What’s up?

For those that regularly read here, you’ll notice a few things.


1) Massive change in the layout.

I did this because the volume of my work has made it a necessity. I found it difficult to find my own stories. If I, the author, can’t even quickly find my own short stories on my own website, how could anyone else possibly do it?


So the strategy is to move to static pages for existing stories and posts for works in progress as well as personal posts.


Based on the stats I’m seeing, I think this is the best way to go about this. I’ve noticed a large increase in traffic to the new pages that contain “old” stories. Going forward this will be the strategy I hold to, until such time as I find a better way to do this.


2) 140 or less is on pause

The short story I was writing, 140 or Less, is no longer being written currently. I’ve dropped it in favor of my recent revisiting of the “Breakup Man” story. The reason for this is two fold.


Firstly, 140 or Less did not have a succinct plot-line. I was writing it from week to week and developing the story as I went. Without a clear destination the story would just ramble on with no clear goals. I can’t have that. My personal tendency is to start a task and before it’s finished, get distracted by another task. With 140 or less, there was no clear end in sight. This made it inevitable that the story would never be finished. So I have made the decision to shelve it for now, and return to it when my work on the Breakup Man is completed.


Secondly, the Breakup Man, had garnered interest from a well known and well established author within the genre. I was contacted by this individual who plainly requested that the story be expanded, cleaned up, polished, and republished. This author has a track record of success and though they’re tough on me, I’m learning a lot as I go. The story line has been roughed out. There is a clear destination and a clear direction to take. This additional structure, though comforming, is extremely helpful to me. Also having someone who won’t pull punches on edit requests is exciting. I find that often I’m writing in a vacuum with little to no input from anyone else. The input of this author has been invaluable.


3) Less personal posts

The lack of personal posts has really just been because I’ve decided to focus more on the work that I’m doing instead of blabbering about my personal annoyances or successes. It’s a priority issue. If I’ve got time to write a 1000 word post on why I can’t stand Walmart, I’ve got time to write 1000 words for “the Breakup Man“. It’s as simple as that.



So with all that been said, hope you like the direction that things are going. Please, let me know. Write me back. Send me your love through the comments. Don’t be shy. I don’t bite…much. 😉