Where the good fuck have you been?

If you are reading this, and you do care you likely won’t like the answer.

I’ve been a dumb lazy fuck suckling on the tit of available internet content (Reddit,YouTube,Tumblr) instead of making better use of my time and creating my own.

That pretty much sums it up in a single sentence. Maybe I shouldn’t further embarrass myself by writing any more, though perhaps that’s what got me into this slump in the first place.

Where did I go wrong? I had so much planned. Ideas a plenty. Intentions bubbling and brewing with positivity and expectations of impending grandeur not to be out done. It seems I made a classic mistake. I promised far more than I was capable of accomplishing, and instead of rising to the challenge I baulked and sulked away from it like a slimy, boring, lazy toad.

How predictable.

So then….time to get these creative juices going again. It’s time to restart and rejuvenate my mind.

See you soon……..I promise.




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