One-Forty or Less – Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Jessica stared at Sasha for a moment, unsure if she had actually heard what Sasha had said or simply imagined it. “What…..what do you mean?” she asked the redhead timidly.

“I’m tired of being this scared little girl that’s afraid to try new things. I’m tired of being the one that never steps out of the box, that always has to follow someone else’s trail…”

“Uhhh…” Jessica interjected, still waiting for an answer.

“….I’m just….” Sasha stopped for a moment and looked at Jessica. Her eyes piercing the brunette’s mind, conveying the intensity of emotion pulsing through her. “I want this. I want it. I’m not just doing this because I’m too scared to say no to you. I’m standing up and saying that I want this. I want to try. I want to see what it’s all about. I….I….” she stopped, stammering a little, her voice quivering. “I want to be brave enough to say yes….just…..for me.” Sasha smiled and sniffled slightly unsure of how articulate her outburst was.

Jessica smiled back at the redhead before reaching out and pulling her close into a warm nourishing hug. “I know exactly what you mean.”

Sasha pulled back for a moment so she could look the brunette in the eyes again, “Like I don’t want to hurt you though….I don’t know if I’m like….you know full out….lez or whatever.” she mumbled in distinct contrast to her previous emphatic statements of self empowerment. “Like….I….uhh…” she paused gauging Jessica’s reaction, “I don’t want to be like boyfriend girlfriend….or…whatever girlfriend girlfriend. You know what I mean. I don’t think I could handle that sort of change in my life right now, or possibly ever.” Sasha slumped within Jessica’s arms, feeling like she would now be a disappointment.

Jessica nodded, “I know.” she tilted her head to the side, “We can just be…friends…you know?”

Sasha smiled and agreed, “Yes….yes I can handle that. Friends…is ok…..friends is good.” Friends don’t hold hands in public, they don’t kiss and make out in the quad while others gawked and sneered. They don’t have to make lifestyle changes. They don’t have to act different, stand out, walk in special parades or anything. Most importantly, they don’t have to tell their parents. “So what are you waiting for?” Sasha asked, changing her tone to one of playful irreverence. “You’ve been eye fucking me all night. Why not see if you can do it for real?” she giggled at her silliness but Jessica didn’t laugh at all. She seemed to take it as a serious challenge.

She grasped Sasha tightly and kissed her again. She pulled her so close that there was barely a gap between the two women. Sasha bent into Jessica, allowing her body to be pulled and held without putting up a fight. She enjoyed the sensation of Jessica’s attack. As she closed her eyes and accepted yet another wondrous kiss  Jessica stepped back with her right leg and pulling Sasha towards her perfectly executed a Judo hip toss throwing Sasha to her bed.

Sasha’s redhair went everywhere. The mini pool of fiery red oozed color against the stark white backdrop of Sasha’s fluffy duvet. Pushing her hair out of her eyes Sasha let out a laugh, “What the hell was….” but before she could finish Jessica was on top of her, giggling like a child with it’s favorite toy.

“Everything?” she asked playfully, “You want…ev-ery—-thing?” she continued, tapping her finger on Sasha’s torso making her way down from Sasha’s neck, to her breasts to her navel, only to stop at the line of her panties, just visible under the black dress she was wearing.

“Yessssss.” she hissed before biting her lip in anticipation, “Everything…..give me …..everything.”

“First I have to take everything.” Jessica sneered. She ran her hands down Sasha’s sides, barely glancing across her breasts, before running smoothly down her stomach, over her hips, and down her thighs to rest at her knees. “You still want it?”

Sasha nodded enthusiastically, the anticipation was intoxicating. She felt herself twitching with every touch and she wanted it to continue whatever the cost. “Yesssssss” she hissed again before dropping her head back to the duvet covered mattress and closing her eyes.

Jessica smiled at her then ran her hands over Sasha’s knees and agonizingly slowly up the soft insides of Sasha’s legs. Sasha jumped and gasped before giggling at herself. Jessica smirked at her reaction and continued to run her hands up, further and further till the tips of her fingers reached Sasha’s black satin panties. Jessica rotated her hands around Sasha’s thighs, gripped them tightly, then released them only to grab her underwear. Running her hands around Sasha’s body she gently pulled at the thin garment. Sasha didn’t fight it at all. Instead she arched her back and elevated her ass off the bed so Jessica could pull them down further. Inch by inch Jessica teased the fabric down Sasha’s smooth alabaster white legs. When she finally reached Sasha’s feet she held them up, twirled them on her finger, and tossed them across the room.

Sasha laughed, “What style.” she joked and Jessica just smiled mischievously back at her.

Using the edge of her nails she ran her fingers back up the insides of Sasha’s legs. The pressure and tingling scratchiness left little red lines on Sasha’s skin. She jumped and twitched the further Jessica moved upward, nervous laughter escaping her lips between gasps of excitement. As her fingers wandered up Sasha’s thighs, Jessica soon followed with her lips lightly brushing them over Sasha’s quivering skin, leaving trails of tender soft kisses. She moved from one leg to the other, never giving Sasha a chance to catch her breath. With each snake like movement of her head she slithered her way back up Sasha’s body and for the briefest of moments glanced over the redheads swiftly moistening sex. Sasha gasped in anticipation, but Jessica was not about to move to her endgame so quickly.

Instead she pulled Sasha’s dress back down and kissed her way back up her body till once more she was face to face with the squirming redhead. “I don’t think you’re ready for that yet.” she teased.

“It’s……it’s….been a while…for me.” Sasha admitted, biting her lip and staring into Jessica’s increasingly hypnotic and attractive eyes. “I….I don’t know if I’ll..umm….last….too long.” she giggled nervously and shut her eyes tight in embarrassment.

“Ooooh, that’ll make it even more fun.” Jessica smiled and kissed the nervous Sasha softly on the cheek. “Don’t worry…I’ll take good care of you.” she sneered evilly and Sasha groaned in response to what was clearly a poorly veiled threat.

“Do… your worst.” she managed to whisper, feigning strength where she had none.

Jessica simply smiled, winked, and kissed her one more time before moving off the bed. Sasha followed the brunette with her eyes but did not move from her position on the bed. She watched as Jessica slowly stripped down to her underwear and stood proudly at the side of Sasha’s bed. Sasha looked at her and inhaled every line and every curve of the beautiful woman. She looked at her not as just someone of the same sex, but for the first time with true honesty, as someone who was very sexually appealing to Sasha.

Jessica caught the redhead’s gaze and felt her own pulse jump for a moment. But tonight wasn’t going to be all about her. Maybe that would come in time. Tonight, instead, would be completely focused on Sasha, and Jessica was very excited about that.

She stepped closer to the bed and Sasha dropped her head back to the duvet, going limp in acceptance of whatever new sensation Jessica was going to bestow on her. She felt a soft hand on her foot, followed by a second. A moment later the soothing pressure of a loving foot massage began and Sasha heard herself moaning in appreciation. The loving hands moved to her other foot and repeated the sequence, pushing, kneading and stretching the tension out of her body with one expert stroke after another. Sasha licked her lips softly and moaned again. She had run track in high school and was no stranger to a therapeutic foot massage, but this was so much different. It was so much more erotic. So thrilling and sensual. Sasha felt herself pushing her thighs together aching for a little more.

Jessica continued to massage the redhead’s feet, allowing her hand to explore further. Running her hand up and down Sasha’s calf muscles then back to her feet again. “Flip over.” she instructed, but didn’t get a response. “Flip over.” she commanded for the second time.

Sasha raised her eyebrows but her eyes remained closed, “uhh….hmmm?” she moaned a reply.

“I said….” Jessica smiled, “Flip over.” but this time instead of asking she pulled Sasha down and manipulated her legs so that with little effort Sasha ended up flipping over to her stomach. Her face now buried in the soft covers she smiled and bit the smooth fabric while she awaited the next surprise. Taking up station behind the young woman, Jessica ran her hands up Sasha’s legs under her dress and over the smooth round half moon globes of the redhead’s ass. “Damn you’ve got a nice tush.” she whispered.

“Thanks.” Sasha mumbled into the duvet, a grin etched into her face. She took long steady breaths trying to calm her nerves as she allowed the brunette access to her body. It both frightened and excited her beyond measure. Sasha could feel her palms now slickened with nervous sweat and tremble with anxiety. She could feel the warm moist breath of Jessica behind her. Jessica’s lips only a fraction of an inch from her skin. Sasha shivered and stifled an excited moan as the first touch of Jessica’s tongue flicked at the redhead’s quivering body.

Jessica ran her hands over Sasha’s ass again as if kneading a round ball of dough. She swept her hands over it’s entirety then squeezed, pulled and pushed. The effect was quite soothing to Sasha, much like a massage might be. She felt her body finally being able to relax again. She drifted into the bed as it might be a fluffy white cloud. Jessica had other ideas though. She ran her hands up Sasha’s back and down her sides, tucking her fingers into Sasha’s hips. With a quick yank, Sasha was pulled back towards the brunette and now remained motionless on the bed. Her head down and ass sticking in the air, “Much better.” Jessica growled.

Sasha for her part could feel herself less and less worried about what was next. She felt her inhibitions slipping away with each touch. The further Jessica pushed her, the further Sasha wanted to go. She laid her face down into the covers and waited.

Jessica took in the sight laid out before her. Sasha was lying on her bed, her head buried into the soft duvet, while her stark white and impeccably smooth ass was positioned for her to admire. Jessica took in a long nervous breath and moved ever closer. The tension in the air was palpable as Sasha twitched at the slight sensation of Jessica’s breath on her exposed behind. Jessica bit her lip and ran her hands over Sasha’s legs. She shuddered from the sensation of her skin touching Sasha’s. It was as if some electrical spark immediately arked between the two women’s bodies spurring Jessica on to continue. She softly ran her hands up Sasha’s bent legs, running them up the outside of Sasha’s quivering thighs, hearing the redhead stifle a gasp as Jessica ran her thumbs up the inside of each cheek.

Jessica licked her lips and made sure they were warm, wet, and soft. With tender precision she leant forward and kissed Sasha on the small of her back. Sasha shuddered and let out a small nervous giggle, but she didn’t try to get away. Instead she let the ticklish sensation cascade through her body and allowed it to escape; buzzing across her skin and through her fingertips into the duvet. She took a quick breath and felt the soft lips of Jessica teasing her once more, this time a little lower. Sasha shuddered and shifted, but didn’t stop Jessica. Instead she heard a moan escape her lips. It was all the encouragement that Jessica needed.

She placed another kiss on Sasha’s ass, then another, and another. Sasha twitched and moaned with each application of Jessica’s pressed lips to her skin. Though she couldn’t see what was happening behind her Sasha quickly found herself imagining what this must look like. She couldn’t help but moan again with the thought. In her mind’s eye she could see herself lying on the bed, vulnerable and exposed, while Jessica administered loving kiss after loving kiss, each touch filled with adoration. It was hauntingly erotic. Sasha found herself less and less jumpy as Jessica continued. She felt her body melt into the bed and she allowed the tension that pulled on every muscle to leak out of her like a ghost drifting from the newly departed. The ticklish sensations gave way to much more pleasant and delectable eroticism.

As Sasha had begun to calm down Jessica turned up her attentiveness. She snaked her tongue down and flicked at Sasha’s sensitive flesh. Another kiss, and another lick and Jessica was rewarded with a moan and a wiggle from the adventurous redhead. Jessica gripped Sasha’s ass firmly then released her grip. Her eyes trailed over the panting redhead, drinking in the view. Jessica quietly reminded herself to go slowly, to take her time. Not just to enjoy each nuance, but also to keep from scaring Sasha. Jessica took in a soft breath and watched as Sasha turned her head from one side to the other and push her ass back towards the brunette encouraging her to continue. Seeing this as approval Jessica gripped her once more, bit her lip, and lowered her loving mouth back down to Sasha’s tender skin. She kissed her way up the back of Sasha’s thigh, across the crack of her beautiful ass, and down the other side. Sasha moaned again and rotated her hips, once more pushing her body back towards the brunette. Jessica repeated the same motion in reverse, this time kissing and licking her way back and forth. As she did she snaked her hand up the inside of Sasha’s dress reaching up her body to cup an exposed breast. Sasha quietly gasped but didn’t pull away. She felt Jessica run a soft finger around her surprisingly hard nipple before gently tapping it sending shockwaves through Sasha’s body. As she did this, Jessica snaked her tongue between the now glistening globes of Sasha’s ass tenderly flicking her tongue up and down the redheads sensitive asshole and now engorged pussy lips.

Sasha gasped again and stifled another moan. She shuddered into the bed and instinctively pushed back onto Jessica’s tongue. It was exquisite. Far more sensual and loving than any sensation she had experienced from a man. She felt as if the room had fallen away and there was just Jessica and her in this moment. Jessica’s soft hands running gently over her buzzing skin. Jessica’s tongue pushing, probing, licking, and teasing Sasha relentlessly. She felt it harder to breath. The tension in her body had returned as she struggled to control herself. She wanted to flail and moan. She wanted to squeal and scream for Jessica to continue. Sasha felt her center warming and pulsing uncontrollably. Like an overwhelmed dam in the middle of a downpour, a cascading flood was inevitable.

Sasha squealed and pulled her legs together in defense. Jessica’s heart sank, “Too far?” she queried, fearing that she already knew the answer.

“No…” Sasha mumbled into the duvet, then turned to the brunette, “No…no…it’s…ok…I….I’m good.” she muttered, almost ashamed at her reaction.

“Are you sure?” Jessica asked sincerely not wanting to push Sasha further than she could go. “We can stop at anytime you know. I want you to enjoy this.”

Sasha shook her head, “No no…it’s not that.” she turned to look at Jessica, “I’m….just nervous…you know?”

Jessica smiled and nodded, “Yeah….I can tell. So you want me to stop then?”

“Fuck no!” Sasha paused then laughed at her outburst, “I mean….no…please…keep going. I want this; really I do.” she flopped her head back onto the bed and smiled to herself. She was all at once proud to be doing something out of her comfort zone. But before she could relax and enjoy the momentary victory over her fears Jessica resumed her pleasurable attack. “Oh fuck.” Sasha squealed as she felt Jessica’s talented tongue diving into her.

Jessica reached forward once more and ran her hands over both of Sasha’s breasts, encircling each tender nipple before gently tweaking and tapping at them. Sasha shuddered once more. Jessica moved from her position behind Sasha and came closer to her head, still buried in the duvet. She whispered hypnotically into the redhead’s ear, “Let go Sasha.” she kissed her ear and nibbled on it. Sasha moaned again, “Let go. Drop into this feeling.” Jessica cooed, “Drop, and succumb to it. Accept it. Accept it.”

On cue Sasha relaxed again and mumbled into her bed, “I….I want…I want to watch you…” she admitted shamefully.

Jessica didn’t need any further encouragement. Guiding Sasha, who now almost seemed as if she was in a hypnotic trance, she pulled the redhead up to her knees and slipped her dress off, tossing it to the side. Sasha complied willingly and remained motionless, waiting, kneeling with her back to the brunette who was now completely in charge. Sasha felt her body throbbing as her mind was racing. How this woman was able to inspire Sasha’s trust in such a short amount of time was mind blowing. Sasha felt no fear, no worries and no concern. She knew instinctively that Jessica was going to take good care of her, and though every single moment of this experience was new and full of the unknown, Sasha was relaxed and willing.

Jessica ran her hands down the redhead’s soft skin, letting her neatly trimmed nails gently scrape at Sasha’s flesh. Sasha arched her back and moaned. Her eyes closed and her mouth wide open. She took a deep breath and felt Jessica directing her down to the bed, turning her around and lowering her body to the bed and her head onto a soft pile of pillows. Sasha opened her eyes and saw the brunette looking back at her. There was an animalistic nature to Jessica now. Jessica’s eyes caged a hunger for Sasha and the look, which only an hour ago may have frightened her, now drove her into a further level of excitement. Jessica pulled Sasha’s legs closer to her and then gently separated them keeping her eyes on Sasha’s. The brunette saw the redhead’s chest moving with each protracted breath, her breasts jutting up at the climax of each inhalation. Jessica bit her lip and lowered her body down slowly. Sasha watched as she positioned herself directly over Sasha’s glistening and highly aroused sex. Sasha closed her eyes, arched her back, and moaned, “Please…”

With that Jessica lowered her tongue to Sasha and was rewarded with a quick twitch and a loud moan. Tucking Sasha’s legs over her shoulders, Jessica drew a long slow line with her tongue, up from Sasha’s tender asshole, up between the puffy lips of her excited pussy, to rest anxiously at Sasha’s pulsating clit. The redhead snapped her head back up and stared down at Jessica. The sight was so enticingly erotic. All the secret dreams and fantasies Sasha had of being seduced by a woman came to a head. She watched as Jessica pulled her mouth back and felt herself shiver seeing the brunette’s wet smiling lips.

Sasha moaned her encouragement, “Fuck that’s hot.” she mumbled as Jessica smirked back at her.

“You like that huh?” Jessica teased knowingly.

“You know I do.” Sasha responded softly.

“You want more don’t you.” she continued.

Sasha nodded silently, “…but….I…I don’t know how long I’ll last.” she admitted. She already felt her body was on the knife edge of an tumultuous orgasm.

“I don’t care how long you last.” Jessica admitted truthfully. “I’m more interested in getting you there.” She winked and lowered her mouth once more.

Sasha smiled back at her, but the moment she felt Jessica’s tongue on her clit she felt her eyes roll back in her head and she moaned, louder than ever before. “Oh fuck me.” she moaned, “Fuck me…fuuuuuck me….that……..fucccck.” she grunted, unable to finish her train of thought.

Jessica had gently begun to suckle on her clit while simultaneously rubbing her knuckle between the lips of Sasha’s beautiful and tasty pussy. Sasha uncontrollably rotated her hips and moaned with every touch. Jessica knew she wasn’t going to be able to hold out much longer. She quickly reached up and tweaked her nipples and Sasha jumped at the sudden but surprisingly pleasurable pang of pain. It only distracted her momentarily from the ecstasy pulsing from her sex. With the deftness of an expert Jessica slid a single finger into Sasha and wiggled it softly as she continued to suck and flick at Sasha’s clit. The redhead squealed unintelligibly and without thinking grabbed Jessica’s hair roughly. Sasha gripped her and pulled her face hard into her sopping wet sex. She didn’t know what she was doing, she only knew she wanted more and more. Jessica slipped a second finger into Sasha and gently push, pulled, and twisted her fingers in and out of the spasming girl as she continued her fierce attention on Sasha’s clit.

“Oh….ohhhhh……..” Sasha gasped. She stopped breathing for a moment, then gasped again. “Fuck….” she grunted, “Oh fuck..”

Jessica looked up at her companion’s and saw the beauty and agony of an unavoidable orgasm exploding over the redhead’s face. It was undeniably sensational. Jessica continued her attention, not allowing Sasha to take a break. She looked up to see the redhead’s mouth gaped open, her breath held, her eyes shut tight and her body arched up and tense as if being electrocuted.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.” Sasha moaned loudly, “f-f-fuck fuck fuck FUCK” she continued her body convulsing drastically as she wailed. Jessica felt Sasha’s pussy clamp down on her fingers and she couldn’t help but smirk malevolently. She watched the redhead twitch and moan as Jessica ran her fingernails gently down her body and up the insides of her thighs. “Oh god damn.” Sasha managed to blurt. “That…..” she looked into Jessica’s eyes intensely, “That, was abso-fucking-lutely amazing.” She looked dazed as if drunk and it was nearly comical. Her eyes opened and closed slowly and a grin meandered across her face before she let out a small giggle.

For her part, Jessica was utterly mesmerized. Seeing Sasha in this state was intoxicatingly erotic. She just wanted to keep going. She wanted to keep teasing Sasha. She wanted to remain her, face deep in Sasha’s pussy. She wanted to hear Sasha moan and grunt and curse like a sailor. It was such a turn on she shuddered as every inch of her skin shivered at the inticing thought.

Sasha opened her arms wide and Jessica dove into her embrace. “Thank you.” she said with utmost sincerity. “That…..that was…amazing.” Sasha professed. “I…uh…do….do you need me to do…something?” she asked somewhat fearful of the answer.

Jessica shook her head, “No, that’s ok.” Sasha looked at her, unsure of herself. “It’s ok,” Jessica continued, “seeing you cum like that is enough for me.” she admitted honestly. “That was sexy as fuck.” she giggled. Sasha pulled the brunette close and they embraced tightly, comfortable with this new level of intimacy.

Outside of Sasha’s room, however, Iria was walking softly down the hallway. She had left Mr. Baritone at the hotel for the night. He had run into a former acquaintance and the two men had hit it off. Iria immediately felt like she was the third wheel and though she was intrigued about the situation she knew it was time to go. Uncertain how Sasha’s night had gone since she saw her, Iria walked up to Sasha’s room and lightly rapped on the door, “Can I come in?” she asked in a faint voice, afraid to wake her roommate if she was already in bed.

Sasha, not hearing the question answered nervously with the naked brunette in her arms, “Yes?”

Taking this to be an answer and not a question; Iria reached down, placed her hand on the doorknob, turned it, and slowly pushed the door open.


My Biggest Fan

“Come over now,” you say, “the doors unlocked and I’m all alone.”

I lick my lips in anticipation. “10 minutes.” Oh how I love a fan.

01 22 2013 013


“I want to show you my appreciation.” you said a few hours earlier, “for awakening this….this….thing…in me.” I smile and hand the signed book across the table to you. Your eyes are wide, bright, and excited. Your chest is heaving with each quickened breath. I let my eyes wander down from your face, across your lips, down your neck and past your breasts, your nipples hard and poking through the light fabric of your whimsical blouse.

My handler catching my siteline interrupts this brief moment of predation, “Buying his book is all the appreciation he needs.” What a lie, but I smile and nod like a robot. “I’m happy that you enjoy my writing.” I manage to push out, the words coated in truth but filled with dishonesty.

You smile, “Well….thank you….and if you ever want to….feel appreciated….” you extend your hand, a small business card outstretched to me.

My handler snatches the card away, “Thank you miss, please move along, there are more people in line.” There were of course, many admirers. Many odd and strange individuals that deeply need to tell me what they think of the book. How it spoke to them. How it moved them. How it changed their life. Pathetic. My eyes are on you and your short black skirt as you walk away. Awakened something in you did I…..fascinating. You turn when you’re almost out of sight, smile, wink, and place a small rectangular card in the last book on the top row just before the cashier’s station. Clever girl.

Two hours and a few hundred books and pleasantries later I’m finally released from my obligations and stand to stretch. “I need to go for a walk, stretch my legs a bit.” I say to my handler and she sighs like I’ve ruined her day before motioning me to proceed. “Thanks” I reply to her irritation, as if I needed her permission in the first place. I walk around the table adorned with posters of the hypersexualized cover of my 4th novel in the “Awakened” series. Playing with my pen in my left hand I walked over to the same collection of books you had sauntered by. Thumbing through the top row nonchalantly I stopped at the last book, opened the cover, and to my delight I was greeted by your small plain business card. “Well well well.” I mutter to myself, “I shall give you a call…saleswoman…of Devil’s Creek Candles.” Hearing distinct footfalls behind me I quickly palm your card and put the book away masking my heady excitement with a poker face of utter boredom.

“Next up is a radio interview in an hour at Hot Shots WX106. They specialize in rock, pop, country, and talk. You’ll be on for their drive time show so be perky. People don’t like it when you drone on. Then another signing at a coffee shop called the Slappy Bean on Main. Ridiculous name if you ask me but the locals seem to enjoy it. I’ll get you a Starbucks low fat chai latte and put it in one of their cups. Then tomorrow…” she kept talking but I didn’t bother to listen. My mind instead was on you and those perky nipples under your blouse.

“I”m going for a walk Cathy. Give me some space alright?”

She backed away without saying a word, clicking on her pen incessantly as she does when she’s forced into an unnatural state of quietness. “My god woman you need to get laid.” I silently thought to myself shaking my head and stepping out into the fresh air.

After walking down the block and turning the corner I dove into my jacket to retrieve my phone. Once it was out I grabbed the card from my pocket and swiftly dialed your number. “Hello?” came the soft sickly sweet response.

“Hey there,” I respond, still uncomfortable with my recent fame I still manage to sound timid on the phone. “You left your card for me?”

“Oh god! You……my…god…” you exclaim loudly in shock before quickly changing your tone to a whisper, “I…I can’t believe you called? You….you….actually called me?”

“Of course I did. How could I not with such a rousing expression of appreciation you gave earlier.” I stopped walking for a moment, thinking back to your eyes, your lips…..”Very rousing.” I whispered.

“Oh geez..oh…I have to go, I’m at work. Call…can….uh..” you stammered over the phone still in a little shock, “….can…you call me later? I’ll be free later?”

“I have a few more public appearances to make today but I’ll be sure to give you a call.”

“Oh…ok …ok….yes…that would be so awesommmme.” the last word stretched out amusingly.

“Anything for a fan.” I say, smiling then hanging up. I quickly toss the phone and card into my pocket. Before turning and seeing Cathy across the street. Her arms crossed and her face scrunched in a scowl. She only uncrossed her arms to motion that it was time to go. I sighed to myself and dragged my feet back to meet her.

The next two hours passed agonizingly slow. There is a schism of reality in a radio DJ’s booth. They’re so disturbingly boisterous and animated but visually look like sociopathic serial killers. If I had to hear my name included in the “Wacky wild drive at five” one more time it was quite possible I may try to cave Marvelous Mike’s head in with his own microphone. I kept looking over at Cathy trying desperately to create some sort of telepathic link so I could tell her to get me the hell out of here, but all she did was talk on the phone and give me the thumbs up anytime I made I contact. Cathy’s head would be next after Mike’s. I don’t think I’d even feel guilty about it either.

From Hot Shots WX106, we strode across the street and down the block to the number one coffee shop in Devil’s Creek, the Slappy Bean. Unlike the usual coffee shop I was accustomed to, this one seemed to be populated by retired lumberjacks and rodeo clowns. They still had the stuck up snotty looking hipster barista behind the counter, but he spoke more like an early 1960’s hippy and acted like one too. What a weird little town. A table was set up in the corner where a stack of my books and the same nearly pornographic posters were adorned. I took my chair and waited as Cathy arranged the fans into a healthy sized line that wound it’s way through the kitschy coffee shop. Unlike the radio show where I felt trapped and claustrophobic, this was at least mildly pleasant. There was far too many late to middle aged soccer mom’s for my liking, but it seemed that’s who my writing appealed to. Eighty or so signatures and awkward fan encounters later the line had dissipated and I was finally free to go.

The cab ride back to the hotel was short and quiet. Just the way I liked it. Once we arrived Cathy started in on me telling me where we were heading next. Who we were going to meet. Where we would stay. How I was supposed to act. What I was supposed to do. It was exhausting and I hadn’t even done any of it yet. I thanked Cathy for her help during the day and shooed her off to her room as I made my way to my suite. I showered and shaved off all the handshakes and pleasantries I could while picturing in my mind’s eye the lovely curves of my favorite fan. As I dried myself standing over the large king sized bed I fished through my pockets to find my phone. Going through the menu I selected the last dialed number and hit “call”.

“Come over now,” you say, “the doors unlocked and I’m all alone.”

I lick my lips in anticipation. “10 minutes.” Oh how I love a fan. “What’s your address?”

“151 Kayak Path” you giggle, “Hurry or I’ll start without you.” Whispering the last part nervously.

“151 Kayak,” I repeat. My penchant for palindromes causing me to drool over the address. “Why don’t you start without me then.” I chuckle, “I’ll just slip in like a thief in the night to steal your delicious innocence away.”

“Oh god I love the way you talk….hurry……I’ll be….waiting” you disconnect the call and I stare at the phone for a moment. This could be quite fun.

Not too long ago I was trapped in a dead end job with very little prospects for an intriguing life. But after being convinced by a couple of friends that my writing was good enough to do full time I took the plunge and dove straight into it. Six years and 38 million books sold later I had become a shocking success. The nature of my work shocked most that knew me. They had pigeonholed me as the mild mannered quiet and reserved type. While that certainly was the image I had been portraying for most of my life, it was really only a mask to keep people from being frightened of me. Now, after writing the inner most secrets that swam through my devious mind, I found that I had more fans than I would have ever imagined, most of which were women.

Slipping out of my hotel room I strode off down the hall, down the elevator, through the lobby, and into a waiting taxi. Once inside I rattled off your address to the cabbie I sat back into the seat and smiled. Smoothing over my pants and brushing my coat I pictured you in your bedroom teasing yourself in rapt anticipation of my arrival. I found my curiosity getting to me. I started to wonder what your nipples looked like, what the shape of your navel was, did you have any secret tattoos, and naughty piercings. What would your nether region look like. Would you be wild, delicately trimmed, or the bearer of a full out Brazilian. How would you smell, how would you taste, what delicious and delightful sensations would you share with me. Did you like it slow, soft, passionate, or did you prefer to be thrown over my shoulder and tossed onto the bed with wild abandon. Did you moan? Did you squeal? Would you squirm under the touch of my talented tongue? Would you pull my hair and beg for more, or would I pull yours and have you beg for more. I bit my lip and balled my hands into fists. The taxi has arrived.

I hand the cabbie a few bills and turn to walk up the sidewalk to 151 Kayak. A palindromic number followed by a palindromic word. If I was the swooning type, I would swoon over that alone. Once I reached the door I outstretched my finger to press the doorbell but stopped just shy of it. Instead I redirected my hand to the door knob and slowly turned it. It was unlocked, just as you had promised. The latch clicked and I swung the door in slowly stepping into the darkened front hall of your home. The fragrant wash of scented candles filled my nostrils with their pleasant fruity odor. The entire main floor was surrounded by them. There was a lit candle of various sizes on every surface available dimly lighting the room and keeping the feeling of exciting mystery alive. I slipped off my shoes and tossed my coat onto a nearby chair before standing in silence as I attempted to ascertain where you were. A muffled moan let me know where to go and I pushed the door closed, locked it, and headed up the stairs to your bedroom.

As promised I snuck up the stairs as quietly as possible, not wanting to alert you to my presence as of yet. I heard another moan and immediately felt the pressure of my own excitement pushing against my pants. Slipping up to the door to your bedroom I stayed there breathlessly, hear you mutter to yourself and moan once more. I push the door open ever so slightly and slowly as possible so you still are unaware of my existence in the house. I can see you now, splayed out on your soft duvet. One hand is holding one of my books, and the other is fiercely gripping a glass toy gently sliding it into your already moist and tasty looking pussy. I find myself now standing in your doorway, the door completely pushed out of the way. Your eyes are intent on the page though, and your hand is busy pushing the decorative dildo in and out of your sweet sex. You kick your head back and let another moan escape your deliciously kissable lips, flopping the book to the bed and fluttering your legs back and forth. Raising your head back up you now see me at the door and smile, “I started without you…hope you don’t mind.” you giggle.

May23 033

“I enjoyed the show.” I chuckle, “but I’d very much like to join you there.”

A wide grin shoots across your face and you slide the glass dildo out of your pussy, then motion me over to join you. Dutifully I walk up to meet you on the bed, standing directly in front of you the bulge of my erection clearly visible through my pants. “Someone’s happy to see me.” you say with another giggle, then tossing the glass dildo to the side. You swing your legs over the edge of the bed and sit directly in front of me. Lightly your hands run their way up my clothed body feeling my taut muscles hidden below the cloth. They run up the inside of my leg, gently across my bulge, feeling my organ straining against the fabric. Abruptly you unzip my fly and reach in to pull out my stiffening cock. Holding it in one hand you look it over, admiring it from each angle. The shape of the head, the ridge, the veins, the stiffness, the weight, you smile and look up at me. Without averting your gaze you slowly run your tongue down my thickness from the very tip to the sensitive spot where the shaft meets my balls. Gripping the shaft with your hand you delicately lick them each tenderly before expertly sucking one and then the other into your mouth. I moan my satisfaction as I drop my hands to your head, entwining my fingers in your hair in a subtle attempt to ensure you keep going. Slowly you slide your closed hand back and forth on my shaft, releasing one tenderized testicle from your mouth to allow you to engulf the head of my cock. The sensation shudders through my body and I feel my legs shake slightly as my grip tightens on your head. You respond by reaching your hand around my hip to squeeze my well muscled ass.

For a moment my mind wanders. I think of all the sexual encounters I’ve written about. All the exotic and erotic locals, the beauty, the desire, the craving, the tumultuously fervent releases. All the words I’ve written and scenes I’ve set without ever being able to experience them myself. My sex life was boring, bland, uninteresting. Could this be a pivotal moment? Could this be where my fiction becomes my reality? I look down at you as you work your mouth and tongue back and forth on my slickened shaft. A mass of hair, lips, hands, and tongue. Tantalizing my senses. Teasing my nerves. I feel my scrotum tighten as another wave of pleasure pulses through my body. At that moment the stress and irritation of the previous few days comes to a head. My blood rushes through my body and I can feel the beast I hide within me clawing at my mind roaring to be set free. “Ahhhhhhh fuck!” I shout in a blast of annoyance. You look up at me with a curious expression and I grip you by the shoulders, pull you up and then toss you back onto the bed in an angered rage of passion.

You lay there with a devious grin on your face. Your arms and legs splayed out and inviting me in to feast on you. I stare at you through hungry eyes, tearing off my shirt, ripping down my pants, casting away my underwear till I’m bare and naked. My engorged phallus pointing angrily at you. It’s head pulsing as if it’s breathing for itself. “Come here.” I command and you do as you’re told, crawling on all fours towards me, a smile on your face as you flip between looking at my cock, to looking into my eyes. As you reach me you extend your tongue and get prepared to take me back into your mouth, but I have other things in mind. “Turn around.” and you do so slowly, looking back over your shoulder at me as I stare at your nakedness. The curve of your back as it runs into your ass, the subtle sweep of your hips, you bite your lip and I adore you for it. With a rough hand I swing down in a quick stealthy motion to spank your cute ass. Your eyes open wide then return to your grin, wiggling your butt in approval. I grip your cheeks with both hands and knead them softly enjoying the silky smooth skin before I raise my hand and spank you again. I hear you squeak a little and then once more your smile returns and you wiggle in anticipation of more. I raise the opposite hand and spank once more. Then gripping your ass roughly I drop down and slither my tongue from your deliciously fragrant and very wet slit all the way up to your twitching asshole. Flattening my tongue over your ass I hear you moan and I flick at it like an evil serpent would it’s prey. With my tongue teasing you I release one of your cheeks and simultaneously pull my head back as I come down hard with another spank. The outline of my hand now visible in red even in the dim light of your bedroom. You shudder and wiggle your ass a little more, trying to show your appreciation despite or perhaps because of the stinging pain.

I reach up with my hand and grip your hair roughly pulling you back to me as I lean over you. I whisper into your ear before I bite it, “We’re only just getting started love.” spanking you once more then dropping down to tease your ass again with my tongue. With one hand I hold you in place and the other I run up your back, to your shoulder, to your throat gripping it with just enough pressure to make you tingle as I run my tongue between your ass and your tasty cunt. Good god I could do this forever. Hearing you moan, feeling you squirm, tasting your juices and inhaling your delicious scent. It’s intoxicating. All I want is more. All I need is more. Running my hand down your back to your hips again I free my other to run up the inside of your leg and cup your sweet sopping sex. You’re delightfully wet and I adore that. Slinking my finger up your slit then back down I can feel you writhe a little. You know what’s coming and you want it, badly. I run the tip of my finger up and back, then curl it and gently push my knuckle into your wetness. I smile to myself as I feel you push your body back to meet me. With my tongue still tickling your tender asshole I push my finger agonizingly slow into your hot tight wet pussy. You moan and writhe a little and I reward you by spanking your ass and then driving my finger into you again. Now curling it down inside of you I gently tease your g-spot and smirk as I watch your feet twitch on the bed.

Without warning I pull my finger out and you moan in disappointment. Gently I massage the now puffy lips of your sweet sex tantalizing your aching pulsing clit. Then again without warning I drive two fingers into your pussy, and with my thumb slowly rub little circles over your clit. “Oh Fuck!” I hear you squeal to my delight. Continuing the same motion with my thumb, again I curl my fingers inside of you gently tapping at your g-spot as I simultaneously rub your clit with my thumb. “Geez! Fuck..oh fuck!” you squeal again, but I’m not finished. I take the thumb of my other hand and wet it in my mouth. Placing it at your twitching asshole I rub it softly in little circles just as I do your clit, but before you can have a chance to react I gently push it into your tight asshole. Violently your body spasms as the combination of sensations begins to overwhelm you. I hold on and continue to drive my fingers into your pussy and my thumb into your ass. You writhe, you moan, and I hear you gasp, much to my satisfaction. I watch your body in the dim candle light as your back arches your mouth opens wide and then your hips begin to buck violently in the throes of another delicious orgasm. I slow my movements and allow you to recover briefly.

You drop your head to the bed, your ass still in the air and your body heaving as you gasp for air. I extract my fingers from you and laugh to myself. They’re completely coated with your juices and I love it. With my other hand I grip your hip and then throw you onto your side. You look at me with the dazed wonder of afterglow in your eyes and allow me to position myself at the spasming entrance to your glorious sex. Slowly I push into your tight still spasming pussy and I’m greeted by an long satisfied moan erupting from your open mouth. Inch by inch I slide into you gripping your hip with one hand and your ass with the other. I feel you move your hips from side to side, attempting to get me even deeper inside. You’re enjoying the feeling of my cock inside of you the fit so tight that you can almost feel my pulse through my engorged member. Sliding slowly back out I take stock of the sight in front of me. Such a beautiful fan you are. Your eyes meet mine and you smile but shortly after they fly open wide as I drive myself deep into you.

01 22 2013 012

My beast is loose again and I can barely contain myself. I drive into you harder and harder, your ass slapping against my hips as I go. I roughly grab your ass then spank it and fuck you again. You moan and writhe beneath me which only fuels the fire in my heart. I deftly take my thumb and slide it into your asshole as I fuck you. You squeal your approval and I feel your ass pulse around my thumb as I continue to drive into your willing body. I can feel myself alreadly losing control as my balls tighten to my body. It’s too soon though, and I want to make this last. Driving into you one more time I then extract myself and join you on the bed. You’re collapsed and on your side but want more of me. You want to show me how much you appreciate what my writing has done for you. How you’ve woken up this desire inside of you. How you’ve cast away the shackles of your old naive life and dove into this new you. The new you doesn’t feel shame from sex. The new you relishes it. You don’t feel the need to settle. The need to close down and subject yourself to the monotony of monogamy. You’re alive now. Awake and anxious to experience the depth and breadth of pleasure that is possible. Grabbing my twitching cock in your hand you engulf the head with your mouth once more, tasting the sweet mix of flavor from my excitement as well as your own.

I grip your head tightly and push my cock in and out of your mouth, enjoying the feeling of your tongue dancing around my stiffness as I do. With my thick member still in your mouth you direct me to lie down on the bed. As soon as I do you release me from your mouth, stroke me a few times with your hand, then immediately jump on top of me and lower your still soaking sex down onto my cock. I feel the puffy lips of your tasty pussy being pushed aside and feel the delicious hot wetness of your sex engulfing me. You let out a long protracted groan before raising your hips up again and pushing down once more. I look you over with intensity driving through my eyes. I run my hands from your face, across your throat, to your breasts which are moving to the rhythm of your motion. I lightly tweak each nipple between my thumb and forefinger enjoying the look on your face as I increase the pressure on them. Pulling each nipple slightly before releasing them I hear you gasp and can’t take any more.

Like an animal I grab you and flip you to your back, my body still between your legs. Sweeping under them I catch your legs under my arms and push them back towards you. You legs spread wide and you manage to mutter “Oh fuck” before I drive my cock as deep as it can go. A jolt of pain and pleasure shoots through your body as the unexpected deep penetration pushes into you. I pull out and drive again, then pull out wait for a moment, and when your eyes open to look at me I drive once more deep into your spasming cunt. “Oh fuck..oh fuck yes….fuck me fuck me Hard!” you scream and I indulge you. Picking up the pace of my thrusts the rhythmic slapping of my body into yours increases in volume and pace. You gasp and moan for more and I give you more. Then I move your legs together with your feet just next to my ears. Turning to one side I nip at your foot and then push deeply into you again. The angle is different and the pleasure is intense. I can feel your body start to spasm out of control. With my free hand I pull at one nipple then the other before pinning you to the bed. My hand on your upper chest and my fingers at your throat I continue to pin you down and fuck you just as hard. “Oh god..oh..f-f–ffuck” you moan, “I want you….I ….fuck…I…” you stammer and stutter as my body slams into yours, “I want….your…fucking….cum!” you manage to yell between thrusts.

Picture #18
Picture #18

It’s all I can do to hold on, with my fingers pulling on both nipples I slide into you a few more times. You beg me again for my cum and I can feel that I’ve lost control. The ache inside of me pulses and pushes through my body. I feel my legs shudder and spasm as the warm feeling washes over me. “No, no!” you squeal “I want to taste it.” My eyes fly open and I look straight at you, “I want to taste your essence!” Pulling out of your sloppy wet cunt I grasp my slickened cock and stroke it a few times. You lick your lips in anticipation and sit up to meet me halfway. Looking at me, then my shaft you smile and beg for it once more, “Give it to me….give me all of that sweet tasty cum!” and with that final request I feel the first blast of seed ejecting from my thick hard staff and landing onto your waiting tongue. You quickly gulp it down as another blast pulses across your lips, then another, and another. With dutiful diligence you lick up each drop and savor the flavor. “mmmmmm” you moan as you squeeze my cock and extract the very last drop. “Delicious.” you whisper.

“Anything for a fan.” I chuckle, then collapse beside you on the bed. With a smile on my face I know for a fact I’m going to miss my flight tomorrow. Cathy is going to be pissed.

06 19 2012 081

One-Forty or Less – Chapter 8

Chapter 8

The moment the two women’s lips met a charge of electricity funneled through each of them. Sasha suddenly felt her breath being stolen from her body as she tensed up with unexpected excitement. The feeling of Jessica’s lips on hers was so different but so terribly exciting.

Jessica cupped the back of Sasha’s head and curled her fingers into her long red hair. Sasha felt her heart leap into her throat. Introspective thoughts bolted through her mind as every neuron seemed to fire at once. What was going on? What was she doing? What was happening. She felt the soft soothing sensation of Jessica’s pursed full lips touching hers. She felt herself melting into them like fresh falling snow onto an open palm. Her own lips parted as Jessica pulled her close, kissing her deeper and with even more passion. Sasha’s heart started racing, her closed eyes fluttered open to see Jessica’s face so close to hers.

She pushed the brunette back in a panic, “….what…are you doing?” she blubbered unsure of herself.

Jessica opened her eyes and looked at the pretty sweet redhead with loving tenderness. “Wow.”

“Wow?” Sasha replied, “That’s what you have to say? Wow?”

“Sorry, I don’t know what else to say Sasha.” Jessica admitted, “That…..that was my first ever girl-girl kiss.” she giggled and bit her lip looking at Sasha hungry for more.

“Your…..your first?” Sasha mumbled, “but I thought….what about your roommate?” she asked.

“I never got the guts to tell her.” Jessica admitted rolling her eyes sheepishly. “and now I’m glad I didn’t. That was…..perfect.” she whispered, running her fingers slowly over her lips closing her eyes and dancing through a sense memory of moment. “It was so much better than I could have dreamed.” she opened her eyes and saw Sasha open mouthed. Jessica giggled with nervous excitement. Staring at the redhead while she awaited her response.

Sasha smiled, “So I was your first?” and Jessica nodded. Sasha couldn’t help but feel a little honored, “Ok that’s kind of cool.”

“Did you like it?” Jessica asked quietly, desperately hoping for a positive response.

Sasha sat in silence for a moment contemplating how to answer the question. “It was…..different…but……nice.” she admitted. “I…..I think I liked it more than I would have thought.”

Jessica nodded enthusiastically. “Same!” she giggled. She clasped her hands over her face as someone might if they were about to say a prayer. “Wanna……wanna try again?” she smiled mischievously. The dam now had a small crack in it, and Jessica was aiming to break it open even further. Sasha bit her lip and looked at Jessica’s lips. She looked over her shoulder at the front door then back to Jessica. With a small tilt of her head she agreed and Jessica moved in for the kill.

This time she kissed with passion. She kissed Sasha the way she wanted to from the start. With her hands back on Sasha’s jawline she pulled the redhead close to her and the two explorers delved into a new world for both of them. Sasha felt herself falling away. Her body seeming airy, light, and flowing like a newly washed sheet hung outside to dry. She folded into the brunette allowing her to take charge while Sasha just rode the wave of sensuality. She opened her mouth wider and allowed Jessica further. No longer willing to stop at just the lips Jessica had snaked her tongue across Sasha’s lips and lightly played with the other woman’s tongue.

Sasha felt a twinge of excitement pulsing through her body. The combination of new, erotic, and taboo sensations were delectable. She heard herself moan into Jessica’s mouth and Jessica responded by only increasing the fervor of her attack. Sasha felt Jessica’s soft hand run down her neck and down her back eventually coming to rest at her hip. With each inch Jessica’s fingers travelled a new shiver ran through her. She broke from the kiss for a breathless moment and whispered almost in desperation, “What….what are we doing?” she asked the brunette with childlike wonder.

“Anything we want.” Jessica responded. She kissed her softly on the cheek, “No rules.” another kiss on the lips, “No worries.” another kiss but now on Sasha’s neck, “Just two people enjoying each other’s company.”

Sasha pulled back and looked into Jessica’s eyes. “This is crazy you know?”

Jessica nodded, “I know.” but then she smiled, “but you don’t want to stop now.”

Sasha grinned and nodded slowly, “You’re an awesome kisser.” The sensation of a woman’s lips were so much different than the last man she kissed. Frankly he was more of a boy than a man. Jessica’s lips were smaller, softer, and had no prickly stubble to deal with. It was heavenly.

She smiled, “Well you’re fun to kiss.” punctuating her sentence with a soft kiss to Sasha’s forehead before lowering her mouth back down to Sasha’s lips.

Sasha pulled away again, “I…..I don’t know if Iria’s coming back tonight.” she told Jessica in a whisper. “What if she comes in?”

“So what?” Jessica replied, newly empowered. Something she would have never said even two hours ago. “If she sees she sees.”

Sasha was suddenly panic stricken. Iria was an unpredictable one. She could either be really supportive, or she could be so supportive that she tells everyone. Iria didn’t really have a very good filter for this sort of thing. “I don’t know if I could handle that.” Sasha admitted. “I don’t mind the kissing but….”

“No I know” she sighted, “I understand.” Jessica frowned, “Want to move to your bedroom then? It’s more private at least?” she offered as calmly as possible. The anxious devil inside her wanted nothing more than to have the privacy so she could tear Sasha’s clothes off and ravage her with boundless affection; but as much as she wanted it, Sasha was far from ready for that sort of thing. Jessica knew full well she would have to tread lightly if she wanted to get further.

Sasha considered it for a moment and thought of saying no. She thought of calling it all off and just sending Jessica home. Her heart was still racing and her stomach churned with nervous energy but she found herself looking at Jessica and seeing her for more than just the woman she was. Steeling herself against her own fears Sasha nodded in agreement. She picked up the bottle of wine and smiled, “I still need a little of this.” she joked and Jessica smirked. Sasha stood up slowly and led the way back down the hall and into her bedroom. Her body filled to the brim with nervous excitement.

As she walked down the hallway she considered what was happening. Sasha had never thought she would ever try something like this, but maybe she wasn’t being honest with herself. How many pictures had she and Iria posed for where they were making kissing faces at each other, or holding each others breasts in some provocatively staged shot. How many times had they taken to the dance floor just to bump and grind with each other while an audience of men watched in excitement. Each time they did these things Sasha had ignored the real source of the thrill it gave her. Feeling Iria’s small hands on her body gave Sasha a dose of excitement each and every time. How had she ignored this for so long? She looked over her shoulder at Jessica who was following a couple paces back, no longer hiding the fact she was staring at Sasha’s body. She caught the redhead’s eye and winked. Sasha looked forward again and grinned like a cheshire cat.

Once she reached her bedroom door she held out her hand for a moment and held the knob. It was as if this was the threshold of a point of no return. If she invited Jessica into her room, that was it. There would be no going back. Sasha’s ears were ringing as her blood coursed through her body. Her stomach flipped again and she took a quick gasp of a air. “Here we go.” she thought to herself. She took a deep breath turned the knob and pushed the door open. The two women walked into the room in silence each with a drink in hand. Sasha turned and shut the door while Jessica softly strode into the room, placed her cooler on the nightstand and waited next to Sasha’s bed.

“I’m so fucking nervous.” Sasha admitted, then realizing she had something for that, took a big swig of wine from the bottle in her hand.

“Me too.” Jessica echoed, though her demeanor showed anything but nervousness. She looked calm like a coiled snake about to pounce on it’s prey. Ready to devour her meal in one fateful gulp. Jessica licked her lips in anticipation.

“You don’t look like it at all.” Sasha giggle nervously, looking back at the wine in her hand and trying to decide if another sip would be a good idea.

“Trust me,” Jessica reached out and placed her hand on Sasha’s shoulder, “I am.” she finished before stepping closer to her companion and kissing her deeply once more.

Sasha felt her body jump again at the foreign sensation but once more allowed herself to be taken on this ride with Jessica. Before she knew it Jessica had wrapped her in her arms and pressed their bodies together. Sasha could feel Jessica’s breasts pushing against her own. She could feel Jessica’s hands on her head, running down her back, and over her hips. Sasha squirmed briefly but fought her own fears to remain steadfast. Her lips parted slowly and she accepted Jessica’s tongue. She allowed it to dance within her mouth, teasing her own tongue, flicking at it and twirling around softly before retracting from where it came. Sasha pulled back from the kiss and took a quick breath, “Jesus fuck you’re a good kisser.” she said panting.

Jessica smiled serenely and stared at Sasha’s lips, then looked at her in the eyes. The connection between the two women was growing by the second and it was utterly intoxicating to Jessica. “Jacob always said that.” she giggled, “but honestly I love kissing you more.” she dove back into Sasha and kissed her again, running her hands through Sasha’s long red hair before stopping at the small of Sasha’s back. Jessica then ran her fingernails lightly up Sasha’s back and smirked as she shivered uncontrollably. Sasha pulled back and giggled again, but only to regain her composure and shake away the ticklish feeling. She waited this time for Jessica to return to her lips.

The sensations coursing through Sasha’s body were exquisite. She had never been kissed like this before, by anyone. It was as if she finally understood every sappy movie, every romantic comedy, every cheesy romance book all at once. This is what they were talking about. This is what they meant when they said they felt the earth move. She was living the moment that she never knew she was missing.

Jessica pulled back from the redhead and stared at her for a moment, “Are….are you ok? Do you…want me to stop?”

Sasha shook her head then reached up to touch her cheek, realizing that a few tears had streaked down her face. “I’m just….I don’t know…” But she did know. She knew that after this moment she would be chasing this feeling. She would never again be able to accept the dulled down monotony of a poorly placed kiss. She would always search for this feeling and she suddenly feared it would never happen again.

Jessica pulled her into her arms and kissed her softly on the cheek. “It’s….it’s ok. We can stop. It’s ok. I understand.” she whispered into Sasha’s ear her own pulse racing. Though Jessica seemed in charge she wasn’t. She was flying fully on instinct alone. She wanted more. She wanted everything from Sasha. She wanted her to be her first. She wanted to finally be free to feel what she’s desired all along. It was agonizing, but she knew she had to slow to Sasha’s pace. She knew that in a blink of an eye Sasha could turn around and decide this was too much for her to handle. Jessica held her breath and waited for Sasha’s response.

“No…I don’t want to stop. I….I want…..” Sasha paused for a moment to take a breath. She looked at Jessica and for the first time in her life she was truly honest with herself, “I want it all.”

In Her Eyes

You kiss me with sweet sensual seduction
soft but daring, warm and caring
You give me my turn to dart and explore
my lips dance across your face
like fireflies in a moonlit meadowed place

Your arms surround me, and pull me so close
I feel your heat, your heart, your soul
Entwined and oblvious to the world around
Wrapped in your embrace, calm surrounds me

Your hands flutter down my body
light and airy with your tenderly teasing touch
feel my soft skin against your hard exterior
and be enraptured by the elegance.

Clothes slide off with silky resolve
dripping to the floor as if melted by our passion
naked we stand, together all alone
drinking in the delicious sight before us

You whisper all that I need to hear
with a simple and silent smirk
you’re advancing towards me,
seducing me with your piercing eyes

kiss your way down my body
explore my every curve
let me feel that electricity
dance across every nerve.

Make my heart leap, and my breath quicken
Make me melt inside and drip with passion
Let me know you know me
Let me KNOW you love me
Let me feel your soul penetrate me
And take me to those dizzying heights.

One-Forty or Less – Chapter 7

Chapter 7

The drive was quiet but pleasant. Jessica’s nerves had calmed substantially, and Sasha had gotten over the fact that there was no Jacob. Even though the privacy barrier was up both girls diverted away from the heavier subject that needed to be aired. Instead they busied themselves with trivial small talk.  

The privacy barrier lowered an inch and Jonathan whispered without looking at the mirror, “We’re almost here ladies.” the barrier raised again and Sasha chuckled at the awkward young man.

“I suppose he’s letting us know so that we can stop kissing and get dressed.” she joked with the beaming brunette. Jessica responded with a giggle trying her best to ignore the twinge of excitement that came with such a suggestion. It may be silly to Sasha, but to Jessica it would have been a perfect highlight to an otherwise dreadful weekend.

“Will your roommate be home?” Jessica asked, trying not to sound suggestive.

“Nah, she’ll be busy with that guy still.” Sasha replied. She frowned and continued, “Honestly I don’t know how she does it.”

“Does what?” Jessica asked fiddling with her purse and not looking at Sasha.

“She meets these guys at the bar and like…within 24 hours she’s got them wrapped around her finger and has dropped them by the end of the weekend.” Sasha shook her head. “I don’t get it. You know?”

“No, I don’t know. What part aren’t you getting?” she asked honestly.

“Well like, I don’t think I could do that. Just meet someone and then be so sexual with them….” Sasha stopped and looked at Jessica.

Jessica smiled, “I think if circumstances were different tonight you might have been able to.” she winked and Sasha laughed at her own hypocrisy.

“Ok…ok…ya you’ve got me there. I was totally going to slut it up with your ex if he was here.” Sasha laughed again.

Jessica smiled but didn’t laugh. She wasn’t insulted by what Sasha had said, but it had made her think.

“Oh….sorry…I..I didn’t offend you I hope.” Jessica shook her head slowly. “I just mean, well…you’re pretty and all but you don’t have….a…” she paused then decided to continue to be blunt, “….you don’t have a cock.” she finished giggling to herself.

Jessica smiled, “That’s true, but there are things that men just don’t know how to do right…” she let the statement hang in the air for Sasha to digest.

The redhead cocked her head to the side and giggled nervously, “This is true….very true.” she laughed again as the car came to stop.

Jonathan jumped out and circled the vehicle just as he had before, opening Sasha’s door and offering his hand, “We’ve arrived ladies.”

The two chimed together, “Thank you.” as each were gently pulled out and deposited on the sidewalk with care.

“Is that it for this evening?” Jonathan asked politely.

“I think so yes.” Sasha replied, looking at Jessica and then back at the young chauffeur.

“Very good then.” Jonathan nodded and started back around the vehicle.

“Wait, don’t I owe you?” Sasha blurted.

“No, it’s quite alright. I’ll see you tomorrow for another study session.”

“Sounds good smarty pants.” Sasha quipped and winked at the young man. Jonathan smiled nervously and quickly got into the car. A moment later he was on his way off into the night.

Sasha turned back to Jessica and smiled, “Cute guy right?” she asked the brunette.

“Yeah….a little….odd though isn’t he?”

“Well he’s allowed to be odd.” Sasha replied, “He’s a certified genius.” she informed, “and he has a gigantic…” she stopped herself mid sentence and realized with horror what she was about to reveal, “…brain.” she finished. Looking over at Jessica nervously.

Jessica just nodded none the wiser about Sasha’s near gaff. “Oh…ok. If you say so.” she smiled.

Sasha returned her smile then pointed towards the large brick building, “Well we better head in then.” she offered and walked ahead.

Jessica nodded again and followed the pretty redhead, doing her best to not stare at Sasha’s ass, and failing quite miserably; just as Jonathan had before her.

Sasha turned to look over her shoulder and caught Jessica mid stare but smiled and kept walking. She supposed it was a compliment regardless and grinned to herself feeling a sudden surge of self esteem.

The two women walked up the stairs in relative silence. The first showing the way and pretending she was unaware of the other’s eyes. The second following, and completely mesmerized.

When they finally reached the top step Sasha turned to look at Jessica. The look on the brunette’s face was that of a kid caught with a mitt full of stolen candy. She looked sheepish and started to blush, “Did you enjoy the view?” Sasha asked with playful maliciousness. Jessica nodded slowly in response, unable to utter a single word. Sasha giggled and turned to walk back down the hallway as Jessica followed the second puppy of the day.

After fiddling with the door Sasha managed to push it open and walked allowed Jessica to walk through. Even though she didn’t intend on it, Sasha looked at Jessica’s ass in turn. “I don’t have tea, but I do have coffee.” Jessica turned to face Sasha.

“Do you have any alcohol?” she inquired hopefully.

“Hey….this is student housing…..of course we have alcohol!” Sasha retorted chuckling as she closed the door and locked it. She wandered through the kitchen and into the pantry. She met Jessica in the living room with a selection of coolers, beers, and wines. “Pick your poison.” she offered.

Jessica grabbed a fruity vodka cooler and sat back down on the couch. Sasha grabbed a bottle of wine, uncorked it and sat down opposite the brunette.

“Sooooooo.” Sasha started, not sure how to start the conversation.

Jessica took a big gulp of her cooler and smirked, “Yeah….so…am I the first bi girl you’ve invited back to your apartment?” she laughed and then blushed. Jessica had calculated a revised trajectory for this evening and this is how it started.

Sasha took the bottle away from her mouth and snorted in a laugh, “I think so yep.” she paused for a moment, and then continued, “Honestly you’re the first person other than Jonathan that I’ve ever invited back here.”

Jessica wasn’t expecting this, “Jonathan….you…invited…him…”

“No not like that.” she laughed again. “I didn’t want him waiting in the car so I told him to wait up here.” Sasha clarified.

Jessica relaxed for a moment then continued, “Seriously though? No one? Why? You’re kind of hot.” she chuckled and took a sip of her own cooler while watching Sasha take another large gulp of wine.

“Yes well….I don’t really get that sort of attention.” Sasha admitted. “I’m like not the one people notice.” she sighed and continued, “Everyone always notices Iria. I’m just Iria’s friend, or Iria’s roommate. Or the redhead that Iria hangs with.”

“I noticed you first in your pictures before Iria.” Jessica said honestly, raising her cooler and nodding to add emphasis.

“Well that’s sweet of you to say….” Sasha replied, “but…uh..but…” she stopped talking for a moment trying to focus. The drinks at the hotel and the quick gulp of wine at home had already started to make her head cloud up. Sasha suddenly became sullen and frowned without saying another word.

“What’s wrong?” Jessica asked, the concern in her voice quiet sincere.

“No…it’s….it’s nothing.” Sasha frowned and fiddled with the bottle. She looked at the label and ignored her guest for a moment getting agitated each moment that passed.

“Clearly it’s something. What is it that you want to say?” Jessica pushed. There was a tension in the air that was palpable. Jessica could feel butterflies swirling in her stomach as she waited for Sasha to explain herself.

“I’m just….well…I’m kind of pissed at you.” Sasha admitted looking up at the brunette. Her eyes glowed with both anger and frustration.

Jessica looked down at her drink and hung her head, “I know….I…I’m sorry…”

“No you don’t understand.” Sasha continued, raising her voice slightly in annoyance. “I was really looking forward to meeting you….well…you the Jacob you.” She sighed, “But you stole that away from me. You pretended to be something you’re not and now….I don’t know…I’m…I’m just mad.”

“I know…I know..” Jessica shook her head and sniffled.

“No…you don’t get to cry this time. It’s my turn to cry.” Sasha interjected before Jessica could take the spotlight away from her. “I don’t get moments like this.” Sasha pleaded, not with Jessica but with the universe as a whole. “I don’t get the guy. I never get the guy. Iria gets the guy. My friends get the guy. But I’m the outcast redhead on the side. Like some untouchable diseased rodent.” Sasha chest began to pound and there was a pain in her throat welling up with repressed emotions.

Jessica for her part stayed silent and nodded, listening to her vent. She nervously played with her drink, rotating it in her hand and picking at the label.

“You know when the last time I was kissed….like…really kissed?” Sasha asked rhetorically. “In the eleventh grade!” Sasha clenched her eyes tight and balled her hands in to fists, “It’s not fucking fair.” she moaned, “I deserve to be kissed, I deserve to have a good man, but all I get is this fake attention. People online paying attention to me, telling me this or that just so I keep slutting it up for them but it’s not really…real…” she  opened her eyes and gestured to Jessica. “I really fucking liked you. You know that?” Sasha sobbed and sudden trickle of tears cascaded down her flushed cheeks before plummeting to the carpet below. “I was like, finally a guy that gets me…..finally a guy that sees me for me…who wants me for me….”

Jessica shifted in her seat uncomfortably. Every instinct told her she should go and hold her. Pull her close, stroke her hair and tell her she’s beautiful. Tell her that anyone would be lucky to be with her. But instead Jessica remain stationary in a limbo between what she should do and what she thought Sasha wanted her to do.

“…and then it turns out that this great guy I’ve been talking to for ages. Sending messages back and forth all night. Telling him about my day. Telling him about how I feel. Listening how he’s doing. What his dreams are. What he hopes to get out of life.” she looked at Sasha with pain filled daggers in her eyes, “but this great guy turns out to be a girl….it’s like…what the fuck?” Sasha closed her eyes and hung her head. “Am….am I that strange or something? Tell me…what’s wrong with me?”

Jessica held back her own tears. As much as she could understand Sasha’s anger, she too felt alienated. She felt damned for her desires. But she cast her own self loathing and self pity aside,  bolted around the coffee table and wrapped Sasha in her arms. “Nothing is wrong with you…nothing at all. You’re amazing. You’re awesome. You’re smart, pretty, and all that stuff that everyone likes.”

Sasha turned to Jessica then leaned her head on the brunette’s arm. “I just…I dunno. I need more than just…..attention. I need….”

Before Jessica could think another thought she took Sasha’s head in her hands and looked into her tear filled eyes. “You need….this…” and she leant forward closing the distance between her and Sasha. The great chasm filled with all the tension and fearful potential Sasha dreaded was bridged softly with the honest, pure, tenderness of Jessica’s lips touching hers.

Lunch Date

Lunch Date

10 04 2013 026

Today I had a lunch date with my muse.

We’re friends; good friends. We tell each other everything and I really mean everything. There is no subject that is taboo, and there are no limits to the silly or the perverse items that can be on the menu of discussion. The amount of frank openness is unique in my life. There is no other woman I’ve ever been so perfectly honest with. Perhaps that’s a failing of mine, but regardless; it makes this relationship utterly intoxicating.

When I get a text from her my immediate reaction is to grin like an idiot. When I see her in person I grin, smile, and feel the warm satisfying sensation of excited calm. Being around her is like……it’s like the feeling you get when you immerse yourself in a perfectly warm bath. You feel soothed, relaxed, and yet your skin shivers with delightful excitement at the sensual sensation of the water embracing you so delectably.

Her eyes are intensely captivating, as is her smile; and yet she sits there across from me blushing as if caught doing something silly. She can be disturbingly cocky and shockingly shy within the same moment. Complicated isn’t a complicated enough word to describe her. Yet, we walk from Starbucks into the adjacent book store and I catch her eyeing me as a great white shark might a tasty surfer. We turn into the non-fiction section and she catches me staring at her legs and her cute little ass. I don’t have to pretend like I wasn’t. I feel no shame for being caught, and neither does she.

We meander our way into the self-help section and she grazes by me reaching for a book, her perky breasts rubbing across my shoulder; my hand runs across her thigh and dances across her jean covered crotch. Our eyes meet and we both smirk. If only the store was closed. If only we had more time.

I feel tingles of excitement pulse through my body. Her perfume fills my nostrils and I breath it in deeply hoping to create yet another perfectly formed sense memory. She reaches for another book, this time grazing her hand across my stiffening imprisoned sex. My body shudders and she looks up at me with her intense auburn eyes, “Whoops.” she smirks….I wink…she licks her lips…and I melt.

If only we had a little longer and a little more privacy.

My muse….I love her….

One-Forty or Less – Chapter 6

Chapter 6

“Hi Sasha.”

Sasha turned to see who was speaking and to her shock it was Jacob’s ex. “What….what the? Oh fuck……are…are you and Jacob still going out? I didn’t know I swear. Oh fuck I….” Sasha babbled over Jessica’s head shaking. She looked like she was about to cry.

Quickly Sasha motioned for her to sit down and without thinking held on to the sniveling woman’s soft hands, hoping to calm her. “You….you don’t understand.” Jessica finally managed to blubber. “It’s….it’s me!” She looked straight at Sasha, tears welling up. “I’m….I’m the one that…..I’m who you’ve….” she lowered her head unable to finish.

Sasha abruptly pulled her hands away from Jessica. “Wait….you….you’re who I’m supposed to be meeting?” Jessica nodded shamefully. “But….why…why did you say you were Jacob?”

Jessica looked up at Sasha, “When I showed you that picture I wanted you to be looking at me. I didn’t know you were looking at him. Then you started calling me Jacob…and…I ….I didn’t know what to say.”

“You could have damn well told me you were a chick at least!” Sasha blurted, louder than she was expecting.

Jessica winced, “I…I know…I know…I just….” she sighed, picked up a napkin and dabbed her eyes. “I guess I thought if I told you right away you wouldn’t want to talk to me at all.”

“Probably,” Sasha admitted, “But….like…I’m not into…that… know that right?”

Jessica looked up at Sasha and peered at her with bright blue eyes, “but you thought I was pretty cute….you said that…you…called me cute though.”

“Yeah well…you are but like….that doesn’t mean.” Sasha sighed. “Just, please stop crying would you. People are looking at us weird.”

Jessica hunched over and looked back and forth, dabbing her eyes a little more and managing to smile at Sasha, “You know you look hot tonight.” she offered.

Despite herself, Sasha smiled, “Thanks.” then after pausing for a moment, “You still look cute Jessica.” She smiled back.

“I’m really sorry Sasha. I didn’t mean for any of this to happen. It’s……it’s all really new to me.”

“What do you mean?”

“I….well I never really thought I was…you know….before.” Jessica continued. Sasha, who ordinarily would be a little skittish by the subject matter leant forward, intrigued. “When I was with Jacob we were really in love. Like…really.” she looked up at Sasha and nodded her head with wide eyes emphasizing as much as possible without having the vocabulary to back it up. “But then…”

“What changed?” Sasha interjected, curious as to how this story unfolded.

“I….I started to have a crush on someone.” Jessica sighed and looked up at Sasha. The redhead cocked her head slightly to the side still quite curious. “My roommate of all people.”

Sasha nodded in understanding. If she was to be honest with herself she had a little girl crush on Iria. She was just such a powerhouse. She didn’t back down and she didn’t care what other people thought. Iria just did what Iria wanted and didn’t give a damn about the consequences. It was awe inspiring for Sasha to see such a woman in action. Despite herself, Sasha could understand how easily admiration could morph into something more. As she thought about it, Mr. Baritone’s revelation repeated the same thing. Sasha wondered how often this happened.

“She was just so damn pretty and she didn’t really flaunt it so much as own it.” Jessica tried to explain. “She was just so attractive to me. The way she talked. The way she acted. She was just so sweet and so pretty I started to fall for her.” Jessica looked up and blushed. Sasha sat in silence riveted to her new companions story. “Before I knew it I was constantly thinking about her. It was like I was possessed. When I was kissing Jacob I was wondering what kissing her would be like. What hugging her would be like. Was feeling her…..naked next to me.” Jessica closed her eyes and softly smiled before she shook her head and covered her face with her hands. “I just….I couldn’t handle it any more. You know?”

Sasha nodded again. Though she didn’t have many gay friends she could empathize with the life they had been born into. Sasha wondered if her own parents would have accepted her if she came out as a lesbian. Her dad might have, but her mom….not so much. Sasha’s mom was obsessed with getting grandkids as soon as possible. If Sasha came home pregnant in high school her mom would be upset for about a minute but then would go into full on happy grandma mode. It was nice that Sasha knew she’d be supportive, but Sasha wasn’t the stay at home and raise five kids sort of girl. She really was just in the midst of finding out what sort of girl she really was.

“It’s confusing though,” Jessica continued. “It’s not like I don’t like men. I love them. I find men really hot and,” she leaned in closer and whispered “I loved being fucked by Jacob.” Sasha nodded again, wishing she knew that feeling. Frankly if Jessica was Jacob Sasha probably would have already taken him up to a room already. “I mean…he was good. He really took care of me, you know?”

Sasha nodded again, only being able to imagine what she meant. It wasn’t that Sasha was a virgin, but there’s a big difference between the clumsy pawing of two horny teenagers not sure how everything works, and the desperate passion of a man and woman who know exactly what to do. Sasha had only ever being with cubs, and wished very much to be mauled by a lion.

“So is that why you and Jacob broke up? Because he found out?” Sasha asked, surprisingly comfortable with this new unexpected situation.

Jessica shook her head, “No. Not at all.”

“So you never told him?”

She shook her head again “I couldn’t tell him. I couldn’t tell anyone.” she sobbed. “My dad….he’s an elder in our church and my mom…god she’d have an aneurism.” she sniffled again and looked at Sasha “I just…I don’t know what to do. You know?”

“What about your roommate? Does she know?”

Jessica furrowed her brow in thought, sniffled a little, opened her mouth and then closed it again. “I….I’m not actually sure. She might already know.” Jessica shrugged.

“Don’t you want her to?” Sasha persisted.

“I’m afraid though.” she replied. “If I come up to her and say, ‘Hey I’d really like to kiss you’ what happens if she didn’t? What happens if she’s horrified? If she goes to the campus whatevers and like…reports me and stuff? Oh god…” the possible consequences came crashing down upon the fragile woman and she buckled into tears again. “Then….they’d probably tell my…my parents…and…..oh god…oh…”

Sasha held the sobbing girl’s hand, “None of that has happened though. Just relax. We’re only talking here. Ok?”

Jessica nodded, “I’m not really making a good first impression here am I.” she chuckled.

Sasha smiled, “Well first impressions went out the window when you showed up with tits.”

The two girls laughed, and seeing her opportunity a waitress interjected asking for Jessica’s drink order. “I’ll have what she’s having and….” she looked at Sasha for confirmation, “…and she’ll have another.”

The thirty something waitress nodded and turned on her heel, walking stiffly off towards the bartender.

Sasha sighed, “I’m sorry but I can’t help but ask. Why did you pretend to be Jacob? If you like women why wouldn’t you approach a woman and tell them you liked them in that way?”

Jessica shrugged her shoulders. “I guess, when I looked at your postings I interpreted them differently.” she explained. The waitress returned with their drinks and Jessica took a large sip of hers immediately. “Like you sort of post a lot with your friend, and….well…you know….sometimes it’s like….you two…look…” She paused for a moment and Sasha thought about what was coming next. She quickly reviewed her postings in her head and filtered them through the eyes of a woman interested in women.

“Shit…..” Sasha blurted in a whisper. “Is that how I look?” She thought of all the pictures of Iria and her at the bar making kissy faces at each other. Mockingly fondling each others breasts. Bending over and pretend spanking the other. “Jesus fuck….I look more lez than you do!” she exclaimed just as Iria and Mr. Baritone arrived at the table.

Iria looked at Sasha quizzically then at Jessica. This wasn’t a scenario they had trained for. “Uhh heyyyy roomie..funny meeting you here.” She started. Iria looked for Sasha’s hands but Sasha in her shocked state had placed them under the table completely forgetting the plan.

Sasha looked over at the couple and smiled, “Oh hey Iria. This is my friend Jessica.” She looked over at Jessica then turned back to Iria, “She just broke up with her boyfriend Jacob so….yah.” Sasha let the words hang in the air waiting for them to be accepted and digested.

Iria nodded slowly and turned to Mr. Baritone, “Ah ok. Well we’ll leave you two alone. See you at home I guess?” Iria smiled awkwardly and waved goodbye to the two women, grabbing the silent Mr. Baritone by the arm and dragging his confused face away from the area.

“Do you want to go somewhere more private to talk?” Sasha asked, doing her best to be warm and comforting.

Jessica looked up from her drink. She smiled and nodded in agreement.

Sasha quickly retrieved Jonathan’s card and texted him that she needed to be picked up.

“Thank you Sasha. I’m so sorry about all of….this.” She bent her head down again and sighed.

Sasha reached out and held the fragile woman’s hand. “It’s ok.” She offered. “Let’s just go back to my place, have a couple of drinks and laugh this silly night away.”

Jessica looked up at Sasha and smiled. Her makeup was running slightly but she was still quite pretty. Sasha smiled back and shook her hand lovingly. “It will be alright. Let me pay for my drinks here and we’ll head out.”

“No no, I’ll get them. After all, I’m supposed to be the guy here right?” She laughed, stood up and made her way to the bar purse in hand.

“Where’s Jacob?” A voice came from behind Sasha. She whirled around to see the now familiar face of Jonathan.

“He’s right there.” Sasha said with a smirk.

Jonathan looked over at Jessica standing at the bar. She turned and wave at the two before turning back to the bartender. Jonathan looked at Sasha puzzled, “That’s a woman.” He stated dryly.

Sasha nodded, “I was just as surprised Jonathan.” She chuckled and put her arm around his slight but muscular shoulder.

“Where am I to take you?” He asked softly unsure of the two women’s intentions. Jonathan being a little socially awkward found pairing of any two people odd. It didn’t matter to him if they were man and woman, man and man, or woman and woman. Every pairing was strange in his eyes. In that way he was perhaps as accepting as anyone could be.

“We’re going back to my place.” Sasha informed the young genius.

“For the whole night?”

“I think so yes.” She paused for moment but thought better of inviting him up again. Jessica was sensitive at the moment and really she needed some friendly girl girl time.

Jessica, having finished paying for Sasha’s bill walked over with a little more confidence than before. “Where to?” She asked, bubbly and bright.

“I’m taking you back to Sasha’s place now.” Jonathan informed her. “Sasha has decided to have you stay the night.”

Jessica turned to Sasha and smiled. As much as she knew that it was only out of pity she could help but wish it was something more. “Sounds good to me.” She said, trying to walk the tightrope between ambivalence and excitement.

“If you girls want to make out in the car I’ve got a privacy divider.” Jonathan offered bluntly.

Sasha slapped him on the shoulder, “Jonathan!” He turned to look at her clearly confused.

“I could keep it down if you’d rather me watch.”

“What?! No!” Sasha blubbered.

“There’s one couple that always asks me to watch. She likes to show off and….”

“Ok ok that’s enough Jonathan.” Sasha held up her hand. “Let’s just get going ok?”

Jessica smiled and was happy to have a little comedic relief. She followed Sasha and Jonathan out the door and into the back of the waiting black car. A few moments they were on there way to Sasha’s apartment. Jessica felt strangely calm about it but still was excited to be so close to Sasha. Her red hair and green eyes were so delectable to Jessica. What’s more she smelled amazing. Jessica took long deep but quiet breaths trying to capture the redhead’s scent with her mind. She did her best not to stare but as Sasha talked all Jessica could think about was kissing her.

Sasha looked at her new companion and smiled. While she wasn’t Jacob, she was a nice distraction from studying. Sasha felt a strange kinship with her. Like a baby bird she needed to nurse back to health. Without thinking Sasha reached out and put her arm around Jessica. She pulled her close and smiled, “We can still have a decent evening tonight.” she offered.

The privacy barrier slowly began to rise and Sasha shook her head and laughed. Jonathan was under the impression the two women in his car were about to make out. As far as Sasha was concerned that wasn’t going to happen.

Jessica on the other hand was wishing that’s exactly what was going to happen.


This post is likely going to ramble. Be forewarned that I’m writing this for myself. If you, the reader, are seeking entertainment this isn’t the post for you. As the young ones say this post is full of “the feels”


Friday evening my dog died.


It was sudden, unexpected and heart breaking. Only an hour previous he was wagging his tail as he watched me preparing my dinner for the night. He was his usual happy go lucky self and there were no signs of the impending tragedy. After I let him out to do his business he came back in and looked to be hurt. It didn’t seem to significant though. I looked at his paws and legs and saw no obvious signs of injury so I had assumed it was just a sprain from running around in the backyard.
It wasn’t.
During the next hour he became more and more lethargic and his breathing became laboured. I still didn’t know what was going on. He looked at me with his beautiful big brown eyes and seemed to be asking me for consolation. So I did. I pet him and held him for a bit, letting him know it’ll be ok.
But it wasn’t.
He got worse. He walked to the bedroom and slumped to the end of the bed instead of jumping up on it. I still assumed he had a sprain so I picked him up and placed him on the bed. Duke isn’t, or I suppose I need to say “wasn’t” a small boy either. He’s around 60lbs. A Blue Heeler crossed with a German Shepard as far as we knew. What I noticed then that began to worry me is his lack of fighting back. He’s not a fan of being picked up and unlike most times picking him up and placing him on the bed was not very hard at all.
I feel like I should have known but I suppose there was no way of knowing really.
I went about cleaning up after myself in the kitchen and left him there to feel better. But he didn’t get better. He got worse. From the kitchen I heard his cry muffled by distance and the walls of my house. It haunts me now. It was a cry not of pain, or anger, or the normal typical dog cries you hear. It was a cry of unadulterated fear. Fuck does it haunt me now.
I scrambled from the kitchen to the bedroom to hear him crying again. He looked at me from the bed and in his eyes there was panic. He was trying to roll over but couldn’t. I helped him roll but he still wasn’t comfortable. I was getting incredibly worried at this point. This is the same pup that a day after surgery for being neutered he was sprinting through the field with stitches in him. He was as tough as they come. The only thing he feared was the crawl space and my disappointed voice. Hearing his cry, that cry of fear and anxiousness is heartbreaking.
I held on to him and reassured him, ” it’s ok bud. I’m here. It’ll be ok. I’ve got you.” I hugged him and he calmed down but his breathing was very strange. Not gasping but, sort of huffing, like it was taking a lot of energy to exhale. This isn’t right. Something is wrong. He’s not just in pain. I’ve got to take him to the emergency vet. I left the room to get ready and he cried that awful scared cry again. “Don’t worry bud I’m coming right back.” I pulled my jacket on and my boots and rushed back to the bedroom.


He looks at me and I can tell what’s in his eyes. Is it pain? Is it fear? Is it resignation. I cup his head in my hands and kiss his forehead. “Come on bud lets get you looked at.” He huffs once more and I pick him up. There is no fight in him at all. He’s limp in my arms and as I carry him out to the car I become aware that I can’t hear him breathing. I can’t move fast enough. I’m in the car in no time and lie him down in the back seat. “Come on bud. Stay with me!” He opened his eyes once more and I kiss him again. “It’ll be ok. I’m right here”. His eyes roll back and all I can do is hope he’s just passing out and nothing more.
The drive to the vet was agony. He’s in the back seat by himself and I’m reaching back the entire time rubbing his stomach as I drive. Talking to him. “It’ll be ok. It’ll be ok. Just a little further bud. We’re almost there.”
When I reach the vets I race to the back and retrieve my best bud Duke from the back seat. He’s completely limp now and I can’t tell if I can hear a heartbeat or not. I think I do, but that turned out to be my own heart pounding in my ears. I carried him to the door and the vets take him away. A short while after I hear the same crying I heard in my bedroom. This time it reassures me. If he’s crying he’s still alive. He’s going to be ok. He’s going to pull through. He’s going to….
The vet comes in at tells me, “I’m sorry but Duke has already passed. He was dead when he arrived. We tried, but he didn’t respond. I’m so very sorry.”
What a punch to the heart. He wasn’t supposed to be gone. He was supposed to be around for another decade at least. My god. What happened?
The vet does some investigation and tells me he had fluid around his heart. That my big tough cattle dog likely had a tumour or cyst near his heart and it split open flooding his chest with fluid. When he was crying at home it was because he was scared. He was dying and I was too stupid to know. I just lied the and said it was going to be alright while my friend was dying in front of me. That hurts so much.
There is so much guilt that wells up when you lose someone, but probably more so when it’s your pet. I was flushed with guilt for every time I had to discipline him. Every time I denied him a treat or snacking on my food. Every time I was too tired to give him a walk or the time I spent at work while he was home without me. The guilt and pain from that is just eating me up. I come home now and no one is there to great me. I go to be and no one curls up at my feet. I miss hugging his big furry body. I miss holding him. Playing with him. Talking to him. He was a true friend. He looked after me when I was sick. If I was emotional from a movie or show he’d cozy up beside me and look into my eyes. His way of telling me it’ll be ok. God damn it I miss him.


Duke was a great friend. Not the type that you go and share a beer with, but the strong silent type that never judges and always loves. I’m going to miss him terribly and as I weep and write this all I can do is hope that he knew I loved him.
Goodbye my friend.

To my darling muse,

02 21 2013 030

Good god I want to taste you again.

I want to run my tongue up your leg kissing and biting as I go.

I want to hear you moan and feel you squirm.

I want to taste your sweetness and tease your delicate pussy with my tongue.

I want to feel your hands on my head trying to push me further into your sopping sex.

Your legs wrapped around me.

Your mouth open wide;




M o r e

02 21 2013 028

I want to make you cum my darling muse.

I want to make you cum hard and make you ache;

For another



02 21 2013 023

I want to strip you bare

Tease every nerve until you can’t help but scream for me to fuck you.


And my oh my

…will I ever.

02 21 2013 013