One-Forty or Less – Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Sasha tapped away at the virtual keys on her phone. “Out on the town tonight & feeling fine.” she swiped her finger over to the icon resembling a camera and activated the button. A moment later she had selected the mirror shot she had just taken moments ago and with a nervous smile depressed one more button to send the message off into the world.

Sasha had certainly changed since joining the social media world. Prior to this, personal photos were rarely taken and certainly never shared with strangers. But after her best friend Iria snapped a shot of the two of them at a bachelorette party and uploaded it; Sasha’s perception had changed.

Iria was pretty, petite, Japanese american woman who had a penchant for posting selfies where she dressed in either elaborate costumes or next to nothing at all. In no time she had gone from 20 followers, to 4000 followers. Iria reveled in the attention and Sasha, though secretly jealous of her brazen attitude, didn’t fault her for it at all. Iria had been picked on severely in high school. She was the nerdy asian misfit that everyone could focus their indiscriminate teasing upon. Once leaving high school she immediately moved away for college, reinvented herself, and came back a stronger, more confident and much more exhibitionistic woman. She was now finishing her Masters at Sasha’s university and the two women who had been thrown together as roommates had become best friends. Once Iria had posted the picture that included Sasha, she made sure to show Sasha how many responses she was getting. Of the replies, a large number of them consisted of a single empowering question. “Who’s your hot friend?”

Sasha was hooked. She created a handle for herself that evening and spent nearly two hours taking pictures of herself in her recently furnished condo. She didn’t post as many pictures as she had taken, but to her surprise the small amount that she had posted were met with glee and wanton approval. Iria tutored her in the ins and outs of how to reach a bigger audience. Sasha’s confidence grew as each day and each post went by. She had followers around the globe and of both sexes. Sasha loved it. The thrill of taking a candid shot and posting it online was intoxicating. She, like Iria, became increasingly brazen showing more and more of her body. She created theme days to share particular pictures; like “wet Wednesday” or “mirror Monday”. Every day of the week pushed her previously established boundaries. Every picture was an opportunity to be creative. Every posting was a chance to be admired and adored by complete strangers. It was highly addictive but ultimately very empowering.

Sasha would sometimes engage in small conversations with her followers; letting them ask her questions that under any other circumstance would be considered far to private. All of these questions and answers continuously falling under the tight restriction of 140 characters or less. It made each message a creative morsel to consume. How to express yourself in such a restricted manner. It was like modern haiku; but not as pompous. It was within one of these conversations that she met Jacob.

Of course Jacob wasn’t Jacob at first. He was “IronMagnet89” to Sasha. In fact she didn’t even know his name until they had been chatting for a while. He had struck Sasha as immediately intriguing. He wasn’t like the larger majority of her male following. He would pick up on little things within her pictures. Stylistic changes in the lighting for example, or noticing a tattoo before anyone else. Sasha found his compliments sweeter and well formed. He didn’t reply with “nice tits”. He would instead eloquently a softly admire her curves, or her lips, or the sparkle in her eyes. In a sense he provided the type of compliment that she always wished her ex’s would give.

“Gorgeous Sasha; u have such perfect lips, I wish I could be kissing them right now.” Came the message. Sasha smiled and her eyes twinkled with subdued excitement. She tapped away at the keys for a moment before hitting send.

“Aw thx hun. U like kissing huh? How bout kissing this?” attached to the small message was a candid shot of Sasha in her bathroom. By aiming her phone back over her shoulder she was able to capture a flattering picture of the pink elegant thong she was wearing tonight.

Moments later her phone twirped and she opened the message immediately.

“Daaaaaaamnnn. You have such a beautiful body Sasha. I mean just look at that booty. Delicious.”

Sasha giggled to herself as she soaked up the attention. In her real life she would never dare to be so forward and so sexually aggressive. As far as most of her friends were concerned she was as conservative as they came. But this persona she had created online was far more confident. Sasha paused for a moment then bit her lip and looked at herself in the bathroom mirror. Each time she did this she felt more and more empowered. She felt more and more attractive, almost to the point that her conservative inhibitions melted away completely. She adjusted her top so the neckline plunged deeper into her cleavage. After adjusting her breasts in her bra she looked up and was pleased with the result. She smiled into the mirror and snapped another picture. In her head she imagined being there to see his reaction. She imagined him squirming in his seat, his mouth open in a silent enunciation of a woman’s favorite word, “Wow.” She imagined enticing him to the point he became uncomfortable in his chair, trying but failing to conceal his arousal. Sasha pictured his hands moving to his crotch, at first to cover himself, but unconsciously switching from concealment to casual caressing of his own sex. She thought about walking up to him, running her hand up his leg and lightly over his erection covered only by the thin cotton fabric of a pair of khaki pants. Sasha felt herself squirm and she immediately sent the picture off without a further thought.

“If you like that one you’ll love this one.” she said in the brief message.

A few moments the response came. “You’re making it difficult to control myself here. lol” he responded.

Sasha pictured in her mind him lying in bed with his phone constantly refreshing, hoping and dreaming for another picture; and when one arrived he would gawk at it while touching himself. She smiled thinking about his hard sex in his hand; knowing she was the sole cause. That she was the reason for his excitement. It was a rush. Sasha furrowed her brow and tapped out another message, “dont I get to see u?” she queried pensively. She bit her lip in thought before reluctantly hitting send.

A few moments a reply came back, “What if you don’t like the way I look?” he said and though the message was cold and electronic the fear within it was palpable to Sasha.

She tapped away once more and sent her response immediately, “It’s only fair don’t you think?” She furrowed her brow once more. Ordinarily she wouldn’t consider herself a person that’s stuck up on how a person looks, but connections through the internet are a different story.

Her phone buzzed five minutes later with his response. “This is the only good picture I have on my phone of me. Sorry my ex is in the pic too.” Sasha quickly flew through the message and scrolled to the image that was attached. She was immediately confronted with the picture of an attractive university age couple with a cheesy purple stylized label ‘Jacob and Jessica 4 eva’. They could have easily been in her own classes. The smiles were genuine and loving. Jacob’s ex was definitely cute but Sasha supposed university relationships are either flashes in the pan, or forever. There isn’t really an in between.

“Ah, so your real name is Jacob. You and your ex is pretty cute” Sasha responded without a second thought. “I like her hair.” she continued.

Jacob keyed back a cryptic response, “I’m glad you like her.” Sasha cocked her head to the side and shrugged her shoulders; she supposed that perhaps they were still friends. “I guess that’s a good thing” she thought to herself. Though she wasn’t the type to have a large number of ex’s she definitely attempted to keep them in her life even though that rarely worked out.

“Well I’ve gotta get going Jacob, thanks for sending me a pic. You’re cuter than I was expecting.” Sasha messaged her new friend and handsome mystery man.

“K Sasha, catch ya later.” he quipped.

“You know it.” she responded, clicking out of the app and locking her phone. It was time to hit the books.

She cracked the spine of her nearly unused anatomy textbook and set about reading through it for the first time a week before midterms. Sasha was definitely a better student in highschool, but high school is….well…high school. There isn’t as many distractions and pulls on your time. Almost on cue her phone rattled across the table as she received a text from roommate, Iria “Monty’s tonight; wear something slutty. lol” Sasha read the message and tossed the phone back onto her table. She let out a protracted sigh as she looked at her textbook, then her phone. It was clear which was the right decision, and it wasn’t going to be the one that Sasha chose. Leaving the anatomy textbook wear it laid, lonely and untouched, much like it’s owner; she stood up and headed to her bedroom. Studying could wait till tomorrow.

A few hours later she was enjoying a fabulous buzz as she and Iria danced together to the pulsing beat of some unnamed electronic music. Being drunk can definitely be fun, but it’s even better when someone else picks up the tab. Sasha unlocked her phone and quickly posted an update for her followers, “Studying 0 : Drunkeness 1” attaching a picture of her and Iria in a tight embrace making duck billed kissy faces at each other.

The rest of the night was a blur of alcohol, trips to the bathroom, and being groped on the dance floor. By the time Sasha got home it was nearly 3am. She crashed hard onto her couch and fell asleep quickly, at least that’s what she called it. Sasha didn’t like to think she drank too much so she convinced herself that she never passed out, only fell asleep quickly. This happened more often than it probably should’ve, but such is the life of a university student. Around 4am she rolled off the couch with a powerful need to urinate, vomit, and eat hamburgers simultaneously. After completing two out of the three she stumbled her way into her bedroom and flopped onto her bed with a moan. Having relieved the pressure on both her stomach and bladder another more familiar feeling replaced them; horniness. Her mind wandered to Jacob and she keyed her phone up and navigated sloppily into her saved pictures folder. She gawked at the picture of Jacob and his ex and their permanent electronically archived smiles. Sasha closed her eyes briefly as she tried to picture Jacob without his shirt. She imagined him to be strong, chiseled, like a walking living breathing statue of a greek god. She giggled as her imagination immediately pulled his pants out of existence. Sasha bit her lip and let her own hand trail down her body and over her panty covered crotch. She quietly moaned to herself as an experienced finger explored her swiftly slickening sex. “Mmmm Jacob….come here you big sexy boy you.” she giggled at herself and continued to explore her pussy gently with her finger. “If only this could have been his” she thought to herself. His fingers, his hand, his lips, his tongue. She moaned and softly gasped again.

Before judgement and sobriety got the best of her Sasha found herself snapping a very private photo and sending it on its way to her mystery man Jacob. “Wish you were here.” She captioned the picture which was of her hand down her panties barely covering her most intimate of intimates. Sasha dropped her head to the pillow and her phone to the floor. A moment later the slow regulated breathing of incapacitated rest filled the room.

Sasha awoke the next morning with only a few minutes left in the morning. She blinked the crusty combination of old makeup and dried sleepiness out of her eyes and felt around her bed to find her phone. It stared back at her and abruptly changed from 11:59 to 12:00. Sasha sighed to herself and looked across the room to the stack of books she had to read through and hopefully comprehend by Monday. She sighed again, unlocked her phone, and started checking her messages from all her social media accounts. Before long her stomach rumbled a reminder that she had vomited out the only sustenance she consumed the previous night. However her feeling of emptiness could wait as she keyed onto a message sent by Jacob.

A slow creeping snake of revulsion and dread crawled under her skin as hazy memories of the previous night appeared in her mind’s eye like snapshots of shame filled depravity. Sasha mouthed the word but didn’t bother to croak allowed, “Fuck.” As she scrolled down she saw the image she sent Jacob and was suddenly overwhelmed with chagrin. She quickly scanned for his response; fully expecting it to be one of disappointment or worse.

“Damn!” She read instead. “That’s fucking hot. Wish I was running my tongue up and down that tastiness right now.”

Sasha’s embarrassment and fear died away like a cool spring fog fading in the sunlight. She unconsciously bit her lip and felt her heart skip ahead in excitement. “Too bad; I could have used that last night. Hell could use it right now even. Lol” she keyed the message and her thumb hovered over the send button. With a shrug she virtually depressed “Send” and the message disappeared into the ether of the internet.

She locked her phone and set it on the nightstand to charge as she shuffled lazily into the bathroom. It smelt horrid. An grizzly mix of girly bathing products, perfumes, and 6 hour old chunks of drying vomit. She blinked for a moment surveying the destruction before resolving to clean it up later. Sasha ran the water from the tub and splashed it into her face. Ordinarily she would have used the vanity sink, but at this moment there were mysterious remnants of the previous night’s debauchery that encouraged her to take a wide berth. She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror and that was enough to make her want to avoid mirrors for the next few hours.

Slightly more awake now, Sasha sauntered into the kitchen and began going through the motions of putting a recovery breakfast together. After consuming her meal in the slow steady nearly comatose state every hangover victim knows, she made her way back to her bedroom. Her head was starting to remember how much she had drank the previous night and had decided now was the time to punish her for it. Suddenly her bed seemed like the sanctuary she surely craved. The duvet was thrown over her head and she crawled under it into a cave of soft pillowy white warmth. Reaching one sacrificial limb from beneath the cover she grabbed her phone from the nightstand and unlocked it, checking for missed messages that occurred with the previous 20 minutes.

“Would you ever want to meet sometime?”

The words emblazoned the screen of her phone and Sasha’s mouth opened in sincere shock. “What have I done?” She thought. Had Jacob simply seen the picture and decided she was an easy lay? She knew he was cute and all, and perhaps has she not sent him that picture she would have loved to meet him, but now it was a hard decision to even contemplate. Even though her social media feed had portrayed her as perhaps a little more outgoing and confident, she was definitely not “that type of girl.” Meeting a strange man who shed only ever spoken to over the internet; don’t they have investigative journalism pieces that talk about all the time? The women end up being carted off to some foreign country and used as sex slaves. Sasha shuddered and felt nauseated. She tossed her phone out from under the covers without replying, drifting into an uncomfortable sleep.

She awoke about an hour later and her hangover had definitely gotten louder. Sasha let out a protracted groan of annoyance and dragged herself out of bed for the second time. Her clock now read 2pm and she glanced over at the stack of books on her desk. Momentarily her stomach filled with butterflies as she realized the task before her; but her dread was interrupted by the rattling of her phone skipping across the floor under her bed. She bent over to retrieve it and felt her head ache with the motion. Swiping her finger across the display it responded back. “One Missed Call – Iria” Sasha sighed and phoned her friend and roommate back.

“He…..hello?” Sasha croaked into the phone, her voice as of yet untested.

She received a disgustingly perky and unaffected female voice back, “Hey babe; just get up?” Iria laughed at Sasha’s grunt and continued “I’m at the……where the hell is this?” Iria had pulled the phone away from her mouth and asked another person where she was, “I’m at the Hotel Capri downtown. Why don’t you get your skinny ass over here and we’ll grab some lunch.” Iria didn’t so much ask as she did inform Sasha.

Sasha opened her mouth briefly to complain; she was going to tell Iria about all the studying that she had to do; how she felt awful and just wanted to crawl into bed forever. She wanted to say “No.” to Iria, but instead the words bubbled out of her like toxic gas at a tar pit, “Sure….be right over.” Sasha scowled confused as to how she could answer in a way exactly opposite to how she felt, but before she could retract her affirmation Iria responded.

“Great; see you down in the lobby in 30.”


click – Iria hung up.

It was both irritating and fascinating the hold Iria had on Sasha. No matter the situation, she felt like she could never say no to the petite powerhouse. Even more irritating was how Iria seemed to be able to walk away from a night of over the top alcohol consumption with nary a scratch on her.

Sasha dragged her feet into the bathroom once more; relieved more pressure on her bladder and stumbled into the shower. Five minutes of blasting heated water slammed into her stark white skin and fiery red hair. She stood motionless in the powerful cascade letting it renew her. Once stepping back into the cool air of the bathroom she instantly felt better. Quickly applying only a basic amount of makeup and whipping her hair into shape Sasha was ready to go in record time. She took one last look at herself in the mirror and nodded approvingly. “Not bad considering I feel like death at the moment.” She pulled herself into a pair of tight jeans and a soft oversized white t-shirt top before grabbing her keys and heading out the door. Five minutes later she sheepishly came back, retrieved her phone and left for the second time.

She followed the directions on her phone and reached the Hotel Capri without remembering or realizing how she had even got there. She gave the valet her keys, took her ticket, and walked into the lobby on the hunt for her trouble making roommate.

After a quick scan she saw Iria lounging in a chair laughing and chatting with a ruggedly handsome man. The two were clearly still wearing what they had on the previous night and Sasha was both impressed and disturbed by this. She made her way over to Iria and once she was inside Iria’s field of view the petite asian woman came charging over to give Sasha a hug. “Hey babe; how are you holding up?” she asked politely, though Sasha sometimes wondered if Iria only asked because she enjoyed seeing Sasha suffer.

“Could be better. It’s possible I might have had too many last night.” she let out a chuckle, although not so amused at herself. “What happened to you?”

Iria winked, looked over her shoulder at the suited man behind her, “I know right?” she laughed, “Not just good looking too.” she made a gesture with her hands that could be confused with the size of fish she had just caught and Sasha rolled her eyes and giggled too. Iria continued, “…and for a married guy, damn he can….fuck.” she whispered the last word as if that made it sound any better. Sasha caught herself being both amused and envious. She thought back to Jacob; maybe he was married too. How could she know.

“He’s married?” Sasha queried, a little confused at such a revelation.

“Sort of; they’re on a break” Iria put air quotes around the last bit and then rolled her eyes scoffing the thought. “What do I care; he’s a good lay and he’s paying for lunch so let’s get going.” she giggled once more and took Sasha’s hand pulling her unapologetically towards the possible philanderer. “This is my friend Sasha.” the suited man raised a glass of orange juice in their direction and twinkled a smile at the two. Sasha felt herself melt momentarily with his handsome charm.

“Pleasure to meet you.” he said in a soft soothing baritone.

“Oh fuck me.” Sasha thought to herself before saying aloud, “You too.”

“Ok if you two can stop eye fucking each other for a moment, let’s go get something to eat.” Iria interjected. Placing her friend on one arm and her newest acquisition on her other, Iria directed the group through the lobby and into the hotel restaurant.


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