Chapter Five – Spoils of War



“Turn left in 100 feet” came the electronic voice from the dash, “Your destination will be on your right.”


Jack did as he was told, slowly turning left and pulling up to the front of a large house sitting on an expansive corner lot.


“You have–arrived.” it continued.


Jack looked over at his passenger. Melissa was staring out the window again, looking up the walkway at the front door of her house. She turned back to Jack and smiled, “Come on.” she said quickly, “Quick before the neighbors see.” she giggled, jumping out of the car and dashing up the walkway to the front steps.


Jack rushed to catch up. Once he was at the front door she turned to him and looked him up and down again. This time it was different. She looked at him not as an attractive man who she admired, but as a hungry dog might at a bloody thick steak. Jack grinned, “After you.”


He followed Melissa in through the large wooden door and closed it behind them with an imposing thud. “Shoe’s off.” Melissa commanded and Jack did as he was told, sliding off his sneakers and placing them neatly on the shoe rack. “Make yourself at home,” Melissa continued, “I’ve got to get out of my work stuff.” she explained.


Jack nodded and Melissa shuffled off down the hall and up the stairs to her bedroom. Jack walked into the house like a prospective buyer. He inspected each room in turn with mild fascination. It was like this everytime. He couldn’t help but examine in morbid curiosity the home that he would be a part of destroying. There were never any obvious indications that a couple was struggling. Pictures on shelves were always of happy smiling people. Art was placed where it was needed, carpet was just carpet, hardwood floors shiny and polished. The outward appearance never indicated the state of the relationship within it. If the structure of houses in the world were indicative of the health of the relationships within them, there would be a lot less divorce and a hell of a lot more accidental collapsing of buildings. An insurance nightmare for sure.


Jack made his way to the kitchen and poured himself a glass of water, sipping on it idly as he looked out the patio doors onto the large backyard beyond. He heard Melissa’s footsteps coming up behind him but didn’t turn to face her. He could smell her perfume, newly applied waft through the kitchen. Her hands followed soon after, snaking their way around his body as she hugged him from behind. Jack felt her body tight against his, her breasts pushed up against his back  with the distinct feel of her nipples hard and erect slicing through all material between them. “Jack,” she whispered, “I–I want–I want you.” she admitted cautiously.


Jack smiled to himself before turning towards Melissa. He looked down into her eyes and enjoyed the visible hold he had on her. “Is that so?” he chuckled.


Melissa nodded silently and licked her lips. “I–I want this–don’t you?” she asked him, the concern in her voice audible.

“Of course I do.” Jack admitted. “I have since I first met you.” It wasn’t a lie either. Jack found himself quite taken with Melissa, at least on a physical level.


“Oh Jack.” Melissa closed her eyes and leant into him tilting her head up expecting a kiss from the supposed soccer coach.


“I need to tell you something though,” Jack said once more, repeating his earlier request.


“Oh Jack, can’t it wait?” Melissa pleaded, opening her eyes and looking at Jack with a small amount of annoyance.


“Maybe, but the longer I put it off the worse you’re going to think of me.” Jack admitted surprisingly candidly. He wasn’t sure what it was that was coming over him. Melissa was a sure thing right now and he had never turned down a sure thing. It was confusing why he was doing it now.


“I don’t think I can think worse of you than I already do myself.” Melissa said abruptly and turned away from Jack.


Jack sighed and put his hands on the mature blonde’s shoulders. He turned her towards him and turned her head up to look into his eyes. “Let’s just agree that we’re both equally bad people then.” Jack said softly.


Melissa stared into his piercing blue-grey eyes and melted, “Oh–ok.” she finally responded, nodding slowly.


“And if we’re both bad people then–”


“–we should be bad together.” Melissa interrupted and kissed Jack passionately. She bent her body to meet his, pushing herself up against him and bending awkwardly at the neck.


Jack put his arms around the woman and felt himself secumming to the usual demon of desire that had plagued him throughout his adult life. He gripped Melissa roughly and held her tightly against him.


Melissa broke from their kiss to whisper, “I want you. I want you–Jack,” she managed to say between kisses, “I want you more than any man I’ve ever craved.” she admitted.


“What do you want?” Jack asked playfully, kissing her as held her head in both hands. “Tell me.”


“I–I want to–I want to taste you, all of you.” Melissa said in a hushed tone. “I want you to show me what I’ve been missing.”


Jack smirked. It was becoming difficult to recall how many times he had heard this exact line. The circumstances may be different, the woman is definitely different, but the request is the same every time. “If you can handle it.” he said softly into Melissa’s ear. She quivered as he spoke. “Would you like to handle it?” he asked, and she nodded slowly, enjoying the delicate touch of his lips grazing her ear.


“Y–yes.” she confirmed.


“On your knees.” Jack commanded and smiled as he watched Melissa Vargas, wife of Robert Vargas, drop to her knees in front of him. “You know what to do next.” he said roughly, the smooth gravelly tone of his voice melting Melissa’s core.


She nodded, “Yes–I do.” as she reached out for Jack. She ran her hands up the outside of his legs, to his waist savouring the feel of Jack’s strong muscles contained within the loose fitting tracksuit. Melissa licked her lips, tucked her thumbs into the waistband of Jack’s pants and slowly pulled them down.


“That’s a good girl.” Jack hissed staring down at the married woman, ogling her figure unabashedly.


Melissa pulled down Jack’s pants further and bit her lip a little as the waistband momentarily got caught up on his crotch. She pulled at the pants a little harder and the waistband twanged downward quickly revealing the package it had been hiding. Melissa bit her lip once more as she eyed Jack’s crotch and pushed his tracksuit pants all the way to the floor. Jack stepped out of one leg, then the other and Melissa’s gaze never altered, staring straight ahead. After both legs were free she looked up for further instructions. Jack simply smiled and said, “You know what to do you dirty girl.” he seethed at her and she giggled briefly.


Once more she ran her hands up the outside of his legs, then around to feel his strong thick ass. She licked her lips again, then tucked her fingers into the waistband of Jack’s jockey short underwear. Once more she pulled downward and once more the waistband got caught on Jack’s clearly hardening package. Melissa continued to pull downwards and after a moment the waistband twanged downwards again, but simultaneously the thick, angry looking meat of Jack’s cock swung up and to the right narrowly missing Melissa’s nose. She giggled and gripped it with one hand while she wrestled his underwear down to his ankles. Again Melissa looked up for instruction.


Jack looked down at her with a twinkle in his eye. Her hand was soft and cool on his cock and he was enjoying the sensation. The visual was also delicious. Melissa on her knees, looking up at him, asking for permission to take his cock into her mouth. He smiled at the mature woman and sneered, “Let’s see if you’ve got any talent there.”


Melissa stared at his heated member for a moment, eyeing it up as you might an opponent at a chess match. Jack watch as she looked it over, tracing each line, vein, and fold of skin with a soft finger before looking back up at Jack. Keeping her eyes locked on him she opened her mouth and extended her tongue to lick his throbbing cock. She ran her tongue from the tip down towards his balls, smirking as Jack let out quick gasps and subtle twitches as she did so.


Jack watched her and held back the urge to grip her head and drive his thickness deep into her throat. He clenched and unclenched his fists, gritting his teeth and closed his eyes in concentration. Just as he opened them she engulfed him with her mouth. The slick wet warmth of her loving mouth was delicious. She wound her tongue around him with delightful expertise and Jack enjoyed every moment of it. He grunted and pushed forward into her placing one hand on her head and keeping her in place.


Melissa suplicated herself to him, staring up into his eyes and Jack snarled back at her. She continued to tease his member with her talented mouth. She winked at him and Jack groaned once more. “Fuck this!” he bellowed suddenly and whipped Melissa up off her knees and up to meet him. He kissed her deeply and she moaned into his mouth not expecting such savagery. The two kissed as each pulled and tore at their partners clothes establishing two distinct piles at their feet.


Jack gripped Melissa by the throat with a rough, strong hand and the look in her eyes was one of panic. He pushed her up against the closest wall and kissed her hard again. Melissa’s eyes were wide with both terror and excitement. With his free hand Jack reached down and slid his it between her legs. She moaned again as his fingers danced across her quickly moistening sex. Her legs twitched and shook as Jack continued to hold her against the wall and have his way with her. She gasped for a breath and managed to gulp out, “Wait.” Jack blinked rapidly for a moment and relaxed the grip he had on her throat, allowing Melissa to peel herself off the wall. “That’s–I think that’s too much for me.” she admitted much to Jack’s disappointment.


He smiled in an attempt to hide it, “No worries hun,” he mused, “I was just testing your limits.”


She smiled back and nodded, “I–I kind of like it.” she admitted, “But it also scares the fuck out of me.” she giggled nervously.


“No problem.” Jack said soothingly, “I can dial it back then.”


“Thanks.” she said softly, sheepishly looking at the floor, avoiding the animalistic state of Jack’s piercing eyes.


“Come here,” Jack commanded and pulled her closer to him. He bent her up to meet him and kissed her again, “I’m still gonna make you scream though.” he said evilly.


With little warning he pulled Melissa off the wall and bent her over the kitchen island, placing her face first on the highly polished marble countertop. “Oh–no.” she gasped. Jack smirked as his prey was clearly unsure of what was going to happen next. He watched as her body shivered involuntarily from the sudden chill of the stone she laid upon. Jack held her there and positioned himself behind the naked married woman. In an instant he drove his tongue between her unsuspecting ass cheeks and was rewarded with a squeal,  “Ohhhhh fuck!”


Jack drove, then flicked his tongue over her tender nethers enjoying the sight of her writhing in front of him. He reached up with on hand and grabbed Melissa’s hand. She squeezed his hand tight then let go only to squeeze again as Jack ran his tongue up from her pussy to her twitching asshole. He pulled his hand back from her and parted her cheeks with both hands making it easier to drive his tongue into her. Quickly he flicked his tongue over her ass, then her pussy only to stop and drive it deeper into her quickly slickening sex. Melissa was writhing and moaning incoherently. Knowing how long it had been since anyone had treated her with such delicious distain Jack knew she wouldn’t last long. But now, Jack wasn’t asking permission for anything, he was taking her where he wanted her and Melissa so obviously adored it. She was his for the taking. His to dine upon. His to consume.


“I–I want it.” Melissa mumbled raggedly. She gasped again as Jack slowly inserted a finger as his tongue danced across her clit. “Fuck I want it!” she said a little louder. As she did Jack slid the finger in deep as he continuously tongued her clit, then her asshole and back again. Melissa started shaking and gyrating her ass, grinding her crotch into the edge of the counter. “I FUCKING WANT IT!” she finally shouted.


“Beg for it.” Jack responded with a hiss.


“Huh?” Melissa replied. There was an expected confusion in her voice.


“Beg for it. I want to hear you beg for my cock.” Jack explained mischievously.


Melissa twitched and shuddered again as her pussy was being expertly attended to, “I–I” she stammered. Of course her husband and her had a stale sex life. Jack smirked as it was clear she was not used to even speaking during sex, let alone being told that she had to beg for it.


Jack slowed down the attention of his tongue and finger and smirked to himself as he heard Melissa moan in complaint. Softly he drew his fingers across her clit, back and forth as he flicked his tongue across her ass. She moaned again, “Please.” she muttered, “Please.”


“Please what?” Jack demanded. He tickled two fingers at the moist entrance to her anxious pussy, waiting for Melissa to crack.


“Please.” she asked again, “I–I need–it.”


“You need what?” Jack sneered.


“I–I need your—your cock.” she moaned and Jack crossed his two fingers, slipping them inside of her before spreading them apart, pulling back, and driving in again. “Oh fuck.” she moaned and Jack smiled again.


“You need it?”




“You want it badly don’t you?”




“You want me to fuck your tight married woman pussy don’t you?” Jack hissed.


Melissa twisted and twitched on the counter, “Fuck yes. Fuck me like my husband never could.” she moaned her approval of the fingers sliding in and out of her but now was awaiting something even better.


“Hope you’re ready for this.” Jack teased.


“I am–I am. Oh Jack please fuck me!” she yelled.


Jack bit Melissa on one ass cheek and spanked the other. Before she had time to squeal in protest he had positioned his cock at the entrance to her sweet delicious sex. “Oh yesssss.” she hissed “fuck me with that beautiful thing.” She gasped and grabbed the underside of the counter to brace herself. As she did Jack slowly pushed his entire length into her. “Oh god damn fuck this is fuck a shit oh my fucking god!” she babbled incoherently.


Jack gripped her shoulder from behind pulled out a little ways, then pushed even deeper. She moaned again and pushed back to meet him. “You like that dick inside of you, don’t you.”


“Yesssss.” Melissa hissed again, “Fuck do I ever.”


“You want your cheating pussy full of this cock don’t you?”


“Yessss, I want you to fill me up.” Melissa begged. “I want to feel it all. I want you to fuck me till I can’t breathe.” she grunted.


Jack put his other hand on her head and pulled her back towards him tangling his fingers in her short blonde hair, “You dirty girl.” he chuckled and thrust into her.


“Fuck–yes I’m a dirty girl.” Melissa agreed. She was gasping and grunting in time to Jack’s thrusts. The pair sounded like animals slaughtering each other in the woods. Between shouts and squeals Melissa managed to yell “Fuck this dirty girl. Use me! Fuck me!”


Jack loved the transformation. Only a few hours ago she was a prim and proper executive, but now she was a squealing squirming mad woman desperate for all he could give her. “You bad bad cheating married slut Melissa.” he growled, “Oh if only your husband knew.” he grunted.


“If he knew I’d make him sit and fucking watch!” she yelled, “Uhhmff YES” she squealed as Jack punished her even more, driving her into the counter as Melissa shouted obscenities. “I’d–I’d make him watch and just sit there. He’d–he’d want to stop me but he can’t.” she grunted again as Jack slammed into her more and more. “Then—then when he couldn’t take it any more–”


“What would he do Melissa. Tell me bitch. Tell me what your poor shitty husband would do?” Jack spanked her hard and she squealed.


“He’d–he’d whip his pathetic cock out.” she grunted, “–and fuck my dirty whore mouth while you showed him how to really fuck like a man.” she gasped and Jack poured it on.


He slammed into her deeper and harder. Melissa’s pussy was becoming so wet the kitchen echoed with the sloppy sounds of their impromptu sexual savagery. “You’d like that huh slut?” Jack whispered into her ear before biting it. “You want to be fucked by two men?”


“Yesssss.” she hissed again, “Oh fuck I want it bad. Oh my god Jack.” she twitched and writhed.


Jack knew it wouldn’t be long now. He pressed up against her, “Bet you’d want us to cum all over you wouldn’t you now?” he teased.


“Oh fuck yes.” she grunted. “I want that, oh fuck do I want that. I want your cum all over me. On my tongue, on my lips, on my back, on my ass. I want to be coated in it. I want you to punish me for how bad I am.”


“Then open up,” Jack said snidely, pulling himself out of her sloppy wet pussy and moving around the island to meet her at the other side. She opened her mouth wide and after a few brief strokes Jack shuddered and shot a wad of cum across her cheek, then another, and another. Melissa did her best to catch it all, but she ended up with most of it dribbling down her chin. Without another word Jack returned to his prior position, and slide his still very erect cock back into her.


Melissa was beside herself. Jack’s thick white cum slowly dripping off her face and landing on the kitchen floor. Jack smiled, “Look at it Melissa. Look at all that cum just dripping off you and pooling up on the floor. You want to be covered in it don’t you.” Melissa nodded quickly and grunted. “You want to be the dirty girl you always wanted to be.” Melissa nodded again. “Good god woman you look amazing. So bad, so naughty, covered in my cum, taking my cock like a professional. Who knew you would turn out to be such a beautiful slut.” Jack whispered into her ear. Melissa grunted and growled back at him. He could feel her grinding her ass into the countertop and back into his cock. Jack smirked, “What a good girl.” he said as he continued to pummel her spasming sex.


Melissa began to take in deep gulping breaths. Jack continued to thrust into her and Melissa outstretched her arms, extending her fingers and toes as each ligament tensed up in her body. “I–I’m gonna–” but she couldn’t finish what she was going to say as she started gyrating and twitching uncontrollably. Jack savoured the feel of her pussy clamping down on his thick cock. Melissa gasped then held her breath as she spasmed. She squealed once more, “Jesus fucking fuck!” Jack smiled as her skin became flushed and her muscles all tensed up at once. A few seconds went by and finally she took a gulping breath. “Oh fuck.” she giggled, “Oh fuck me.” she laughed again. “So that’s what I’ve been missing.” she turned to look over her shoulder at Jack smiling as she did.


“That, my dear,” Jack said nonchalantly, “Is merely a taste.”



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