One-Forty or Less – Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Sasha lead the young man up to her shared apartment and suddenly became aware of what she was doing. She turned to him and made sure to clarify, “I just didn’t want you sitting in the car there for four hours. It would just be silly.” She hoped that convinced him. Undoubtedly there was likely a whole section of the internet dedicated to chauffeur porn. Sasha sniggered to herself and continued up the steps, aware that the young man’s gaze was still firmly affixed on her ass.

“Of course.” he answered robotically, not really sure of what he was replying to.

“Are you in college too?” Sasha asked, rounding the flight of stairs and starting on the final ascent.

“Yes.” he replied following her like a puppy in training. Not following up with any additional information.

Sasha continued to push the conversation along, not comfortable with moments of silence around men she only just met. “What are you studying?”

Jonathan answered absentmindedly, “I’m currently mastering in geopolitics….” He was so nonchalant about it Sasha didn’t catch even the slightest scent of intellectual ego wafting from him.

“Mastering? Already?” blurted Sasha interrupting him mid sentence as she turned at the top of the stairs. Jonathan stopped as well looking up at her quizzically unsure of what the problem was. “How……old are you?” she queried.

“I’m 19, well; I’ll be 19 by the end of the weekend. I’m technically 18 at the moment. Why?”

Sasha’s jaw dropped. She counted back how many years of university he would have had to go through to end up at a geopolitical masters. “How…wha….when……when did you graduate?” she babbled incredulously, not moving from her perch at the top of the stairs.

Jonathan was starting to look uncomfortable now, shifting from side to side and looking at the stairs wishing he could finish counting them. He was at 87, and adding that to the steps he took down the sidewalk, around the car and greeting her at the hotel he was nearly at a perfect 100. He scratched his arm in uncomfortable annoyance, “I graduated when I was 16.”

“From high school??” Sasha blurted still unsure what to make of this.

Jonathan scratched his arm again through his increasingly stuffy suit, “No. I graduated high school when I was 11. I was 16 when I finished my first university degree.”

Sasha shook her head in bewilderment before turning and muttering under her breath, “The chauffeur is a fucking genius what the hell,” she chuckled and continued under her breath, “but still needs to use a gps.”

“I was just…..”

“I know…trying to optimize the route.” Sasha sighed. She walked down the hall till she came to her apartment, fished the keys from her purse and unlocked the door with annoyance. She already felt stupid for not studying for her upcoming exam; but now with this boy wonder following her she felt even slower.

Jonathan could feel her unease and was glad that he hadn’t been able to tell her that he was also simultaneously mastering in financial economics. “Should I make you some tea?” he queried politely.

Sasha turned to him in bewilderment. “Jonathan, this is my house….I make the tea.” Sasha looked up to the ceiling and furrowed her brow, “That is; if I have any.”

“I’ll check.” the boy wonder said quickly and walked into the kitchen to start looking through cupboards.

Sasha was surprisingly at ease with it. She ordinarily didn’t have guests and when she did they always made her uncomfortable. She always felt that they were measuring her up with the tidiness of the room or how the apartment was decorated. “People are like that,” she thought to herself, “always judging others without really knowing them at all.” She turned and looked at Jonathan with destain. Not for him, but for herself and her hypocrisy. Sasha let out a sigh and wandered over to her room the sound of cupboards opening and closing behind her.

Jonathan was already in his own world he had finished counting all the items in the first bank of cupboards and was already onto the next one. He bit his lip with childish glee as the count flew through his mind and he felt a tingling sensation rushing across his skin. He moved through the kitchen faster and faster counting each piece of cutlery, each glass, each plate, each package of Kraft Dinner, every cereal box, spice container, everything. No tea.

“No tea.” he exclaimed aloud. 1,331 other objects though. “How beautiful,” he thought, a palindrome.

“Uh huh.” Sasha answered back. Like Jonathan she was pouring over her closet looking at every piece of clothing. Every blouse, every pair of pants, every dress, every shoe, everything. She, unlike Jonathan, was not in the least pleased. She blasted through her closet in no time flat and as is heard so often in houses containing women all across the world. “I have nothing to wear.”

“Sure you do.” Jonathan said softly behind her and Sasha jumped and shrieked.

“Jesus!” she squealed, “You scared the living fuck out of me.” she babbled her fear being masked by laughter now.

Jonathan looked at her and smirked, not quite understanding what the issue was. He pointed at a black dress at the back of the closet, then to a matching pair of shoes on the right hand side. Sasha looked and tilted her head to the side, “Really? Isn’t it too much?” she asked him surprising herself at her candor.

“Yes. It’s just right.” he answered softly and a tad less robotically.

“Are you sure? Isn’t it a little too fancy?”

“The Hotel Capri is a four star hotel in the heart of downtown. If you wore something else you would stand out but not in the way you’d like.” Jonathan answered with unattached precision.

Sasha furrowed her brow yet again and looked at the suited young man. As much as she didn’t want to admit it, he was right. He may be socially awkward and all but he was a genius. Sasha shrugged and reached for the dress.

“You’re getting dressed already?” he asked, returning to puppy dog mode.

“Well….I thought…”

Jonathan looked at her confused, “I thought you had an exam to study for, and wouldn’t you want to shower first before putting the dress on…”


“…and you haven’t even picked out appropriate underwea-.”

“..OK…I said OK!” Sasha shook her head. Jonathan looked bewildered. “You’re right ok. I’m going to study for a couple of hours and then I’ll start to get ready. Is that ok with you?” she asked mockingly.

Jonathan shrugged, “Sure. Do you want my help?”

“What? Nooooooo!” Sasha exclaimed with irritation. “I only asked you up here because I didn’t want you to be waiting down in the car. I only did it because I felt sorry for you. Nothing….NOTHING is going to happen here, and I definitely do not need your help getting ready. Jesus!”

“I meant with the studying.” Jonathan explained calmly. “I saw the textbooks when I walked in.” Sasha turned to look at the stack of books on her desk and sheepishly turned back to the unaffected young man, “I took human anatomy you know.” He continued and Sasha lamented her outburst even more with each new word. “I even TA’d, and helped construct the exams…”

Sasha hung her head and turned to Jonathan, “Damn it I’m sorry, that was rude of me.” She sighed, “Yeah, I could use your help. Honestly I could use all the help I could get.” she admitted, slowly placing the dress back on the rack.

Jonathan replied softly, “Well I can help.” he paused for a moment then continued, “and if you want help picking out underwear I could do that too.” then he winked just as she did before, then burst out laughing.

Sasha shook her head and chuckled, “Depends on how helpful you are.” she winked back and turned around to retrieve her textbooks.

Jonathan stood in the doorway open mouthed. He just managed to close it when she started back out of the room. He laughed nervously as his brain simultaneously calculated the odds of her letting him help her get ready and calculate the sum total of all the pages in her textbooks multiplied together. They seemed to be about equal.

The boy genius stepped out into the hall and allowed Sasha to pass, following her into the living room and trying desperately to not stare at her ass; and failing. It was likely the first thing the boy wonder had ever failed at.

The next two hours were a blur for Jonathan. He was in his element. The beauty of cold hard facts. Known information. Words pulled off the textbook page and danced in his mind like some intellectual ballet. He adored every moment. Every page turn and every new chapter was like a breath of delectable fresh air to him.

Sasha on the other hand was in hell. Two hours had passed and all she could remember was gluteus maximus was the butt muscle. She desperately wanted to retain all the facts and figures Jonathan was rattling off to her but it was like trying to soak up water with an already saturated sponge. She finally held her hands up in desperation and said, “That’s it, I’m done. I’m done for tonight. I’ve got a date I have to get ready for.” Sasha stood from the couch and Jonathan looked up at her like a saddened puppy.

“We still have many things to cover.” he looked at the textbook and flipped it from page 98, to page 100. He sighed, “much better”.

“I know. Really I know.” Sasha said with tired exasperation. “I’m just…..well burnt out.”

“I see.” Jonathan stood up as well, “Maybe your date will help refresh your mind.” he offered. Sasha merely shrugged and walked down the hallway and into her bedroom leaving Jonathan to stand in the living room alone.

Sasha laid out her dress, underwear, and shoes for this evening and nodded to herself in approval. She was certain Jacob would love this outfit. Thinking of him she retrieved her phone and keyed it open.

“Can’t wait to see you tonight.” was the message waiting for her. “I’ve been thinking of it all day. lol”

Sasha smirked and keyed a quick response, “Me too. Haven’t been able to study one bit thanks to you. Heading to the shower now.” she tossed the phone to the bed and quickly slipped out of her jeans and t-shirt. As she did she heard her phone buzz. Jacob had already replied.

“Wish I could be there to…help you out. 😉 “

Sasha smiled to herself and despite Jacob not being in the room she blushed. Sasha wasn’t accustomed to this sort of attention and like anything new and different, it was exciting. “Me too.” she paused for a moment, bit her lip and before she could think of a reason not to she finished the message with, “I’ll try not to touch myself too much while I’m naked in the shower thinking bout you.”

This time she didn’t toss the phone down. Sasha stood in her underwear quietly in her room and waited to see his response. “Damn, that’s hot.” came the quick reply, followed by, “Can I be honest with you Sasha?”

She suddenly felt her stomach turn and butterflies filling it. Nervously she tapped the keys and responded, “Of course.” secretly hoping that whatever honest moment Jacob was having wasn’t too hard to bare.

“Honestly; I’d love to be tongue deep in you right now; having you writhing and wriggling at the end of my talented tongue.”

Sasha squealed. She closed her eyes and grinned like an idiot before biting her lip and staring back at the message, reading it over once more, then a third time, then a forth. She squeezed her legs together and took a deep breath. “I’d like that.” she typed back and hit send before she thought better of it. Sasha tossed the phone to her bed and removed the rest of her clothes before picking it up again.

“Good, because honestly that’s all I’d like to do tonight. I just want to feast on you. Have you squirm & squeal & beg for more.” Sasha shuddered and blushed. Her phone buzzed again as another message popped in. “I want taste you. Lick you. Kiss you. Feel you. I want to tantalize your every nerve so you know how beautiful you are.”

“Fuck me.” Sasha said aloud. Quickly typing her response, “fuck you’re making me fall for you just with these words!” she hit send and stared at her phone waiting.

“go ahead & fall; fall deep & fall hard; I’ll throw you over my shoulder & carry you off to some place exotic to mind fuck your senses into blissful oblivion” the response came and Sasha quivered. She covered her mouth, shook her head and softly bit down on her finger. “Damn this guy is good.” she thought to herself then noticed the time at the top of her phone.

“Hope you can back all this up in the real world. lol” she typed quickly, tossing the phone once more to the bed and headed out her bedroom, down the hall and into the bathroom. She was stark naked and completely oblivious to Jonathan who was standing at the other end of the hall; a cup of coffee in his hand and a look of utter amazement plastered across his face.

“Damn this girl is good.” he thought to himself, placing the half empty cup on the kitchen counter. He took a deep breath and started down the hallway towards the bathroom. He was confident that this was all a part of Sasha’s plan to seduce him and it was certainly working. He heard the water being turned on and the concussive spray of a powerful jet of water splashing against the tub.

On the other side of the door an oblivious Sasha stepped into the shower, closed the glass door and enjoyed the heated water cascading over her highly aroused body. She grabbed a soft luffa and rubbed it gently over her nakedness. Her mind rushing with thoughts of Jacob. His hands on her body, his lips kissing her everywhere. His tongue driving deep into her and teasing her till she could not take it anymore. It had been so long since anyone had done that to her. Sasha moaned softly to herself and allowed a gentle touch of her finger to run across her anxious sex.

Jonathan meanwhile, realizing it would be a bad idea to get his suit wet had stripped down to his own nakedness. He softly reached out, turned the knob and pushed the door open silently.


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