I’ve decided to change my tactics when it comes to writing.


Up to this point my writing has being purely sexually motivated with the plot and characters designed simply to reach a certain circumstance or fantasy that was in my mind. While that works to some degree for the shorter stories it ends up being quite flat. Speaking from my perspective as the writer, it’s like masturbating to the same piece of pornography, over and over again. It really loses it’s motivating effect quite quickly.


Additionally, it seems to me that the only thing I engage with readers is sexual desires and lusts. While in the short term that’s lovely and in it’s own special way exciting. (who doesn’t like having strangers turned on by something you do? =p). I’d like to, at least going forward, attempt to have readers connect on an emotional level with the characters I’m writing about. I want them to feel real. I want them to seem plausible. I want to have the reader connect on a deeper level then pure one track mind erotica.


I’ve been happy to take the compliments been given about my writing, but it’s not enough at this point. I can’t be happy with just being able to paint a pretty picture. All I really do is translate the ongoing porno in my mind into words. I need to be better than that. I need to have more substance.


To that end, like I have said earlier, I’m changing tactics. I’m going to try to go through some exercises writing short stories, and micro-stories that try to connect with the reader and evoke a better connection. That doesn’t mean I’ve completely given up on the smut. I can’t. It’s part of who I am, as sad as that may be. But for now, I’ve got to exercise these creative muscles and push to be more than what I am right now.


Thanks for your patience and continued support.



J. Lisette


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