One-Forty or Less – Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Lunch was not really what Sasha had in mind. Having scarfed down a poorly constructed and very late breakfast she was already having trouble keeping that down without the additional layering of more food. Still, being a student, it’s hard to turn down a free meal; even if you’re likely to vomit it up shortly after consuming it. Sasha squinted her eyes in the dimly lit restaurant, her hangover induced migraine subsiding for the briefest of moments.

“How many?” a courteous but overtly effeminate waiter asked, looking over Sasha with contempt. Iria and well, whatever his name is, Mr Baritone; were still dressed to thrill, but Sasha was simply wearing what didn’t smell.

“Three.” Mr. Baritone replied and Sasha quaked in his resonance once more. Sasha squinted again and thought to herself, “The bastard; he probably gets girls off by reading a phone book.” then immediately replied to herself, “Fuck that would be hot…”

“Coming?” Iria said in her usual bright and cheery manner.

Sasha was still standing behind the podium as the rest of the group had started off without her, “Yes.” she blurted, “Yeah…yeah…I was just….nevermind.”

“Ok, well hurry up then ok? You’re missing the view.” she pointed at Mr. Baritone with her eyebrows and Sasha without any further discussion fixed her gaze directly on Mr. Baritone’s shapely ass. She rolled her eyes at Iria as if to say she was better than that, but continued to stare regardless of her obvious hypocrisy.

The three each took a chair and sat down in the nearly empty restaurant. Moments later another waiter came by to take drink orders and babble on about the specials while they looked on in feigned enthusiasm.

“Sasha,” came Mr. Baritone’s soothing voice, “I’d recommend the Beet Root Salad for you.”

Sasha furrowed her brow in contempt. How dare this stranger be so bold as to suggest anything for her upon just meeting her. She didn’t respond to him but looked at the menu, scanning down she saw the Beet salad and much to her chagrin realized it sounded pretty good. “I’ll think about it.” she lied, having already decided. She browsed the rest of the menu aimlessly hoping that somehow threw him off the scent of her deception.

“And for you Iria, I’d suggest…”

Iria interrupted him by putting her hand up without turning her gaze to look at him. “I thought you’d remember I don’t take instructions…..I give them.” she looked over the menu at Mr. Baritone and grinned evilly. Clearly a joke that was in response to their previous night’s frivolity Sasha buried her head further into the menu. “I suggest you have the eggs benedict; and I will have what I always have after a hot night of fun; a large vanilla milkshake and a side of bacon.” Sasha shook her head. Iria was a character.

Mr. Baritone lied his menu flat on the table, paused for a moment and replied, “That sounds good. I will have the eggs benedict.” Sasha raised her head and looked at the two incredulously. Iria had this man in the palm of her hand after only a single night. What the heck did she do? Sasha smiled, frowned, shook her head again, and went back to pretending to look at the menu.

A few moments later the waiter came back with their drinks and took their lunch orders. One beet root salad, one eggs benedict, and one large vanilla shake with a side order of bacon. The waiter was not pleased with Iria. Her order was just not…..civilized enough. He repeated the order back to the table finishing with Iria’s; his mouth twitching as he held back a sneer. Upon receiving confirmation via a three way nod he turned on his heel and walked away in quick shuffled steps that would have looked better if he was wearing a Komodo.

“I don’t think he likes you.” Sasha observed.

“Like I could care.” Iria responded scoffing the waiters displeasure. “Don’t knock something till you’ve tried it. Vanilla shakes with bacon on the side are orgasmically delicious.”

Mr. Baritone chuckled and smiled at the little woman with more attitude than everyone at the table. “Iria, you’re awesome. You know that?” He gushed in a manner unbecoming of his mysterious handsomeness.

“I’ve been told that once or twice.” She replied unapologetically. Before pausing to laugh. “So Sash,” she quickly turned Sasha’s direction, “how did you make out last night?”

Mr. Baritone turned to look at Sasha as well and she suddenly felt rather small. “I…well I didn’t make out with anyone.” She paused and corrected herself, “except you I guess.” Sasha giggle nervously. She was referring to the on again off again period of erotic dancing that she and Iria had a habit of falling into. Sasha didn’t really consider herself a bisexual by any stretch of the imagination, but sometimes it was nice to just close her eyes and accept nice soft loving kisses from Iria.

Mr. Baritone nodded listening to the conversation. “That definitely caught my eye.” He smirked like a childish schoolboy before returning to his calm cool detached demeanor.

Iria turned to him and retorted, “That wasn’t for you. Sasha’s hot.” Iria revealed with surprising honesty, “If I was ever going to play for the other team, I’d want Sasha to be my first.”

“Awwwwww; that’s so sweet.” Sasha replied quickly, happy to be included. “I guess it would be the same for me.”

“Of course! I’d rock your world!” Iria blurted punctuating the outburst with a roar of devilish laughter. Sasha could feel her cheeks getting warm as she blushed. Admittedly she hadn’t thought about it in great detail; but there was a few times when Iria had crept into a fantasy or two. Not that Sasha would ever admit it aloud. Somethings you just don’t talk about; unless you’re Iria, then no subject is taboo. “How about you?” Iria continued turning to Mr. Baritone, “Ever thought about rocking your roommate’s world when you were in college?” she inquired with all the tact of a charging rhino.

“Uhhhh….” he stuttered back.

“Oh shit….you did!” Iria exclaimed.

“No…no…why…why would you say that?” he chuckled and tried to sweep the conversation away. Iria was deconstructing his aura and it made him clearly uncomfortable.

“Look, if you didn’t you would have just said ‘No’. But you paused; you couldn’t come up with a response right away so the answer is actually yes!” Iria explained in a disjointed but seemingly logical argument.

Sasha looked on as if she was watching a 15 car crash at a NASCAR race. Fascinated at the horror in front of her she sat, mouth slowly opening transfixed on the next words to come out of Mr. Baritone’s mouth.

“Well fuck; what does it matter right?” he muttered back, his confidence cracking. Iria nodded in agreement. “I suppose what’s the harm in being honest. Right?” Iria nodded again enthusiastically as Sasha sat and bobbed her head slightly forward and back still in some sort of trance. Mr. Baritone sighed and continued, “When I was in college I bunked with this guy from California. He was a walking stereotype. Everyone was ‘dude’ or ‘man’ to him. He talked like he was still on the coast, surfing his life away. I….” he paused for a moment, looking into the two women gawking eyes. Each of them had begun to lean forward, utterly mesmerized by the words coming from his mouth. “I idolized him. He was just so damn cool.”

Iria nodded, “Bet he was tanned and muscled up too wasn’t he.” she bit her lip as she pictured Mr. Baritone’s roommate. “Long hair too, right?” Mr. Baritone nodded. “Blonde too right?” He nodded again. “Awesome.”

“Anyways; we were roommates so….you know…there’s not much…privacy.” Mr. Baritone stopped for a moment, not sure if that would be enough to satiate these predators.

Iria interrupted, “So you saw him naked.”

Mr. Baritone nodded, “A lot. He seemed to be naked nearly all the time.”

“Nice cock?” Iria interrupted again. Mr. Baritone looked over at her and oozed vulnerability. He knew the answer, and Iria seeing the look on his face already knew it was a “Yes” but she stared through him, her eyes drilling holes into his psyche and forcing him to expunge the truth.

“Yeah.” Mr. Baritone admitted, slumping his shoulders forward and lowering his head in defeat. “That thing was ridiculous; like a fucking porn dick.”

“You were jealous?” Sasha finally piped up.

“Of course!” he replied, “Why wouldn’t I be?”

“You wanted it though didn’t you.” Iria growled at him; anxious to push him further.

“I guess I did. I didn’t think of it as wanting him….just….”

“Just his cock.”


“You wanted to taste it.”


“You wanted to feel it hard in your mouth.”


Sasha watched the exchanged on the edge of her seat; it was utterly fascinating.

“You wanted to know what it was like to have a nice hard, fat, cock sliding in and out of your mouth, didn’t you.”

Mr. Baritone shook his head completely baffled by how she was able to make him continue, “Yes….exactly.” He sighed, then looked up finally and smiled the truth released he felt just a little bit stronger.

“So did you?” Iria continued, not one to let an opponent up once they were beaten. “Did you suck your roommates delicious cock?”

“I’m not saying anything more you devil woman.” Mr. Baritone retorted laughing and shaking his head. “Not one word more.”

Iria shrugged, “It’s ok, I already know the answer. I just wanted to see if you had the balls to admit it.” she winked at him and he shook his head once more knowing full well he was cornered and defenseless.

“Look it’s not really something a guy would or should ever talk about.” he pleaded softly, looking side to side as the restaurant had begun to fill up.

“Why not?” Sasha retorted. Mr. Baritone and Iria turned her way as if surprised to find her still there. “Why not?” she repeated. “You clearly got off on think about Iria and I on the dance floor. At least we’re honest with you. Why can’t you be honest with us?”

Mr. Baritone blinked at Sasha, then looked at Iria but getting no support he turned his gaze back to Sasha. “I…..well…” he stumbled over his words, not sure what he was going to say or how he was going to say it.

“Yes?” Sasha interrupted, urging him along.

“Ok..fine…ya…I sucked him off once or twice….but that …” his face went sheet white and Sasha turned to see the waiter had arrived silently and was readying the plates. The look he gave Mr. Baritone made it quite clear he had heard the most damning part of the sentence. The waiter looked him over like a piece of fresh meat as he placed Iria’s vanilla shake and plate of bacon, then Sasha’s beet root salad. He left Mr. Baritone’s eggs benedict for last. “….that was it though….it was just a college thing.” he finished; talking to the waiter instead of the two women. The waiter shrugged as if to say, “Your loss.” and shuffled off to assist another table. Mr. Baritone buried his face in his hands and shook his head once more. “I can’t believe you two made me say that.”

“Oh don’t worry about it. Look, I know, more than anyone at this table, that you’re not a raging homosexual.” Iria said, reaching across the table to place her hand on his arm. “Unless you’re just a really really really REALLY good actor.” she chuckled. Mr. Baritone looked at her and smiled a silent thank you. Iria let the moment slip by before interjecting just as he had placed a fork full of eggs benedict in his mouth, “but later I’d love it if you could give me some tips.”


“On how to suck cock silly.” she stated incredulously, before sipping on her vanilla shake. “I bet you know a lot of tricks and I’m always up for learning.” she winked and snapped off a piece of bacon.

Sasha pushed her salad around on her plate and thought about Jacob. It’d been a long time since she’d had some fun with a guy. Seeing Iria with Mr. Baritone she felt a spring of jealousy bubbling up within her. Under the table she unlocked her phone and quickly replied to Jacob’s last question. She typed out “Sure; why not.” this time not pausing over the send button, she hit it right away and placed the phone back in her purse.


3 thoughts on “One-Forty or Less – Chapter 2

  1. I, wow, that as….Interesting.. Has me on the edge of my seat wanting to see what happens next. And iv never met a guy who admitted it like that. I kind of like Mr Barritone now… off to read part 3 now.. 🙂


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