Site reorganization 

so the first thing I needed to do before I got full on into writing again was to ensure that which I had already written was at least accessible. Also I wanted to be sure that new posts wouldn’t disrupt the old stuff. It took a lot of research and reading and work but after all of it was done I finally have been able to set up my site to suit the content I post. 
Typically I post chapter by chapter on a story or two that I’m interested in. But before these would be very difficult to find after the next chapter or blog post was added. Not so anymore. I’ve been able to setup my site so the serialized story’s are separated from standalone stories and blogs. Even though the most recent post will always be shown, you’ll be able to go to the serialized novel section and read the specific chapter you want. Actually that’s another important update. I’ve been able to have my pages list a story in order of the chapter; not in a reverse order. It makes for much easier reading I think. 
So what’s next?
What’s next is twofold. I’m working on a new story I have in my mind. Something that’s been mulling about for a while now. In addition to that i have 4 different stories that were serialized but never finished. Because it’s been so long I will actually have to take the time and Re-read my own work to remember what the heck is going on. Very strange situation indeed. 

Anyways, my next new post should be the first chapter in my new story. After that I’ll try to figure out which of the other   four I’ll reinvest time in first. (If you have a vote you’d like to cast, put it in the comments)
That’s all for now. Have a great weekend  everyone and I’ll see you all soon. ❤


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