Part 1 – Spellbound


“When’s the last time you kissed someone other than your husband,” he asked. If it was anyone else Anna would have taken it as rude but he was different.


“A long time I think.”


“Can you even remember?” he pushed.




“And how was it?”


She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Holding her drink in her hands she played with the straw. Her delicate fingers tapped it from side to side before she stopped and brought the blood red drink to her lips. She stared at James. There was a fierceness in her eyes that James could see growing. Lightly she placed the drink down, licked her lips and took a breath. “It was–nice.” she finally replied. “It was soft, sensual,” as she spoke she swayed from side to side ever so slightly. She looked like a cross between a cat and a coiled serpent. “But it was over too quickly. It didn’t work out.”


“Why’d you do it?” he asked. He was actively trying to push her buttons.


“You know why.”


“I want to hear you say it.”


“Because when you spend as much time with one man as I have, you get–bored.”


“Poor girl is bored is she?” he said it in such a condescending tone it was hard to tell if he actually was annoyed with her or was still playing their little game. “You have a wonderful husband who showers you with anything you could possibly want and yet you want more.”


“I didn’t say I wanted more–just–different.”


“And I’m different.” he leaned forward on the table his blue eyes twinkled in the dim light of the restaurant.

Anna leaned in to meet him “Yes you are.” She smirked devilishly and finished her drink never breaking her gaze with James.


“So all I am is your play thing am I?”


“For now.”


He shook his head. “I think you’re wrong my dear.”


“Am I?”


“I think it is you who are my play thing.”


She smiled mischievously. She liked this one. This one was different. This one didn’t know when to back down. “How exhilarating,” she thought to herself.


“We shall see.” she giggled. “Come on, let’s go.” She opened her purse and tossed a few bills on the table before standing to leave. She was dressed better than anyone else in the room. Her clothes clung to her trim body. They emphasized her slim but strong figure drawing attention to all the right places and she knew it. She could feel the eyes of the other patrons on her. It filled her with a sense of pride. She looked back over at James. He smiled at her and nodded his head to get going. Stifling a giggle she started out the door. She played with her wedding ring as she did. She knew she probably should feel bad, but she was morally ambivalent and the rush of this new conquest was like blood in the water around a ravenous shark. What came next was inevitable at this point.


“My car or yours.” she heard his gravelly voice demand.


“You take yours. I’ll take mine.” she smirked before continuing, “I’ll race you there.”


James laughed. He stood next to his truck. She stood next to her corvette. “Winner gets?”


“…to be in charge.” she finished. Anna pulled open her door and looked back at him, “Need a head start?” she mocked.


“Nope. You’re going to lose.” he laughed and with surprising agility yanked his door open and jumped inside in one smooth motion. “See you there, princess.” he winked.


Anna bit her lip excitedly and threw herself into the car. Moments later she was peeling out of the parking lot with the same patrons staring at her who had stared at her earlier.


In less than fifteen minutes she was at the hotel. She couldn’t see any indication that James had arrived. As the valet walked around to let her out, however, she pegged the pedal to the floor and peeled away leaving the valet standing confused. She pulled around to the backside of the hotel and waited. A little while later she saw the cherry red truck James was driving. He wasn’t even in a hurry. She frowned. It would have been better if he was at least trying. Anna pulled around the block and arrived directly behind the truck. The same valet that she left standing in the aisle looked at her curiously but just shrugged and shook his head. He opened the door for Anna and she stepped out. She handed him a bill and his ambivalence turned into a smile. “Thanks!” he beamed. Anna just walked away, taking the ticket from his hand without a word and heading into the lobby after James.


“Did you even try?” she clapped him on the shoulder.


He turned to her as if she was some annoying nat. “Did I even need to?” his eyes twinkled at her and Anna felt her insides turn upside down. “I saw you peeling out, Anna.” He leaned in to whisper in her ear, “You want me in charge so badly you had to cheat for me.” he nibbled her ear gently and stood back up.


“Fucker.” she snorted. With a sigh, she pulled him out of the line to speak to the concierge. “Come on, I already have a suite.” She walked ahead towards the bank of elevators, keycard at the ready. She was so distracted by her annoyance with James she didn’t notice her friend waving at her from the lobby sitting room.


Once in the elevator she inserted the card and hit the button for the top floor. She could see James shake his head and she could hear him quietly chuckle. “What’s so funny,” she said, turning to face him.


“You Anna. You.”


She sneered at him. “Enough James. Do you think I need you? I could have any man I wanted to come and see me here.”


“But you want me.”


His confidence irritated her, “I want you like I want a pair of shoes. You’re just cute and a decent fit.”


“Anna if I’m anything I’m a pair of boots–” he smiled from ear to ear “–and those boots are gonna walk all over you.”


Anna groaned but couldn’t help but crack a small smile.


The elevator opened and she strode out with confidence walking ahead of James reminiscent of her days as a runway model. Her hips dashed from side to side as she took long confident steps. James didn’t attempt to keep up. He kept his own pace and enjoyed the view. He once more didn’t appear to be in a hurry. Anna looked over her shoulder to see if she was looking at her, only to see he was 20 feet behind her.


Annoyed, she reached the end of the hall and placed the keycard in the door before pushing it open. By the time she had done that James had finally arrived. She looked over her shoulder at him, “Taking your sweet time James? Do you even want to be here?” Just as the last word escaped her lips she felt nervous. Her stomach flipped again and she turned to him. Her hand on the door, standing in the doorway, she waited for his response which was coming far too slow for her liking. “Well?”


“I won didn’t I,” he said, not as a question but a simple statement.


Anna was thrown, “Y-yes. Ok yes, I guess you did. So?”


“Then how about you shut the fuck up and get into the room princess.”


It was like being slapped across the face. She furrowed her brow, “Excuse me?”


“I think you heard me.” he whispered before motioning her into the room.


She stood for a moment with her mouth open before turning back into the room and walking forward, decidedly less confident than she was only minutes before.


“Good girl.” he cooed.


Despite herself, Anna smiled at that. She walked into the spacious suite. There was a large sitting room with an enormous tv and a leather couch. Behind that, a door that went to the bedroom. Straight ahead the full-length window looked out upon the city below. There was a sliding door to access to the oversized balcony which had a table and chairs positioned to the right of a small private pool. The suite was not the fanciest that Anna had ever been in, but she had a feeling it cost her husband a pretty penny which made her smile even more.


She turned to James as she stood in the middle of the sitting room. She expected him to be looking around, impressed with what her money could buy. He instead looked disinterested. “Don’t you like it?” she asked. She could feel her nervousness welling up again.


“It’s alright I suppose. A little stuffy, but I guess it’s a good match for you,” he smirked again putting Anna off-balance.


“Stuffy? You’re saying I’m stuffy?”




James took a step towards her and Anna braced herself. She almost closed her eyes as she expected him to carry her away to the bedroom. Instead, he walked right past her and out onto the balcony. Anna was left standing in the sitting room. Her mouth open in unfiltered surprise. She turned to look at James but he wasn’t looking back at her. He was gazing out at the view stopping only to reach down and test the temperature of the water, before standing and looking outward again.


Anna huffed and walked out onto the balcony to join him. He still didn’t turn around. It was as if she wasn’t there. She could have been the maid for all he cared. “Why do you say I’m stuffy?”


“Because you are, Anna,” James answered, still not turning to look at her. “That’s why I’ve been calling you princess.”


Anna twitched. She thought princess was a term of endearment, and yet this man was using it as–an insult? “You–you think I’m stuck up huh?”




“You think I–I’m some stuffy stuck up bitch huh?” she was practically spitting the words at him.


He partially turned his head to her direction but he still didn’t give her his full attention. It vexed her greatly. “Your words not mine princess.”


“I’ll have you know–” but she stopped herself.


James slowly turned around and smiled at Anna. Her contempt for him was visible on her face. She should by all rights kick him out. But she wasn’t going to. He knew it already, and Anna had just realized it. “You want this, Anna. I know you do.” he practically growled at her. “You need someone who’s not going to just be your plaything. That’s why you’re bored. That’s why none of your toys ever last. You’re used to being spoiled. You’re used to getting your own way. But now what are you going to do?”


“I–I” she stammered and James just smiled benevolently at her. “Fuck you, James.”


“Fuck me? Fuck you,” he growled back at her. “Come here,” he commanded.


Anna twitched again but did exactly as he said. She walked over to him and stood right in front of him. “Yes?” she could hear her voice tremble but it wasn’t out of fear. She could feel her hands buzzing. Her eyes darted over James’ body looking at his strong shoulders, his jet black hair, his thick forearms and thicker legs. She looked at him as if it was the first time she had seen him. Like she was a doe caught alone in the forest and a hungry wolf was approaching. Was she scared? No this wasn’t fear at all. This was–exhilaration. She bit her lip and waited.


“Turn around,” he instructed and she did so. Slowly turning her body until her back was to him. He placed his warm solid rough hand on her neck and she jumped. With surprising tenderness, he unhooked the clasp at the top of her dress and slowly pulled the zipper down. As he did her skin was exposed to the cool air blowing across the balcony. It made Anna tense up as she felt a shiver pass through her body. “Now face me.”


She did as he instructed. Continuing to rotate on the same spot until they were face to face. Her eyes darted all over his face now, looking for some sign of what was to come. She stood awkwardly in the silence just waiting for him to tell her what to do next. “Yes?”


He put up his hand to shh her and she immediately closed her mouth. “Let it fall,” he said calmly.


Anna rotated her shoulder a little and allowed the thin fabric to slip off. I dropped to the ground in a light fluffy mess. She looked down at it and bit her lip. Why was she so nervous? A former model she had walked in front of hundreds at a time with less than this on. Yet here she was shivering not from the cold, but with nervousness. She couldn’t even bear to bring her eyes up to look at him.


She felt his warm hand on her again, cupping her chin lightly and pulling it up to force her to look at him. She grasped her hands together and squeezed them to keep from shaking. “Look at me.” he requested. His voice was so soft now. Soothing and consoling. She looked into his eyes. The fierceness in them pooled up. She gazed from eye to eye, unable to focus on both of them at the same time. He did nothing. He only held her chin there so she couldn’t turn away. But she couldn’t turn away. Even if he wasn’t holding her she couldn’t tear herself away from staring into his sea blue eyes. They twinkled in the light. The corners of his eyes creased with smile lines. His skin was not pale and smooth like some overly made up Hollywood star. He had flaws. He looked rough. Manly. Intoxicatingly so. Anna heard a barely audible whimper and it took a moment to realize it was her own voice.


“Now the rest. Take it off,” he commanded. The soothing voice was hypnotic to Anna. She felt it was impossible to deny him this.


She reached behind her and unclasped her bra. The laced garment dropped to the floor next to her dress. She put her thumbs inside the waistband of her panties and paused. James closed his eyes and nodded as if to say, “Yes them too.”


Without waiting for him to repeat himself she pulled her panties down to the floor and then stepped out of them. She stood up slowly again. Her legs practically shaking from nerves and excitement now. Despite her reservations, she was standing naked on a balcony on the 15th floor of a hotel. If she wasn’t so nervous she would be able to revel in the moment. But she couldn’t help but feel–helpless.


“Good girl.” he smiled. He cupped her chin again and she smiled at him. He kissed her lightly on the cheek before reaching down and picking up the three pieces of clothing. He looked at her and without a hint of malice placed his arm over the balcony handrail and dropped them.


The dress took off in the wind like a kite. There was no hope of retrieving it. Anna watched it sail away and much to her surprise, she wasn’t the least bit mad. She somehow felt that it was the right thing to do. It needed to be done, and James had done it for her. He smiled at her, “You’re already more beautiful than you’ve ever been before.”


She smiled back at him and awaited his next instruction.



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