having sex with him?” James was still cupping her chin, but with his other hand, he lovingly brushed the hair away from her eyes.


“All three times.” Anna sighed.


“Which makes you?”


“A slut?”


He nodded, “While you may not realize it, that’s the path you have been wandering down. It’s disappointing.”


Anna scowled again unhappy to be identified like that. She hated the label.


James whispered into her ear, “I think you’re looking for something and you just haven’t found it.”


Anna shivered, “I am?”


“I think you’re looking for something more than just a quick fix.” he kissed her gently and slid his hand from cupping her chin to cupping the back of her head. His fingers purposefully tangling themselves in her hair and tugging ever so gently. “Tell me, Anna, after you had sex with these men how long did the happiness last? How long before the feeling faded and you were left feeling empty and alone again. How long before you felt the urge to find another man to fill that same void?”


Anna closed her eyes and winced, “Not-not very long.” she admitted more to herself than to James.


“And your husband, who you must realize knows of your affairs. How do you think he feels knowing you’re going out with man after man after man?”


“Probably not good.”


James nodded and kissed her gently on the cheek. His lips touching a small tear and he tasted the salt of her sadness on his lips. “Your husband only wants to see you happy doesn’t he?”


“Yes. He does.”


“And are you?”




“Why not?”


“Because…I can’t…”


“…find someone to fulfill you?”




“Find someone to love you?”




“Find someone that can say no to you?”


“….yes.” Anna hissed. She squirmed a little as she stood across from him. Their naked bodies close enough that she could feel the  heat emanating from him and radiating onto her own nakedness. She felt her body craving him. She wanted to wrap her legs around him and consume him. But he held his ground. He stood firm and didn’t sway.


“You want me now don’t you Anna.”




“You want me so badly that you are willing to submit to my will instead of your urges.”




“Good girl.” he smiled and kissed her passionately.


The sudden surge of relief and excitement coursed through Anna’s veins. She quivered and fell into his arms. She felt his hot skin against hers and moaned as he kissed her. His hands roamed over her body. Sweeping down from her neck, down her back, cupping her ass, holding her tight to him. She wilted and felt herself melt into him. She was his for the taking in any way he saw fit and she adored him for that feeling. Her hands wandered over his body. She felt his strong shoulders, his solid back, his biceps, his ass. She nimbly explored him with just her delicate hands, her fingers buzzing with an excitement that she hadn’t felt since she was an inexperienced teenager. She moved her hands to his front and encircled his manhood with both hands. She was aching for him. She wanted him so badly and in so many ways. She still felt the void he had left her with on the balcony. She wanted so badly to be filled again. To be fucked again. To be used again.


He stopped kissing her abruptly and slapped her hands away from his cock. “No,” James said, wagging his finger at her like she was a bad dog. “You have to earn that Anna.”


“But-” she protested before stopping mid-thought. He had taken a step back and was turning away from her, “No! I’m sorry. I-I just got swept up in the moment. I’ll be good.” 


James turned to her and looked her up and down like a disappointed teacher. “Control, Anna. You need control.”


“I know. I know.” she nodded vigorously.


“Kneel,” James commanded.


Anna looked at him and smirked, but her smirk disappeared when she saw the look in his eyes. He was deadly serious. She kneeled in front of him, supplicating herself to his wishes. In front of her at the perfect height was his cock. It wasn’t as stiff as before but it still looked delicious to her eyes. She leaned forward and took a soothing breath. She inhaled the sweet musky odor of her own scent mixed with his. It was intoxicating. She wanted to taste him again. She wanted to take his cock into her mouth and show him how much she adored it. How much she wanted it. She licked her lips and subtly leaned forward only a fraction of an inch.


“Stop right there,” James demanded.


Anna froze. She licked her lips and squirmed. “Yes sir,” she answered automatically reverting back to her younger years at private school.


“I told you already, you need to learn how to control yourself.”


“Yes sir.” she answered again, still staring at his sex with hungry eyes.


“Yet you’re already wanting to let loose, aren’t you?” He reached down to gently cup her chin and turn her gaze upward to him. He stared down at her benevolently almost as if he felt sorry for her.


Anna nodded, “I do want it, James.”


“I know you do, Anna, but you must resist,” He let go of her and allowed her to stare once more at his stiffening cock.


Anna squirmed in her spot. She wanted to touch him so badly. She wanted to kiss his beautiful cock and taste him. She wanted to run her tongue up and down his slick shaft so lovingly, so tenderly, that he would have no choice but to take her right here and right now. She licked her lips again, then took in another breath, accepting his scent into her lungs as if she was hosting a benevolent spirit. But she didn’t move a muscle. She stayed steadfast on her knees despite her desire. She ached to touch him, she ached to touch herself, but she remained as vigilant as possible.


James reached down and stroked her hair lovingly. “You’re being such a good girl Anna. I’m pleasantly surprised. I was told that you wouldn’t be able to resist.”


Anna’s smile evaporated from her face, “You were told? Told by who?” 


“Your husband,” James answered calmly.


Anna’s mouth dropped open. She opened and closed her mouth a few times but was unable to utter a single word. She didn’t know what she was to do. Her naked body suddenly felt even more exposed, and James’ lack of modesty only heightened her sense of dread. “My–husband?” she managed to croak.


James nodded, “Yes.” He reached down and cupped her chin sweetly, “I’m to look after you, my dear. Your husband has tasked me with reigning your impulses under control.”


“My impulses? What do you mean reigning in my impulses?”


James ignored her question, “He felt that the marriage, as it was, needed a shift. You had become too open and lackadaisical with your romantic entanglements. You weren’t showing your husband the care and consideration a man of his stature and position should be shown.”




“You were bedding men without consideration for his feelings, but worse, in his mind, you were bedding them without consideration for your own feelings.” He looked down at her with a smirk. “I was to break you of this habit.”


“And if you failed?”


“The entire night will have been recorded and divorce would be imminent. You would relinquish your claim to any of his holdings for a modest payout that would set you out comfortably for a while.” James stated these facts in the cold delivery of a practiced lawyer.


“Why? Who? What are you?”


“I’m you’re re-educator Anna.”




“I’m going to train you to be the woman you want to be, and the result will be you having a happier life, as well as your husband having a happier life.”


“What if I don’t want to be taught by you,” Anna hissed with venom. “What if I think this is all bullshit and I tell you to go fuck yourself? What then”?


“You’d be free to leave Anna. I’m not holding you here. But the moment you step out that door you would be leaving your marriage and all the comforts it affords.”


Anna scowled at him, but self-preservation and a pang of curiosity kept her from walking out the door. Additionally, she had no clothes as he had thrown the rest of her outfit over the balcony. “Fine then.” she finally said.


“Then come here,” he motioned toward him and dutifully Anna came closer as she was directed.


Anna felt like she was shivering now. Not the same sort as shiver as before where she was excited and turned on. This was different. Her stomach had flipped and she felt a little woozy. Her skin was buzzing but for a wholly different reason. She felt–worried. She actually felt worried and scared to lose what she had with her husband. The sudden realization that her life as she knew it could all be pulled away from her had put her even more off balance than she already was. She had never felt fear when she had been with men outside of her marriage. She had never worried about how her husband felt or what he thought about it. She felt immune to his feelings and suddenly with this new man scaring the shit of her just now, it became clear. “Fuck,” she muttered quietly to herself.


James smirked, “Yes?”


Anna shook her head, not willing to divulge her inner monolog. “Nothing,” she mumbled.


James took her hand gently in his and pulled her closer to him. She stumbled and fell against his solid frame. Her slight body feeling even more feather-light than usual. “Speak your mind,” James directed, once more with that forgiving paternal tone.


Anna looked up into his blue eyes, glinting in the darkened room. She felt the strength in his body coiled beneath the surface like a snake patiently waiting to strike. Strangely she felt at peace within his arms. His dictatorial style was rigid, but she felt comfortable to have boundaries. “I just realized something, that’s all.”


“Go ahead Anna. Speak your mind. It will be cathartic to let go.”


She sighed and looked away from his piercing gaze, “I–I just realized that you’re right. I mean I hated you for saying what you said, but you’re right.” She felt her throat catch with a little pang of pain and despite herself, she held onto James even tighter.


“It’s ok Anna. You can tell me anything. Let it go. It’ll be good for you.”

She felt a tear run down her cheek and involuntarily sniffled, “You’re right ok? I have been a bitch to my husband and I hate myself for doing that. I might not show it, James, but I love him you know?” She looked up at him again, searching his passive eyes for some sense of acceptance. “I just–I can’t help it, James. I feel like I’m constantly at war with myself. I feel these–cravings. I feel just…I don’t know how to describe it. I just…want it all the time.”


James smiled benevolently and kissed her forehead, “I know my dear. And your husband knows too.”


Anna sobbed a little louder now, “Oh god, this is not attractive at all is it,” she managed to laugh between sobs, wiping tears away from her eyes.


“Actually it is more attractive than you realize.”


She frowned, “You like making girls cry?” she scoffed.


“No, not really. It’s because you’re emotionally engaged, my dear. You’re attractive not because you’re crying, but because you give a fuck. You’re not some damaged husk of a woman who’s just looking for a quick thrill. You’re a person, with feelings, desires, and needs beyond those that you can articulate yourself. So yes, that’s actually quite attractive.”


She clapped him on the shoulder, “Stop. You’re going to make me blush,” she managed to laugh between sniffles.


“Well, Anna, I don’t know if your husband is convinced, but I am.”


“Convinced? Convinced of what?”


“Convinced that you can turn yourself around and be more than the shallow woman you’ve been these last few years. He had hoped to retrieve the woman he had fallen in love with out of this…mess.” James smirked as he gestured at Anna.


She quickly wiped more tears from her face and stood straight up, “This mess?” she blurted, “You ass!” she laughed for a moment then stopped pensively, “You think he can still love me, James?”


“I think so, Anna, why else would I be here?”


“Yeah, I think you’ll have to explain that to me.”


“I will, but for now, come with me,” he took her hand in his and walked towards the bedroom.


Anna felt incredibly conflicted but excited all the same. She felt even more exposed than she did when she was running naked down the hallway with a bucket full of ice. Her armor had been stripped by this man and she was weak and vulnerable. Her emotions had left her bare, yet he hadn’t taken advantage. He had stayed true to his mission and there was something intoxicatingly attractive about that. A man of principals–though a man of principles that fucks other men’s wives. She smirked inwardly and followed him through the doorway and into the dark bedroom. Her body quivering with a scintillating mix of excitement and fear. For the first time in a long time, she didn’t know what would happen next. It was unpredictable.


As she crossed the threshold into the bedroom a light turned on in the corner and startled Anna. She shrieked in a quick burst of fright before her eyes were able to focus on the man sitting on the chair in the corner of the room. “Anna,” came a familiar voice, “I’m so pleased to see you here,”




“Yes my love,” he replied, “it is I, your husband.”
“Fuck…” Anna muttered.




Note from the author:


This piece is coming to an end in the next part. “Heated” has been an exploration for me. A thought experiment of sorts that has held my interest. The final piece will be an exploration of the sexual entanglements that this sort of arrangement can cause in all of their messy glory. I caution you, the reader, to enjoy the next part in the comfort of your own sanctuary as undoubtedly reading it will cause your mind to wander and your hands to explore your own body in anxious need for the release that Anna as well has been seeking.


I will see you there soon.



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