Blog update – Poll

So in February, as of writing this, I have 19 posts either already published or scheduled to be published before the end of the month. It’s fixing to be my most busy month ever!

A number of my short stories that have been published this month have been purposefully shorter than I normally would write them to be. I’m doing this to try to get my mind to focus not just on the sex, but on the setup and the characters. I’m trying to exercise my brain into thinking in that manner first and foremost. Sex scenes come easily for me and in the quest to be a better writer I need to push myself where I’m weaker.


To that end, a number of these stories may end a little too quickly for your liking. For that, I must apologize. As a way of mitigating your displeasure with me, I’ve decided to let you choose one of the shorter stories which have been published in this month and request that I fill out the story until it’s natural conclusion. Essentially; put back the sex scenes.

I’m going to attach a poll to this post, and I hope that you will submit your vote. I’ll also place an option to request that no changes be made.

I’m looking forward to your feedback.




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