She walked into my room, papers in her hand, “I have these for you to sign sir.”
She doesn’t look me in the eye. Her gaze is on the papers. My gaze is firmly fixed on her form. She’s stunning. Long auburn hair framing a beautiful face with perfect pouty lips. The line of her neck running down to petite but strong shoulders, the curve of her small but perfectly proportioned breasts hidden beneath an airy white blouse. Her waist is slight and petite as well and emphasizes the curve of her feminine hips, and those legs. My god her legs were stunning works of art. Strong, supple, beautiful, smooth and delicious. If only her skirt was a little shorter. If only…
The papers shake in front of me and I’m ripped back into reality. “Yes yes, hand them over.” She reaches forward and places them in my hand. I snatch them away from her and look them over. She hasn’t moved, “Is there something else?”
She fidgets and stares at her feet. Her lack of confidence is alluring. “Well, sir I was wondering–” she slowly raises her head up from staring at the floor. Her eyes meander across my desk from left to right doing their best to avoid me.
She snaps up and looks directly at me, “I was wondering if I could leave early today sir?”
I frown. This is an impertinent request at best. “For what reason should I allow it?”
She sways her head from side to side. “Well–” she looks up at me finally. Her big brown eyes capturing my attention and I feel my breath quicken slightly. “–Mrs. Schaffer’s just showing a video and I–” She stumbles searching for the words. “–I have so much homework to do.” She’s doing her best to look pathetic and hoping I’d feel sorry for her. It might be working.
“Did you ask Mrs. Schaffer?”
“She said to ask you, sir.”
“I see. I see.” I furrow my brow and stroke my chin in mock consideration. “I’ll allow it–”
“Oh thank you sir!” she turns on her heel and is about to walk away.
“–but you owe me.”  I can’t help but smirk.
She turns back to face me, “Owe you?” Her eyes betray her. The thoughts in her head are so easy to read.
“Yes–owe me.” I smile openly now and she smirks back.
“Wha–what would I owe you, though?” she asks demurely. Her head cocks to the side like a puppy. She’s openly looking at me now. No longer with her eyes on the floor. They’re drooling over me. Staring at my hair, my face, my suit and through my desk, perhaps hoping to see what hides beneath it.
“Use your imagination.”
She licks her lips and I can see on her face the little devil that she is. “When?”
She perks up and smiles brightly. “Ok,” she looks me over one last time and turns to leave. I watch her pleated skirt bounce with each stride.
It’s lovely to be the Headmaster.




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