On the horizon; What I’m currently working on.


In the new year I plan on pushing out a number of short stories that I’ve had on the back burner for a little while. I’d like to share with you what they are and I’d love to hear which one you’d like to see first:

  1. Corrupted – A conflicted pastor of a local community church welcomes the newest addition to the neighborhood; a flamboyant fun loving couple from California. A crisis of conscience erupts as lust, devilishness, and desire corrupt the pastor beyond his ability to return to the light.
  2. Couples Massage – A husband and wife enjoy a soothing night at a special spa. While enjoying their massage together it takes a turn for the erotic as the wife plays out a fantasy she’s had for years. This one will be interesting as I plan on attempting to write in some bisexual moments with the male massage ‘therapist’. I don’t know how popular this will be, but I think it’ll be a nice change from the expected route.
  3. Divorce Orgy – A tired housewife of 20yrs is finally free of her domineering cold husband and has decided to celebrate. How? By throwing a divorce party with the sole intention of turning it into an orgy. Her first; but definitely not her last.
  4. 4×4 – A simple couples story. Girlfriend and boyfriend take a trip into the foothills taking their rough and tumble Jeep off road. In the depths of nature, surrounded by wildlife and not another soul for miles, they test the theory of; if two people scream in ecstasy and no one else is there to hear it; does it make it even hotter?
  5. On Call – Oh Em Gee – (title may need work) A nurse working in the oncology ward slides into despair as multiple patients she connected with succumb to their cancer in a short time frame. Outwardly strong, her psyche crumbles and she seeks out a way to push the pain away. Her solution; increasingly deviant sexual encounters within the ward itself. Doctors, nurses, patients, and security guards are all on the menu for her new pain relieving sexual medication.
  6. One-Forty or Less – Two people meet through the ether of the internet via social media (Twitter). They exchange interests, likes, dislikes, and find they connect on multiple levels. Moving from public tweets they exchange increasingly steamier messages until, no longer able to stand it, they plan to meet. But nothing on the internet is what it seems. This one will have a twist to it that I hope I can pull off well.
  7. Research Station – Stuck 250m below the surface of the ocean, a pair of research scientists work in isolation. The loneliness pushes them closer together. Each goes to bed dreaming and fantasizing of the other; afraid to speak their true feelings aloud.
  8. the Road Trip – Chapter 2 – Big Wood: Continuing the story off after Ruby Beach; same main characters finding a new adventure in a redwood forest among the tallest trees in the world.
  9. the Toy – A wealthy husband gives his well-to-do wife a special present for her fortieth birthday. She gets to fulfill her ultimate fantasy; being everyone’s favorite toy. For one evening only she pushes the boundaries of her own psyche as she allows herself to be ‘used’ by the couple’s friends and neighbors.
  10. To a Violent End – The companion story to “Cold Steel”. The consequences of ‘Cold Steel’s conclusion ripple through the spy network and fall maliciously upon this story.
  11. Two People Meet in a Coffee Shop – An experimental story of sorts; playing with breaking the forth wall, “Neverending Story” style. I don’t know how well this one will turn out.

That’s it for the moment. Like I said, I have a number of stories on the back-burner. So of these that I’ve listed; which would you like to see first?

Let me know in the comments below.

Till next time my loves,



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