(Happy) New Years

07 05 2012 002


New Years is upon us once again and as usual it seems like we look back and wonder where the last year went.

I had plans for 2013 that failed to come to completion but what was for 2013 is for 2014. I will finish the novel I’m working on and push through with the rest of the short stories I have had lying in wait.

The second half of 2013 was much busier, at least professionally speaking, than the first half. Being that I do a majority of my writing while at work this did take a toll on my writing. That and a few people that I adore and help motivate me to write fell by the wayside, busy in their own lives. I suppose these are just excuses and I should have stuck to my guns regardless, but I’m a lazy slacker at heart so….meh.

At any rate….big things to come in 2014. Stay tuned and you’ll see. 😉


For all of you that have been with me through this at times turbid year, thanks for staying with me and let me carry you into 2014 with a vengeance.

Happy New Years everyone

….happiness optional.





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