A little update

With life and work I’ve been a little busy and haven’t had much time to write. When I do sit down to write I feel like I’m under immense pressure and nothing flows out of me. I have in my Google Drive about 20 different quality ideas for stories and a few that are good enough to flush out into entire novels. Despite this I get nothing. No flow. No words. Nothing. What I do write is drivel and uninspired crap. So I’ve decided to do something different.


I’ve done something that I usually don’t do. That is, I’ve started to read my own work. It’s such a bizarre experience. Since I don’t really edit my work, and I rarely re-write anything I don’t quite remember the stories I’ve already written. As a result, even though it’s my own work, it’s like I’m reading someone else’s fiction. It’s truly bizarre but very uplifting. I’m not one to toot my own horn, but I have to say I can understand now the positive responses that I’ve received in the past.


So the strategy that I’m going to employ, until I get a little more momentum. Is to try to finish the stories that I left hanging. All of them have potential. They started out as chapter to chapter serials anyways so there’s room to maneuver and flush out some of the obvious story arcs. I’m going to start with One-Forty or Less since it’s one of the most recent and stopped very abruptly. To that end, I’ll be re-releasing the chapters one by one each week as I work on the new ones. The hope being that with that head start I can gain the momentum I need to keep the serial going until it organically concludes.


Thanks for your patience.




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