Pressure and Time

I’ve got no less than 15 separate short stories being written simultaneously. Add to that the novel that I’m trying to finish and it’s quite obvious to see that I’m quite overwhelmed at the moment.

I should impose some sort of self administered deadlines to keep on task. So here it goes.


I promise to have one polished, well formed, completed short story every month of the year at a minimum. I won’t release them as completed works but instead in 2000-5000 word chunks.

I also promise to reread my novel and restart releasing a chapter a month starting March 2014.

The last promise is to archive my existing pieces that have been posted; review, rewrite where necessary and collect them into a single release to be put on to Amazon for public consumption.


…..this is the plan…..and this is what I’m going to stick to.

till next time my loves,

Julian Lisette


ps. if you’re looking for the next part of the “One-Forty or Less” short story it’s coming; likely tomorrow.



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