Addicted to You

It’s been three years, seven months and four days since I saw your face. Yet still it’s etched into my mind like some beautiful statue by a renaissance master. My heart aches for you. My body shakes with desire for you. Where is my mind when it’s not thinking of you?

02 21 2013 008

I miss the intensity of your kiss my love. So raw, passionate and sensual. I’d like to kiss you again if only once more. To feel you in my arms. Feel your soft delicate sexy body under my hands. Your curve of your cute ass, the silkiness of your flawless legs. I want you still, so very much, right and wrong be damned.

02 22 2013 005

I hear you’re married now. Does he make you squirm like I did? Do you scream his name like you did mine? Do you call him in the middle of the day to tell him how much you need him?


Don’t you miss what we had? The intensity, the chemistry, the passionate sleepless nights filled with angst free sex. There were no limits with me. I accepted your beast and you accepted mine. We mixed our blood and howled at the moon together. We were the world. We were everything.

02 21 2013 027

I hear you’re happy now. In bed by ten, up at 8 am. Your days are predictable. Your life is safe. Your situation stable. But you must miss the adventure. Does your new man sweep you away to tantalize your senses at a moments notice? Do you prefer roses to orchids now? Acceptable instead of exotic. Normal instead of unpredictable. Do you miss me at all?


I reach for you in my mind, but you’re no longer there. You are the beauty to someone else’s beast. You are the masterpiece to someone else’s frame. My Mona Lisa, my Sistine Chapel, my David, my Notre Dame Cathedral. You are forever the wonder in my mind. The passion in my heart. The smile on my face. The ache in my soul.

02 22 2013 001

I will forever miss you.


The wonderous poison I will always crave.




3 thoughts on “Addicted to You

  1. this is painfully beautiful, romantic, filled with an ache for a lover. To lose the one you crave so bad must be a tremendous pain. wow. I felt the pain as if it is me writing these words.


  2. Who would not like to receive such a letter….?
    It makes me feel “sad” and happy at the same time, to see that it is possible to find this sensibility in a man… Usually too lazy or unable to tell or write what they feel ‘inside”… Thank you.


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