Wicked Thoughts

I want you.

I want you here. I want you now. I want to drag you from your dull dreary tired life into mine. Here I’ll tear your clothes from your body. Pull your nakedness next to mine. Let you feel the blood coursing through me. My breath hot on your neck. My hands hard and strong on your soft silky skin.

I want you in my room. On my desk. I want to sweep it clean and drape you over it. Run my tongue and lips over every curve. Every crevice. Every tender nook, and sacred cranny. I want to nibble on your thigh, bite at your ass, suck on your breasts, and taste your moistness.

I want you on top of me. Straddle me as I sit. Tease my thickened rod with your slickened sex. Slide up and down as you kiss my neck, whisper wicked things into my ears, rake your fingers across my back and make me ache for a little more.

I want you bent over in front of me. Your delicious ass in the air. Your sex glistening with excitement, quivering with anticipation. Feel my weight behind you. Feel the heat of my body on your back. Turn your head and kiss me as I push deeper and harder into you. Feel my lips on yours, my tongue behind your ear. My teeth gently biting the nape of your neck. Feel my strength pour into you.

I want your body close to mine. I want you close. I want your everything. Wrap your legs around me. Clutch me hard and pull me in. Feel my manhood pulsate deep within you. Feel my heart beating quick next to yours. See my body spasm as you quake with me.

Gasp for air with me. Paw and claw at me. Shudder and cum with me. Shatter the windows and shake the walls with squeals of utter delight. I need you to.

I need you too.


16 thoughts on “Wicked Thoughts

        1. That’s kind of my thing. I’m a teaser. A tormentor. I’m the guy that will whisper all the deliciously naughty things I’m going to do to you while you’re sitting next to me in the front pew at church…. next to your husband. 😉 lol


    1. Think? Or know? 😉 thanks for the positive feedback. It’s always nice to be wanted. I enjoyed reading your “About” page and will have to stop by again soon. Till then…see you in your dreams 😉


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