Chapter Seven – First Contact


When he arrived at his therapist’s office he had felt conflicted and irritated. Melissa’s reaction to who he really was and what was really going on was predictably emotional. In that time, while he held the sobbing married woman, Jack felt like he was a horrible human being. He had deceived her, seduced her, and walked her down a path to a truth that she didn’t want to see. A truth that revealed a cheating husband bent on getting rid of his wife so he could run away with his mistress. Yet here he was now with a smile on his face and a pep in his step once again.


His therapist, Sarah, had helped him to understand that Melissa was now free. Despite his misgivings of how it was accomplished, she was better for it. She helped him realize that he had done the right thing and for the first time in a long time Jack felt the weight on his shoulders slowly slipping off.


Now, as he took the elevator back to the car park, Jack palmed his phone in his hand with a boyish smirk crossing his face. His friend Tabitha Moen had messaged him during the middle of his session. Jack looked down and reread the message again with a smile;


Tabs: There’s this cute chick in my condo right now that needs you babe. She needs you the way I needed you. 😉 Be a good boy, give her a shout and crush a cunt for me. lol  xo


She had a way with words that always managed to make Jack chuckle. Had his session not been today, Jack might not have decided to message Tabitha’s friend. But now, Jack felt like a brand new man. He felt energized and strong. His will had been restored and it was as good as time as any to share that with the world.

As he walked to his car he keyed through his phone and selected Jane’s number from his contact list. He entered the slick silver Maserati he dialed her up.  The throaty, powerful engine roared to life and Jack peeled out into the street as Jane’s phone began to ring.


After the phone rang a few times Jane’s smokey voice answered semi-robotically. “Hi this is Jane Abbott, I can’t get to the phone right now. Please leave a message and I’ll get back to you.”


“This is Jack. Tabitha gave me your number and told me to call you. I hear you might be in need of my–services.” Jack caught himself growling the last word. He smiled to himself and continued, “Call back at this number and let’s talk.”


Jack smirked to himself and disconnected the call. Jane was the first woman in a long time that he had approached without any research. He had no contract and no client to appease. This was a connection built purely out of need; both his and hers, though she didn’t know it just yet.


He mulled the words over in his head, “…she needs you the way I needed you…” Tabitha was being playfully cryptic but Jack fully understood her meaning. When Jack met Tabitha she was the timid church mouse type. Unsure of herself. Unsure of her needs, her desires, and her limits. With Jack’s help she had discovered everything she needed to know about herself. She found her own path and delivered herself from her abusive relationship on her own terms.


So now Jane needed the same thing. “Interesting.” Jack said quietly to himself. He had always marketed himself as “the Breakup Man” to the men that required him. Now as a new page was turning in his life Jack found himself doing the exact same job but for a wholly different reason.


He accelerated and headed home with the distinct feeling was going to be an eventful week.


Not more than a minute later Jack’s phone rang back. He pushed a button and answered the call.


“Uh–hi. Hi–it’s me, Jane.” came the voice pumped through the car’s audio system in perfect clarity.


“Hi Jane, nice to hear from you.” Jack smirked. He caught himself gripping the steering wheel tightly and accelerating the vehicle once more.


“Same. I mean–nice to hear–uh. You.” Jane stammered.






“How about we be straight with each other for a moment here.” Jack said soothingly.


“Uh–ok.” Jane responded, her voice wavering with nervousness.


“When Tabitha sent me your number, she already told you how we had met, didn’t she.” Jack asked directly.


There was a pause on the other line. “Y–yes. She did.” Jane ended the sentence in almost a whisper.


“So you already know what I do.”


Jane took a quick breath before answering, “Yes. I do.”


“And what do you think that is Jane?” Jack wasn’t so much asking as he was commanding an answer.


“You–you have sex–with women.”


“Is that all Tabitha told you?” Jack requested from the nervous Jane.


“Well–no. She said–you helped her break up with her husband.”


Jack smiled to himself, he had never really thought of it in that manner. “And is that what you want?”


“I–I don’t know.”


“Do you love your husband?” Jack asked coolly.


“Yes–I–well. I’m not sure anymore.” Jane stuttered. Her voice was wavering and she was clearly emotional.


Jack sighed to himself before taking a breath and continuing, “Does he treat you well?” Jack asked softly.


“Yes–well. No.”


“Which is it Jane.”


“Material and means, yes. Everything else, no.” Jane clarified with an irritated sigh.


“So in the ways that do not matter, you are cared for. In all the ways that do matter, you are not.” Jack summarized with a harshness he suspected Jane was used to.


“Yes. I guess you’re right.”


“So he puts you down.”




“Belittles you.”




“Makes you feel worthless.”


Jane sighed, took a deep breath and answered again, “Yes.”


“Well Jane, it’s quite simple.” Jack concluded, “If he treated you like shit, he deserves to be treated like that back.”


“I know” Jane sniffled, “I know. Really I do. But part of me…..part of me….liked it.” she admitted to Jack through the sobs.


“You liked it?” Jack confirmed. He raised his eyebrow in curiosity.


“I know it doesn’t make sense, but…sometimes….I like…being dominated.” she stammered, trying to justify her answer.


“I see.” Jack thought about it for a moment. “Well….if you like it, why do you need me?”


“Because–” Jane stopped, “–it doesn’t happen anymore. Because nothing happens anymore. Because–” she paused again and Jack could hear her taking a deep breath, “–because if he can go and fuck someone else–so can I.” she finally blurted.


Jack stared at the center console for a moment. He was not expecting that answer. “So when would you like to meet?”


“Tonight?” Jane responded quickly.


“Tonight will work. What’s your address?”


“I’ll text it to you.” Jane replied. The tone in her voice had changed. No longer did she sound nervous, but instead calm, cool, and direct.


“See you in a little while.” Jack replied soothingly.


“I’ll be ready.”


A moment later Jack’s phone buzzed. He picked it up, noted the address and turned the powerful car around to head towards Jane’s home.


Jane’s situation was all too familiar to Jack. He had used this to his advantage on many occasions. Jane was the type that enjoyed the strength, power, and ambition of a strong willed man, but fell victim to those same qualities. Jack had had dealings with so many men that got away with being complete assholes just because their wealth and stature gave the appearance of strength. The women in their life were not equals, they were toys and trophies. Just like any toy, showpiece, or decoration, eventually these men become bored and move on to someone else. Generally that’s when Jack would come into the picture.


Jack was aware that he exuded the same qualities that these men had, but unlike them he had developed the softer interpersonal skills that they sorely missed. Jack knew that to be successful in his job, he must be a keen observer of women. It simply was a professional necessity. Over time, however, it became second nature to him. He found he could read their subtle signals with little effort and he took great pride in this talent. More than any other talent a man could possess, the importance of understanding a woman at her most basic level could not be understated.


So now, as he drove off to meet Jane, he felt confident to the point of cockiness. He knew instinctively that he could give Jane exactly what she needed. In turn, she would give him exactly what he needed. She would be the cool glass of water to refresh his pallet. She would be his new beginning; his fresh start. For the first time in a long time, Jack was happy to be the “Breakup Man”.


Fifteen minutes later he was pulled up to the address Jane had provided him. Like most homes in the area her house was lavish in size and impeccable in taste. As Jack came closer he noted the sizable security fence which was partially concealed by the vegetation growing on and around it. Palm trees reached from inside the property like large fingers clinging to a window sill trying to glimpse a view the life outside the wall. Numerous flowering bushes and vines grew around the two foot thick stuccoed wall which was painted a soothing peach color. The sun and time had faded it’s original vibrant vivacity to a duller pastel but it was none the less appealing. Jack approached the gate and waited. There was no intercom that he could see, just a camera which was panning to look directly into the car. Jack smile politely and the gate immediately swung open.


After passing through this gate there was an approach lane that curled into a cul de sac as it reached the flat face of an imposing facade. The building itself had it’s own slightly alien feel with it’s unique mix of contemporary and art deco architecture. The way it jutted out of the surrounding landscape made it feel as if it was placed upon the land instead of being born of it. The result was similar to what you might feel when approaching a castle. There was a distinct sense of awe as the imposing facets and mix of heavy and light materials did not hide the fact that it was man made. Instead of hiding its unnaturality the house embraced it. There was no use of natural looking products on the exterior. There was no exposed brick, wood, or stone. Instead every curve was perfectly smooth, and every edge precise as a knife.


The front entrance was a pair of immense double glass doors that loomed above any visitor at a full ten foot height. Standing in front of the doors, dwarfed by their size, stood an elegant woman of average height, subtle curves, and an aristocratic face that seemed to suit the elements she was surrounded by. She was wearing a long white dress that hugged her figure perfectly and her blonde hair cascaded down, rippling over her shoulders like a golden waterfall of silky perfection. In her hand was a large glass of wine which she took a quick sip of as Jack stopped the car.


It was the first time in a long time that he wasn’t viewing a woman as a target to acquire. This woman, instead, had agreed to meet him already knowing who and what he was. The thought of that was instantly enticing to Jack. He smiled as he approached her. “Nice to meet you, I’m Jack.” he said smoothly, holding out his hand for her to shake.


She reached out and grabbed it before quickly blurting “Jane.” She smiled then looked down to the ground timidly blushing mildly as she stood.


Jack smiled, “There’s no reason to be nervous Jane.” he tried to reassure her.


“I know,” she replied, “That’s what the wine is for.” she smiled at Jack. “Come on inside, let me get you a glass.”
Jack nodded, “Good. I’d like that.” He opened the door for Jane and she passed through in front of him, her perfume wafted over him deliciously and he followed her and her scent inwards to the mansion.


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