As a departure from my normal posts which, let’s be honest, are really me-centric, I’ve decided to write a few words about this movie I just saw. 
It’s called Deadpool. It’s really good. You should see it. 
The end. 


One-Forty or Less – Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Sasha lead the young man up to her shared apartment and suddenly became aware of what she was doing. She turned to him and made sure to clarify, “I just didn’t want you sitting in the car there for four hours. It would just be silly.” She hoped that convinced him. Undoubtedly there was likely a whole section of the internet dedicated to chauffeur porn. Sasha sniggered to herself and continued up the steps, aware that the young man’s gaze was still firmly affixed on her ass.

“Of course.” he answered robotically, not really sure of what he was replying to.

“Are you in college too?” Sasha asked, rounding the flight of stairs and starting on the final ascent.

“Yes.” he replied following her like a puppy in training. Not following up with any additional information.

Sasha continued to push the conversation along, not comfortable with moments of silence around men she only just met. “What are you studying?”

Jonathan answered absentmindedly, “I’m currently mastering in geopolitics….” He was so nonchalant about it Sasha didn’t catch even the slightest scent of intellectual ego wafting from him.

“Mastering? Already?” blurted Sasha interrupting him mid sentence as she turned at the top of the stairs. Jonathan stopped as well looking up at her quizzically unsure of what the problem was. “How……old are you?” she queried.

“I’m 19, well; I’ll be 19 by the end of the weekend. I’m technically 18 at the moment. Why?”

Sasha’s jaw dropped. She counted back how many years of university he would have had to go through to end up at a geopolitical masters. “How…wha….when……when did you graduate?” she babbled incredulously, not moving from her perch at the top of the stairs.

Jonathan was starting to look uncomfortable now, shifting from side to side and looking at the stairs wishing he could finish counting them. He was at 87, and adding that to the steps he took down the sidewalk, around the car and greeting her at the hotel he was nearly at a perfect 100. He scratched his arm in uncomfortable annoyance, “I graduated when I was 16.”

“From high school??” Sasha blurted still unsure what to make of this.

Jonathan scratched his arm again through his increasingly stuffy suit, “No. I graduated high school when I was 11. I was 16 when I finished my first university degree.”

Sasha shook her head in bewilderment before turning and muttering under her breath, “The chauffeur is a fucking genius what the hell,” she chuckled and continued under her breath, “but still needs to use a gps.”

“I was just…..”

“I know…trying to optimize the route.” Sasha sighed. She walked down the hall till she came to her apartment, fished the keys from her purse and unlocked the door with annoyance. She already felt stupid for not studying for her upcoming exam; but now with this boy wonder following her she felt even slower.

Jonathan could feel her unease and was glad that he hadn’t been able to tell her that he was also simultaneously mastering in financial economics. “Should I make you some tea?” he queried politely.

Sasha turned to him in bewilderment. “Jonathan, this is my house….I make the tea.” Sasha looked up to the ceiling and furrowed her brow, “That is; if I have any.”

“I’ll check.” the boy wonder said quickly and walked into the kitchen to start looking through cupboards.

Sasha was surprisingly at ease with it. She ordinarily didn’t have guests and when she did they always made her uncomfortable. She always felt that they were measuring her up with the tidiness of the room or how the apartment was decorated. “People are like that,” she thought to herself, “always judging others without really knowing them at all.” She turned and looked at Jonathan with destain. Not for him, but for herself and her hypocrisy. Sasha let out a sigh and wandered over to her room the sound of cupboards opening and closing behind her.

Jonathan was already in his own world he had finished counting all the items in the first bank of cupboards and was already onto the next one. He bit his lip with childish glee as the count flew through his mind and he felt a tingling sensation rushing across his skin. He moved through the kitchen faster and faster counting each piece of cutlery, each glass, each plate, each package of Kraft Dinner, every cereal box, spice container, everything. No tea.

“No tea.” he exclaimed aloud. 1,331 other objects though. “How beautiful,” he thought, a palindrome.

“Uh huh.” Sasha answered back. Like Jonathan she was pouring over her closet looking at every piece of clothing. Every blouse, every pair of pants, every dress, every shoe, everything. She, unlike Jonathan, was not in the least pleased. She blasted through her closet in no time flat and as is heard so often in houses containing women all across the world. “I have nothing to wear.”

“Sure you do.” Jonathan said softly behind her and Sasha jumped and shrieked.

“Jesus!” she squealed, “You scared the living fuck out of me.” she babbled her fear being masked by laughter now.

Jonathan looked at her and smirked, not quite understanding what the issue was. He pointed at a black dress at the back of the closet, then to a matching pair of shoes on the right hand side. Sasha looked and tilted her head to the side, “Really? Isn’t it too much?” she asked him surprising herself at her candor.

“Yes. It’s just right.” he answered softly and a tad less robotically.

“Are you sure? Isn’t it a little too fancy?”

“The Hotel Capri is a four star hotel in the heart of downtown. If you wore something else you would stand out but not in the way you’d like.” Jonathan answered with unattached precision.

Sasha furrowed her brow yet again and looked at the suited young man. As much as she didn’t want to admit it, he was right. He may be socially awkward and all but he was a genius. Sasha shrugged and reached for the dress.

“You’re getting dressed already?” he asked, returning to puppy dog mode.

“Well….I thought…”

Jonathan looked at her confused, “I thought you had an exam to study for, and wouldn’t you want to shower first before putting the dress on…”


“…and you haven’t even picked out appropriate underwea-.”

“..OK…I said OK!” Sasha shook her head. Jonathan looked bewildered. “You’re right ok. I’m going to study for a couple of hours and then I’ll start to get ready. Is that ok with you?” she asked mockingly.

Jonathan shrugged, “Sure. Do you want my help?”

“What? Nooooooo!” Sasha exclaimed with irritation. “I only asked you up here because I didn’t want you to be waiting down in the car. I only did it because I felt sorry for you. Nothing….NOTHING is going to happen here, and I definitely do not need your help getting ready. Jesus!”

“I meant with the studying.” Jonathan explained calmly. “I saw the textbooks when I walked in.” Sasha turned to look at the stack of books on her desk and sheepishly turned back to the unaffected young man, “I took human anatomy you know.” He continued and Sasha lamented her outburst even more with each new word. “I even TA’d, and helped construct the exams…”

Sasha hung her head and turned to Jonathan, “Damn it I’m sorry, that was rude of me.” She sighed, “Yeah, I could use your help. Honestly I could use all the help I could get.” she admitted, slowly placing the dress back on the rack.

Jonathan replied softly, “Well I can help.” he paused for a moment then continued, “and if you want help picking out underwear I could do that too.” then he winked just as she did before, then burst out laughing.

Sasha shook her head and chuckled, “Depends on how helpful you are.” she winked back and turned around to retrieve her textbooks.

Jonathan stood in the doorway open mouthed. He just managed to close it when she started back out of the room. He laughed nervously as his brain simultaneously calculated the odds of her letting him help her get ready and calculate the sum total of all the pages in her textbooks multiplied together. They seemed to be about equal.

The boy genius stepped out into the hall and allowed Sasha to pass, following her into the living room and trying desperately to not stare at her ass; and failing. It was likely the first thing the boy wonder had ever failed at.

The next two hours were a blur for Jonathan. He was in his element. The beauty of cold hard facts. Known information. Words pulled off the textbook page and danced in his mind like some intellectual ballet. He adored every moment. Every page turn and every new chapter was like a breath of delectable fresh air to him.

Sasha on the other hand was in hell. Two hours had passed and all she could remember was gluteus maximus was the butt muscle. She desperately wanted to retain all the facts and figures Jonathan was rattling off to her but it was like trying to soak up water with an already saturated sponge. She finally held her hands up in desperation and said, “That’s it, I’m done. I’m done for tonight. I’ve got a date I have to get ready for.” Sasha stood from the couch and Jonathan looked up at her like a saddened puppy.

“We still have many things to cover.” he looked at the textbook and flipped it from page 98, to page 100. He sighed, “much better”.

“I know. Really I know.” Sasha said with tired exasperation. “I’m just…..well burnt out.”

“I see.” Jonathan stood up as well, “Maybe your date will help refresh your mind.” he offered. Sasha merely shrugged and walked down the hallway and into her bedroom leaving Jonathan to stand in the living room alone.

Sasha laid out her dress, underwear, and shoes for this evening and nodded to herself in approval. She was certain Jacob would love this outfit. Thinking of him she retrieved her phone and keyed it open.

“Can’t wait to see you tonight.” was the message waiting for her. “I’ve been thinking of it all day. lol”

Sasha smirked and keyed a quick response, “Me too. Haven’t been able to study one bit thanks to you. Heading to the shower now.” she tossed the phone to the bed and quickly slipped out of her jeans and t-shirt. As she did she heard her phone buzz. Jacob had already replied.

“Wish I could be there to…help you out. 😉 “

Sasha smiled to herself and despite Jacob not being in the room she blushed. Sasha wasn’t accustomed to this sort of attention and like anything new and different, it was exciting. “Me too.” she paused for a moment, bit her lip and before she could think of a reason not to she finished the message with, “I’ll try not to touch myself too much while I’m naked in the shower thinking bout you.”

This time she didn’t toss the phone down. Sasha stood in her underwear quietly in her room and waited to see his response. “Damn, that’s hot.” came the quick reply, followed by, “Can I be honest with you Sasha?”

She suddenly felt her stomach turn and butterflies filling it. Nervously she tapped the keys and responded, “Of course.” secretly hoping that whatever honest moment Jacob was having wasn’t too hard to bare.

“Honestly; I’d love to be tongue deep in you right now; having you writhing and wriggling at the end of my talented tongue.”

Sasha squealed. She closed her eyes and grinned like an idiot before biting her lip and staring back at the message, reading it over once more, then a third time, then a forth. She squeezed her legs together and took a deep breath. “I’d like that.” she typed back and hit send before she thought better of it. Sasha tossed the phone to her bed and removed the rest of her clothes before picking it up again.

“Good, because honestly that’s all I’d like to do tonight. I just want to feast on you. Have you squirm & squeal & beg for more.” Sasha shuddered and blushed. Her phone buzzed again as another message popped in. “I want taste you. Lick you. Kiss you. Feel you. I want to tantalize your every nerve so you know how beautiful you are.”

“Fuck me.” Sasha said aloud. Quickly typing her response, “fuck you’re making me fall for you just with these words!” she hit send and stared at her phone waiting.

“go ahead & fall; fall deep & fall hard; I’ll throw you over my shoulder & carry you off to some place exotic to mind fuck your senses into blissful oblivion” the response came and Sasha quivered. She covered her mouth, shook her head and softly bit down on her finger. “Damn this guy is good.” she thought to herself then noticed the time at the top of her phone.

“Hope you can back all this up in the real world. lol” she typed quickly, tossing the phone once more to the bed and headed out her bedroom, down the hall and into the bathroom. She was stark naked and completely oblivious to Jonathan who was standing at the other end of the hall; a cup of coffee in his hand and a look of utter amazement plastered across his face.

“Damn this girl is good.” he thought to himself, placing the half empty cup on the kitchen counter. He took a deep breath and started down the hallway towards the bathroom. He was confident that this was all a part of Sasha’s plan to seduce him and it was certainly working. He heard the water being turned on and the concussive spray of a powerful jet of water splashing against the tub.

On the other side of the door an oblivious Sasha stepped into the shower, closed the glass door and enjoyed the heated water cascading over her highly aroused body. She grabbed a soft luffa and rubbed it gently over her nakedness. Her mind rushing with thoughts of Jacob. His hands on her body, his lips kissing her everywhere. His tongue driving deep into her and teasing her till she could not take it anymore. It had been so long since anyone had done that to her. Sasha moaned softly to herself and allowed a gentle touch of her finger to run across her anxious sex.

Jonathan meanwhile, realizing it would be a bad idea to get his suit wet had stripped down to his own nakedness. He softly reached out, turned the knob and pushed the door open silently.

A Little Tease


I’m going to give you a little preview of something I’m working on at the moment. This isn’t the complete work, it’s just what I’ve got so far. There’s a number of directions I could take this little story and that, in itself, makes me happy. I’ve had a lot of starts and stops of late with other works and I needed something like this to just clean my pallet and allow myself to have some fun.

So without further delay, here is a teaser for the as of yet unnamed short I’m working on.

I hope you enjoy it.

Also, please, if you do like it, or even if you don’t let me know in the comments below. I’m interested to hear your opinions. Feel free to even way in on where you’d like to see the story go from here.





“What do you think?” She’s smiling and dressed only in underwear and a silk robe.


“Gorgeous.” he’s smiling, dressed in a suit and sitting at his desk.



“This is going to be fun.”


“I know,” he’s still smiling. “Be right back.”


Chad minimized the chat window and looked up to his secretary who had strolled into the room. “Chad, I have a few things for you to sign before the board meeting. After meeting with the board, you’ve got a 1 pm meeting with Sheffield, then a 3 pm tee time at the club with Mr. Lohan.”


“Thanks, Sarah, cancel the tee time and arrange a rain check with Lohan please.”


“Kay.” She looked over to see Chad’s laptop sitting next to his desktop computer. It was open and the icons lay upon a screenshot of Chad and his wife on their honeymoon. “Setting up to keep an eye on your contractors?”


Chad nodded, “You got it, Sarah. You can’t trust these guys with full access to your house. If you don’t keep an eye on them they might just walk out the door with all of your most treasured possessions.”


“…like your wife,” Sarah added with a chuckle.


“Exactly.” he nodded.


Sarah rolled her eyes and handed him the set of documents before sauntering out of the plush 10th-floor corner office. “Boys,” she muttered to herself, well within earshot of Chad.


He watched her leave and admired her ass she walked, “Girls.” He licked his lips. “Maybe sometime,” he whispered to himself and then turned his attention back to his laptop. He maximized the chat window again and he was greeted with an empty screen. Well, not so much empty but a screen that was devoid of his wife. Instead, he saw his kitchen. The laptop was resting on the kitchen island and in the distance, he could see a little movement. The game had begun.


Anna had set the laptop down moments before and positioned it to have a view of the hallway leading up to the front entrance. The doorbell had ringed and she had gone to let the contractor in. He was there to fix a couple of problems within the kitchen and a few other miscellaneous issues in other parts of the house. None of the problems were out of Chad’s ability to fix himself, but in fact, they had all been purposefully sabotaged by Chad as part of this ruse.


Anna now stood in front of the grand entrance doorway and took a deep breath. She drew her robe tightly around her body before changing her mind and loosening it again. The doorbell rang once more and she quickly opened the door before she lost her nerve.


“Hi there!” she said cheerily. The brisk morning air swept past her and gently blew the robe open a little bit further. Instinctively she pulled it back to cover herself up but in that brief moment the contractor, Kyle, had already caught a glimpse.


He smirked without thinking, but quickly replaced his smile with a poker face of indifference. “Hi, I’m from Wrangler’s Repairs. Someone had made an appointment to make some, uh, repairs in the house?”


“Indeed, we did! There’s a list my husband made in the kitchen right back there if you would be so kind.” she gestured down the hallway and Kyle nodded.


“Your husband–he isn’t here?”


There was a sound of concern in Kyle’s voice. “Nope. Just me. Husband is at work making the money to pay for all of this.” she chuckled and Kyle nervously laughed as well. Anna could see he was trying his best not to stare at her. His eyes were darting around the house looking for a safe spot to land, but inevetibly they came to rest, however briefly, on her. She smiled, “Don’t worry, though, he left detailed instructions so you don’t have to worry about asking the woman of the house what to do.”


Kyle put up his  hands defensively, “No no, it’s not that I just–”


Anna stopped him, “It’s quite alright, Kyle. This ain’t my thing. I’m not exactly the swinging the hammer type.” She put her hands out and did a little curtsy. Kyle blushed and nodded. “Ok, now you better get going. That list looked long to me so unless you wanna be stuck in here all day with me, you better get to it.”


He nodded and strode confidently down the hallway into the kitchen.


On Chad’s screen, as he absentmindedly signed papers and put them on his outbox tray, he could see a man in his mid-twenties making it down the hallway. He had a slightly overweight build, short brown hair, and the shadow of beard constructed out of neglect rather than desire. He had meaty workers hands and larger than average forearms, no doubt from a few years of working in a tough manual labor field. He wore a generic pair of brown overalls and a thin white t-shirt below it. Behind him, Chad could see his wife. Her robe was completely open at this point and she wore an outrageously large smile on her face as the two of them came into better focus.


“I see here’s the list?” Kyle pointed to a piece of paper to the left of the laptop. He strolled up and looked at it. As he read the list Anna stayed in the hallway. Her robe open, she blew kisses at the laptop’s integrated webcam. She rolled her body from side to side like she was back on stage again, running her hand down from her neck, over her bra covered breasts, all the way to the waistband of her panties. She stuck a thumb in and pulled them down just a little bit before quickly abandoning the process and sweeping her robe closed.


Just as she did, with near perfect timing, Kyle turned to look at her, “You’re right, this is a pretty long list. I hate to say it, but I’m probably going to be here all day.”


Anna nodded, “That bad huh?”


“Yeah, let me call your husband and let him know.”


“Oh, I’m sure he knows.”


“I–I’m just trying to be above board here so there are no unexpected surprises.”


Anna clenched her fists to keep from giggling and nodded, “Ok you’re probably right. No one likes surprises.”


As Kyle turned is attention to his phone Anna winked and wagged her tongue obscenely at the webcam.
Chad chuckled and waited for his phone to ring.



This is the picture that inspired this piece – thank you Internet! =)





So where do you think this is going to go? Is Anna going to try to seduce Kyle? Is she only going to stay just out of sight while he works? What’s Chad’s motivation here? His wife, scantily clad, alone with a younger man who’s….good with his hands. Uh oh? or Oh my?

Also, please, if you do like it, or even if you don’t, let me know in the comments below. I’m interested to hear your opinions. Feel free to even way in on where you’d like to see the story go from here.

Addicted to You

It’s been three years, seven months and four days since I saw your face. Yet still it’s etched into my mind like some beautiful statue by a renaissance master. My heart aches for you. My body shakes with desire for you. Where is my mind when it’s not thinking of you?

02 21 2013 008

I miss the intensity of your kiss my love. So raw, passionate and sensual. I’d like to kiss you again if only once more. To feel you in my arms. Feel your soft delicate sexy body under my hands. Your curve of your cute ass, the silkiness of your flawless legs. I want you still, so very much, right and wrong be damned.

02 22 2013 005

I hear you’re married now. Does he make you squirm like I did? Do you scream his name like you did mine? Do you call him in the middle of the day to tell him how much you need him?


Don’t you miss what we had? The intensity, the chemistry, the passionate sleepless nights filled with angst free sex. There were no limits with me. I accepted your beast and you accepted mine. We mixed our blood and howled at the moon together. We were the world. We were everything.

02 21 2013 027

I hear you’re happy now. In bed by ten, up at 8 am. Your days are predictable. Your life is safe. Your situation stable. But you must miss the adventure. Does your new man sweep you away to tantalize your senses at a moments notice? Do you prefer roses to orchids now? Acceptable instead of exotic. Normal instead of unpredictable. Do you miss me at all?


I reach for you in my mind, but you’re no longer there. You are the beauty to someone else’s beast. You are the masterpiece to someone else’s frame. My Mona Lisa, my Sistine Chapel, my David, my Notre Dame Cathedral. You are forever the wonder in my mind. The passion in my heart. The smile on my face. The ache in my soul.

02 22 2013 001

I will forever miss you.


The wonderous poison I will always crave.




Sometimes I find that my mind is swimming with more ideas than I have time to write down. Then, once I do have time I’ve lost the spark that caused me to believe it was a good idea in the first place. 

I’m not sure how the rest of you are when you write but I find this infuriating. Since losing my muse the motivation to write had been difficult to retain. I hate that. I hate that I have to rely on someone else’s existence to make me motivated enough to put in the time and write. Good god do I ever hate it. And yet I find myself hoping each day that I’ll find that muse in one of you in the ether of the Internet. 

The difference in quality between a muse inspired piece and one that is just mine alone is obvious to me. The quality is just so much better with a muse. The lust and passion is so much more tangible. I’d often find myself racing to complete a piece as I tried to keep up with the vision in my mind. Without a muse it seems that work is more work and less exhilaration. A shame. 

…so is there anyone out there that feels this way? Am I the only one? Or do I have an equal; a companion that has the same dilemma  and desires? Do you seek a muse too? Do you want to be…muse buddies? Pushing each other to ever higher escalations of debauchery? If so… let me know…I’m waiting to meet you. 


She walked into my room, papers in her hand, “I have these for you to sign sir.”
She doesn’t look me in the eye. Her gaze is on the papers. My gaze is firmly fixed on her form. She’s stunning. Long auburn hair framing a beautiful face with perfect pouty lips. The line of her neck running down to petite but strong shoulders, the curve of her small but perfectly proportioned breasts hidden beneath an airy white blouse. Her waist is slight and petite as well and emphasizes the curve of her feminine hips, and those legs. My god her legs were stunning works of art. Strong, supple, beautiful, smooth and delicious. If only her skirt was a little shorter. If only…
The papers shake in front of me and I’m ripped back into reality. “Yes yes, hand them over.” She reaches forward and places them in my hand. I snatch them away from her and look them over. She hasn’t moved, “Is there something else?”
She fidgets and stares at her feet. Her lack of confidence is alluring. “Well, sir I was wondering–” she slowly raises her head up from staring at the floor. Her eyes meander across my desk from left to right doing their best to avoid me.
She snaps up and looks directly at me, “I was wondering if I could leave early today sir?”
I frown. This is an impertinent request at best. “For what reason should I allow it?”
She sways her head from side to side. “Well–” she looks up at me finally. Her big brown eyes capturing my attention and I feel my breath quicken slightly. “–Mrs. Schaffer’s just showing a video and I–” She stumbles searching for the words. “–I have so much homework to do.” She’s doing her best to look pathetic and hoping I’d feel sorry for her. It might be working.
“Did you ask Mrs. Schaffer?”
“She said to ask you, sir.”
“I see. I see.” I furrow my brow and stroke my chin in mock consideration. “I’ll allow it–”
“Oh thank you sir!” she turns on her heel and is about to walk away.
“–but you owe me.”  I can’t help but smirk.
She turns back to face me, “Owe you?” Her eyes betray her. The thoughts in her head are so easy to read.
“Yes–owe me.” I smile openly now and she smirks back.
“Wha–what would I owe you, though?” she asks demurely. Her head cocks to the side like a puppy. She’s openly looking at me now. No longer with her eyes on the floor. They’re drooling over me. Staring at my hair, my face, my suit and through my desk, perhaps hoping to see what hides beneath it.
“Use your imagination.”
She licks her lips and I can see on her face the little devil that she is. “When?”
She perks up and smiles brightly. “Ok,” she looks me over one last time and turns to leave. I watch her pleated skirt bounce with each stride.
It’s lovely to be the Headmaster.



Blog update – Poll

So in February, as of writing this, I have 19 posts either already published or scheduled to be published before the end of the month. It’s fixing to be my most busy month ever!

A number of my short stories that have been published this month have been purposefully shorter than I normally would write them to be. I’m doing this to try to get my mind to focus not just on the sex, but on the setup and the characters. I’m trying to exercise my brain into thinking in that manner first and foremost. Sex scenes come easily for me and in the quest to be a better writer I need to push myself where I’m weaker.


To that end, a number of these stories may end a little too quickly for your liking. For that, I must apologize. As a way of mitigating your displeasure with me, I’ve decided to let you choose one of the shorter stories which have been published in this month and request that I fill out the story until it’s natural conclusion. Essentially; put back the sex scenes.

I’m going to attach a poll to this post, and I hope that you will submit your vote. I’ll also place an option to request that no changes be made.

I’m looking forward to your feedback.



One-Forty or Less – Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Iria snapped off another portion of bacon and looked over to Sasha. “So who are you texting there Sash?” she smirked, having caught her roommate with but a glance. “Is it that cute guy you met online?”

Sasha gripped her fork a little tighter before placing it down on her plate. Mr. Baritone looked up in interest and once more Sasha felt like a kid at the adults table. “He…well he wanted to know if I wanted to meet him sometime.”

Iria lifted her eyebrows inquisitively as she noisily slurped the last frothy drop of her vanilla shake. “Oh really? That’s awesome!” She exclaimed, for more excited about this then Sasha would have expected.

“It is?” She replied less enthusiastically than the petite Japanese American woman. “Cause I….”

Iria interrupted “of course it’s  awesome. Why wouldn’t it be?”

Sasha now looked to Mr. Baritone for support but found nothing but a smirk. “Well…what if he’s a weirdo?”

Iria waved her hand at her roommate dismissively. “Anyone can be a weirdo. What’s the difference between meeting this guy online or meeting him in a bar drunk and stupid.” she nodded her head over to Mr. Baritone mockingly. He rolled his eyes and smirked and Sasha felt herself wishing she could melt into the lines of his eyes in his smile.

“Yeah but….what if…”

“What if what Sash? Honestly….I’m not sure what the problem is here.” Iria devoured her last morsel of bacon and dabbed up the remaining bacon crumbs with a wetted finger, somehow managing to make the act look erotic instead of one of pure gluttony. “Ok so your worst case scenario is that he’s a weirdo. Right?”

Sasha paused; she knew the answer but immediately suspected that Iria was going to spring a logical trap on her. “Yes.” she allowed with a hiss.

“Right, ok… let’s say he’s a weirdo. Was your plan to meet him in a darkened alley somewhere?” Iria inquired, placing her napkin neatly on her plate before placing her elbows on the table and leaning in towards Sasha.


“Exactly, because you’re not a moron.” Iria gestured with her hand and Sasha immediately felt like she was being talked to as if she was a child. “So you won’t meet him somewhere stupid, you would meet him somewhere bright and public. Correct?”

“Well….yes…” Sasha nodded her head side to side, agreeing with Iria despite her reservations. Mr. Baritone for his part was simply taking thoughtful sips of his orange juice and enjoying his view of the conversation.

“Ok; so you meet him somewhere bright and public and you determine fairly quickly if he’s a creep or not.”

“I suppose.”

“So what’s the problem then.”

“Nothing I guess.”

“So are you going to meet him?”


Iria stopped; almost surprised how easy her argument had won Sasha over. “Oh?”

“I already messaged him to say I’d like to meet.” Sasha revealed, sipping on a refreshing glass of ice water.

“You did?” Iria responded in honest surprise.

“Yeah…when I saw how well you two idiots were doing having only met last night I got jealous and wanted a piece for myself….so I messaged him.”

Mr. Baritone chuckled and looked over at Iria. “She wanted a piece of this…” he mused with a smooth gravelly confident tone.

Iria looked over and winked, “Maybe next time hot shot; I think she’s just anxious to fill a….void…in her life.” Iria paused mid sentence to emphasize the innuendo, smiling maliciously at Sasha.

Sasha turned a little more red and shrunk into her chair. “You guys are too much.” Sasha shook her head and as she recovered she felt her purse buzz. She looked up at Iria who noticed the vibration as well and shrugged. After retrieving her phone from it’s faux Gucci cage she unlocked it to see a message from Jacob. “Would tonight be alright?” Sasha held the phone up for Iria to read. Iria smirked then snatched the phone from her hands, quickly typing, “I’d love to, sounds good. Meet me at the Hotel Capri at 7pm” hitting send before Sasha could wrestle the phone away from her. “What the hell!” Sasha exclaimed vehemently. “Why did you do that?”

“Because you need it Sash. You need it bad.” Iria retorted.

“But you know I need to study for my exam on Monday!” Sasha cried.

“Which is human anatomy; if things go well, you’ll be studying all night long.” Iria quipped. Mr. Baritone chuckled again, and despite her annoyance Sasha smirked and rolled her eyes. Iria looked over at Mr. Baritone and commanded, “Go get her a cab, she has to get back home, study for a bit and come back here all dolled up.”

Despite his stature, size, and impressive masculine qualities, the handsome man simply nodded and stood up, sauntering over to the front desk to order her a cab. Sasha turned to look at Iria incredulously, “What about my car?” she blubbered, irritated she no longer had control of her day.

“It’ll be here when you get back. Don’t worry, he’ll pay for the cab both ways, I’ll make sure of that.” she winked and motioned the waiter over.

The annoyed little man shuffled over and tilted his head subserviently to the side, “Yes ma’am?”

“We’re done here; bill it to room 1131.”

“As you wish ma’am, would there be anything else?”

“No that is all.” she dismissed him with a half hearted wave of her hand and then turned back to Sasha. “Ok hun, better get going. I’ll be here tonight so if you have any problems you can give me a shout. Ok?” her playful manipulative attitude turned into one of genuine care and concern. Sasha was a little confused but happy to nod in agreement. “Good girl.” Iria winked and gave Sasha a small one armed hug.

Mr. Baritone was walking back with even more swagger than he had going away. His face was plastered with a broad smile. “Your car is waiting for you.” he crooned and Sasha nervously smiled back at him, letting her eyes trail down his suited body and accidentally pause at his crotch before turning away quickly.

“Car?” Iria asked softly.

“It’s the better option.” he informed his petite cohort and she nodded in approval. “See you later Sasha, good luck.” he smiled. Mr. Baritone then put one hulking arm around her and kissed her on the cheek. “It’ll all be ok.” he growled softly into her ear and Sasha felt her body shudder with need.

“Thanks” she blurted and then made her way alone to the large revolving front door to the hotel. Sasha stopped to say something to Iria but they had already made their way to the bank of waiting elevators; no doubt to make a mess of the newly made up bedroom. She turned back to the door and saw a cute boy about her age dressed in a plain black suit and wearing what only could be described as a chauffeur’s hat.

“Sasha?” he addressed the confused woman. She nodded slowly a wary eyebrow raised in suspicion. “I’ve got your car here. I was told to take you where ever you needed today and return you to the hotel for 7pm sharp.”

“You were?” Sasha questioned, following the boy out towards the black lincoln waiting in the drive aisle.

“Yes; and don’t worry, everything has already been paid for.” he said reassuringly as he opened the door for Sasha.

“Thank you….” Sasha paused realizing she hadn’t even asked for his name. She turned to him quizzically and he shook his head understanding what information she was missing.

“Jonathan.” he interjected.

“Thank you Jonathan.” she repeated; smiling nervously and then sitting down within the luxurious town car.

“No problem.” he replied and softly shut the door with an authoritative thud. He circled the vehicle and jumped into the driver’s seat with a little too much vigor making it plainly obvious he hadn’t been at this job for long. “Where to ma’am?” he asked politely, looking at Sasha in the rearview mirror.

Sasha stared out the side window for a moment and answered with her home address absentmindedly.

“Very good.” the boy chauffeur replied, but the car didn’t pull away. Sasha looked back at the mirror to see his head pointed straight down as he keyed her address into a small GPS unit hidden from her view and sitting on his lap.

“In 300 yards turn right.” the device blared and the boy chauffeur desperately muted it, embarrassed.

“Sorry.” he muttered tossing the device onto the seat next to him. “I….I was just looking for the fastest route.” he lied. Sasha nodded as if she believed him.

“Makes sense.” she quipped and caught his eye in the rearview mirror. He looked grateful for her politeness.

The chauffeur focused his attention back on the road, engaged the engine, and pulled out away from the hotel. Sasha looked at the time on her phone and it stared back at her “1:38”. She sighed and thought of what she’d be doing for the next four hours. She really did need to study; but instead she was preoccupied thinking about what she would wear tonight. Her phone buzzed in her hand and she looked back down at it.

“R u nervous?” Jacob had messaged her.

Sasha smiled and replied back quickly and honestly, “Ya.”

“Ok good then it’s not just me. lol” came the response.

“I’ve never met anyone like this before.” she replied.

“Me neither.” Jacob responded, “I’m afraid I’ll screw it up. lol”

Sasha chuckled to herself but then messaged back, “Me 2. I worry you won’t like me when you see me in real life.” She bit her lip nervously; unconsciously nibbling a little dried skin from her lip as she awaited his reply.

“Same.” he responded. “but I’m going to meet you anyways because I think you’re awesome.”

Sasha smiled and tilted her head to the side in the universal “Awwwww” motion. “That’s sweet of you to say.” she quickly typed, “I think you’re awesome too.”

“See you in a few hours.”

“ya…cya later” she replied, locking her phone once more and tossing it into her purse.

Sasha looked up and noticed she was already getting close to home. The scenery had changed dramatically from the tall shimmering towers of downtown to the squat square badly painted brick buildings that were student housing. She watched as students walked down sidewalks together talking, some holding hands, some engaged in very public displays of affection. Sasha sighed again. She’d only cracked her shell; but it was still surrounding her. Despite the thousands of people she let into her intimate moments through small status updates and postings she was still the quiet, closed, reserved person she was in high school. Why couldn’t she break free of that? Why could she stretch her arms out and push the shell away completely. Why couldn’t she just tell people how she felt; act the way she wanted to act; say what she wanted to say. Why did she have to revert to this closed off quiet nerdy girl that she didn’t want to be any longer. Sasha watched as her building came closer by the minute.

“Don’t panic. It’ll be fine.” Iria had messaged her. Sasha looked back out through the window and thought about it for a moment before her phone buzzed again. Another message from Iria. She keyed up the messenger app and found Iria staring back at her with what Sasha assumed was Mr. Baritone’s ‘oboe’ in her hand, a big smile on her face and a thumb sticking up in approval. “You could have one of these too tonight.” Iria captioned the picture. Despite Iria not being in the same space Sasha rolled her eyes and shook her head in disapproval. She locked her phone and tossed it back into her purse.

“Why did she do that?” Sasha thought to herself. “Why am I rolling my eyes and acting like I’m so above her. Why can’t you be honest with yourself and just admit you wish you could be like Iria. But no, you act like you’re so much better being this scared little girl afraid to interact with people. You’ve got to stand up and make a change you dumb bitch.” Sasha shook her head at her own internal conversation.

The car jolted to a stop as the boy chauffeur realized he was at the appropriate address. “We’re here ma’am.” he informed, hoping the rough ride wasn’t as rough as he thought it might be.

Sasha looked at her phone and checked the time. “Thanks.” she organized herself and then thought back to Iria and Mr. Baritone’s instrument. “I’m going to be a few hours.” she informed the young man. She furrowed her brow and with steely determination pushed the words out of her mouth like uninvited guests, “Would… about you come up and wait upstairs in my place.” she bumbled.

He turned around and looked at her directly, a twinkle in his eye and a smile on his face, “If you’d like me to ma’am.” he replied.

“I would.” Sasha responded with stronger authority. “Let’s go.”

The chauffeur bounded out of his seat and rounded the car to open the door for her. “After you ma’am.” he said softly. Sasha stepped onto the curb and took a few steps before turning to meet his gaze.

Sasha nodded her head and thanked him for the assist then walked ahead hearing the footsteps of his dress shoes noisily striking the pavement behind her. Sasha smiled to herself and looked over her shoulder at him; as she expected she caught his gaze as it was directed at ass. He looked up sheepishly but Sasha simply smiled and winked at him.

Suddenly, 7pm couldn’t come quickly enough.

Quitting Time

Valerie shifted her car into park and exhaled slowly. Her eyes stared at the building in front of her, it’s cold brick facade impassively returning her gaze. Around the edges of one window she could see the paint peeling back revealing layers of paint over more layers of paint. The original color lost over time, and all that was left was this shell. She sympathized with it.


“You coming in then?”


Valerie looked up startled to see Kevin standing next to her car. She flashed a smile and grabbed her purse. The door opened for her and Kevin offered his hand. She smiled demurely and took it in hers, noting, with chagrin, the beefy wedding band glinting in the morning sun. “Thank you Kevin.”


“No problem at all Valerie.” he smirked and his eye twinkled.


Valerie felt her stomach flip and her pulse quicken. She smirked back at him. Her eyes darted about trying to find a safe spot to land. Looking into his grey green eyes, his lips, his strong jaw, his shoulders. Nowhere was safe. She looked back up into his eyes and he smiled at her. A breath caught in her throat and she uttered a barely audible gasp.


“Shall we?” Kevin motioned to the entrance and let Valerie walk ahead. She smiled and did what was expected. The two flashed their security ID’s and strode ahead into the elevator, the door closed and they were alone.


The moment the elevator began to move Kevin turned to her slowly. His eyes no longer twinkling they were seemingly filled with something predatory. Valerie involuntarily took a step backward and stared at him. She could hear her pulse pounding in her ears. She blinked rapidly and motioned upwards with her eyes and Kevin smirked, nodding. Cameras. He winked at her and turned back around. They stood there and silence slowly filled the cabin like a noxious gas.


A few moments later the elevator chimed and the doors opened. The two walked out, Valerie turning to the left, and Kevin turning to the right. They both looked back at each other and Kevin smiled. Valerie knew what that smile meant.


She sat behind her desk and got to work filing paperwork, answering emails, and making calls to clients. Friday’s always flew by and this one was no exception. She barely had time to think about Kevin until she looked up at her computer and saw it was already 6pm. Coworkers who had filed in after her in the morning, slowly emptied the building before her as well. She waved goodbye to each in turn, a plastic smile fixed on her face. By 7pm she was the only one left.


Her phone rang with the triple bleat of an internal call and she snatched the phone up quickly before it rang a second time. “Yes?”


“My office. Now.”

Valerie squirmed in her chair, swinging it from side to side nervously. She looked at her reflection in her computer monitor and quickly fixed her hair. Her hands felt like they were shaking. “Good lord why am I so nervous?” she muttered to herself. She stood on wobbly legs and made her way through the empty office, down the corridor to Kevin’s office. When she reached it she stopped, took a big breath, and knocked.




She pushed the door forward, her eyes glancing at the ominously placed placard affixed to the door, “Kevin Fletcher: District Manager”


“You wanted to see me?” Valerie felt the word catch in her throat and the sentence didn’t so much flow from her as it did tumble out clumsily.


“What is this?” Kevin hadn’t even looked up from his desk. He was holding an envelope which was addressed to him.


“What is what?” Valerie replied with poorly feigned ignorance. She, of course, had sent that envelope with explicit instructions given to Josie in the mail department to be sure it was the last thing he would see in the day.


“This,” he paused and looked up at it with contempt, “thing.”


“I’m not sure what you’ve got there sir.”


“Sir? Since when do you call me sir?”


“Sorry, Kevin.”


“Better.” He sucked air in through his teeth causing a hissing sound to emanate from him. “But this, this will not do.” He tossed the envelope down onto his desk. “I refuse to respond to this.”


“I don’t think it’s up to you.”


“Well it should be.”


“It’s not though.” Valerie stiffened, “I–I have decided.”


“Uh huh.”


“I–I’m giving my two weeks Kevin. I’m leaving–the company.”


“You’re leaving me is what you’re doing.”


“No–no I’m not.”


He stood up behind his desk and Valerie took a step backward. “Yes you are Valerie. You’re making a rash decision based on emotions, not on sound logic.”


“No–I’m not. I’ve deci–”


Kevin cut her off. Raising his hand and shaking his head as if she was some inferior child that needed to be chastised. “Why have you decided to leave. Can you answer that question without resorting to an emotional response?”


Valerie closed her mouth, then opened it again. She was struck dumb. Her brain churned but no words formed. Bastard.


“See? Nothing. You can’t think of a good reason that’s not emotional.” He stepped back and then walked around his desk. His movements both scared and excited Valerie. “We’ve had some good times haven’t we Valerie?”


Unable to deny it, she sighed and nodded.


“and didn’t I treat you nicely?”


She nodded again.


“So why does that need to stop. Do you have a boyfriend now?”




“So why then?”


Valerie scowled maliciously and pointed at his hand, “Because you’re fucking married Kevin. You’ve got a wife and I can’t just–”


“What? You can’t just what?”


“I can’t do that to her–”


“Really? That’s the reason?” he snorted.


Bastard. She thought to herself. “Yes.” She was lying and she knew it. He could see right through her too.


“Sure that’s the reason.” his words dripping with icy sarcasm. He reached out his hand and without thinking Valerie reached out as well, mirroring his actions. He took his hand in hers and smiled warmly. “You’re not doing it for her. You’re doing it for yourself.”


“So what if I am.” her face crinkled up as she tried her best not to cry.


“You’re jealous of her.”


“So–so what if I am.”


“Just because I’m married doesn’t mean I can’t show you love too Valerie. Love isn’t finite.”


“But it’s–”


“It’s what?”


“Not right?” her statement came out as a question and she felt defeated. The tone in her voice already showed her weakness. She looked at his hand on hers and felt disgusting. Not because she was having an affair with a married man, but because she didn’t want it to stop. She played with his wedding band and looked up into his eyes. “We can’t.” she mumbled.


He pulled her closer to him and kissed her softly, lovingly. The tenderness was intoxicating to her. “Why can’t we?”


Valerie took in his scent and melted into him. His strong frame both physically and emotionally was just too much for her to fight against. She closed her eyes and felt his lips pressing sweet kisses of affection down her cheek, onto her neck, and back to her lips. She felt like she was a passenger in this. Just watching from afar as he manipulated her where he wanted. She unconsciously wrapped her arms around his waist and felt the curve of his body where his strong back met his ass. “but–what if she–what if she finds out.” she managed to whisper.


“Well what if I told you–” he paused between kisses, and leaned over to her ear finishing with a whisper, “–she already knows.”




“Triangles.” she bellowed encouragingly from the corner, “It’s all about triangles. Look for the triangles, see the triangles.”


I honestly hadn’t a clue what she was talking about. I sat uncomfortably still on my bench, surrounded by relative strangers facing a blank white page with clumsy black streaks on it. Beyond my paper was a man. A beautiful man. His skin rippled dazzlingly, stretched taught over bands of muscle. His chiseled chin slightly shadowed by an artful amount of stubble and roughly tousled hair is all that distinguished him from a perfect marble statue. His face was passive and uncaring. If you were to look upon it and not notice his stark naked body, you would have thought he was waiting for a bus. No not a bus. He didn’t look like the type to take the bus. Pretty people never take the bus do they? He’s just too delicious for that. He probably wears a suit to work. Maybe he’s a business executive, or a lawyer…who moonlights as a poorly paid nude model.


“Triangles, don’t you see the triangles?” she says in a hushed tone near my ear. She’s saying it quietly so as to save me the embarrassment of not seeing the triangles. What is she talking about? I can smell her rank coffee breath and hear the jangle of her kitschy plastic bracelets clunking together like a misplaced toddlers noisemaker.


I frown. “I’m not sure what you’re talking about.” I‘m trying to hold back my irritation. On my left I see someone dancing with the charcoal in her hand. The lines on her page creating some sort of mystical connection the the naked man in front of us all. How is she doing that? This is the beginner’s course isn’t it? Did I get mixed up? Am I in the right spot?


The instructor waves her hand in the direction of the model making wavy motions in the shape of triangles, or possibly ovals it’s hard to tell with all the flouncing. “There’s a triangle, there’s another one, there’s another one.” she pauses, turning to look at me. She’s pleased with herself. “You see them now?”


I raise my eyebrows and nod slowly. I’m lying. She’s a loon. Triangles. She’s obsessed. I don’t see triangles. I see a pair of stunning eyes, a beautiful pair of lips I want to kiss. Strong shoulders, delicious rippled abs, a strong round and powerful ass. “Ah.” I say as if it suddenly makes sense. She toddles off and I continue staring. I sit and wonder. Could he be both a shower and a grower? Wouldn’t that be fun. I smile to myself. I look at my page. It’s utter crap. What’s the point. I look back up at him. Strong legs, muscular quads, leading up and up to a weighty and perfectly formed phallus.


I lick my lips unintentionally. My imagination is getting ahead of me. As I look back up to his face I catch him looking at me out of the corner of his eye. A smirk. Did he catch me. Can he catch me? I mean, he is naked after all. What is there to catch? I’m supposed to look at him. That’s what I’m doing. Aren’t I? Why am I the one with zero confidence even though he’s completely exposed.


“Triangles, see the triangles. Draw the triangles.”


God damn it woman will you shut up! Fucking triangles.


I take my charcoal and angrily swipe at the page. I really don’t care anymore. There’s no time to care. It’s going to look like crap anyways. I swipe, drag, smudge and swipe some more. I’m barely even looking at my page. I’m staring at him. His beautiful form. His muscularity and strength palpable in my mouth. I can feel my hands trembling with a combination of nerves and anger.


Swipe. Smudge. Drag. Swipe.


My eyes drink him in. Every line. Every curve. I want to leap from my seat and run my hands over his perfect body. I want to touch it. To feel it’s stoic manliness. His hard muscles resisting the pressure of my fingers in all but one spot. Oh to feel it in my hand. The weight of it. It’s girth. Each ridge and vein pulsing with the beat of his strong heart. Feel it’s heat emanating into my soft feminine hands. Feel it grow and get harder under my touch.


Swipe. Smudge. Drag. Swipe.


“Five minutes people. Five minutes. Make your final observations. Feel your final movments of your hand. Move the charcoal with your mind. See the triangles….”  


She trails off. Fuck her and her fucking triangles. Five minutes I’ve got and I’ll use them all. My hands on his chest. My body naked as his. He stands rigid. Unmoving. A statue of delicious perfection. My hands run around his chest, to his back. I can feel the strength there. He could probably squeeze the life out of me at a whim. Why does that excite me? I run my hands down, cupping his ass with my small hands, extending my fingers to try to cover as much surface area as possible. His phallus, now fully erect pushes into my stomach. Stabbing me and reminding me of his power. I drop to my knees….


“Ok people. Time’s up.”




“You can put your robe on now.” she says to the model.




“Ok, let’s see how everyone did.” She wonders around the class going from person to person. She smiles. She nods. “Good. Good. Excellent work there.” she says to one, then another, “Well done. Well done. See? It turned out well didn’t it?” She reaches my overachieving neighbor to the left. “Well now this is just great. Talk to me later, we’ll see about displaying that in the gallery ok?”


And finally she gets to me.


There is a small awkward silence and she turns to me, “Well I see you found the triangles now didn’t you.” she grins a knowing grin and shuffles away, her bracelets clanking as she goes.


On my paper, drawn bigger than my own head, is a gigantic charcoal cock and balls.


I look at my paper and finally see a triangle.


The fucking loon was right.


Damn it.