In Her Eyes

You kiss me with sweet sensual seduction
soft but daring, warm and caring
You give me my turn to dart and explore
my lips dance across your face
like fireflies in a moonlit meadowed place

Your arms surround me, and pull me so close
I feel your heat, your heart, your soul
Entwined and oblvious to the world around
Wrapped in your embrace, calm surrounds me

Your hands flutter down my body
light and airy with your tenderly teasing touch
feel my soft skin against your hard exterior
and be enraptured by the elegance.

Clothes slide off with silky resolve
dripping to the floor as if melted by our passion
naked we stand, together all alone
drinking in the delicious sight before us

You whisper all that I need to hear
with a simple and silent smirk
you’re advancing towards me,
seducing me with your piercing eyes

kiss your way down my body
explore my every curve
let me feel that electricity
dance across every nerve.

Make my heart leap, and my breath quicken
Make me melt inside and drip with passion
Let me know you know me
Let me KNOW you love me
Let me feel your soul penetrate me
And take me to those dizzying heights.


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