My Biggest Fan

“Come over now,” you say, “the doors unlocked and I’m all alone.”

I lick my lips in anticipation. “10 minutes.” Oh how I love a fan.

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“I want to show you my appreciation.” you said a few hours earlier, “for awakening this….this….thing…in me.” I smile and hand the signed book across the table to you. Your eyes are wide, bright, and excited. Your chest is heaving with each quickened breath. I let my eyes wander down from your face, across your lips, down your neck and past your breasts, your nipples hard and poking through the light fabric of your whimsical blouse.

My handler catching my siteline interrupts this brief moment of predation, “Buying his book is all the appreciation he needs.” What a lie, but I smile and nod like a robot. “I’m happy that you enjoy my writing.” I manage to push out, the words coated in truth but filled with dishonesty.

You smile, “Well….thank you….and if you ever want to….feel appreciated….” you extend your hand, a small business card outstretched to me.

My handler snatches the card away, “Thank you miss, please move along, there are more people in line.” There were of course, many admirers. Many odd and strange individuals that deeply need to tell me what they think of the book. How it spoke to them. How it moved them. How it changed their life. Pathetic. My eyes are on you and your short black skirt as you walk away. Awakened something in you did I…..fascinating. You turn when you’re almost out of sight, smile, wink, and place a small rectangular card in the last book on the top row just before the cashier’s station. Clever girl.

Two hours and a few hundred books and pleasantries later I’m finally released from my obligations and stand to stretch. “I need to go for a walk, stretch my legs a bit.” I say to my handler and she sighs like I’ve ruined her day before motioning me to proceed. “Thanks” I reply to her irritation, as if I needed her permission in the first place. I walk around the table adorned with posters of the hypersexualized cover of my 4th novel in the “Awakened” series. Playing with my pen in my left hand I walked over to the same collection of books you had sauntered by. Thumbing through the top row nonchalantly I stopped at the last book, opened the cover, and to my delight I was greeted by your small plain business card. “Well well well.” I mutter to myself, “I shall give you a call…saleswoman…of Devil’s Creek Candles.” Hearing distinct footfalls behind me I quickly palm your card and put the book away masking my heady excitement with a poker face of utter boredom.

“Next up is a radio interview in an hour at Hot Shots WX106. They specialize in rock, pop, country, and talk. You’ll be on for their drive time show so be perky. People don’t like it when you drone on. Then another signing at a coffee shop called the Slappy Bean on Main. Ridiculous name if you ask me but the locals seem to enjoy it. I’ll get you a Starbucks low fat chai latte and put it in one of their cups. Then tomorrow…” she kept talking but I didn’t bother to listen. My mind instead was on you and those perky nipples under your blouse.

“I”m going for a walk Cathy. Give me some space alright?”

She backed away without saying a word, clicking on her pen incessantly as she does when she’s forced into an unnatural state of quietness. “My god woman you need to get laid.” I silently thought to myself shaking my head and stepping out into the fresh air.

After walking down the block and turning the corner I dove into my jacket to retrieve my phone. Once it was out I grabbed the card from my pocket and swiftly dialed your number. “Hello?” came the soft sickly sweet response.

“Hey there,” I respond, still uncomfortable with my recent fame I still manage to sound timid on the phone. “You left your card for me?”

“Oh god! You……my…god…” you exclaim loudly in shock before quickly changing your tone to a whisper, “I…I can’t believe you called? You….you….actually called me?”

“Of course I did. How could I not with such a rousing expression of appreciation you gave earlier.” I stopped walking for a moment, thinking back to your eyes, your lips…..”Very rousing.” I whispered.

“Oh geez..oh…I have to go, I’m at work. Call…can….uh..” you stammered over the phone still in a little shock, “….can…you call me later? I’ll be free later?”

“I have a few more public appearances to make today but I’ll be sure to give you a call.”

“Oh…ok …ok….yes…that would be so awesommmme.” the last word stretched out amusingly.

“Anything for a fan.” I say, smiling then hanging up. I quickly toss the phone and card into my pocket. Before turning and seeing Cathy across the street. Her arms crossed and her face scrunched in a scowl. She only uncrossed her arms to motion that it was time to go. I sighed to myself and dragged my feet back to meet her.

The next two hours passed agonizingly slow. There is a schism of reality in a radio DJ’s booth. They’re so disturbingly boisterous and animated but visually look like sociopathic serial killers. If I had to hear my name included in the “Wacky wild drive at five” one more time it was quite possible I may try to cave Marvelous Mike’s head in with his own microphone. I kept looking over at Cathy trying desperately to create some sort of telepathic link so I could tell her to get me the hell out of here, but all she did was talk on the phone and give me the thumbs up anytime I made I contact. Cathy’s head would be next after Mike’s. I don’t think I’d even feel guilty about it either.

From Hot Shots WX106, we strode across the street and down the block to the number one coffee shop in Devil’s Creek, the Slappy Bean. Unlike the usual coffee shop I was accustomed to, this one seemed to be populated by retired lumberjacks and rodeo clowns. They still had the stuck up snotty looking hipster barista behind the counter, but he spoke more like an early 1960’s hippy and acted like one too. What a weird little town. A table was set up in the corner where a stack of my books and the same nearly pornographic posters were adorned. I took my chair and waited as Cathy arranged the fans into a healthy sized line that wound it’s way through the kitschy coffee shop. Unlike the radio show where I felt trapped and claustrophobic, this was at least mildly pleasant. There was far too many late to middle aged soccer mom’s for my liking, but it seemed that’s who my writing appealed to. Eighty or so signatures and awkward fan encounters later the line had dissipated and I was finally free to go.

The cab ride back to the hotel was short and quiet. Just the way I liked it. Once we arrived Cathy started in on me telling me where we were heading next. Who we were going to meet. Where we would stay. How I was supposed to act. What I was supposed to do. It was exhausting and I hadn’t even done any of it yet. I thanked Cathy for her help during the day and shooed her off to her room as I made my way to my suite. I showered and shaved off all the handshakes and pleasantries I could while picturing in my mind’s eye the lovely curves of my favorite fan. As I dried myself standing over the large king sized bed I fished through my pockets to find my phone. Going through the menu I selected the last dialed number and hit “call”.

“Come over now,” you say, “the doors unlocked and I’m all alone.”

I lick my lips in anticipation. “10 minutes.” Oh how I love a fan. “What’s your address?”

“151 Kayak Path” you giggle, “Hurry or I’ll start without you.” Whispering the last part nervously.

“151 Kayak,” I repeat. My penchant for palindromes causing me to drool over the address. “Why don’t you start without me then.” I chuckle, “I’ll just slip in like a thief in the night to steal your delicious innocence away.”

“Oh god I love the way you talk….hurry……I’ll be….waiting” you disconnect the call and I stare at the phone for a moment. This could be quite fun.

Not too long ago I was trapped in a dead end job with very little prospects for an intriguing life. But after being convinced by a couple of friends that my writing was good enough to do full time I took the plunge and dove straight into it. Six years and 38 million books sold later I had become a shocking success. The nature of my work shocked most that knew me. They had pigeonholed me as the mild mannered quiet and reserved type. While that certainly was the image I had been portraying for most of my life, it was really only a mask to keep people from being frightened of me. Now, after writing the inner most secrets that swam through my devious mind, I found that I had more fans than I would have ever imagined, most of which were women.

Slipping out of my hotel room I strode off down the hall, down the elevator, through the lobby, and into a waiting taxi. Once inside I rattled off your address to the cabbie I sat back into the seat and smiled. Smoothing over my pants and brushing my coat I pictured you in your bedroom teasing yourself in rapt anticipation of my arrival. I found my curiosity getting to me. I started to wonder what your nipples looked like, what the shape of your navel was, did you have any secret tattoos, and naughty piercings. What would your nether region look like. Would you be wild, delicately trimmed, or the bearer of a full out Brazilian. How would you smell, how would you taste, what delicious and delightful sensations would you share with me. Did you like it slow, soft, passionate, or did you prefer to be thrown over my shoulder and tossed onto the bed with wild abandon. Did you moan? Did you squeal? Would you squirm under the touch of my talented tongue? Would you pull my hair and beg for more, or would I pull yours and have you beg for more. I bit my lip and balled my hands into fists. The taxi has arrived.

I hand the cabbie a few bills and turn to walk up the sidewalk to 151 Kayak. A palindromic number followed by a palindromic word. If I was the swooning type, I would swoon over that alone. Once I reached the door I outstretched my finger to press the doorbell but stopped just shy of it. Instead I redirected my hand to the door knob and slowly turned it. It was unlocked, just as you had promised. The latch clicked and I swung the door in slowly stepping into the darkened front hall of your home. The fragrant wash of scented candles filled my nostrils with their pleasant fruity odor. The entire main floor was surrounded by them. There was a lit candle of various sizes on every surface available dimly lighting the room and keeping the feeling of exciting mystery alive. I slipped off my shoes and tossed my coat onto a nearby chair before standing in silence as I attempted to ascertain where you were. A muffled moan let me know where to go and I pushed the door closed, locked it, and headed up the stairs to your bedroom.

As promised I snuck up the stairs as quietly as possible, not wanting to alert you to my presence as of yet. I heard another moan and immediately felt the pressure of my own excitement pushing against my pants. Slipping up to the door to your bedroom I stayed there breathlessly, hear you mutter to yourself and moan once more. I push the door open ever so slightly and slowly as possible so you still are unaware of my existence in the house. I can see you now, splayed out on your soft duvet. One hand is holding one of my books, and the other is fiercely gripping a glass toy gently sliding it into your already moist and tasty looking pussy. I find myself now standing in your doorway, the door completely pushed out of the way. Your eyes are intent on the page though, and your hand is busy pushing the decorative dildo in and out of your sweet sex. You kick your head back and let another moan escape your deliciously kissable lips, flopping the book to the bed and fluttering your legs back and forth. Raising your head back up you now see me at the door and smile, “I started without you…hope you don’t mind.” you giggle.

May23 033

“I enjoyed the show.” I chuckle, “but I’d very much like to join you there.”

A wide grin shoots across your face and you slide the glass dildo out of your pussy, then motion me over to join you. Dutifully I walk up to meet you on the bed, standing directly in front of you the bulge of my erection clearly visible through my pants. “Someone’s happy to see me.” you say with another giggle, then tossing the glass dildo to the side. You swing your legs over the edge of the bed and sit directly in front of me. Lightly your hands run their way up my clothed body feeling my taut muscles hidden below the cloth. They run up the inside of my leg, gently across my bulge, feeling my organ straining against the fabric. Abruptly you unzip my fly and reach in to pull out my stiffening cock. Holding it in one hand you look it over, admiring it from each angle. The shape of the head, the ridge, the veins, the stiffness, the weight, you smile and look up at me. Without averting your gaze you slowly run your tongue down my thickness from the very tip to the sensitive spot where the shaft meets my balls. Gripping the shaft with your hand you delicately lick them each tenderly before expertly sucking one and then the other into your mouth. I moan my satisfaction as I drop my hands to your head, entwining my fingers in your hair in a subtle attempt to ensure you keep going. Slowly you slide your closed hand back and forth on my shaft, releasing one tenderized testicle from your mouth to allow you to engulf the head of my cock. The sensation shudders through my body and I feel my legs shake slightly as my grip tightens on your head. You respond by reaching your hand around my hip to squeeze my well muscled ass.

For a moment my mind wanders. I think of all the sexual encounters I’ve written about. All the exotic and erotic locals, the beauty, the desire, the craving, the tumultuously fervent releases. All the words I’ve written and scenes I’ve set without ever being able to experience them myself. My sex life was boring, bland, uninteresting. Could this be a pivotal moment? Could this be where my fiction becomes my reality? I look down at you as you work your mouth and tongue back and forth on my slickened shaft. A mass of hair, lips, hands, and tongue. Tantalizing my senses. Teasing my nerves. I feel my scrotum tighten as another wave of pleasure pulses through my body. At that moment the stress and irritation of the previous few days comes to a head. My blood rushes through my body and I can feel the beast I hide within me clawing at my mind roaring to be set free. “Ahhhhhhh fuck!” I shout in a blast of annoyance. You look up at me with a curious expression and I grip you by the shoulders, pull you up and then toss you back onto the bed in an angered rage of passion.

You lay there with a devious grin on your face. Your arms and legs splayed out and inviting me in to feast on you. I stare at you through hungry eyes, tearing off my shirt, ripping down my pants, casting away my underwear till I’m bare and naked. My engorged phallus pointing angrily at you. It’s head pulsing as if it’s breathing for itself. “Come here.” I command and you do as you’re told, crawling on all fours towards me, a smile on your face as you flip between looking at my cock, to looking into my eyes. As you reach me you extend your tongue and get prepared to take me back into your mouth, but I have other things in mind. “Turn around.” and you do so slowly, looking back over your shoulder at me as I stare at your nakedness. The curve of your back as it runs into your ass, the subtle sweep of your hips, you bite your lip and I adore you for it. With a rough hand I swing down in a quick stealthy motion to spank your cute ass. Your eyes open wide then return to your grin, wiggling your butt in approval. I grip your cheeks with both hands and knead them softly enjoying the silky smooth skin before I raise my hand and spank you again. I hear you squeak a little and then once more your smile returns and you wiggle in anticipation of more. I raise the opposite hand and spank once more. Then gripping your ass roughly I drop down and slither my tongue from your deliciously fragrant and very wet slit all the way up to your twitching asshole. Flattening my tongue over your ass I hear you moan and I flick at it like an evil serpent would it’s prey. With my tongue teasing you I release one of your cheeks and simultaneously pull my head back as I come down hard with another spank. The outline of my hand now visible in red even in the dim light of your bedroom. You shudder and wiggle your ass a little more, trying to show your appreciation despite or perhaps because of the stinging pain.

I reach up with my hand and grip your hair roughly pulling you back to me as I lean over you. I whisper into your ear before I bite it, “We’re only just getting started love.” spanking you once more then dropping down to tease your ass again with my tongue. With one hand I hold you in place and the other I run up your back, to your shoulder, to your throat gripping it with just enough pressure to make you tingle as I run my tongue between your ass and your tasty cunt. Good god I could do this forever. Hearing you moan, feeling you squirm, tasting your juices and inhaling your delicious scent. It’s intoxicating. All I want is more. All I need is more. Running my hand down your back to your hips again I free my other to run up the inside of your leg and cup your sweet sopping sex. You’re delightfully wet and I adore that. Slinking my finger up your slit then back down I can feel you writhe a little. You know what’s coming and you want it, badly. I run the tip of my finger up and back, then curl it and gently push my knuckle into your wetness. I smile to myself as I feel you push your body back to meet me. With my tongue still tickling your tender asshole I push my finger agonizingly slow into your hot tight wet pussy. You moan and writhe a little and I reward you by spanking your ass and then driving my finger into you again. Now curling it down inside of you I gently tease your g-spot and smirk as I watch your feet twitch on the bed.

Without warning I pull my finger out and you moan in disappointment. Gently I massage the now puffy lips of your sweet sex tantalizing your aching pulsing clit. Then again without warning I drive two fingers into your pussy, and with my thumb slowly rub little circles over your clit. “Oh Fuck!” I hear you squeal to my delight. Continuing the same motion with my thumb, again I curl my fingers inside of you gently tapping at your g-spot as I simultaneously rub your clit with my thumb. “Geez! Fuck..oh fuck!” you squeal again, but I’m not finished. I take the thumb of my other hand and wet it in my mouth. Placing it at your twitching asshole I rub it softly in little circles just as I do your clit, but before you can have a chance to react I gently push it into your tight asshole. Violently your body spasms as the combination of sensations begins to overwhelm you. I hold on and continue to drive my fingers into your pussy and my thumb into your ass. You writhe, you moan, and I hear you gasp, much to my satisfaction. I watch your body in the dim candle light as your back arches your mouth opens wide and then your hips begin to buck violently in the throes of another delicious orgasm. I slow my movements and allow you to recover briefly.

You drop your head to the bed, your ass still in the air and your body heaving as you gasp for air. I extract my fingers from you and laugh to myself. They’re completely coated with your juices and I love it. With my other hand I grip your hip and then throw you onto your side. You look at me with the dazed wonder of afterglow in your eyes and allow me to position myself at the spasming entrance to your glorious sex. Slowly I push into your tight still spasming pussy and I’m greeted by an long satisfied moan erupting from your open mouth. Inch by inch I slide into you gripping your hip with one hand and your ass with the other. I feel you move your hips from side to side, attempting to get me even deeper inside. You’re enjoying the feeling of my cock inside of you the fit so tight that you can almost feel my pulse through my engorged member. Sliding slowly back out I take stock of the sight in front of me. Such a beautiful fan you are. Your eyes meet mine and you smile but shortly after they fly open wide as I drive myself deep into you.

01 22 2013 012

My beast is loose again and I can barely contain myself. I drive into you harder and harder, your ass slapping against my hips as I go. I roughly grab your ass then spank it and fuck you again. You moan and writhe beneath me which only fuels the fire in my heart. I deftly take my thumb and slide it into your asshole as I fuck you. You squeal your approval and I feel your ass pulse around my thumb as I continue to drive into your willing body. I can feel myself alreadly losing control as my balls tighten to my body. It’s too soon though, and I want to make this last. Driving into you one more time I then extract myself and join you on the bed. You’re collapsed and on your side but want more of me. You want to show me how much you appreciate what my writing has done for you. How you’ve woken up this desire inside of you. How you’ve cast away the shackles of your old naive life and dove into this new you. The new you doesn’t feel shame from sex. The new you relishes it. You don’t feel the need to settle. The need to close down and subject yourself to the monotony of monogamy. You’re alive now. Awake and anxious to experience the depth and breadth of pleasure that is possible. Grabbing my twitching cock in your hand you engulf the head with your mouth once more, tasting the sweet mix of flavor from my excitement as well as your own.

I grip your head tightly and push my cock in and out of your mouth, enjoying the feeling of your tongue dancing around my stiffness as I do. With my thick member still in your mouth you direct me to lie down on the bed. As soon as I do you release me from your mouth, stroke me a few times with your hand, then immediately jump on top of me and lower your still soaking sex down onto my cock. I feel the puffy lips of your tasty pussy being pushed aside and feel the delicious hot wetness of your sex engulfing me. You let out a long protracted groan before raising your hips up again and pushing down once more. I look you over with intensity driving through my eyes. I run my hands from your face, across your throat, to your breasts which are moving to the rhythm of your motion. I lightly tweak each nipple between my thumb and forefinger enjoying the look on your face as I increase the pressure on them. Pulling each nipple slightly before releasing them I hear you gasp and can’t take any more.

Like an animal I grab you and flip you to your back, my body still between your legs. Sweeping under them I catch your legs under my arms and push them back towards you. You legs spread wide and you manage to mutter “Oh fuck” before I drive my cock as deep as it can go. A jolt of pain and pleasure shoots through your body as the unexpected deep penetration pushes into you. I pull out and drive again, then pull out wait for a moment, and when your eyes open to look at me I drive once more deep into your spasming cunt. “Oh fuck..oh fuck yes….fuck me fuck me Hard!” you scream and I indulge you. Picking up the pace of my thrusts the rhythmic slapping of my body into yours increases in volume and pace. You gasp and moan for more and I give you more. Then I move your legs together with your feet just next to my ears. Turning to one side I nip at your foot and then push deeply into you again. The angle is different and the pleasure is intense. I can feel your body start to spasm out of control. With my free hand I pull at one nipple then the other before pinning you to the bed. My hand on your upper chest and my fingers at your throat I continue to pin you down and fuck you just as hard. “Oh god..oh..f-f–ffuck” you moan, “I want you….I ….fuck…I…” you stammer and stutter as my body slams into yours, “I want….your…fucking….cum!” you manage to yell between thrusts.

Picture #18
Picture #18

It’s all I can do to hold on, with my fingers pulling on both nipples I slide into you a few more times. You beg me again for my cum and I can feel that I’ve lost control. The ache inside of me pulses and pushes through my body. I feel my legs shudder and spasm as the warm feeling washes over me. “No, no!” you squeal “I want to taste it.” My eyes fly open and I look straight at you, “I want to taste your essence!” Pulling out of your sloppy wet cunt I grasp my slickened cock and stroke it a few times. You lick your lips in anticipation and sit up to meet me halfway. Looking at me, then my shaft you smile and beg for it once more, “Give it to me….give me all of that sweet tasty cum!” and with that final request I feel the first blast of seed ejecting from my thick hard staff and landing onto your waiting tongue. You quickly gulp it down as another blast pulses across your lips, then another, and another. With dutiful diligence you lick up each drop and savor the flavor. “mmmmmm” you moan as you squeeze my cock and extract the very last drop. “Delicious.” you whisper.

“Anything for a fan.” I chuckle, then collapse beside you on the bed. With a smile on my face I know for a fact I’m going to miss my flight tomorrow. Cathy is going to be pissed.

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