Delightfully Deviant Valentine’s Day – Part 3

Delightfully Deviant Valentine’s Day – Part 3

Slowly you step back up onto the stage, the masked man helping you as a gentleman should. Taking the woman by the hand you tell the man to take the opposite side of the stage and wait there. Murmurs can be heard washing through the theater as people are uncertain of what is next, but are happy to consume any and all debauchery on the stage. After finally reaching me you smile through your mask and say, “Hi babe, look what I found for you.” The woman looks at you and bites her lip, looking back to me and my exposed restrained body. My cock now at half mast you click your tongue and shake your head side to side, “Well that just won’t do.” you mutter. “What’s your name?” you ask of the woman. “Sarah” she squeaks the reply. “Sarah, you’re to take care of my man here. You will take care of him, but you will not allow him to finish. You hear me?” you bark at the woman who is still staring at me licking her lips and rubbing her fingers together in anticipation. She nods slowly returning her gaze to you. “To your knees then, get to work. If you do a good job, well, I’m sure we can figure something out for you.” you wink to her then blow a kiss to me. As you turn to walk away “Sarah’s” mouth completely engulfs my surprise cock and I let out a shocked moan.

The muscular man on the opposite side of the stage is nervously shifting his weight from side to side as he watches you walk up to him. “What’s your name?” you ask loudly, “Sindbad” comes the reply. You roll your eyes at the silliness of name but he’s an attractive looking man so you’ll forgive his dullness. “Help me up.” you dictate to him, and he dutifully responds assisting you into the ornate looking swing. The crowd which had been murmuring now begins to clamor. They’ve slowly become aware of what’s going on and are already enjoying it. This, of course, was your first time in such a contraption but a girlfriend of yours had been raving about it for so long it seemed a good choice to try it out. Since I’d given you carte blanche you’ve also decided to try it out with me strapped to a large wooden ‘X’ twenty feet away. The swing moves as a pendulum towards and then away from Sinbad. He stands there, watching your every move. Your legs propped up in the swing revealing your still dripping pussy. “To your knees honey, you’ve got to earn it.” you chuckle and then smile evilly at the audience as Sindbad does exactly that.

He quickly drops to his knees and soon after is proving to be more than a pretty face. His tongue works it’s way up your leg to your already excited sex. The crowd, unable to see all of the action just cheers for the display. Off to your right your see me trying to keep my eye on what’s happening, but Sarah is making this exceedingly difficult for what she lacks in overt confidence she more than makes up for in technique. For the first time in either of our lives we are watching each other being orally tantalized by complete strangers and it’s intoxicatingly clear that we both love it. Sindbad has increased his feverous licking, spurred on both by your moans and by the cheers of the crowd. His tongue works back and forth over your sensitive clit stopping only to gently take it into his mouth and softly suck on it. “Keep going Sindbad,” you encourage him, “keep going until I cum all over that handsome face of yours.” you manage to moan. Sindbad, obviously excited by the prospect, pulls out all the stops. As he continues to flick and lick your sensitive clit he slides a long finger deep into your pulsating pussy. Once fully emersed inside of you he pulls it up and back towards you and the buzzing excitement of attention blasts through your body. He keeps stroking up and towards him all the while softly sucking and licking your clit. You moan and drop your head back, letting the feelings slip over you like a silk sheet drawn slowly across your body. A moment later you feel a second finger slide into your pussy. The extra width tantalizing your sex. Moving both fingers in and out, as well as up and forward you can feel yourself starting to lose control. Your legs start to shake slightly and you can feel yourself gush. “Fuck me Sindbad!” you scream, “Fuck me now!”

With no more encouragement needed, Sindbad stands upright revealing a large tent in his pants. Quickly unzipping his fly his cock is released, angry looking, veined, and anxious to fuck you anyway you need it. Sarah momentarily stops her oral attentions on me and turns to look. Shortly after Sindbad has already dawned a condom and is poised to push inside. He looks up at you, then over to me, as a silent request of permission. I nod, then you look at him and scream, “What the fuck are you doing? Don’t just stand there you big hunk of useless muscle, give me that cock right fucking now!” Shocked by this Sindbad doesn’t move and inch. “NOW!!” you scream and he snaps back to his task. Gripping your hips in the soft swing he slides his cock slowly into your drenched sex. “F-f-f–f-f-fu-u-uk” you moan and throw your head back again. I watch with understandably mixed emotion, but seeing you so excited, so turned on, so ready to explode in pleasure, I can’t help but feel happy for you. My balls twitch and I flex my hands again. Sarah looks up at me and smiles then takes my cock back into her loving mouth much to my delight.

Over on the other side of the stage, however, Sindbad is making full use of the swing. Pushing it away then pulling it into him he’s able to have you move back and forth effortlessly. You feel his body slam into yours with regular precision and it feels incredible. The crowd is also cheering with excitement watching the two strangers take care of the sex couple in front of them. “Yes Sindbad, more….more Sindbad….yes….yes…y-y-y-y-yess-ss-s-s!” you squeal as I watch your legs scissor back and forth. You cum for the second time tonight, but this time with a stranger’s cock deep inside your pussy. Sindbad grunts and continues to push into you but it’s clear he can’t hold out any longer. “Give me that cum bitch!” you shout at him. He looks up at you, pulls his throbbing cock out, rips off the condom and after a couple of strokes blasts his load all over your waist to the cheers of the onlookers. I feel my balls twitch and my scrotum tightens up as I feel myself getting closer to the edge. Expertly Sarah notices and pulls her mouth off of my cock, then gently slaps the head to stop me from cumming. “Fuck!” I shout then nervously laugh. I look over at you and smile. You have a serene spaced out look on your face as I see you reach down and play with the stranger’s pool of cum on your stomach.

“Sarah!” you bellow as you come out of your trance. “Find me another!” and the crowd cheers as Sarah bounds off the stage to find another suitable partner. After a few moments she comes back to the stage, another man on her arm. She directs the new gentleman to you and then bounds over to me again. “Help me out of this,” you ask curtly and the man assists you out of the swing then provides his shoulder for you to hold onto while you steady yourself. The previous lover’s deposit still running down your stomach you take this new one by the arm and lead him over my direction. Sarah is still softly playing with me, ensuring that I remain hard, but not enough that I can find any release. The torture is both wonderful and horrific simultaneously. “Take him down Sarah, he’s been a good boy, time for his reward….and yours as well.” you laugh. As she slowly unstraps me from the restraining device she’s keeps staring directly into my eyes through the mask. In truth, I recognize her, and she I. She’s works in the same office with me. We exchange a small smile but continue the ruse of unknowing.

As she releases me you have the new stranger stand directly in front of both of us. Dropping to your knees you swiftly unzip the man’s pants and fish for his sizable organ. We can no longer hear the crowd. While I’m certain they are still clapping and cheering both of our senses are keenly aware of each other and the rest of the world has slowly drained away. I watch as you take his slowly stiffening cock into your mouth. You keep your eye on me as you do, making sure I see how much you’re enjoying it. My balls twitch in excitement and I marvel at how enticing you look down there tasting this stranger’s cock while pulling and stroking his balls. The man moans and looks over at me as if to say, “Wow….she’s good.” I smile and nod in response. I know it all to well. Finally Sarah removes the last restraint and I peel myself off the device. I walk over to you and present you my thick hard cock. You pull your mouth from the stranger and hold his member in your hand as you lean over to kiss mine, lick it, then engulf it in your mouth while you stroke his. Sarah comes over and joins you and we form a square of highly aroused people. Myself and the new stranger standing across from each other, yourself and Sarah kneeling across from each other. You pass us between you as Sarah teases the stranger’s cock, then mine and you lick his balls, then suck on mine. Back and forth you both go as we moan in appreciation of your ample talents. Without uttering a single word you shift and take my poor aching sex into your mouth and present your ass to the other man. Sarah helps him with a condom and then guides his large phallus to your dripping pussy.

Slowly his slides it into you and you take your mouth off my raging hard-on to moan your approval. Sarah comes closer to you and clearly wants to help. She kisses and licks my shaft as you hold the head in your mouth as best as you can as you rock back and forth to the steady pulse of the stranger’s thickness sliding inside of you. Finally you take me out of your mouth and manage to moan to Sarah, “Fuck him…..fuck him now….you’ve….uhhuguh.” the man slams into you harder now that your mouth is free, “you……f-f-ffucuckk…’ve earned it.” You look over your shoulder at the stranger as he grips your hips and slams into you again. His hand slides up your back and grabs your shoulder as he gives you a few short quick strokes before driving his cock as deep as he can. You kick your head back and squeal in approval. As you do your hair flings over your head and lays on your back. Taking advantage of this he entwines his fingers in your hair and holds his hand there. The tension is exquisite. Feeling the nerves of your scalp buzz and pulse as he continues to drive deep into you. Your mouth opens wide and I can tell you’re going to cum again. Sarah has pulled me to the ground now and as I lay there she’s straddled me and driven her sopping wet sex down onto my cock.

I look up at you as your face begins to flush with excitement and strain. Your eyes open wide and you gasp as another hard orgasm sweeps across your body. You feel acutely aware of everything. You can feel every inch of the man’s shaft inside of you. You can feel the head of his cock pulse and expand as he slows his pace slightly to allow you to recover. Your legs twitch and you pull them close together feeling the deliciousness of being so full. Your eyes turn to me and you laugh raucously. Watching Sarah riding me with wild abandon you lower your head to kiss me “Carte blanche is amazing.” you manage to mutter before your head snaps back as the stranger pulls your hair and slams his member into you again. I watch as your head rocks back and forth and I can’t help but be enthralled. Seeing you in the grips of such overwhelming pleasure is intoxicating. I feel the need to see you cum again. I feel the need to cum on you. To see the stranger cum for you. If it was possible I’d want to see the entire crowd cum for you, just for you as you writhe and shudder in ecstasy. “F-f-fuck” I moan as the thoughts wash through my mind and entice me further. I’m having trouble holding back now. You look down at me and laugh, then look to Sarah, “You’re going to make him cum!” She giggles and moans herself increasing her tempo. You reach up with one hand and cup her sex as she rides me, playing with her clit. Sarah squeals with the new foreign sensation and it’s clearly too much as she starts to buck in the throes of her own powerful orgasm. I feel a gush of liquid drenching my balls as she continues to flail. A few moments later she collapses to my chest and you pat her on the head quietly coddling her saying, “Good girl…..good girl.” Sarah looks up with serene satisfaction plastered across her face. The stranger behind you has also increased his tempo and is grunting quite loudly now.

Getting up from my back I slip off the condom and slowly stroke my cock dancing on the edge of cumming but not just yet. I look over at the man and he smiles. Silently we already have made an agreement as to what’s happening next. After a few more deep hard thrusts the man pulls out and throws you to your back. Before you realize what’s happening his large cock is spewing copious amounts of cum across your chest. Sarah reaches over and continues to stroke the spasming stranger as the last few drips come out, but before you can recover I aim my own charged member at you. You look at me directly in the eyes and bite your lip slightly before saying, “Carte blanche.” With that I finally let loose and my hips rock and thrust as a powerful orgasm shakes me deeply. My cum blasts out of my body like a rocket and skips across your chest, a second shot blasts your neck and the final shot your cheek. Sarah quickly releases the stranger to come to my aide, taking my wilting member into her mouth and extracting every last drop before dropping you and kissing you deeply, thanking you for including her in this wonderful event.

Completely spent and both physically and emotionally exhausted I drop to my side and look at you as the crowd stands applauding. “Happy Valentine’s Day babe.” I manage to croak and all you do is smile, content in your deviant debauchery.


I hope you enjoyed this trip into my dirty mind and I hope you have your own deliciously naughty Valentine’s Day as well. =)


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Delightfully Deviant Valentine’s Day – Part 2

Delightfully Deviant Valentine’s Day – Part 2

02 04 2013 015

You do your best to maintain control of your body but you can’t help but squirm. Seeing such raw passionate sex between complete strangers is invigorating and intoxicating. You can’t help but want more. I look over at you and smile. Your civil prudish shell is being chipped away as the seconds tick by. I see you biting your lip and trying to keep your posture straight and proper, but it’s clearly visible that you’re turned on. I reach over and run my hand up your leg, feeling your soft supple skin silky as ever. My hand ends up on your panty covered pussy and I smile to myself finding the thin fabric nearly soaked through. You turn to meet my gaze, a pained expression on your face. I’ve seen this look before. You’ve been taken past the point of no return. The look in your eyes desperate and aching, wishing to be satisfied to be pleased, to be pleasured. I lean over and kiss you on the cheek, whispering “Enjoying your Valentine’s Day?” to which you nod slowly.

I have, of course, expertly analyzed your personal revelations in the therapy sessions we had been through. You had complained about routine, about boredom, about the fact that sometimes you just wanted to be bad, to do something bad, and you worried that I would look at you in the morning. You feared that I’d think you were weird, perverted, or disgusting in some way. The truth, however, was that for the first time I was excited to be able to show you my inner beast. Trying to hold back as to not scare you was exceedingly tiring. Finding that you secretly held the same anxious need to push boundaries was an extreme turn on. I had set up this Valentine’s Day present the very same week your revelations came out.

The waitress came by with another round of drinks. As soon as she placed your glass down you snapped it up and took a large gulp of your “Sloppy Slut”. Your pulse was still racing. You could feel your nipples hard against the fabric of your bra. You wanted to burst out of your dress and run to the stage naked. You wanted to be fucked here and now in front of all of these people. You wanted to hear them cheer and clap as you excited them. You wanted them to want you. To ache for you. To need you. To relish you. I see you ball your hands into tight fists and release them again.

“Because it is Valentine’s Day we have made a special exception to our next draw.” the old man dictates from the stage. “The next name that is drawn will be able to choose either someone from her table, or from anyone else’s table.” The crowd “ooh’d” and clapped excitedly. The old man smiled and raised his hand up to quiet the audience. “Now my ladies and my gentleman. The next woman to grace our wonderful stage is…..” he paused for a moment, fishing through the oversized martini glass filled with women’s names, “Audrey Hepburn.” he exclaims loudly. You jolt upright and slowly place your glass back onto the table. Looking around the room you nervously try to see if anyone else had picked that pseudonym. Seeing that no one else was moving you slowly slipped off your chair and stood next to the table. There was a look of bewilderment over your face. “Ah! We have our Audrey Hepburn, and isn’t she a beauty ladies and gentlemen?” the old man requests of the crowd who responds with hooting and whistles of approval. Your eyes flash around the theater and nervously smile feeling a burst of warmth coursing through your body. You reach over and grab your glass, gulping the remaining contents. “And who do you select for this beautiful Valentine’s Day?” the old man asks you cordially.

“I…..uh….I…” you stammer, trying to regain your posture and project your voice in a loud and confident manner. “I choose….him.” you say, pointing to me with an outstretched finger that’s shaking slightly with your nerves.

“Does the gentleman accept the lady’s request?” the old man queries from the stage.

“He does.” I say standing straight with more confidence than you are expecting.

“And what shall we call you dear sir?” he asks of me.

“I am Dionysus”

“Audrey and Dionysus!” the old man bellows to the crowd, “your Valentine’s day champions!” He motions you and I to come to the stage then directs us backstage to get ready for our impending performance.

Once we are behind the curtain we see the collection of devices, props, costumes, and toys. You look at me with your eyes wide and worried, “I….I’m nervous…” you stammer honestly, “I..I don’t know if I can do this.”

“Why?” I ask dryly.

“Because…well…I’ve never….I’ve never done…”

“….anything like this. I know. You want to. I can tell you want to. I can tell you’d like to get up there and show them all what a sexy woman you are. But….”

“…I’m scared..”

“….of what I think…”

“…yes.” you admit. “I don’t want you to think I’m gross.”

“Hun, you’re far from gross. You’re gorgeous. You’re beautiful, and sexy, and everyone out there knows it.” I say, smiling and holding your shoulders reassuringly.

“But….what if….what if…”

“…you’ve got carte blanche tonight my love. There is nothing you can do, say, or desire that I will be upset about. I know you love me, and you want me, and after this you will be coming home with me and me alone.”


“But nothing. This is a night that you can do whatever you desire. Let your inhibitions go. Let yourself go. Let your mind allow your body to relax and enjoy yourself to your fullest.”

“Oh geez,” you giggle, “we’re really doing this aren’t we?” I nod and smile. “Well then….let me think about what I want.” you give me a mischievous devilish smile and start perusing through all of the props in front of us. “What should I pick?” you ask me, biting your lip as you do. Your nerves are giving way to your excitement and I can see your confidence is slowly returning.

“It’s up to you my love. It’s your show. You’re in charge.”

You look at me and smirk, picking up a dominatrix outfit and shake it in front of me, “I’m in charge am I?” you laugh and I smile at your playfulness. You put the dominatrix outfit back, and instead pick up a school girl outfit. Looking at me you raise an eyebrow and then wink at me.

The old man comes back stage as we can hear that another dance has begun on stage. “Has the lady picked what she would like on stage?” he asks politely.

“She has,” you reply sounding much more confident. “She would like that, and” you pause looking for a second item, “that.” pointing to the second prop.

“Excellent my lady.” he replies, jotting down what was selected in a small notepad, “And will audience participation be encouraged or will it just be yourself and the gentleman?”

You weren’t expecting this question, but look at me and smile. Testing the boundaries of my offer of “carte blanche” you answer the old man while looking at me, “Yes…..yes it will. Audience participation will be greatly encouraged.” you state emphatically, and are somewhat surprised at my lack of response. Have I been sincere in my offer? Are you really going to be able to do whatever you want? The thought sends shivers through your body and you feel your senses becoming hyper alert.

The old man bows and walks over to a couple of stage hands who quickly arrange the props you’ve requested on the stage. Moments later a large ‘X’ shaped restraint device is locked into place, and a black leather sex swing is attached to guide wires running from the ceiling. I look over at you and you smile, biting your lip again. “Get dressed” I say abruptly motioning to the school girl outfit in your hand.

02 04 2013 009

“Get undressed” you retort, motioning to the “X” shaped rack device. Then laugh as you slip into the change room to store your dress and heels, changing into the short pleated tartan skirt and tight white blouse. After you come out of the room you smile at me standing completely exposed in the dim light backstage. You turn to show me your outfit, being sure to wiggle your cute ass side to side giving me a glimpse of what was to come. Seeing something out of the corner of your eye you walk over to the desk that was in the previous show, you pick up a yardstick ruler and slap it against your hand menacingly.

“Who is to be on the rack?” asks one of the stage hands in a thick russian accent.

You smirk and nod at my direction, “He is.”

The stage hand bows to you and then motions for me to walk over to the rack where he straps my arms and legs into position. “Three minutes my lady.” the stage hand says, “you may begin your scene now, and I will raise the curtain when the dance is done.” he indicates to the thick red curtain.

“Very good.” you nod, having already assumed the persona of the woman in charge and watch him walk off to his position backstage.

Slowly you walk up towards me, dragging the yardstick on the stage. You eye me up and down, admiring my form as you do. To your surprise you see that I’m already half erect, without you even laying a finger on my restrained body. “My my,” you say to me in a hushed whisper, “aren’t you an excitable little boy.” You punctuate the sentence by nibbling at my ear. “Carte blanche” you say winking at me.

Seeing you in front of me is definitely exciting. The change you’ve gone through from quiet demure restricted girlfriend into this devious predatory sexual beast is enthralling. “You look good my love.” you say so softly, running your hand up my leg, over my waist, up my chest and then to my shoulder. With the other hand you take the yardstick and mimic the same movement. The rough, cold, callous yardstick runs up my leg, then my side, then finally up my outstretched pinned arm. You bend forward and kiss me deeply. “This is going to be fun.” reaching down with your hand to cup my balls, then stroke my now stiff cock.

Behind you we both hear the muffled sound of the crowd applauding. The dance is over. We hear the old man shout to the crowd, “And now….Audrey Hepburn and Dionysus!” The audience claps and cheers loudly.

You lean over to me and whisper, “Show time handsome.” and the curtain rapidly rises behind you. Taking the yardstick in your hand you turn to the crowd now, slapping it in your hand with a loud smack. Whistling and hooting can be heard in response. You start across the stage, strutting as you do. The short skirt coming up and nearly showing off your ass. You lean over and touch your toes with your backside to the crowd, then as you stand you quickly flick your skirt up and reveal the lack of underwear and beautiful curves of your delightful butt. The crowd squeals its approval and you strut in front of me now. Winking as you pass. Turning to face the crowd this time you bend over and show off your ass to me. I can’t help but stare as you wiggle it side to side. Looking over your shoulder you back up till you can feel my cock pushing against your skirt. Again you wiggle side to side, then slower, turning the cuteness into a sensual grind. My eyes close and my mouth opens wide feeling the curve of your ass through your skirt. Abruptly you turn to me and drop down to your knees gripping my thick hard cock in your hand. I look down to meet your stare and see the evil intent in your eyes. Ever so softly you place a loving kiss on the tip of my cock as you grip it harder and tug slightly. I helplessly let out a groan. With the yardstick in your other hand you slap me on the chest. I look down to you again to see you pull my cock upwards and reach the very tip of your tongue to tease and lick my dangerously exposed balls. The crowd is clapping loudly, encouraging you in your slow terrible torture. Behind the stage there is a click followed by a thud and whir. Moments later we feel the stage shudder and it begins to rotate much to the delight of the audience.

You stand now, playing to the crowd, looking at them as a caged lioness your hand still firmly gripping my angry pulsating cock. A woman in the crowd hoots and calls out “I you’re not going to suck him I will!” and laughter follows. You turn your head to the side as if pondering the demand, then shrug. Dropping to your knees once more and without any warning you engulf the head of my cock in one swift move. The sudden change in temperature, as well as the soft wet loving feel of your tongue teasing my engorged member is intense. I moan loudly and my arms and legs involuntarily jerk in their restraints. You look up at me and wink, taking me deeper into your mouth then pulling back to lick the tip of my sex before diving back down on it again. The audience squeals in approval and from some of the tables you can hear sympathy moans from both the men and women. Pulling your mouth back off of me you slowly jerk my phallus as you stand. You kiss and lick your way up my restrained body till you reach my chest then you engulf my nipple with your mouth giving it a quick suck before nibbling on it with your teeth. “Oh fuck” is all I manage to get out before you kiss me on the neck and bite my ear, “Take it big boy.” you whisper, “take it and like it.” You drop down and repeat the same torture to my other nipple while simultaneously sliding your hand back and forth on my cock.

My arms and legs jerk again in their restraints. I don’t want you to stop but I can’t help but want to be involved. I want more. I want to do the same delicious things to you in return. I’m aching for more of your attention and you can see it written clearly on my pained expression. My brow furrows in frustration and you laugh evilly. While still agonizingly slowly stroking my cock, you run your tongue up the sensitive side of my torso, nipping at me as you go. My body jerks and tries to avoid your touch but you grip my cock roughly and I stop abruptly doing my best to fight the urge move. Without warning you bend over and flip your skirt up in front of me. Your ass exposed and in my hyper sensitized state I can smell the excitement that you’re feeling. You wiggle your ass and push back to me, my cock sliding between your cheeks then upwards, missing your now soaking pussy. Moving side to side my poor tortured member rocks back and forth between the beautiful round cheeks of your ass. The crowd begins to get restless as well. They’re starting to ache for it as much as I am. “Fuck him!” a woman shouts. “Ya give it to him!” shouts a man from another table, and the audience cheers in approval. Dropping the yardstick you reach back between your legs and aim my thickness where you want it, then slowly push your body back into me, letting my cock slide agonizingly slowly into you. I feel the walls of your pussy tighten and flex around my cock and manage to moan out “Fuck yes baby!”. You’re as excited as I am, perhaps even more so. Turning your head to look at me over your shoulder you pull forward and then slam your ass back into me. I shudder and flex my hands and arms again wishing I could grip your hips and drive into you but I can only grunt and hope for more. You bite your lip and turn back to the audience smiling as they cheer. Picking up your pace you pull away and drive back, giving yourself just the amount of penetration and friction you need. “That’s right! Fuck him!” squeals a woman from the back. You gasp and moan at the excitement of being watched and cheered on. Pulling away, and then pushing back you grunt again. Then again. And again. The slap of my waist on your ass filling the theater and mixing with the moans coming from the darkened tables in front of us. You pick up the pace again, making shorter quicker strokes and the feeling of warmth starts emanating from you. Your stomach flutters momentarily and then you feel your legs begin to tremble. Opening your mouth you gasp, moan and then shout at the top of your lungs, “Fuck Y-y-y-y-y-e-s-ssssss!!” as you cum incredibly hard. Your legs twitch uncontrollably and I feel a gush of wetness running down my balls then onto my legs. You keep moving back and forth on my cock, your body spasming. A moment later you fall to your knees in front of me with a thud. My poor sex, slickened with your juices slaps against my stomach as you release it from your pussy’s grip. My balls ache and I feel my hands buzz. I’m so close to cumming but I have no way of finishing myself off. “Damn it!” I manage to grunt, and hearing me you turn from your position slumped on the floor to look at me with those mischievous eyes again.

Slowly you stand and right yourself. You adjust your school girl outfit and pick up the yardstick from the floor. With a devilish smile your run it down my sensitive body and lightly tap on the head of my cock. “F-u-u-u-uck.” I grunt. You instead turn away from me and saunter into the audience. Having just broken through a barrier of excitement you were in no mood to stop. Walking through the tables masked men and ladies are clapping and cheering you on. You love every minute of it. After walking through most of the darkened theater you take the yardstick and tap a woman on the shoulder. She looks at you and you extend your arm and motion, “Come here.” with an outstretched finger. The woman excitedly hops off her chair and walks up to you, straightening her dress as she does. You offer your arm to her and she takes it. Side by side you walk through the crowd, it’s now a buzz as both men and women are hoping to join in on the fun that’s happening on stage. You walk slowly up to another couple at one of the tables furthest from the stage. With the yardstick you tap a tall muscular looking man on the shoulder and he stands, walking up to take his place on your other arm. All together the three of you walk up to the stage together as the audience whistles and cheers. What’s to come next, I do not know, but I’m definitely not regretting giving you carte blanche as a smile is easily visible on my face drawn from ear to ear.

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Delightfully Deviant Valentine’s Day – Part 1

Delightfully Deviant Valentine’s Day – Part 1

As the dreaded day came closer you felt lower and lower. Valentine’s Day used to be fun when you were a new couple starting out, but the years have passed and the wooing slowed. Flowers never came anymore. Nights on the town were infrequent at best. You had fallen into the same boring pattern that almost every couple falls into. Little did you know, however, how different this year was going to be.

“So what do you want to do for Valentine’s this year….the usual?” you ask in a dull dreary bored tone. The usual usually meant going to a mindless action movie followed by some coffee, and then a bout of mildly interesting sex, followed by sleep. It hadn’t been any different in the past five years and you had no reason to think it was going to change this year.

“Actually I’ve got tickets for us to go to a theater for Valentine’s,” I say with a smirk on my face.

“Oh? What’s the play?” you reply, genuinely surprised at my sudden burst of creative planning.

“You wouldn’t know it. The theater is more avant-garde.”

You place the magazine you’re reading down on your lap and look at me directly. “Avant-garde? That doesn’t sound like something you’d like,” you say in a snide but playful manner.

“I know, but I’m trying to expand my horizons a little, like how we talked about with the therapist.”

You cringed at the mention of her. Thought you had suggested the therapist in the first place it was more of an attempt to shock me into changing things up. You were concerned that our relationship had stagnated. With neither of us interested in having children anytime soon, and neither of us interested in the concrete trappings of marriage we were nearing a decade of “dating” without very much to show for it.


The therapist had suggested trying new things, placing each other beyond the comfortable familiar surroundings we were used to. Expanding our social scene and taking in more of what the world had to offer.


It was difficult to hear the therapist talk to you as if you were a child. It felt like she was belittling you. Inwardly you realized she was correct but hearing how I had listened to her suggestion without reservation was a little concerning. You were used to having me to yourself. You were used to being the only woman that I cared to listen to.


“I remember, I just didn’t think you’d actually go through with it. I’m just,” you paused searching for the right words, “surprised, that’s all.”


Your surprise was understandable. After all, despite being together for so long, you had yet to know me fully. I had always kept a little of myself hidden from your view for the fear that you may be scared. In truth, the boring bland, dull life was the one I thought you had wanted. It wasn’t the life I would have accepted if I had not wanted to just make you happy.


When you had suggested the therapist I was relieved. I had become tired of our regular routine and I wasn’t completely sure how long I could keep it up before looking elsewhere for some small piece of excitement. It was very difficult not to jump on every suggestion the therapist had given.


“Well I want to make this work babe.”

You smile and return to the magazine you were reading, “I know babe, I know.” not thinking about everything else that was discussed in those meetings.

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There is an unequivocal problem with familiarity. It allows outrage of the unacceptable to lapse while it the superlative and extraordinary become average and expected. The bad becomes acceptable and the good ignorable.

From time to time you need to blind your eyes, embrace the darkness and savor the pain fresh light brings.