Sometimes I find that my mind is swimming with more ideas than I have time to write down. Then, once I do have time I’ve lost the spark that caused me to believe it was a good idea in the first place. 

I’m not sure how the rest of you are when you write but I find this infuriating. Since losing my muse the motivation to write had been difficult to retain. I hate that. I hate that I have to rely on someone else’s existence to make me motivated enough to put in the time and write. Good god do I ever hate it. And yet I find myself hoping each day that I’ll find that muse in one of you in the ether of the Internet. 

The difference in quality between a muse inspired piece and one that is just mine alone is obvious to me. The quality is just so much better with a muse. The lust and passion is so much more tangible. I’d often find myself racing to complete a piece as I tried to keep up with the vision in my mind. Without a muse it seems that work is more work and less exhilaration. A shame. 

…so is there anyone out there that feels this way? Am I the only one? Or do I have an equal; a companion that has the same dilemma  and desires? Do you seek a muse too? Do you want to be…muse buddies? Pushing each other to ever higher escalations of debauchery? If so… let me know…I’m waiting to meet you. 


2 thoughts on “Ideas

  1. I’m think I’m lucky to see the blank page as a challenge – I revel in it. I’m a planner though, so by the time I’m on those first few words I already know where the story is going.

    I find muses all around, too. Men and women I pass in the street, friends, neighbours. Nature is a great source of content and feeds my imagination. Sometimes, if I can’t get an idea that I like, I’ll take a walk, clear my head, feel the sun or the rain on my skin and then the ideas will flow.

    I hope that might help in some way or other – although it’s only my own personal experience. You might not be able to function without a single crystal clear muse, which I can understand.


  2. I love your debauchery. It is not quite my writing style but I do know what you mean. I have all the ideas but by the time I put pen to paper the idea is stale. I have found myself writing at 2:00am in an attempt to capture an idea. I don’t know for me if a muse is what I’m looking for but I do find inspiration from usually quite trivial things all around me. I painting that has struck my fancy. A comment a friend has made. I take a note book with me everywhere and nothing is too small to take note of.

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