Part 2 – The Ice Bucket Challenge


“Come closer,” he asked softly. Anna shuffled forward slowly. Her eyes darted from left to right as she regained her composure and realized all at once that she was completely exposed. She could see into an office building across the street from her. She could easily make out the employees going about their daily routines. If they only looked up and looked outside they would see her standing here in all her naked glory. She felt a surge of heat course through her body as her limbs began to tingle with anxious anticipation. This–excited her. She wouldn’t have thought it could, or would, but it did. She continued to shuffle forward towards James.


When she was finally within arm’s reach he grabbed her and pulled her close. His strength poured into her and she felt all at once that she was his for the taking. She would have wanted to play this differently. She would have wanted to be the one in control. The one dictating the pace. She preferred to have her men under her thumb to do with as she saw fit. To use as she saw fit. To dispose of when she saw fit. That was what she wanted to do. That was her plan at least. But now standing here in the arms of this asshole James, she was more excited than she’d been in a long long time.


He bent down to her and whispered into her ear, “You look beautiful Anna. Your body should always be naked. You should always be on display. Men would come from all over to marvel at your beauty. You’d stand there and smile while they dreamed of you. Imagining you touching their filthy cocks. Imagining you fucking each one of them one after the other.” He bit her ear but continued. “But you wouldn’t have to do that. You wouldn’t have to touch any of them, or be fucked by any of those dirty slimy men. You know why?”

He moved his hands to her face, cupping her chin with his thumbs and circling his hands around to the base of her head. He stared into her eyes and she shook her head. “Why?”


He smiled at her with a grin that held equal parts maliciousness and an almost paternal love. “Because, Anna, you’re mine.” He leant in and kissed her passionately. Anna felt her legs quake and he had to catch her from falling.


She reached around and held onto him. She could feel his strong back rippling beneath his shirt. His arms squeezed her body like a human vice grip. She barely had room enough to take a breath, but somehow it didn’t bother her. He stopped kissing her and stared into her eyes. “Do you understand, Anna?”


She nodded.


“Say it,” he commanded the softness of his voice hypnotizing as before, hiding within the softly spoken words was such malice and contempt.


Anna couldn’t dream of saying anything else, “Because I’m yours.”


“That’s right my dear.” he smiled and nodded separating himself from her he held her at arm’s length. He then pivoted to the side and guided her hands to the railing. “Stand here.”


She did as he demanded. Standing naked on the very exposed balcony she placed both hands on the railing and leaned over. She raised herself up on her tiptoes so she could see the street below. The sounds of traffic was muffled and distant but she could still make it out. She could even make out the sounds of store keepers yelling at workers.


Her gaze lifted from the street to the floor across from the balcony. Most people she could see moving about paid no attention to anything outside their walls. However directly across from her there was a man dressed in a silver suit and she could swear he was looking right at her. She could make out the color of his tie, his blonde hair, the coffee cup he was sipping out of. All at once Anna shivered as the thrill of being caught rushed through her. “They’ll see.” she whispered, as if somehow they could hear from there.


“They’ll see what?” James asked absent-mindedly. He was admiring her nakedness and plotting his next course of action. Being caught on the balcony didn’t concern him. He had long ago forgotten the feeling of fear from such things.


“They’ll see me–naked.” she whispered again.


“You won’t just be naked my dear Anna.” and without warning or provocation, she could feel his tongue run up her thigh stopping at her ass. He applied almost no pressure at all. It wasn’t as if she was being licked by some enthusiastic puppy, it was more like a delicate flower trailing up her skin and sending delicious shivers through her body.


“James!” she managed to blurt, but dutifully she did not turn around. She stayed with her legs spread out slightly and her hands on the railing. It reminded her of when she was got arrested for driving under the influence. She got pressed up against her car by some semi-attractive butch cop, told to “Spread ‘em,” and then she was frisked. Even in her inebriated state, she enjoyed the pat down. The woman’s hands searched her so roughly it was like being groped by a man. She never told anyone how much that turned her on, but now standing here she could finally admit it at least to herself.


James continued to explore her from behind. His tongue dancing around her most sensitive areas with the precision and timing of an expert. He was no stranger to this sort of thing, and Anna found that in itself a thrill. She felt her body release its tension as her mind realized she could trust him. His touch was so invigorating. She wanted more of it. She craved more pressure from his tongue. She wanted him to go deeper. Explore further. She couldn’t help but raise herself up on her tiptoes again and arch her back a little more giving him easier access if he desired.


His tongue slithered from side to side, up and down, left, right, deep, shallow. Each new pattern through Anna off and just served to ramp up her excitement further. She looked over at the silver suited man. He was seated now, his feet up on the desk and he was most definitely looking at her. He casually sipped his drink while staring at her. Anna melted. Her body quaked and shuddered and she took a quick gasp. James was going to make her cum and she was powerless to stop him. Moreover, she had no will to make him stop. She wanted this. She never knew she wanted it until this moment but now, here on this balcony, exposed for the world to see she wanted nothing more than to cum. But James stopped.


His hand came down hard on her exposed ass with a smack that echoed off the patio glass behind them.


“Fuck!” Anna squealed, but before she could turn to protest James had got back to work with his tongue. She moaned and rotated her hips, pushing her ass back to meet his tongue willing him to go further.


She shuddered again and once more before she could recover, James spanked her other ass cheek. The percussion echoed again and Anna squealed once more, “James!” she yelled. He ignored her protests and continued to lick her from behind intermittently spanking her as he did. In a short time, her squeals of protest morphed into cries of encouragement. She couldn’t help herself. The sensations that were cascading over her body were flooding her mind with chaos and excitement unparalleled. James flicked his tongue across her sensitive asshole and she squealed once more, but in utter delight. Her legs buckled and straightened as she held on to the railing. Her gaze was fixed on the silver suited man. He seemed to never look away. Was she imagining it? Was he smiling at her. James spanked her one final time and pulled his attention away.


Anna moaned her displeasure. “No! Don’t stop. Please!”


He walked up beside her and placed his hand roughly on her neck, “Do you think you’re in charge princess?”


She shook her head, “No. I just–” she took in a gulp of air, “–sorry.”


“Better.” he smiled and kissed her sweetly on the forehead. As he did his hand trailed down her taut back and over her buzzing and slightly stinging ass. He cupped his hand around her mound and gently caressed her moistness. She moaned again and unconsciously arched her back once more, spreading her legs once more, rotating her hips once more. He cupped and softly stroked the tender lips of her slickened pussy, trailing on finger down between her folds mimicking what he had just done with his tongue. She moaned once more and wiggled her encouragement. “You want more don’t you?” he asked soothingly, whispering into her ear.


She nodded. “Yes. Please.” she requested, capitulating to his authority over her.


Without a further word, he slipped a finger into her waiting pussy. She gasped with the touch. She felt her body grip him as he entered her savoring the feeling of being filled, even if it was only a finger.


James kissed her cheek and neck as he slid his finger deeper. As he pulled it back he continued to kiss, lick and nibble his way down her back. She continued to moan with every new sensation. She was already in her own little world. She forgot the balcony. She forgot the silver suited man and the street below. It was all at once just her, and James. She quivered and with that cue James slid a second finger into her, then shortly after a third. She was having a hard time holding herself back. Anna felt as if she would cum already but she wanted to wait for it.


She felt his lips on her ear gently kissing. He whispered to her, “I know you want more than this. I can tell princess. You’re already so wet you want me to be inside you.”


“Yes.” she hissed.


“You want my cock thrusting into you.”




“You want me to fuck you here in front of everyone.”


“Yes.” Anna was aching for it. She was desperately holding on to what was left of her composure. She took in a gasp of air each time James pushed his fingers back into her. He was right. She wanted it to be him. She wanted his cock to be deep inside her. She wanted to feel his heat pulsate into her. She craved it with every ounce of her being.


“Well, that’s just too bad,” James said abruptly pulling his hand away from her and spanking her one last time.


He turned away from Anna and walked into the suite, leaving her standing on the balcony quivering and aching to be finished. “The fuck?” is all she managed to mumble.


“Stay put,” James commanded as he crossed through the open patio door.


Anna stood awkwardly on the balcony, but she did as she was told. A minute later, which felt like an eternity to Anna, James came back with something in his hand.


“We’re out of ice.” he said dryly.




“And I want you to go get some.” he said without any hint of emotion.


“But–I have no clothes.” she blurted.


“Oh I think you could manage, it’s not that far.” He held out the bucket for her. When she didn’t grab it immediately he shook it from side to side. Anna snapped it out of his hand and started to walk back into the suite. As she did she could smell the sweet scent of her excitement wafting through the air.


“He better fuck the shit out of me after this,” was the sole thought that populated Anna’s brain. She walked through the suite and reached the door to the hall. She turned and looked at James, “Really?”


He nodded, “Really.”


Anna opened the door and luckily found the hallway to be empty. Before she could lose her nerve she started running down the hallway with nothing but an ice bucket. Her heart was pounding and she felt breathless as she rounded the corner at the end of the hall. She looked left, and then right not even sure which direction to go in order to reach the ice machine. On her right, she heard a door and then people talking, so the decision was easy, she went left.


Practically sprinting down the hall she saw only an exit sign and a door to stairs. “Shit!” Turning abruptly she hugged the wall and did her best to look invisible while she inched her way back to the previous junction. She could still hear the voices of people approaching. It was inevitable. Soon she would be seen. She braced herself, took a calming breath, and then without thinking just started walking in the direction of the voices.


She strode down the hall now with the apparent air of confidence. Each step took her closer and closer to the people ahead of her still talking in the hallway. They were getting their bags organized and hadn’t yet looked up to notice her. The first to notice was their son. He stood opened mouthed while Anna approached. Eventually, the mom of the dumbstruck child looked over to see what he was staring at. “Oh–oh my.” she blubbered with a little giggle. Her husband looked up as well and Anna could tell he was having a hard time how to handle this.


“Good evening,” Anna said with a smile. “Do you know where the ice machine is? We ran out.” she wiggled the bucket in front of her.


The husband snapped back to reality but couldn’t articulate himself more than just saying, “Uhhh.”


His wife looked at him and frowned. “It’s at the end of the hall dear. Are you ok?”


“Yes.” Anna rolled her eyes. “It was a dare, sorry.”


The adults laughed and shrugged as their son continued to stare. “I see, well–um good luck?” the wife said with a smile.


“Thanks,” Anna said and continued past them down the hall. She was certain she was going to throw James over the balcony for this.


After retrieving a bucket’s worth of ice Anna head back to the suite. She was in far less of a hurry this time. She reached the door without further incident and knocked. There was no answer.


She knocked again and whispered, “James, hurry up and open the door.”


Again no answer.


The nerves and panic began to rise up within her. She was locked out of her suite. She had no clothes. No ID. Her purse was on the coffee table in the sitting room and that was it. If he didn’t answer the door what would she do? How could she face the trip down to the front desk? How could she stand at the front desk, completely naked and explain to them how she needed another keycard. “Fuck.”


“Yes?” James finally said from the other side of the door.


“Let me in.” she pleaded as quietly as possible.


“Not before you say something first.”


“Please.” she groaned, extending the word as you do when you’re forced to say it as a child.


“No. Not that, but that’s a good start.” James opened the door a crack but the chain was still on.


“What then?”


“You said before it was a long time since you kissed a man other than your husband.”


“Uh huh.”


“I want you to admit you lied.”




“You lied. I know it. You know it. I want complete honesty, Anna. Without honesty how can we build trust?”


Anna opened her mouth to protest but realized she had nothing to bargain with and nothing to gain by continuing to lie. “Ok–ok fine. I lied. Happy?”


“No. I want the truth. It’s not good enough to say you lied. You have to admit the truth.”


Behind Anna she could hear the elevator open and new voices coming down the hallway. “Ok fine. I lied. It hasn’t been a long time.”


“How long has it been since you kissed a man other than your husband?” James asked again.


“Other than you on the balcony–”




She sighed and rolled her eyes, “Well a couple of weeks ago there was another guy I had in this suite.”




“And? And what? We fucked. Ok? Is that what you want to hear? I like having sex. Ok? What’s wrong with that?”


“Nothing. Does your husband know?”


“I–I think he might? I don’t know. Why are you asking me this James? Can I please just come in? People are coming.” she pressed herself nervously up against the door hoping to convince him.


“So you don’t care if your husband finds out?”


“Why are you asking me this James? I just–want to come in ok? I’m not even mad about the dress I just want in.”


“Answer the question.”


“Yes, I care. I–I don’t want to hurt his feelings,” she admitted. “He’s just–not enough for me. You know?”


“I know. Now come inside Anna, you look ridiculous out there.” He opened the door and pulled her inside.


Surprisingly once more Anna wasn’t as upset as she thought she would be. The relief of telling someone about her infidelity was liberating. She immediately felt closer to James. “That was kind of mean James,” she said in a vain attempt to regain the upper hand.


“No. I don’t think so,” he said dryly looking down at her nakedness in his arms. “I think you needed to say it. I think you needed to tell someone.”


She glared at him, “Maybe.” she handed him the ice bucket.


“Good girl.” he took the bucket from her. He fished a cube out of the bucket and popped it into his mouth. “Now,” he smirked at her, the cube clicking on his teeth and pushing out his cheek “do you want to stay here or go to the balcony?”


Anna giggled and without answering started walking back out to the balcony.


“I thought so.” he grinned and followed her nakedness back onto the balcony.


Anna walked to the railing and peered out again at the office across the street. The silver-suited man was gone. She felt disappointed in that. She turned to look where James was and found him instead sitting at the table. He popped another ice cube into his mouth, then took one out and held it up for her. She wanted to ignore him. It was irritating this hold he had over her, and yet it was somehow liberating. She took a deep breath and decided to let her ego fall away. She walked towards him as if she was a predator stalking her prey.


James smiled benevolently, continuing to hold the ice out in his hand. Anna reached out, cupped her hand under his, then drew his hand closer to her as she bent over to meet him. She stared into his beautiful eyes and opened her mouth. Her tongue snaked out of her mouth licking the drips from his hand, then taking one finger into her mouth and sucking on it before releasing it and moving onto the next. Deftly she took the ice cube into her mouth still staring at James before grinning and crushing the ice between her teeth. She giggled and bit her lip. With a gentle motion, she slid her hand up the inside of his thigh all the way to his crotch. She could already feel the heat emanating from him. His cock getting stiffer by the second.


Gingerly she plucked the tab of his zipper and slowly pulled it down. She was rewarded as his cock continued to push outward against the fabric of his underwear. She grazed the tip of his manhood through his underwear and she reveled as he twitched.
She smiled maliciously up at him. The tables were about to be turned.


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