Shocking sales information from Amazon.

Episode 4 - Light as a Feather, Hard as an Anvil

So recently Amazon got in contact with me to tell me that I had broken a threshold and they were releasing payment to me. This is wonderful news for obvious reasons. I’m not well known at all, and even though I’ve been told my writing is of great quality, without being known no one will take the chance to buy.

Or so I thought…


Somehow, through no act of promotion by myself, (england’s Amazon) has crossed $100 of sales. I realize it doesn’t seem like a hell of a lot. But it is substantial in my book.


News like this just inspires me to continue to work at this process.

I may never be a big name author making millions of dollars per book, but getting this sort of reaction is such a boost.


Thank you to all of you who have made purchases now and in the future. I will continue to strive to provide you with high quality, well written, scintillating smut.


All the best,



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