It’s silly of me but you must realize that I get notifications anytime someone new subscribes to my blog. Invariably I will check them out and try to figure out what on earth they think is so interesting about me that they would take the time to follow me.

It’s silly though; isn’t it?

I should have the confidence to say with authority “Well of course they should follow me…I’m me!” But those thoughts just don’t enter into my head.

I recently gained a female follower and as per usual I checked her out. What could be wrong with her that she’s choose to spend time in my thoughts? Then low and behold I find that she’s very very attractive. “This must be a fake” I think. “She must be a bogus profile aimed at spamming me.” So I delve a little deeper into the ether of the internet and find quite astonishingly that she is a real true person.

Jaw drop moment.

Where were these gorgeous women when I was in high school, incompetently hostile around women because I was afraid to just simply talk to them?

Well the truth is they were there. They always were there. Just as they’re here now. The difference is simply having the confidence to look around and see them.

So with that I’d like to say, “hi Jess.” I think you’re gorgeous and welcome to the fold. Hope you enjoy your stay here. 😉

….and to all the rest of you reprobates and filthy animals….happy New Years.



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