I don’t fear the demon inside of me. I only fear your reaction to it.


Forgotten words.

I was about to format an old hard drive before repurposing it in a new computer. Before I did, however, I checked to see if there was anything on it of value. This is something I wrote back in 2005…seems….ok enough to post.



the room grows dim with soft luminosity

eyes adjust whilst the tender shell of mortality

pulses in nervous anticipation


glowing as embers of wood wicked by the flame

skin absorbs the song of the universe and gently

dances to the peaceful tune


distant giant steps echo through the body in regular procession

the blood quickens to its increasing cadence

hearts race, souls expand


I stand before you as Adam in the Garden

Your eyes upon me study my lines

As an artist with brush in hand


The moon light grasps you in a tender embrace

Wrapping your subtleties with silky soft light

Caressing smooth and sensual curves


I stretch out through the dark, my ends humming

Hands graze your beautiful visage to hold you close in anticipation

drink the raw passion from my eyes


as a soft breeze I lean my head to meet you

with the pounding of our hearts palpable

tenderly we kiss


silence surrounds us as our souls intertwine

as the beating of a single heart pounds for two

stronger still as we mold into one


drawn by desire

forged in love






Opinions required;


In my major piece of work, “From A to Z” I’ve written it in the second person perspective. There are some positives and negatives to writing this way but at the time it seemed the most natural to me. Now that I’ve quite a few chapters deep I need to reevaluate this mode of conveying the story. So I would like to know from you, the readers;

1) Do you like the 2nd person perspective?

2) Do you prefer the 3rd person omniscient perspective?

3) Do you care either way?

Your input would be greatly appreciated. =)



When I walk into a room what I see are the possibilities. My mind draws out in perfect clarity the options for all variations of salacious fornication. It seems only fitting that I have a career in architecture.

The trouble with being a sexually creative, inventive, and imaginative monster is that there is no off switch. I can’t turn out the lights and walk into a normal life. I am what I am. I only go from expressing it, to repressing it. -J.L.

Decisions decisions…

So I’ve already completed part 5 of the “One-Forty or Less” story and I’m left with the dilemma. Do I post it now; or do I make you wait for it?

Let me know in the comments which you’d prefer.




I’d love to be tongue deep in you right now; having you writhing and wriggling at the end of my talented tongue;” – Jacob

“fuck you’re making me fall for you just with these words!” – Sasha

“go ahead & fall; fall deep & fall hard; I’ll throw you over my shoulder & carry you off to some place exotic to mind fuck your senses into blissful oblivion -Jacob

…and in this war of attrition ….my dear..I will most certainly win. I’m already in your mind little one….imagine the delectable tortures I can enact on your body. I’ll have you writhing, squirming and squealing so loud you’ll set the alarms off as you beg for relief, as you plead for…release.

It’s been a while since I’ve had the pleasure of inducing pleasure in another. With the exception of my writing of course, but that pales in comparison. I miss the feeling of someones hand in my hair. Hearing the quick breathes and subtle gasps, the moans, the pleading for a little more. The writhing and wriggling and beyond all else the capitulation to a sensational crescendo. -J.L.

In previous relationships I was always holding back that beast within me. The ravager, the savage, the devourer of the innocents. My own inner demon that races through my mind and beats in my heart. It just became so exhausting, holding back. Pretending to be calm and civil when all I wanted to be was primal and hedonistic. -Zale