One-Forty or Less – Chapter 8

Chapter 8

The moment the two women’s lips met a charge of electricity funneled through each of them. Sasha suddenly felt her breath being stolen from her body as she tensed up with unexpected excitement. The feeling of Jessica’s lips on hers was so different but so terribly exciting.

Jessica cupped the back of Sasha’s head and curled her fingers into her long red hair. Sasha felt her heart leap into her throat. Introspective thoughts bolted through her mind as every neuron seemed to fire at once. What was going on? What was she doing? What was happening. She felt the soft soothing sensation of Jessica’s pursed full lips touching hers. She felt herself melting into them like fresh falling snow onto an open palm. Her own lips parted as Jessica pulled her close, kissing her deeper and with even more passion. Sasha’s heart started racing, her closed eyes fluttered open to see Jessica’s face so close to hers.

She pushed the brunette back in a panic, “….what…are you doing?” she blubbered unsure of herself.

Jessica opened her eyes and looked at the pretty sweet redhead with loving tenderness. “Wow.”

“Wow?” Sasha replied, “That’s what you have to say? Wow?”

“Sorry, I don’t know what else to say Sasha.” Jessica admitted, “That…..that was my first ever girl-girl kiss.” she giggled and bit her lip looking at Sasha hungry for more.

“Your…..your first?” Sasha mumbled, “but I thought….what about your roommate?” she asked.

“I never got the guts to tell her.” Jessica admitted rolling her eyes sheepishly. “and now I’m glad I didn’t. That was…..perfect.” she whispered, running her fingers slowly over her lips closing her eyes and dancing through a sense memory of moment. “It was so much better than I could have dreamed.” she opened her eyes and saw Sasha open mouthed. Jessica giggled with nervous excitement. Staring at the redhead while she awaited her response.

Sasha smiled, “So I was your first?” and Jessica nodded. Sasha couldn’t help but feel a little honored, “Ok that’s kind of cool.”

“Did you like it?” Jessica asked quietly, desperately hoping for a positive response.

Sasha sat in silence for a moment contemplating how to answer the question. “It was…..different…but……nice.” she admitted. “I…..I think I liked it more than I would have thought.”

Jessica nodded enthusiastically. “Same!” she giggled. She clasped her hands over her face as someone might if they were about to say a prayer. “Wanna……wanna try again?” she smiled mischievously. The dam now had a small crack in it, and Jessica was aiming to break it open even further. Sasha bit her lip and looked at Jessica’s lips. She looked over her shoulder at the front door then back to Jessica. With a small tilt of her head she agreed and Jessica moved in for the kill.

This time she kissed with passion. She kissed Sasha the way she wanted to from the start. With her hands back on Sasha’s jawline she pulled the redhead close to her and the two explorers delved into a new world for both of them. Sasha felt herself falling away. Her body seeming airy, light, and flowing like a newly washed sheet hung outside to dry. She folded into the brunette allowing her to take charge while Sasha just rode the wave of sensuality. She opened her mouth wider and allowed Jessica further. No longer willing to stop at just the lips Jessica had snaked her tongue across Sasha’s lips and lightly played with the other woman’s tongue.

Sasha felt a twinge of excitement pulsing through her body. The combination of new, erotic, and taboo sensations were delectable. She heard herself moan into Jessica’s mouth and Jessica responded by only increasing the fervor of her attack. Sasha felt Jessica’s soft hand run down her neck and down her back eventually coming to rest at her hip. With each inch Jessica’s fingers travelled a new shiver ran through her. She broke from the kiss for a breathless moment and whispered almost in desperation, “What….what are we doing?” she asked the brunette with childlike wonder.

“Anything we want.” Jessica responded. She kissed her softly on the cheek, “No rules.” another kiss on the lips, “No worries.” another kiss but now on Sasha’s neck, “Just two people enjoying each other’s company.”

Sasha pulled back and looked into Jessica’s eyes. “This is crazy you know?”

Jessica nodded, “I know.” but then she smiled, “but you don’t want to stop now.”

Sasha grinned and nodded slowly, “You’re an awesome kisser.” The sensation of a woman’s lips were so much different than the last man she kissed. Frankly he was more of a boy than a man. Jessica’s lips were smaller, softer, and had no prickly stubble to deal with. It was heavenly.

She smiled, “Well you’re fun to kiss.” punctuating her sentence with a soft kiss to Sasha’s forehead before lowering her mouth back down to Sasha’s lips.

Sasha pulled away again, “I…..I don’t know if Iria’s coming back tonight.” she told Jessica in a whisper. “What if she comes in?”

“So what?” Jessica replied, newly empowered. Something she would have never said even two hours ago. “If she sees she sees.”

Sasha was suddenly panic stricken. Iria was an unpredictable one. She could either be really supportive, or she could be so supportive that she tells everyone. Iria didn’t really have a very good filter for this sort of thing. “I don’t know if I could handle that.” Sasha admitted. “I don’t mind the kissing but….”

“No I know” she sighted, “I understand.” Jessica frowned, “Want to move to your bedroom then? It’s more private at least?” she offered as calmly as possible. The anxious devil inside her wanted nothing more than to have the privacy so she could tear Sasha’s clothes off and ravage her with boundless affection; but as much as she wanted it, Sasha was far from ready for that sort of thing. Jessica knew full well she would have to tread lightly if she wanted to get further.

Sasha considered it for a moment and thought of saying no. She thought of calling it all off and just sending Jessica home. Her heart was still racing and her stomach churned with nervous energy but she found herself looking at Jessica and seeing her for more than just the woman she was. Steeling herself against her own fears Sasha nodded in agreement. She picked up the bottle of wine and smiled, “I still need a little of this.” she joked and Jessica smirked. Sasha stood up slowly and led the way back down the hall and into her bedroom. Her body filled to the brim with nervous excitement.

As she walked down the hallway she considered what was happening. Sasha had never thought she would ever try something like this, but maybe she wasn’t being honest with herself. How many pictures had she and Iria posed for where they were making kissing faces at each other, or holding each others breasts in some provocatively staged shot. How many times had they taken to the dance floor just to bump and grind with each other while an audience of men watched in excitement. Each time they did these things Sasha had ignored the real source of the thrill it gave her. Feeling Iria’s small hands on her body gave Sasha a dose of excitement each and every time. How had she ignored this for so long? She looked over her shoulder at Jessica who was following a couple paces back, no longer hiding the fact she was staring at Sasha’s body. She caught the redhead’s eye and winked. Sasha looked forward again and grinned like a cheshire cat.

Once she reached her bedroom door she held out her hand for a moment and held the knob. It was as if this was the threshold of a point of no return. If she invited Jessica into her room, that was it. There would be no going back. Sasha’s ears were ringing as her blood coursed through her body. Her stomach flipped again and she took a quick gasp of a air. “Here we go.” she thought to herself. She took a deep breath turned the knob and pushed the door open. The two women walked into the room in silence each with a drink in hand. Sasha turned and shut the door while Jessica softly strode into the room, placed her cooler on the nightstand and waited next to Sasha’s bed.

“I’m so fucking nervous.” Sasha admitted, then realizing she had something for that, took a big swig of wine from the bottle in her hand.

“Me too.” Jessica echoed, though her demeanor showed anything but nervousness. She looked calm like a coiled snake about to pounce on it’s prey. Ready to devour her meal in one fateful gulp. Jessica licked her lips in anticipation.

“You don’t look like it at all.” Sasha giggle nervously, looking back at the wine in her hand and trying to decide if another sip would be a good idea.

“Trust me,” Jessica reached out and placed her hand on Sasha’s shoulder, “I am.” she finished before stepping closer to her companion and kissing her deeply once more.

Sasha felt her body jump again at the foreign sensation but once more allowed herself to be taken on this ride with Jessica. Before she knew it Jessica had wrapped her in her arms and pressed their bodies together. Sasha could feel Jessica’s breasts pushing against her own. She could feel Jessica’s hands on her head, running down her back, and over her hips. Sasha squirmed briefly but fought her own fears to remain steadfast. Her lips parted slowly and she accepted Jessica’s tongue. She allowed it to dance within her mouth, teasing her own tongue, flicking at it and twirling around softly before retracting from where it came. Sasha pulled back from the kiss and took a quick breath, “Jesus fuck you’re a good kisser.” she said panting.

Jessica smiled serenely and stared at Sasha’s lips, then looked at her in the eyes. The connection between the two women was growing by the second and it was utterly intoxicating to Jessica. “Jacob always said that.” she giggled, “but honestly I love kissing you more.” she dove back into Sasha and kissed her again, running her hands through Sasha’s long red hair before stopping at the small of Sasha’s back. Jessica then ran her fingernails lightly up Sasha’s back and smirked as she shivered uncontrollably. Sasha pulled back and giggled again, but only to regain her composure and shake away the ticklish feeling. She waited this time for Jessica to return to her lips.

The sensations coursing through Sasha’s body were exquisite. She had never been kissed like this before, by anyone. It was as if she finally understood every sappy movie, every romantic comedy, every cheesy romance book all at once. This is what they were talking about. This is what they meant when they said they felt the earth move. She was living the moment that she never knew she was missing.

Jessica pulled back from the redhead and stared at her for a moment, “Are….are you ok? Do you…want me to stop?”

Sasha shook her head then reached up to touch her cheek, realizing that a few tears had streaked down her face. “I’m just….I don’t know…” But she did know. She knew that after this moment she would be chasing this feeling. She would never again be able to accept the dulled down monotony of a poorly placed kiss. She would always search for this feeling and she suddenly feared it would never happen again.

Jessica pulled her into her arms and kissed her softly on the cheek. “It’s….it’s ok. We can stop. It’s ok. I understand.” she whispered into Sasha’s ear her own pulse racing. Though Jessica seemed in charge she wasn’t. She was flying fully on instinct alone. She wanted more. She wanted everything from Sasha. She wanted her to be her first. She wanted to finally be free to feel what she’s desired all along. It was agonizing, but she knew she had to slow to Sasha’s pace. She knew that in a blink of an eye Sasha could turn around and decide this was too much for her to handle. Jessica held her breath and waited for Sasha’s response.

“No…I don’t want to stop. I….I want…..” Sasha paused for a moment to take a breath. She looked at Jessica and for the first time in her life she was truly honest with herself, “I want it all.”


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