Part 3 – Ice Ice Baby


“Mmm,” Anna moaned to herself, “that looks tasty.” She looked up at James and smiled. Her eyes twinkled in the late afternoon light. “May I?” she asked politely. Her hand hovering over James cloth covered cock.


He nodded.


She marveled at its shape. She could already make out the ridge of the head of his phallus, the thick veiny beast of manhood pulsated under her light touch. She could feel the heat emanating from him. Anna ran her thumb and forefinger up and down the sides of his sex, pulling the fabric closer and making it easier to see his shape. She unconsciously licked her lips. The coolness of the ice tantalizing her own skin as she did so. Looking up at James she slowly reached through the opening in his underwear and fished his manhood out. He twisted his hips a little to help and grunted as it was suddenly released from the confines of his clothes. Anna continued to stare into his eyes. She wanted him so badly but she wanted it to last. She wanted to savor this moment. She wanted to savor…him.

She reached up to the table and fished out another piece of ice. Popping it into her mouth she allowed it to melt as she gently caressed his cock with her soft feminine hand. He sat as if he could care less about what she was doing. He appeared to be disengaged, his legs spread wide, his gaze no longer on her but out at the surrounding buildings. He sat as if he was a king surveying his lands. Powerful. Unflinching. Pure unadulterated unfiltered man. Anna felt a shudder rush through her body and heat pulsating through her middle. It was going to take a lot of concentration to hold back.


Gripping the shaft of his cock with one hand she pulled it away from his body so it pointed out at her instead of up at his flat stomach. With her other hand, she gently rubbed the tip of his head and was rewarded with a subtle moan. James shifted ever so slightly in his chair but remained as kingly as ever. Anna was determined to change that. She wanted to make him twitch and moan as much as he had made her do so. She couldn’t quite tell if it was out of affection or hatred, though. There was something off about James. He didn’t treat her the same as all the others. He didn’t seem to care if this date was their last. It irritated Anna but served only to spur her on. She felt determined to make him crave her as much as she craved him right now. And did she ever crave him.


Anna looked up at him but James was again looking elsewhere. She smiled inwardly and allowed some of the cool water from the melted ice escape her mouth and drip onto the sensitive head of his cock. James twitched and took in a quick gasp of air. He immediately looked down at her only to see her malicious gaze. Before he had a chance to react she dropped her mouth onto his cock and engulfed him. The warm wetness of her mouth was incredible. James moaned loudly. Louder than he would have wanted. Anna grinned as she slowly moved her mouth up and down on his manhood. She felt his hands on her head. She saw his legs open and close slightly as he enjoyed her attention. She heard him groan and Anna quivered inside.


Soon the rest of the ice had either escaped her lips or had melted. Without skipping a beat she reached up and grabbed another. Repeating the process with an increasing passion and pace that even surprised her. She felt James fingers twisting into her hair, gripping her and holding on. He moved her mouth where he needed it and Anna was overjoyed. He was losing control and she loved it.


He bucked his hips up and Anna felt the tip of his cock tickle the back of her throat. She coughed but didn’t protest. He held her there and bucked a second time, and then a third, and a fourth. By the fifth time Anna was already prepared and she was able to allow him to slide into her throat. Her airway cut off, his hands on her head, it was exhilarating. Anna pulled back and James released his hold. She gasped for a quick breath before repeating the same thing. Pushing his rod even further into her throat. She moaned as she did, enjoying the feeling of his manhood flexing and pulsing inside her throat.


James grunted and gasped again. He was beginning to lose control. His eyes had a hard time focusing and he watched as if from afar as Anna continued to give him an outstanding blowjob. He could feel his balls tingle with each stroke of her mouth and tongue. All at once he pulled her off of him. “Enough.”


Anna looked up at him, disappointed. “But I want-”


“I know what you want.”


She smiled, “Oh? You do?”


“But you’re not going to get it yet, princess.”


She licked her lips and reached out for his exposed phallus, now slickened and glistening in the sun. As she made contact he groaned but swatted her hand away. “No,”


Anna looked at him incredulously. He had to have been the first man she’d ever been with that said no. What was he thinking? What was he doing? What was this man’s plan? The questions raced through her head and she simply stared up at him waiting for his next instruction. Completely under his spell.


He stood up from the chair, his cock temptingly sticking straight out into Anna’s face. She did as she was told, however, and only stared. She couldn’t help but desire it, though. It’s fullness. Its heat. Its power. It took all the control Anna had left not to lean forward and take him into her loving mouth once more.


James reached down and put his hands out for her to grab. With a pout Anna grabbed them and he helped her to her feet. Immediately a breeze washed across the balcony and Anna was once more reminded that she was completely exposed. The fear that was in her mind originally when he stripped her down was completely gone. She owned this. She stood proudly in front of James in all of her naked glory. Not timid but strong, her chin up, her eyes looking directly at him.


James simply smirked. “Walk,” he said softly while gesturing to the railing.


She looked at where he was pointing and turned back to him with a smirk of her own. She strutted with confidence and placed her hands on the railing, gazing out at the city once more. Behind her, she could hear the telltale sounds of a man disrobing. She could hear his shoes drop. She could hear the buckle of his belt strike the balcony floor. She didn’t look, though. Instead, she savored the anticipation. It crawled over her like hot oil. Dripping from every nerve ending. She felt like she was buzzing. Her fingers felt prickly and her stomach churned with heated anxiousness. She wanted him so badly now. More than she ever did when they first met. She wanted him to press his will into her and show her how much of a man he really was. She shuddered and at that moment she heard him behind her.


“You’re a bad girl, Anna,” he whispered gruffly into her ear. His hand ran up her leg and ended with a spank. “You like being out here don’t you, exposed to everyone.”


Anna quivered again, her body melting into his touch, “Y-yes.”


“You want everyone to see you here don’t you?”


“Yes,” she hissed, finally admitting the truth both to him as to herself. She felt a similar feeling when she was modeling. She sometimes lay in bed and thought of all the men in the audience thinking of her and wishing to do so many dirty things to her and with her. She truly loved it. The exposure. She could feel their eyes on her, craving her. They watched her every move and they wished they could see more. And now here she was with James. Naked on this balcony. Exposed to the world. She was so wet with anticipation it was making her squirm. “Yes,” she said again.


James spanked her roughly but it didn’t hurt Anna at all, it only served to amplify her excitement. “You’re a bad girl aren’t you and you don’t want to be anything but a bad girl. Do you?”


“No,” she grunted. His hand had moved from spanking her ass, to cupping it, and now was cupping her moistened sex. The pressure was delicious. It made her crave him even more. “I want to be bad,” she continued. “I want you to fuck me here on this balcony for the world to see,” she gasped as he trailed a single finger down between the now engorged lips of her pussy. “I-I don’t care if they see. I don’t care if they know. I just want it so badly.”


To emphasize her point she rotated her hips like an exotic dancer, pushing them from side to side and pushing her ass back to meet his attention. “Please–” she begged.


“As you wish,” is all James said.


Anna gasped as she felt his finger withdraw and the much fuller and hotter sensation of his cock drawing up and down now between her lips mimicking what he did with his finger. Anna shuddered and pushed back to encourage him, “Please,” she begged once more. “I want it so bad.” This wasn’t dirty talk anymore, she really did. She felt like if she didn’t have him now she would cry.


Tantalizingly James drew his cock back and forth down her sensitive slit before pushing it in only a little bit and then withdrawing again. Anna half moaned and half cried. He did it again, and then again. Anna’s legs began to shake uncontrollably. The further she pushed back at him the more he teased her. She was in exquisite agony desperately craving his cock but never getting enough of it. “Please James!” she cried, “Please, I want it so bad.”


“Bad girl wants cock badly huh? What a surprise.”


“I know, I’m a bad girl. I know. I shouldn’t be here with you. I should be at home with my husband, but I can’t. It’s not enough. It’s never enough. I just–I need this. I need–you. I want you. Please, James, give it to me.”


“That’s probably the most honest thing you have ever said to me,” he whispered into her ear. “Do you think you deserve a reward for that honesty?”


She nodded vehemently, “Yes–yes I think I d–”


But before she could finish her words he had plunged his cock into her.


“Fuuuuuuuuckkkk,” Is all Anna managed to moan. Her head kicked back and she squealed in animalistic delight.


James slowly pulled back until he was just barely making contact again.


Anna cried again, scared to lose him, scared to lose that feeling of fullness. “No–keep going,” she whispered.


“What was that?” James teased, “I couldn’t hear you.”


“Keep going.” she repeated no longer whispering.




“Keep going!” she yelled.


“What do you want me to do?”


Anna took a couple of quick breaths and braced herself, “Please keep fucking me you fucking asshole! Give me that goddamn cock right now and fuck this princess till she can’t fucking walk for a week!”


“As you wish,” he said softly before gripping her waist and driving deep into her.


Anna gasped and spasmed. A combination of pain and pleasure coursed through her center and she felt a spreading warmth churning through her body. James increased his tempo and Anna could feel herself edging towards what was promising to be an epic orgasm. She felt every inch of his thick rod slide into her. She could feel the light tap of his balls as they slapped against her like some wondrous pleasure inducing metronome. She felt her body quiver and shake under his relentless dominance. She adored it. She craved every minute of this glorious union. Her eyes fluttered open again and she stared out at the office building. She searched out and found the silver suited man. He was back at his desk and watching the scene she was creating for him. Anna squealed again as James spanked her once more, “Fuck yes!” she grunted. “I’m so close James. I’m so fucking close. Oh god, I want it so bad. Give me that hot fucking cock! Give it to mu–” Anna stopped mid sentence “Noooooooo.” she protested.


James had pulled out of her and had walked away, leaving her shaking on the balcony, slickened with sweat and oozing her own juices down her leg. “Where–what? Where are you going? Come on! Fuck me goddamn it!” she pleaded, but he was through the doorway and into the suite now.
She looked out into the office building and spoke to the silver suited man, “Bet you would finish the job if you were here wouldn’t you.” He didn’t reply. He never heard her. He just sipped whatever his drink was and stared. “Fuck,” Anna muttered to herself. She turned and walked back into the suite determined to find James and force him to finish the job.



Note from the author:

Likes and comments fuel my fire to continue to write. Feel free to be strange, but don’t be a stranger. Comments are always welcomed.

Heated Part 4 is being written right now. I’m sure you want it now but anticipation is the mother of satisfaction. Without the tease how would you ache for more? Stay tuned. It’s coming….

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