10 04 2013 026

Today I had a lunch date with my muse.

We’re friends; good friends. We tell each other everything and I really mean everything. There is no subject that is taboo, and there are no limits to the silly or the perverse items that can be on the menu of discussion. The amount of frank openness is unique in my life. There is no other woman I’ve ever been so perfectly honest with. Perhaps that’s a failing of mine, but regardless; it makes this relationship utterly intoxicating.

When I get a text from her my immediate reaction is to grin like an idiot. When I see her in person I grin, smile, and feel the warm satisfying sensation of excited calm. Being around her is like……it’s like the feeling you get when you immerse yourself in a perfectly warm bath. You feel soothed, relaxed, and yet your skin shivers with delightful excitement at the sensual sensation of the water embracing you so delectably.

Her eyes are intensely captivating, as is her smile; and yet she sits there across from me blushing as if caught doing something silly. She can be disturbingly cocky and shockingly shy within the same moment. Complicated isn’t a complicated enough word to describe her. Yet, we walk from Starbucks into the adjacent book store and I catch her eyeing me as a great white shark might a tasty surfer. We turn into the non-fiction section and she catches me staring at her legs and her cute little ass. I don’t have to pretend like I wasn’t. I feel no shame for being caught, and neither does she.

We meander our way into the self-help section and she grazes by me reaching for a book, her perky breasts rubbing across my shoulder; my hand runs across her thigh and dances across her jean covered crotch. Our eyes meet and we both smirk. If only the store was closed. If only we had more time.

I feel tingles of excitement pulse through my body. Her perfume fills my nostrils and I breath it in deeply hoping to create yet another perfectly formed sense memory. She reaches for another book, this time grazing her hand across my stiffening imprisoned sex. My body shudders and she looks up at me with her intense auburn eyes, “Whoops.” she smirks….I wink…she licks her lips…and I melt.

If only we had a little longer and a little more privacy.

My muse….I love her….


One thought on “Lunch Date

  1. Lovely! It satiated my yearning for a post ‘fifty shade marriage’ I could feel, see, and hear how each character reacts/thinks. Keep up the smut stuff!

    BTW. suppose since I have Asperger’s I visualize more vividly than most, however the ‘mushroom’ penis description was very…. I would say…. Okay mushrooms = fungi = candida = thrush… So yeah…

    Yours Truly,
    Jayde Ox L


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