One-Forty or Less – Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Jessica stared at Sasha for a moment, unsure if she had actually heard what Sasha had said or simply imagined it. “What…..what do you mean?” she asked the redhead timidly.

“I’m tired of being this scared little girl that’s afraid to try new things. I’m tired of being the one that never steps out of the box, that always has to follow someone else’s trail…”

“Uhhh…” Jessica interjected, still waiting for an answer.

“….I’m just….” Sasha stopped for a moment and looked at Jessica. Her eyes piercing the brunette’s mind, conveying the intensity of emotion pulsing through her. “I want this. I want it. I’m not just doing this because I’m too scared to say no to you. I’m standing up and saying that I want this. I want to try. I want to see what it’s all about. I….I….” she stopped, stammering a little, her voice quivering. “I want to be brave enough to say yes….just…..for me.” Sasha smiled and sniffled slightly unsure of how articulate her outburst was.

Jessica smiled back at the redhead before reaching out and pulling her close into a warm nourishing hug. “I know exactly what you mean.”

Sasha pulled back for a moment so she could look the brunette in the eyes again, “Like I don’t want to hurt you though….I don’t know if I’m like….you know full out….lez or whatever.” she mumbled in distinct contrast to her previous emphatic statements of self empowerment. “Like….I….uhh…” she paused gauging Jessica’s reaction, “I don’t want to be like boyfriend girlfriend….or…whatever girlfriend girlfriend. You know what I mean. I don’t think I could handle that sort of change in my life right now, or possibly ever.” Sasha slumped within Jessica’s arms, feeling like she would now be a disappointment.

Jessica nodded, “I know.” she tilted her head to the side, “We can just be…friends…you know?”

Sasha smiled and agreed, “Yes….yes I can handle that. Friends…is ok…..friends is good.” Friends don’t hold hands in public, they don’t kiss and make out in the quad while others gawked and sneered. They don’t have to make lifestyle changes. They don’t have to act different, stand out, walk in special parades or anything. Most importantly, they don’t have to tell their parents. “So what are you waiting for?” Sasha asked, changing her tone to one of playful irreverence. “You’ve been eye fucking me all night. Why not see if you can do it for real?” she giggled at her silliness but Jessica didn’t laugh at all. She seemed to take it as a serious challenge.

She grasped Sasha tightly and kissed her again. She pulled her so close that there was barely a gap between the two women. Sasha bent into Jessica, allowing her body to be pulled and held without putting up a fight. She enjoyed the sensation of Jessica’s attack. As she closed her eyes and accepted yet another wondrous kiss  Jessica stepped back with her right leg and pulling Sasha towards her perfectly executed a Judo hip toss throwing Sasha to her bed.

Sasha’s redhair went everywhere. The mini pool of fiery red oozed color against the stark white backdrop of Sasha’s fluffy duvet. Pushing her hair out of her eyes Sasha let out a laugh, “What the hell was….” but before she could finish Jessica was on top of her, giggling like a child with it’s favorite toy.

“Everything?” she asked playfully, “You want…ev-ery—-thing?” she continued, tapping her finger on Sasha’s torso making her way down from Sasha’s neck, to her breasts to her navel, only to stop at the line of her panties, just visible under the black dress she was wearing.

“Yessssss.” she hissed before biting her lip in anticipation, “Everything…..give me …..everything.”

“First I have to take everything.” Jessica sneered. She ran her hands down Sasha’s sides, barely glancing across her breasts, before running smoothly down her stomach, over her hips, and down her thighs to rest at her knees. “You still want it?”

Sasha nodded enthusiastically, the anticipation was intoxicating. She felt herself twitching with every touch and she wanted it to continue whatever the cost. “Yesssssss” she hissed again before dropping her head back to the duvet covered mattress and closing her eyes.

Jessica smiled at her then ran her hands over Sasha’s knees and agonizingly slowly up the soft insides of Sasha’s legs. Sasha jumped and gasped before giggling at herself. Jessica smirked at her reaction and continued to run her hands up, further and further till the tips of her fingers reached Sasha’s black satin panties. Jessica rotated her hands around Sasha’s thighs, gripped them tightly, then released them only to grab her underwear. Running her hands around Sasha’s body she gently pulled at the thin garment. Sasha didn’t fight it at all. Instead she arched her back and elevated her ass off the bed so Jessica could pull them down further. Inch by inch Jessica teased the fabric down Sasha’s smooth alabaster white legs. When she finally reached Sasha’s feet she held them up, twirled them on her finger, and tossed them across the room.

Sasha laughed, “What style.” she joked and Jessica just smiled mischievously back at her.

Using the edge of her nails she ran her fingers back up the insides of Sasha’s legs. The pressure and tingling scratchiness left little red lines on Sasha’s skin. She jumped and twitched the further Jessica moved upward, nervous laughter escaping her lips between gasps of excitement. As her fingers wandered up Sasha’s thighs, Jessica soon followed with her lips lightly brushing them over Sasha’s quivering skin, leaving trails of tender soft kisses. She moved from one leg to the other, never giving Sasha a chance to catch her breath. With each snake like movement of her head she slithered her way back up Sasha’s body and for the briefest of moments glanced over the redheads swiftly moistening sex. Sasha gasped in anticipation, but Jessica was not about to move to her endgame so quickly.

Instead she pulled Sasha’s dress back down and kissed her way back up her body till once more she was face to face with the squirming redhead. “I don’t think you’re ready for that yet.” she teased.

“It’s……it’s….been a while…for me.” Sasha admitted, biting her lip and staring into Jessica’s increasingly hypnotic and attractive eyes. “I….I don’t know if I’ll..umm….last….too long.” she giggled nervously and shut her eyes tight in embarrassment.

“Ooooh, that’ll make it even more fun.” Jessica smiled and kissed the nervous Sasha softly on the cheek. “Don’t worry…I’ll take good care of you.” she sneered evilly and Sasha groaned in response to what was clearly a poorly veiled threat.

“Do… your worst.” she managed to whisper, feigning strength where she had none.

Jessica simply smiled, winked, and kissed her one more time before moving off the bed. Sasha followed the brunette with her eyes but did not move from her position on the bed. She watched as Jessica slowly stripped down to her underwear and stood proudly at the side of Sasha’s bed. Sasha looked at her and inhaled every line and every curve of the beautiful woman. She looked at her not as just someone of the same sex, but for the first time with true honesty, as someone who was very sexually appealing to Sasha.

Jessica caught the redhead’s gaze and felt her own pulse jump for a moment. But tonight wasn’t going to be all about her. Maybe that would come in time. Tonight, instead, would be completely focused on Sasha, and Jessica was very excited about that.

She stepped closer to the bed and Sasha dropped her head back to the duvet, going limp in acceptance of whatever new sensation Jessica was going to bestow on her. She felt a soft hand on her foot, followed by a second. A moment later the soothing pressure of a loving foot massage began and Sasha heard herself moaning in appreciation. The loving hands moved to her other foot and repeated the sequence, pushing, kneading and stretching the tension out of her body with one expert stroke after another. Sasha licked her lips softly and moaned again. She had run track in high school and was no stranger to a therapeutic foot massage, but this was so much different. It was so much more erotic. So thrilling and sensual. Sasha felt herself pushing her thighs together aching for a little more.

Jessica continued to massage the redhead’s feet, allowing her hand to explore further. Running her hand up and down Sasha’s calf muscles then back to her feet again. “Flip over.” she instructed, but didn’t get a response. “Flip over.” she commanded for the second time.

Sasha raised her eyebrows but her eyes remained closed, “uhh….hmmm?” she moaned a reply.

“I said….” Jessica smiled, “Flip over.” but this time instead of asking she pulled Sasha down and manipulated her legs so that with little effort Sasha ended up flipping over to her stomach. Her face now buried in the soft covers she smiled and bit the smooth fabric while she awaited the next surprise. Taking up station behind the young woman, Jessica ran her hands up Sasha’s legs under her dress and over the smooth round half moon globes of the redhead’s ass. “Damn you’ve got a nice tush.” she whispered.

“Thanks.” Sasha mumbled into the duvet, a grin etched into her face. She took long steady breaths trying to calm her nerves as she allowed the brunette access to her body. It both frightened and excited her beyond measure. Sasha could feel her palms now slickened with nervous sweat and tremble with anxiety. She could feel the warm moist breath of Jessica behind her. Jessica’s lips only a fraction of an inch from her skin. Sasha shivered and stifled an excited moan as the first touch of Jessica’s tongue flicked at the redhead’s quivering body.

Jessica ran her hands over Sasha’s ass again as if kneading a round ball of dough. She swept her hands over it’s entirety then squeezed, pulled and pushed. The effect was quite soothing to Sasha, much like a massage might be. She felt her body finally being able to relax again. She drifted into the bed as it might be a fluffy white cloud. Jessica had other ideas though. She ran her hands up Sasha’s back and down her sides, tucking her fingers into Sasha’s hips. With a quick yank, Sasha was pulled back towards the brunette and now remained motionless on the bed. Her head down and ass sticking in the air, “Much better.” Jessica growled.

Sasha for her part could feel herself less and less worried about what was next. She felt her inhibitions slipping away with each touch. The further Jessica pushed her, the further Sasha wanted to go. She laid her face down into the covers and waited.

Jessica took in the sight laid out before her. Sasha was lying on her bed, her head buried into the soft duvet, while her stark white and impeccably smooth ass was positioned for her to admire. Jessica took in a long nervous breath and moved ever closer. The tension in the air was palpable as Sasha twitched at the slight sensation of Jessica’s breath on her exposed behind. Jessica bit her lip and ran her hands over Sasha’s legs. She shuddered from the sensation of her skin touching Sasha’s. It was as if some electrical spark immediately arked between the two women’s bodies spurring Jessica on to continue. She softly ran her hands up Sasha’s bent legs, running them up the outside of Sasha’s quivering thighs, hearing the redhead stifle a gasp as Jessica ran her thumbs up the inside of each cheek.

Jessica licked her lips and made sure they were warm, wet, and soft. With tender precision she leant forward and kissed Sasha on the small of her back. Sasha shuddered and let out a small nervous giggle, but she didn’t try to get away. Instead she let the ticklish sensation cascade through her body and allowed it to escape; buzzing across her skin and through her fingertips into the duvet. She took a quick breath and felt the soft lips of Jessica teasing her once more, this time a little lower. Sasha shuddered and shifted, but didn’t stop Jessica. Instead she heard a moan escape her lips. It was all the encouragement that Jessica needed.

She placed another kiss on Sasha’s ass, then another, and another. Sasha twitched and moaned with each application of Jessica’s pressed lips to her skin. Though she couldn’t see what was happening behind her Sasha quickly found herself imagining what this must look like. She couldn’t help but moan again with the thought. In her mind’s eye she could see herself lying on the bed, vulnerable and exposed, while Jessica administered loving kiss after loving kiss, each touch filled with adoration. It was hauntingly erotic. Sasha found herself less and less jumpy as Jessica continued. She felt her body melt into the bed and she allowed the tension that pulled on every muscle to leak out of her like a ghost drifting from the newly departed. The ticklish sensations gave way to much more pleasant and delectable eroticism.

As Sasha had begun to calm down Jessica turned up her attentiveness. She snaked her tongue down and flicked at Sasha’s sensitive flesh. Another kiss, and another lick and Jessica was rewarded with a moan and a wiggle from the adventurous redhead. Jessica gripped Sasha’s ass firmly then released her grip. Her eyes trailed over the panting redhead, drinking in the view. Jessica quietly reminded herself to go slowly, to take her time. Not just to enjoy each nuance, but also to keep from scaring Sasha. Jessica took in a soft breath and watched as Sasha turned her head from one side to the other and push her ass back towards the brunette encouraging her to continue. Seeing this as approval Jessica gripped her once more, bit her lip, and lowered her loving mouth back down to Sasha’s tender skin. She kissed her way up the back of Sasha’s thigh, across the crack of her beautiful ass, and down the other side. Sasha moaned again and rotated her hips, once more pushing her body back towards the brunette. Jessica repeated the same motion in reverse, this time kissing and licking her way back and forth. As she did she snaked her hand up the inside of Sasha’s dress reaching up her body to cup an exposed breast. Sasha quietly gasped but didn’t pull away. She felt Jessica run a soft finger around her surprisingly hard nipple before gently tapping it sending shockwaves through Sasha’s body. As she did this, Jessica snaked her tongue between the now glistening globes of Sasha’s ass tenderly flicking her tongue up and down the redheads sensitive asshole and now engorged pussy lips.

Sasha gasped again and stifled another moan. She shuddered into the bed and instinctively pushed back onto Jessica’s tongue. It was exquisite. Far more sensual and loving than any sensation she had experienced from a man. She felt as if the room had fallen away and there was just Jessica and her in this moment. Jessica’s soft hands running gently over her buzzing skin. Jessica’s tongue pushing, probing, licking, and teasing Sasha relentlessly. She felt it harder to breath. The tension in her body had returned as she struggled to control herself. She wanted to flail and moan. She wanted to squeal and scream for Jessica to continue. Sasha felt her center warming and pulsing uncontrollably. Like an overwhelmed dam in the middle of a downpour, a cascading flood was inevitable.

Sasha squealed and pulled her legs together in defense. Jessica’s heart sank, “Too far?” she queried, fearing that she already knew the answer.

“No…” Sasha mumbled into the duvet, then turned to the brunette, “No…no…it’s…ok…I….I’m good.” she muttered, almost ashamed at her reaction.

“Are you sure?” Jessica asked sincerely not wanting to push Sasha further than she could go. “We can stop at anytime you know. I want you to enjoy this.”

Sasha shook her head, “No no…it’s not that.” she turned to look at Jessica, “I’m….just nervous…you know?”

Jessica smiled and nodded, “Yeah….I can tell. So you want me to stop then?”

“Fuck no!” Sasha paused then laughed at her outburst, “I mean….no…please…keep going. I want this; really I do.” she flopped her head back onto the bed and smiled to herself. She was all at once proud to be doing something out of her comfort zone. But before she could relax and enjoy the momentary victory over her fears Jessica resumed her pleasurable attack. “Oh fuck.” Sasha squealed as she felt Jessica’s talented tongue diving into her.

Jessica reached forward once more and ran her hands over both of Sasha’s breasts, encircling each tender nipple before gently tweaking and tapping at them. Sasha shuddered once more. Jessica moved from her position behind Sasha and came closer to her head, still buried in the duvet. She whispered hypnotically into the redhead’s ear, “Let go Sasha.” she kissed her ear and nibbled on it. Sasha moaned again, “Let go. Drop into this feeling.” Jessica cooed, “Drop, and succumb to it. Accept it. Accept it.”

On cue Sasha relaxed again and mumbled into her bed, “I….I want…I want to watch you…” she admitted shamefully.

Jessica didn’t need any further encouragement. Guiding Sasha, who now almost seemed as if she was in a hypnotic trance, she pulled the redhead up to her knees and slipped her dress off, tossing it to the side. Sasha complied willingly and remained motionless, waiting, kneeling with her back to the brunette who was now completely in charge. Sasha felt her body throbbing as her mind was racing. How this woman was able to inspire Sasha’s trust in such a short amount of time was mind blowing. Sasha felt no fear, no worries and no concern. She knew instinctively that Jessica was going to take good care of her, and though every single moment of this experience was new and full of the unknown, Sasha was relaxed and willing.

Jessica ran her hands down the redhead’s soft skin, letting her neatly trimmed nails gently scrape at Sasha’s flesh. Sasha arched her back and moaned. Her eyes closed and her mouth wide open. She took a deep breath and felt Jessica directing her down to the bed, turning her around and lowering her body to the bed and her head onto a soft pile of pillows. Sasha opened her eyes and saw the brunette looking back at her. There was an animalistic nature to Jessica now. Jessica’s eyes caged a hunger for Sasha and the look, which only an hour ago may have frightened her, now drove her into a further level of excitement. Jessica pulled Sasha’s legs closer to her and then gently separated them keeping her eyes on Sasha’s. The brunette saw the redhead’s chest moving with each protracted breath, her breasts jutting up at the climax of each inhalation. Jessica bit her lip and lowered her body down slowly. Sasha watched as she positioned herself directly over Sasha’s glistening and highly aroused sex. Sasha closed her eyes, arched her back, and moaned, “Please…”

With that Jessica lowered her tongue to Sasha and was rewarded with a quick twitch and a loud moan. Tucking Sasha’s legs over her shoulders, Jessica drew a long slow line with her tongue, up from Sasha’s tender asshole, up between the puffy lips of her excited pussy, to rest anxiously at Sasha’s pulsating clit. The redhead snapped her head back up and stared down at Jessica. The sight was so enticingly erotic. All the secret dreams and fantasies Sasha had of being seduced by a woman came to a head. She watched as Jessica pulled her mouth back and felt herself shiver seeing the brunette’s wet smiling lips.

Sasha moaned her encouragement, “Fuck that’s hot.” she mumbled as Jessica smirked back at her.

“You like that huh?” Jessica teased knowingly.

“You know I do.” Sasha responded softly.

“You want more don’t you.” she continued.

Sasha nodded silently, “…but….I…I don’t know how long I’ll last.” she admitted. She already felt her body was on the knife edge of an tumultuous orgasm.

“I don’t care how long you last.” Jessica admitted truthfully. “I’m more interested in getting you there.” She winked and lowered her mouth once more.

Sasha smiled back at her, but the moment she felt Jessica’s tongue on her clit she felt her eyes roll back in her head and she moaned, louder than ever before. “Oh fuck me.” she moaned, “Fuck me…fuuuuuck me….that……..fucccck.” she grunted, unable to finish her train of thought.

Jessica had gently begun to suckle on her clit while simultaneously rubbing her knuckle between the lips of Sasha’s beautiful and tasty pussy. Sasha uncontrollably rotated her hips and moaned with every touch. Jessica knew she wasn’t going to be able to hold out much longer. She quickly reached up and tweaked her nipples and Sasha jumped at the sudden but surprisingly pleasurable pang of pain. It only distracted her momentarily from the ecstasy pulsing from her sex. With the deftness of an expert Jessica slid a single finger into Sasha and wiggled it softly as she continued to suck and flick at Sasha’s clit. The redhead squealed unintelligibly and without thinking grabbed Jessica’s hair roughly. Sasha gripped her and pulled her face hard into her sopping wet sex. She didn’t know what she was doing, she only knew she wanted more and more. Jessica slipped a second finger into Sasha and gently push, pulled, and twisted her fingers in and out of the spasming girl as she continued her fierce attention on Sasha’s clit.

“Oh….ohhhhh……..” Sasha gasped. She stopped breathing for a moment, then gasped again. “Fuck….” she grunted, “Oh fuck..”

Jessica looked up at her companion’s and saw the beauty and agony of an unavoidable orgasm exploding over the redhead’s face. It was undeniably sensational. Jessica continued her attention, not allowing Sasha to take a break. She looked up to see the redhead’s mouth gaped open, her breath held, her eyes shut tight and her body arched up and tense as if being electrocuted.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.” Sasha moaned loudly, “f-f-fuck fuck fuck FUCK” she continued her body convulsing drastically as she wailed. Jessica felt Sasha’s pussy clamp down on her fingers and she couldn’t help but smirk malevolently. She watched the redhead twitch and moan as Jessica ran her fingernails gently down her body and up the insides of her thighs. “Oh god damn.” Sasha managed to blurt. “That…..” she looked into Jessica’s eyes intensely, “That, was abso-fucking-lutely amazing.” She looked dazed as if drunk and it was nearly comical. Her eyes opened and closed slowly and a grin meandered across her face before she let out a small giggle.

For her part, Jessica was utterly mesmerized. Seeing Sasha in this state was intoxicatingly erotic. She just wanted to keep going. She wanted to keep teasing Sasha. She wanted to remain her, face deep in Sasha’s pussy. She wanted to hear Sasha moan and grunt and curse like a sailor. It was such a turn on she shuddered as every inch of her skin shivered at the inticing thought.

Sasha opened her arms wide and Jessica dove into her embrace. “Thank you.” she said with utmost sincerity. “That…..that was…amazing.” Sasha professed. “I…uh…do….do you need me to do…something?” she asked somewhat fearful of the answer.

Jessica shook her head, “No, that’s ok.” Sasha looked at her, unsure of herself. “It’s ok,” Jessica continued, “seeing you cum like that is enough for me.” she admitted honestly. “That was sexy as fuck.” she giggled. Sasha pulled the brunette close and they embraced tightly, comfortable with this new level of intimacy.

Outside of Sasha’s room, however, Iria was walking softly down the hallway. She had left Mr. Baritone at the hotel for the night. He had run into a former acquaintance and the two men had hit it off. Iria immediately felt like she was the third wheel and though she was intrigued about the situation she knew it was time to go. Uncertain how Sasha’s night had gone since she saw her, Iria walked up to Sasha’s room and lightly rapped on the door, “Can I come in?” she asked in a faint voice, afraid to wake her roommate if she was already in bed.

Sasha, not hearing the question answered nervously with the naked brunette in her arms, “Yes?”

Taking this to be an answer and not a question; Iria reached down, placed her hand on the doorknob, turned it, and slowly pushed the door open.


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