May11 IMG_0276It’s always better in moonlight.

The light is soft and sensuous.

The contrast accentuates your femininity.

Light and shadow playing with your body.

The curve of your back, the line of your leg as it greets your ass

I see the outline of your open mouth, your lips so tender

Hair cascading over your shoulders, slipping through my fingers as threads of silk

The subtle outcropping of your jaw meeting your neck,

a favorite place for my tender tongue to begin.

There is nothing better than moonlight.

The soft glow glinting in your eyes

It catches the glistening of your excitement,

the hardness of your nipples

contrasting the softness of your tantalizingly delectable breasts.

Moaning sounds better in quiet moonlight

We’re wolves in the forest

Devouring each other

Consuming every




9 thoughts on “Moonlight

    1. Strange….this is the post I spent the least amount of time on. I think in total….five minutes? That’s including setting it up to autopost at midnight. 0_o

      Glad you liked it though. =P


      1. Not strange. Sometimes its when you put the least amount of effort into something that you get the best results. Unexpected gems. Love the romanticism, the darkness with bits of light, and just the two of them in their own world. Beautiful.


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