One-Forty or Less – Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Jonathan took a step, turned, and closed the door quietly behind him. He stood in amazement transfixed by the stunning beauty before him. Sasha was still completely unaware of Jonathan’s existence. Her eyes closed to avoid the shampoo and her hearing deadened by percussive tapping of water jetting across her scalp and back. Her hands were running over her body sensuously as she spread tropically scented soapy froth to every inch of her slickened skin. Jonathan, despite his intelligence, was still a young man. He was instantly aroused and like most young men in the throes of arousal, his brain had ceased to function. He reached up and slid the glass door open.

Sasha was only barely aware of this. She felt the vibration on the tub but never assumed for a moment that she was soon to be joined by her one time chauffeur and now human anatomy tutor. There was a soft cool breeze that accompanied the vibration and Sasha, eyes still tightly shut, furrowed her brow. She turned briefly to face the shower head, letting the water rinse her face so she may open her eyes safely. Wiping her long red hair from her face she turned and shrieked as she saw Jonathan, naked in the shower with her.

“What the fuck!?” she shouted trying to cover herself but failing miserably. Jonathan cocked his head to the side like a confused cat. “Wha…..why….what the fuck?!?” Sasha blubbered again. She covered her breasts with her arm and with her other hand covered her crotch. To her amazement Jonathan didn’t move, and didn’t cover anything at all. He simply stood and stared at her like a robot. Sasha, despite her horror, caught herself looking him over. His taut frame was more muscular than she would have expected. His pale skin matching her own, and it stretched across an underlay of muscles that captured Sasha’s attention. Had the situation been different Sasha would have enjoyed gawking at him. She looked back at his confused eyes for a moment then back down at him. “Jesus.” she exclaimed catching a glimpse of his cock. It was stiff, sticking straight out at her, pulsating and not at all in proportion to the rest of his body. Sasha stared at it, mesmerized by it’s size.

“I….did you ….I thought you said ….was I not supposed to help you?” he finally managed to say in staccato fragmented sentences.

Sasha shook her head as if to clear the cobwebs. “No, no I didn’t. That was a joke you goof.” she chuckled despite her embarrassment. “Now get out. I’ve got to get ready.”

The look of disappointment on his face was readily apparent but he complied with her wishes, stepping out of the shower and taking his porn cock with him. Jonathan shut the door to the bathroom and scooped up his suit, walking back into the living room to get dressed and wait for her to appear.

Sasha on the other hand stared at the opposite wall in the shower. The picture of Jonathan’s sex firmly fixed in her mind. She closed her eyes for a moment and imagined a different scenario with a wholly different individual, but despite herself her imagination attached Jonathan’s cock to Jacob’s image. She shrugged her head and went with it enjoying her shower until the hot water ran out.

Jonathan, now suited once more, waited for Sasha to appear. Despite the confusion he felt no embarrassment for the situation. He simply misread her cues. In his relatively short life Jonathan had misread cues quite often. He was well past being embarrassed for such things. His only concern was how Sasha would feel. He had invaded her personal space at a level that was beyond a simple apology. While he waited he busied himself by counting the random specked dots on the ceiling tiles above his head.

A while later Sasha emerged from the bathroom. Her red hair wild and teased into perfection, her green eyes popping with the application of a minimal amount of eyeliner, eyeshadow, and mascara. She wrapped her body in a towel and walked down the hall to the living room, shuffling in fluffy slippers. “Jonathan.” she said softly, seeing the poor boy staring at the ceiling. “Hey…Jonathan.” she repeated.

Jonathan stopped counting and turned to look at Sasha. She was even more stunning than before. The symmetry in her face accentuated with every artful brush stroke.

“We’re not going to speak of what happened before ok?” she said directly, almost as if negotiating with a child. Jonathan nodded. “It never happened. Ok?” she repeated. Again Jonathan nodded, not sure why he had to reconfirm what he had already agreed to. “So….yeah….keep that monster in your pants ok?” she smiled, unable to help herself. Jonathan looked down at his pants, clearly not understanding what monster she was talking about, but before he could ask she had turned and started back down the hall to her bedroom.

Jonathan simply looked back up at the ceiling tile and resumed counting from the exact spot he had stopped.

Once Sasha was in her bedroom she tossed the towel to the side and grabbed her phone. It was already 6:03pm and she needed to hurry up. Sasha was never one to be fashionably late but was even more motivated to be early tonight. She wanted to be seated, properly settled and waiting for her handsome mystery man to arrive. Also it would give her a chance to have Iria and Mr. Baritone take up station in the lobby. While she hoped she didn’t need them, it was important to have a backup plan. Sasha figured she would get Iria and Mr. Baritone to swing by the table and depending on how things went she would either stay with Jacob, or leave with them.

Sasha fished an attractive push up bra and a pair of matching panties from her underwear drawer, put them on, then stood in front of her full length mirror. Like most redheads she was white as a sheet and marked with collections of freckles. Sasha had always been self conscious of her skin tone. Having made it through high school with only a small collection of friends she often found herself the center of attention but not in a good way. Teasing and taunting were the daily norm. She became so desperate she begged her mom to let her go to a tanning salon. When her mom finally relented Sasha’s experience was an adventure and an unmitigated disaster. Her first session netted no change to her skin tone. She became impatient so she amped up the time and lowered the amount of protection. After the second session she burnt herself, badly, and all over. Not only was it painful just to move, but it also brought even more negative attention.

It wasn’t till college that she became just a little bit more comfortable in her own skin. Not as much as Iria or Jonathan, but at least comfortable enough that she didn’t feel ashamed of herself. She looked at her undergarment ensemble and frowned. It would have to do. These really were the nicest things she had. Hopefully Jacob would appreciate that, if he got to see them that is.

She wasn’t quite sure how far she would take things with him. Sasha didn’t really have the time or emotional space for a boyfriend, but she was human and the craving for companionship was strong in her. Iria was so much better at this. She had no problems being friendly with strange men and tossing them aside when she was done with them. Sasha admired and feared that trait in Iria.

Sasha slipped on the black dress that Jonathan had picked out and just as he had said, it hugged her figure just perfectly. For a girl who was normally a walking skeleton topped with fire kissed hair, the freshman fifteen was a welcome addition. Instead of the dress hanging like dead drapes she filled it out just right. Sasha turned to look at the back, then the side, then the back again. She nodded to herself in approval then slipped on the shoes. It looked even better. She unlocked her phone and sent Iria a message, “Heading back now. If you can stop fucking for a moment can you guys meet me in the lobby? Thx.” she chuckled to herself wondering if Iria would get this message at an inopportune time.

A few moments later Sasha’s phone buzzed. Iria had messaged back, “Almost done.” she said, attaching a picture of herself bent over the bed with Mr. Baritone smiling and driving her from behind. He had an unnatural smile on his face and was giving the camera a cheesy thumbs up. “Oh fuck.” Sasha muttered to herself, shaking her head.

She had just dropped her phone into her purse when it bleeped again. Sasha fished it out and found another message from Iria. “All done, hitting the shower now. See you soon.” another picture was attached. Sasha couldn’t quite make out what she was looking at until it dawned on her, then she realized she was looking at a pool of white liquid coalescing on Iria’s smooth mocha tanned skin. Sasha tossed her phone back into her purse once more and strode out from her room shaking her head and chuckling at her crazy roommate, a small pang of jealousy mixed with the amusement.

She walked into the living room to find Jonathan in a different seat, but still staring at the ceiling. Sasha called to him once more, “Jonathan, I’m ready.”

Jonathan turned his gaze from the ceiling to Sasha, dressed in a black sleeveless dress cupping her body like a soft second skin. “Wow.” he exclaimed under his breath. He stood up and winced as he had to adjust himself within the confines of his suit. Sasha smiled and figured that was about the most honest reaction a man could give.

“So you approve then?” she asked mockingly.

“Oh….yes….yes I do ma’am.” he nodded quickly, memorizing each line and every curve within the confines of his lockbox of a mind. He looked at his watch and jumped forward, “We must get going. Don’t want you to be late for your date.”

“Thanks Jonathan. And thanks again for helping me with my studying.”

“Anytime.” he replied without thinking.

“How about tomorrow.” Sasha chuckled, “if you don’t mind?”

“No….no I don’t mind. It’s been……fun.” he looked at her with a blank but pleasant expression. Unbeknownst to Sasha he instantly recalled the look of her naked body in front of him.

Unbeknownst to Jonathan she instantly recalled the naked body in front of her. She felt a twinge of primal excitement but pushed it aside and smiled. Sasha leaned in and gave him a quick polite kiss on the cheek. “Thanks Jonathan, you’re a sweet boy.” she remarked.

“Shall we?” Jonathan responded holding the door open for her, and Sasha walked through it.

“We shall.” She replied suddenly feeling very elegant.

The odd couple took the stairs down to Jonathan’s waiting car. Sasha did her best to maintain an air of unwavering ambivalence but a smile teased the corners of her mouth as she witnessed several students turn and stare at her. She felt her posture straightened and her chin tilted ever so slightly up. Sasha felt untouchable in the best way.  She followed Jonathan down the walkway and to his car. He opened the door and bowed his head “ma’am” he stated dryly. Sasha smiled back.

“Thanks Jonathan.”

He closed the door and once more circles the car taking his spot up front in the drivers seat. Sasha clasped her purse tightly in her hands and nervously nibbled at her lip. Jonathan looked at her in the rear view mirror and smiled, “You look beautiful Sasha.”

She blushed slightly, “thanks Jonathan. Please take me back to the hotel now.”

“Yes ma’am.”

Jonathan shifted into drive and slowly pulled away from the student housing block. Sasha looked back and suddenly felt as if she was in the final scene of a 80’s teen movie. She fished her phone out of her purse once more and keyed it open.

“Is it bad that I’m nervous?” She asked Jacob. She waited and stared at the screen. His response came back quickly.

“I think I’m more nervous than you! Lol” he responded.

Shockingly that made Sasha feel a little better. She reasoned that if he wasn’t nervous it would mean that he’s used to doing this sort of thing. While it’s a turn on to see a man with confidence and self assurance this isn’t one of those times.

“I’m glad I’m not the only one.” She responded back honestly.

“Stepping into the car now.  See you soon. Xo”

Sasha felt her heart leap and her stomach turn simultaneously. This date she had been preparing for suddenly became that much more real.

“Do you want me to quiz you?” Came Jonathan’s voice from the front.


“You seem nervous. Maybe if I quiz you on human anatomy you’ll be distracted?” He suggested quite sweetly.

“That…that would be nice thanks.” She responded, unsure of how many questions she would be able to answer. Not only was she unsure of her retention of the material she was also completely wrapped up in negative scenarios of what may happen when she reached the hotel.

For the next twenty minutes Jonathan peppered Sasha with questions about gross human anatomy. He focused on each major bone of the body and each major muscle group. By the time they were a block away from the hotel Sasha felt much calmer and surprisingly more confident in her studying.

Jonathan pulled into the drop off lane and stopped the car directly in front of the entrance. Speedily he jumped out of the car and opened Sasha’s door. He presented his hand to Sasha and she took it allowing herself to be dainty, at least this once. Jonathan smiled at her and kissed her on the cheek, “Good luck.” he whispered and she smiled back at the young man.

“Thanks, for everything.”  She turned from him and looked up at the imposing facade of the large downtown hotel. The stylish sign beating down on her. Sasha took a bold step towards the large revolving door and steadied herself for a night of mystery.

As she entered the hotel she saw Mr. Baritone beaming from a big leather chair in the lobby. Iria wasn’t in sight. He stood up immediately and walked over to meet Sasha. He held his hands out and as Sasha came close he grabbed her by the waist and kissed her on each cheek. “How did it work out with Jonathan?” he asked, his silky smooth voice making Sasha quake in her heels.

“He….he was fine. Wait; how did you know him?”

“Jonathan’s my college roommate’s kid.” he smirked “I’ve heard he’s just like his old man; at least in some ways.” Mr. Baritone chuckled to himself and Sasha stood for a moment trying to figure out the joke.

Iria just then appeared. She stood right behind Mr. Baritone and solidly slapped him on his suited ass. He turned around slowly as if only struck by a nat. Iria looked up at him with disdain. Clearly she was hoping for more of a reaction. She then turned to Sasha. “So babe; ready for your night of mystery?” with one arm she encircled Mr. Baritone and the other she reached out to grab Sasha’s hand, swinging her arm back and forth playfully.

“I think so yeah.” Sasha sighed and looked over at the lobby bar. It was sparsely populated and Sasha couldn’t decide if that was a good thing or not. “So you’ll come get me if you think it’s turning bad right?”

“How will we know though?” Iria responded feeling very much like a little spy planning a secretive meet before a before an illegal border crossing. “I mean, it’ll be hard to tell if you’re ok or not from way over here.”

Sasha looked over at the lobby bar, then back to the couple, “I guess you’re right.” She thought for a moment and came back with a plan. “How about you guys come by the table about 30 minutes after we’re together.”

“Ok. What do you want us to do though?” Mr. Baritone’s gruff but smooth voice chimed in.

Sasha looked at him, then back to Iria, her mind churning trying to come up with a plan that would work well as either a rescue or a flyby. “How….how about….hmmmm. What if…..” she stumbled.

Iria interjected quickly, “I know. We’ll stop by and act like it’s a chance meeting. If you think everything is ok, leave your hand on the table open. If it’s not ok, close your hand into a fist.” Iria nodded emphatically, pleased with her first foray into clandestine operations.

Sasha thought about it for a moment then ushered the two back to the lobby seats. They sat around a glass coffee table and Sasha went through the motions. “So if everything is good, I put my hand like this.” she repeated, placing her hand flat on the table. Iria nodded. “And if I need you to take me away I put my hand like this.” she balled her hand into a fist and left it on the table. Iria nodded. “But what are you going to say to get me out of there?”

Iria looked skyward, then at Mr. Baritone, then back to Sasha. The three of them sat in silence trying to figure out a course of action. “Well….I’m your roommate so…” Iria started.

“You could say that someone left a message that your study group had changed nights and it was tonight instead.” it was a voice behind Sasha. She turned to see Jonathan, a blank expression on his face. “Then you can text me and I’ll drive you home.” he suggested calmly.

“Jonathan?” Sasha queried, clearly surprised to see him.

“Hi Sasha,” he turned to the confused red head. “I’m not following you, I just haven’t been paid yet.”

“Oh shit. Sorry ‘bout that kiddo.” Mr. Baritone jumped to his feet and fished out his wallet. “What do I owe you then?”

“Twenty-six dollars sir.” Jonathan replied. The two women looked at each other incredulously.

“Here’s a fifty.” Mr. Baritone offered. “In case Sasha needs you later.”

Jonathan nodded and turned to her, “Here’s my card. You can text that number and I’ll be out front.” without another word he turned and walked out the door.

The two women turned to Mr. Baritone and waited for an explanation. He looked at both of them and smiled, “He’s a good kid. Really he’s a fucking genius, but his dad needed him to get a job doing something where he could get some social skills.” Sasha tilted her head back understanding immediately. “So he just charges $2 an hour.” Mr. Baritone smiled, “That’s why I said it was a better deal to hire a car. I knew he was working today.”

“Cheap fucker.” Iria slapped him. He turned to her and just smiled.

Sasha raised her hands and stopped the two, “Ok before you guys start getting at it again, what’s the plan then?”

“Flat hand, ok. If it’s a fist, we tell you that your study group changed to tonight and you text Jonathan.”

Sasha nodded in agreement. “Ok; I’m going now.”

“Have fun.” Iria offered winking at her.

“Thanks” Sasha replied nervously.

She stood and walked across the wide lobby to the bar, talked to the bartender and sat down at a table in the corner. A few minutes later the waitress brought her a drink and she downed it immediately, asking her for one more. Her nerves were unsteady. Her pulse was racing, and despite the two drinks she gulped down, her mouth felt dry and tacky.

Sasha looked around nervously. Her eyes darting from unknown stranger to unknown stranger, looking for some familiarity, something that she recognized. Her phone buzzed and she gasped, startled by the sudden movement on her lap. Pulling it out she unlocked the phone and read the message.

“Parked. Coming in now.”

“K” Sasha typed, then realizing she was in a darkened corner of the bar, “I’m sitting at a table at the front facing the bar.” she quickly hit send and closed her eyes taking big gulping breaths. The room became still. Quiet. Calm in anticipation.

Her phone buzzed and Sasha looked down, “I’m here.” is all it said.

A soft hand placed itself on her shoulder followed by an unfamiliar voice…


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