Heated – Part 3

Heated – Part 3

Part 3 – Ice Ice Baby


“Mmm,” Anna moaned to herself, “that looks tasty.” She looked up at James and smiled. Her eyes twinkled in the late afternoon light. “May I?” she asked politely. Her hand hovering over James cloth covered cock.


He nodded.


She marveled at its shape. She could already make out the ridge of the head of his phallus, the thick veiny beast of manhood pulsated under her light touch. She could feel the heat emanating from him. Anna ran her thumb and forefinger up and down the sides of his sex, pulling the fabric closer and making it easier to see his shape. She unconsciously licked her lips. The coolness of the ice tantalizing her own skin as she did so. Looking up at James she slowly reached through the opening in his underwear and fished his manhood out. He twisted his hips a little to help and grunted as it was suddenly released from the confines of his clothes. Anna continued to stare into his eyes. She wanted him so badly but she wanted it to last. She wanted to savor this moment. She wanted to savor…him.

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Heated – Part 2

Heated – Part 2

Part 2 – The Ice Bucket Challenge


“Come closer,” he asked softly. Anna shuffled forward slowly. Her eyes darted from left to right as she regained her composure and realized all at once that she was completely exposed. She could see into an office building across the street from her. She could easily make out the employees going about their daily routines. If they only looked up and looked outside they would see her standing here in all her naked glory. She felt a surge of heat course through her body as her limbs began to tingle with anxious anticipation. This–excited her. She wouldn’t have thought it could, or would, but it did. She continued to shuffle forward towards James.


When she was finally within arm’s reach he grabbed her and pulled her close. His strength poured into her and she felt all at once that she was his for the taking. She would have wanted to play this differently. She would have wanted to be the one in control. The one dictating the pace. She preferred to have her men under her thumb to do with as she saw fit. To use as she saw fit. To dispose of when she saw fit. That was what she wanted to do. That was her plan at least. But now standing here in the arms of this asshole James, she was more excited than she’d been in a long long time.


He bent down to her and whispered into her ear, “You look beautiful Anna. Your body should always be naked. You should always be on display. Men would come from all over to marvel at your beauty. You’d stand there and smile while they dreamed of you. Imagining you touching their filthy cocks. Imagining you fucking each one of them one after the other.” He bit her ear but continued. “But you wouldn’t have to do that. You wouldn’t have to touch any of them, or be fucked by any of those dirty slimy men. You know why?”

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Heated – Part 1

Heated – Part 1

Part 1 – Spellbound


“When’s the last time you kissed someone other than your husband,” he asked. If it was anyone else Anna would have taken it as rude but he was different.


“A long time I think.”


“Can you even remember?” he pushed.




“And how was it?”


She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Holding her drink in her hands she played with the straw. Her delicate fingers tapped it from side to side before she stopped and brought the blood red drink to her lips. She stared at James. There was a fierceness in her eyes that James could see growing. Lightly she placed the drink down, licked her lips and took a breath. “It was–nice.” she finally replied. “It was soft, sensual,” as she spoke she swayed from side to side ever so slightly. She looked like a cross between a cat and a coiled serpent. “But it was over too quickly. It didn’t work out.”


“Why’d you do it?” he asked. He was actively trying to push her buttons.


“You know why.”


“I want to hear you say it.”


“Because when you spend as much time with one man as I have, you get–bored.”


“Poor girl is bored is she?” he said it in such a condescending tone it was hard to tell if he actually was annoyed with her or was still playing their little game. “You have a wonderful husband who showers you with anything you could possibly want and yet you want more.”


“I didn’t say I wanted more–just–different.”


“And I’m different.” he leaned forward on the table his blue eyes twinkled in the dim light of the restaurant.

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