One-Forty or Less – Chapter 16

After several hours of working Sasha finally waved her hands in surrender. “I need to stop. My brain is mush.” Sasha sighed, exasperated. There was just so much dry information to remember. “How do you keep all of this in your brain!?”

Jonathan shrugged, “It’s easy.”

“Maybe for you.”

“It’s just mnemonics.”

“Meh whats?”

“Mnemonics. I have systems in place for memorizing information quickly.”


He nodded. “Yes.”

“Ok, teach me one of those so I can memorize the rest of this stuff. Otherwise, I’m dead.”

Jonathan opened his mouth to speak but Sasha put her hand up, “After a little break. My brain needs space.”

“Your brain needs rest and a dose of glucose.”

“Ice cream and a nap? Sounds like a plan.”

Jonathan looked at her quizzically unable to determine if this was a joke or not.

“Come on genius, I’m not joking, let’s go get ice cream.”

After Jonathan drove them to a popular ice cream shop off campus they sat down. Sasha looked hungrily at her ice cream covered brownie as Jonathan attempted to count how many nuts were on his sundae.

“So, Jonathan,”


“I’m assuming you don’t have a girlfriend right now right?”

“No, I don’t.”

“Right, because if you did you wouldn’t have jumped into the shower with me right?”

“No, I suppose not.”

“When,” Sasha took a large slurp of melting ice cream, “when’s the last time you were in a relationship?”

“With a girl?”

Sasha looked up from her treat, “Uh or whoever, I guess. Not judging.”

Jonathan raised his eyebrow in confusion, “High school.”

“Oh so not that long ago,” Sasha nodded then realized her mistake.

“I graduated from high school when I was…”

“Eleven, shit that’s right. So geez that was a long time ago then.”

“I suppose. Depends on your frame of reference.”

“So, have you been–”

“–with a woman?”


“Are you asking if I’m a virgin?”


He shook his head, “No.”

“Wait what?”

“You asked if I’m a virgin. I’m not.”

Sasha stared at the young man in confusion, “but you said your last girlfriend was in high school.”

“She was, but that doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to have sex with someone when not in a relationship.”

Thinking back to last night Sasha felt guilty for making that assumption, “I suppose not, no. So have you been with–a lot of girls?”

“Again, it depends on your frame of reference. I could say that yes, I’ve been with a lot of girls if I was comparing myself to you perhaps, but if I was comparing myself to someone like Magic Johnson then I would say no. Not that many.”

“Magic Johnson? Wait–comparing yourself to me?”

“Yes. You slept with that girl from last night didn’t you?”

“What? How–”

“So that makes one for you. I’ve been with more than one woman so that might seem like a lot compared to you.”

“–hold up how did you know I slept with her?”

“I drove you two back to your place late at night. I never drove her home, and when I was in your room this morning it smelt like the other woman’s perfume.”

“Jesus. You’re like a young Sherlock Holmes or something.”

“Thank you. He’s actually one of my greatest fictional idols of all time.” he beamed and finally thrust his spoon into his melting sundae having completed the task of counting peanuts.

“Ok, but please be discrete. I don’t want everyone knowing.”

“Except Iria.”

“Except Iria,” Sasha nodded. She stirred her spoon into the mushy brownie that was left. “I’m still curious Jonathan. How many girls?”





“Most were one on one but a few times–”

“–no I meant. Wait what? Most were one on one? What do you mean most?”

Jonathan looked at Sasha blankly for a moment. “Most as in the majority were one on one. There were a few times that I was with several girls simultaneously.”

“You mean–like a threesome?”


Sasha stared at the young man and just mouthed the word without saying it, “How?”


She nodded.

“Well–I suppose you’re asking how I managed to have sex with them, not in the manner in which I had sex with them, correct?”

She nodded her head, confirming his deduction.

“You’re asking how, because that seems like a high number to you given my age and the fact I’m not what you consider to be sexually appealing.”

She shook her head again, “No I didn’t mean it like that–I just–I don’t know–”

“It’s alright, sexual attractiveness is very subjective. So to answer your question, it was because of my dad.”

“Your dad?” Sasha scrunched her face up in confusion.

“Yes. He’s not–like me. He’s what you would call, normal.”


“He was worried that because of my behavior I’d be denied access to female companionship. He was right to think so. I know I’m smart, but I miss a lot of social cues and it makes being with a woman awkward. They don’t see me as a potential mate, only some nerdy weird kid.”

Sasha nodded. A flash of regret shot through her brain as she realized that was exactly how she saw him. “So, what, your dad gave you tips on how to score with women?”

“I suppose he did a little bit, but the biggest thing he did was take me to the swinger club he and mom used to go to.”

“Swinger club?”

“Yes. My parents used to be swingers before my mom got sick and passed. Normally they don’t let single guys in by themselves, but they made an exception for me and my dad.”

“Still, isn’t it weird to have your dad there?”

“Well, he didn’t watch. He just drove me there, explained the rules, and let me explore.”

Sasha’s mind couldn’t help but wander, thinking about the sights that Jonathan had seen in this club. She smirked despite herself. “So you had your first time? At a swingers club?”

Jonathan nodded, “Dad said it would better to learn from the best.”

“I suppose that makes sense. They’d definitely be comfortable with the subject.”

He nodded again, “Yes, so my dad and I went every second Friday for a while after I turned 18.”

“Jesus, so it was with different people every time?”

“Yes. Actually, men kept bringing me their wives. I guess I got a reputation.”

Sasha thought of Jonathan’s naked body in the shower and smiled, “I bet. So all of the women, all of the twenty-two were at this club?”

“No, not all. Seventeen of them were, the rest were elsewhere.”

Sasha shook her head still in disbelief. Seventeen? Twenty-two? Here she was, three years older than him, and she’d been with two guys total. One a slightly drunken moment at prom that was thankfully over quickly, and the other was her ex-boyfriend that she met in her first year in university. Since him, she had been the model of chastity, though not really by choice. Somehow after the first year, it got harder to meet guys who she really thought had potential. It was hard not to feel like she was missing out. Especially with Iria as a roommate now. “Elsewhere? What do you mean?”

“Well, one of the women was a teacher’s aide at the university. We met at the club, but then when I ran into her on campus she wanted to set up some parties that weren’t at the club.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well she had told her friends about me I guess so they wanted to have a girls night with me as their entertainment.”

He said it so deadpanned Sasha couldn’t help but laugh. “So what you did a strip show for them?”

“No, they did one for me. Then we had sex.”

“How many were there? Like, how many friends?”


“Five?” Sasha laughed again shaking her head, “You had a—uh fivesome?”

“Not really. She had five friends there, so that actually makes six total, and seven if you add me. I don’t think there’s a name for that, though.”

“Yeah there is, it’s a fucking orgy! Un-fucking-believable!” Sasha exclaimed louder than she intended. Multiple patrons in the parlor turned to look at her but she avoided their eyes.

“I guess.” he shrugged nonchalantly. “It was fun, but I wouldn’t do it again.”


“It’s too complicated. Trying to keep track of everyone and everything is hard, even for me.”

Sasha laughed again, “I suppose. Did the girls get jealous when you weren’t–giving them attention?”

He nodded, “Yes I suppose so, but they also did some lesbian stuff like you so it kept them occupied.”

Sasha blushed, “Hey I told you to keep that quiet.”

“We should get back. You need to study.”

The whole drive back Sasha sat in silence. She felt like she’d been missing out her whole adult life. Her sexual adventure passport only had a single stamp right now and she felt the driving urge to fill it up.

Jonathan parked and without a moment’s hesitation strode over to her side of the car to let her out. She took his hand in hers and looked at him. “Jonathan?”


“Do you think–” she nibbled on her lip nervously, “–do you think you could take me to this club sometime?”

He helped her out of the vehicle and looked at her passively. He seemed to be mulling over the question longer than Sasha would have expected. “I’m not sure if you’re mature enough for it.”

“Mature enough? I’m older than you are Jonathan. I think I’m plenty mature.”

“Yes, you’re older than me, but I don’t know if you’re ready for the experience Sasha.” He placed his hand on her shoulder briefly, before letting it drop. “You’re still embarrassed about last night with the other girl.”

Sasha blushed involuntarily and shook her head in defiance. “I’m not–embarrassed. I’m just–cautious.”

“What happens then if you come to the club and you see people you know there? What if you come and you see one of your profs? Or a friend’s parents? Or your parents? Could you handle that situation?”

Sasha stood for a moment, mulling over the question just as he did, “I’d like to think I could–but you’re probably right.”

“I am.”

“Iria says I need to be more comfortable in my own skin.”

“She’s correct.”

“Well, how am I supposed to do that?”

He shrugged. “I don’t have all the answers, Sasha. I’m just your tutor.”

He smirked and Sasha caught herself admiring him. “Uh huh.” she clapped him on the shoulder, “Ok then Mr. Know-it-all, lead the way.” she motioned to her apartment building and the odd couple walked on.  


As they walked, Sasha watched Jonathan move in front of her. Her brain stripped away his clothes and she found herself gawking at his nakedness. His smooth skin and slight figure rippling with cords of muscle just below the surface. She imagined him sitting atop a throne in some medieval period piece as supplicants offered up their wives for his satisfaction. At his feet, she saw herself, naked except for a couple of ornamental gold plated chains. She was looking up at him longingly but Jonathan didn’t return her gaze. He was looking at another random woman being offered to him, utterly bored. She saw herself reaching up to touch him and he finally looked at her. Sasha shuddered again, concentrating on studying was going to be difficult.




Feeling pushed. New approach needed?

Feeling pushed. New approach needed?

I’ve been trying to chisel away at this story I’ve been working on lately. The “One-Forty-or Less” story. As much as I would like to continue it, I have been feeling increasingly restricted by it. The story needs something new, something different and I can’t quite put my finger on it. Next week’s chapter may take the story in a slightly different direction and I hope that those of you that have been along for the ride so far, will be ok with that. If you’re not, however, I’d like to get that feedback.


In the meantime, I’ve also been chipping away at a possible side story just for Iria. I haven’t decided if it’s going to be in the past or in the future, but it won’t be about her directly. Instead, Iria will be a secondary character in someone else’s life story. I’m still playing around with the idea, and maybe it’s a little too much to try to force her into this story, but I kind of like her character and I’d like to see her in different situations.


I’d also like to try something different soon. As much as I’ve been purposefully trying to write with an emphasis on character development, it’s become a little too work heavy. What I mean is, it’s like doing homework. It’s hard to keep motivated when that’s all I’m doing. So I think, for a change, I may write a few purely hedonistic pieces just so I can keep that tool sharp. If there’s something that you’d like to see, I welcome the input.

Until next time.


One-Forty or Less – Chapter 15

Chapter 15


The next morning Sasha woke up to a crash coming from the kitchen, followed by “Shhhhhhhit.” Apparently Iria was already up. Sasha looked over at her phone to see the time, blinking hard as she tried to focus. “8am? Are you fucking kidding me?” she whispered to herself. She coughed once to ensure her voice was ready then yelled, “Keep it down you fucking robot!”


Iria merely chuckled and continued making breakfast. Sasha hated the fact that Iria could bounce back from late nights with little to no repercussions which made it even more fun for Iria. She started purposefully clanging pots and spatulas and anything else that was within reach. Moments later she was rewarded with a groan of annoyance emanating from Sasha’s room.


“Gah! So much noise! You’re the clumsiest robot ever! I’m fucking returning you to whatever crazy Hong Kong coin-op vending machine you came from!”


Iria pushed Sasha’s door open and peeked through to see the redhead trying to bury her head in her pillow. “That’s racist you ass, and get up. You need to study.”


Sasha replied with another groan and through her pillow at the door. It flopped pointlessly between the bed and the door, never reaching its intended target. “While you’re at it, you should hit the gym. What sort of candy ass throw was that?”


Another groan. “Fuck….off.”


“Coffee is ready. Scrambled eggs and bacon are about 3 minutes away. Get into the shower now or I’ll dump this cup of ice water on your head.”


Sasha turned to look at the door and groaned again upon seeing that Iria did indeed have a cup of ice water in her hand. “Fine. I’m up.”


“Good. Jonathan already called. He said he’ll be here in an hour.”


“Ugh.” Sasha turned to look at her phone again. 8:03am. “This stinks.”


“And so do you.”




“You smell like…” Iria sniffed the air mockingly, “…like greased up women parts.”




“You stink. Get up. Shower that Jessica residue off you and come get breakfast. Ok slut?”




Iria giggled and headed back to the kitchen, “You heard me.”


Sasha ran her hand through her hair and yawned while stretching her arms out wide then over her head. Her entire body shuddered with the final exhalation and shivers ran through her unexpectedly. She felt calm. Subdued. As if she had just had a spa day at some fancy hotel like the Capri. Unfortunately, however, she did not smell like she had a spa day. Dragging her body out of bed she stumbled naked out her room and into the bathroom to shower.


“Hurry up,” Iria shouted from the kitchen, “food is ready and it’s gonna get cold.”


Sasha nodded and closed the door to the bathroom.


In the kitchen, Iria had filled both her plate and Sasha’s before walking them over to the table. She looked out of the living room window and cast her thoughts away onto Anthony. She missed him already. Waking up alone in her bed was depressing. She actually was looking forward to sleeping with Jessica. Not because of any lingering bisexual urges, but simply because it would be nice to wake up with a warm body in her bed. It was a King sized bed, after all, and while Sasha and she joked about swimming in it, the size of it did make Iria feel a little lonely.


Iria took a sip of her coffee and then inhaled deeply, enjoying the scent of the liquid. It soothed her, as her thoughts trailed off like morning mist on the lake.


She was brought back to reality with the arrival of a damp and towel wrapped Sasha. She leaned over and kissed Iria on the cheek, “Thanks for breakfast hun. Sorry, I threw a pillow at you.”


Iria turned and smiled, “It’s ok. It was such a weak throw I wasn’t exactly worried.”


“No I suppose not,” she said with a smile. “Well, this isn’t the Hotel Capri, but this breakfast looks delish.”


Iria smirked at Sasha and curtseyed.


“Speaking of the Hotel Capri, is Anthony in town much longer?” Sasha managed to ask between bites of bacon.


“No, I don’t think so. He’s supposed to have one last meeting tonight, and after…” she trailed off.


“…he’s going back home to the…” Sasha interjected.


“The wife, yes.”


In that moment of silence between words lay more thoughts and feelings than either had the stomach to express. Sasha gave a nearly imperceptible nod and took a sip of coffee. Iria did the same in kind. Sasha wanted to reach out and hug her roommate and friend. She wanted to pull her close and let her know she understood and to reassure Iria it would be ok. But Iria was not the type to accept it.


After a moment had passed as the two sat in silence Iria said, “It’s a bit of a sham marriage. The only thing keeping them together is inertia at this point.” She took a sip of coffee then shook her head. “I don’t get it, but I guess it’s not my choice now is it.”


Sasha nodded thoughtfully, “Does he know how you feel?”


“Feel about what?”


“You know.” Sasha took a gulp of coffee which was now cool enough that it could be done safely.


“About his marriage?”




“He’s the one that said it’s like that. I mean, I guess I shouldn’t really care right. But–”


“–you do anyways.”


“Yeah.” Iria took a big breath and let it out slowly. “He’s a great guy you know?”


Sasha nodded.


“I don’t mean just because he’s a great lay. He really is a great guy.”


Sasha nodded again.


Iria frowned a bit, then turned again to look at Sasha directly. “And what about you?”




“Yes. How do you feel about last night, now that you’ve had some time to sleep on it.”


“I–I really don’t know.” Sasha pushed the remaining eggs around on her plate absentmindedly, “I mean–it…ugh. It felt good you know?”


“Uh huh.”


“But…I don’t know if I could be just…doing that all the time. You know?”


“Uh huh.”


“Jessica’s great, don’t get me wrong, it’s just….I don’t see myself as being in a relationship with her. You know?”


“Uh huh.”


“Like, friends maybe. But…girlfriends? Not like the way she wants.”


“I feel bad for Jacob,” Iria admitted.


“I know right?” Sasha scrunched up her face, “That’s gotta suck for him. Going from thinking you’re going to be with this girl forever, to her breaking up with you because she’s now into chicks. Like, that’s gotta mess with you a little don’t you think?”


“Probably.” Iria snorted, “He’s going to probably go into overdrive trying to prove his masculinity is intact.” She bit her lip a little and thought about her dream from the other night. “He’d be fun right now I think.”




“Yeah, fun.”


“How so?”


Iria looked at Sasha like she was an idiot child, “Well he’s not bad looking is he? So, imagine that on top of you, trying to prove to you how much of a man he is. Going all alpha on you. Straight up rage fuck.” She sighed and bit her lip again, “Fucking epic.”


“Good lord.” Sasha rolled her eyes, but in a part of her brain, she would never admit existed she agreed completely with Iria. “Rage fuck.” she thought. “The complete antithesis of last night. Fucking epic indeed.”


Iria, as if sensing Sasha’s thoughts, snickered “You like it down in the gutter with me don’t you.”


Sasha smirked and started to turn red. Her pale skin once again betraying her. “Maybe.” she mused, “Sometimes.”


“Oh if you only knew the thoughts that go through my head sometimes roomy.” Iria giggled. She downed the last of her coffee and abruptly stood up. “Ok, gab fest over. Hit the books. Jonathan should be here in a little bit and you need to get dressed.”


“Meh.” Sasha snorted, “He’s already seen me naked.”


Iria turned to her roommate with eyes as wide as physically possible with her Asian features, “Whaaaaat? When? How? What? and….what!?”


“Sorry, I’d love to tell you but, gab fest is over.” Sasha stood up and passed Iria on the way to the kitchen, “Gotta hit the books now.” she stated dryly before sauntering down the hallway with a gigantic grin on her face.


“You owe me a story later!” Iria bellowed from the kitchen.


“We’ll see,” Sasha yelled back and closed her bedroom door with a laugh.


Sasha flopped onto her bed and laid there for a moment with her phone open. The cursor blinked next to a gray word, “Status?” She rolled over on the bed, opened her curtains to get a better light, puckered her lips and snapped a photo. She was still only wearing a towel and barely at that. The morning light washed out a lot of the detail but there was enough to be provocative. She tagged the photo and keyed in, “What a night! Well, time to hit the books! #yolo #notfun” After briefly looking at the photo one more time to make sure it was just barely a PG-13 picture she hit submit and it was off into the ether of the internet.


Half an hour later there was a knock at the front door. Jonathan had arrived. Sasha picked herself up from the bed and went to the door to let him in.


“Good morning.” he said politely, only briefly looking into her eyes before staring at the floor.


“Good morning Jonathan.” Sasha replied, “Please come in.”


“Is that Jonathan?” came a shout from Iria’s room.




Her door opened and Iria walked briskly down the hall to greet him. “Nice to see you again Jonathan.”


He smiled and nodded, “Thanks.”


Iria looked over at Sasha and then to Jonathan, “So I hear from Sasha that you saw her naked the other day.” she grinned maliciously at Sasha who was staring daggers back at her.




“Oh yes. We had a shower together,” Jonathan said.


“I had a shower Jonathan, you just….joined in.”


He looked at her puzzled. “I thought you said we weren’t supposed to tell anyone.”




“Yet you told Iria? I’m confused.”


“It slipped out.”


“I see.” he looked over at Iria and back to Sasha, “So I can tell people too then?”


Sasha looked mortified, “No! Please don’t.”




“I trust Iria,” Sasha said, which was mostly true.


“She didn’t tell me everything, though,” Iria chimed in.


“Oh well Sasha was in the shower, and I had been thinking about how she had been acting and I calculated that…”


“Ok enough! You’re here to help me study, come on.” she grabbed Jonathan’s hand and towed him into the other room roughly. Jonathan followed, looking back at Iria like a puppy who’s been scolded.


“Ok, you can tell me later then.”


“Sure thing,” Jonathan replied before being pulled into Sasha’s room. The door slammed shut and Iria turned on her heel to go get her own books, smirking as she did. As she reached her room her phone chirped with the arrival of a text message. It was Anthony.


“I miss you.”
Iria stared at the message for a long time. Before finally replying, “I miss you too.”

One-Forty or Less – Chapter 14

Chapter 14

“I should ask you the same question, Jessica.” Jacob blurted. He pushed the door open further and walked into the apartment like a police detective searching for clues. He looked around, expecting to see someone else but saw no one. Jessica stood silent for a moment, open-mouthed and shaking her head at her ex-boyfriend’s steely determination. After looking into the living room, then down the hall and back to the kitchen, Jacob turned to Jessica and demanded, “So where is he hey?” he asked, bluntly.

“He who?” Jessica responded the venom in her words palpable.

“He who? You know who. Your new boyfriend that you latched onto as soon as you got rid of me.”

“There is no other man Jacob”

Iria, having heard the commotion shuffled back down the hallway. She brushed her hair out of her eyes and fixed her gaze at the man standing in her entryway. Despite his obvious good looks, Iria was not at all happy to see him. “Excuse me, but who are you?”

Jacob turned, surprised by the feminine voice, “I-uh” He turned back to Jessica for support but there was none to be found. “I-uh,”

As Iria stared right through him, on the other side of the hallway Sasha had come to see as well.

Jacob looked from woman to woman, and seeing nothing but angered faces he put his hands up defensively, “I-uh, sorry. I-uh, I’m Jessica’s, well I was Jessica’s,” He stopped for a moment, cleared his throat and licked his lips nervously, “I’m Jacob, and I think I’ve made a mistake here.”

“You sure did.” Jessica sneered.

Iria held up her hand to Jessica and stepped between the former couple. “Hi, I’m Iria, and this is Sasha. Since this is our apartment you’re in right now, would you care to explain why you’re here?”

Jacob, grateful for the reprieve softened a little, “Jessica’s mother was worried about her.”

Jessica groaned audibly and Jacob nodded.

“So she called me and asked me to bring her home.” He looked over at Jessica, the anger and resentment being held back but clearly bubbling at the surface, “She was, or is, unaware that Jessica broke up with me months ago. So imagine my surprise when I got the call.”

The eyes in the room turned to Jessica. She cowered slightly but retorted, “Well I–I haven’t got the chance to tell her—yet.”

Jacob rolled his eyes and was about to admonish her for being childish when his brain suddenly reported back to him that he was indeed standing in a room of women. There were no men to be seen, and the realization of what that meant suddenly dawned on him. He looked over at Iria, then back to Sasha, then to Jessica finally. “Tell her what exactly.”

“That we were broken up.”

“Why is that so hard?”

“Because–” she stammered in a half whisper, “because she’ll ask–why.”

Tears were beginning to form in Jessica’s eyes and as the glistened over Jacob covered his face, rubbed his temples and muttered, “Fuck.” It was in this moment that he realized she wasn’t just making up a story to break up with him.

“Yeah, fuck.” Jessica echoed.

Sasha and Iria looked at each other not sure what to do now. Sasha shrugged, and Iria realized it was up to her to take charge.

“Look you two, clearly you have a lot to talk about and this isn’t the time nor the place for it.” She looked at them both, eye to eye and each nodded in turn. “Ok, so here’s what I suggest. Jacob, now that you’re clear on what’s going on do you think you can be a gentleman and take Jessica home to her mother?”

Jacob nodded.

“Jessica, do you think it’ll be ok for Jacob to drive you home, or are you not comfortable with that.”

Jessica looked at Iria with her brow furrowed in irritation, “No I’m fine with Jacob driving me. He’s a great guy you know, despite the first impression you guys got here.”

“Right, so that’s settled then. Jessica, you go with Jacob and Jacob you take her home. It’ll give you a little time to chat before you see your mother. Maybe, get your stories straight before then. Agreed?”

The two ex’s nodded in agreement. “Thanks for the tea Iria. And–” she turned to Sasha, “thanks for–”

“–no problem” Sasha smiled awkwardly as Jacob looked on. Sasha felt sorry for him. He went from boyfriend to ex, to friend in such a short period of time she could tell he was having trouble processing it. “Take care of her will you Jacob? She’s a great gal.” It sounded corny but Jessica couldn’t think of anything else better to say at the moment.

“I will. Goodnight.” He opened the door and waited for Jessica to pass before closing it behind him.

“Well now, that was an interesting night wasn’t it?” Iria sniggered to herself.

Sasha nodded, “Why do I feel like my life just got a whole lot more complicated?”

“Because you’re actually living it now hun, not just passing through it.”

“You’re a bad influence Iria. You know that right?”

“Of course, but you love me for it.”

The two roommates hugged and Sasha kissed Iria on the cheek. “Thanks, Iria.”



As Sasha walked down the hallway to her room she realized just how exhausted she was. She turned into her bedroom, flopped onto her bed, shuffled under the duvet and was asleep in minutes.

Iria, on the other hand, was lying awake and texting Anthony some of the juicy details. After they said their goodnights she made one last status update, “Best….night….ever.” No picture and no details were included out of respect for Sasha’s wishes. She fell asleep to the thought of her fiery redheaded roommate entwined with Jessica while Jacob and she looked on from the shadows. She giggled to herself and let the vision take her into unconsciousness.