(Happy) New Years

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New Years is upon us once again and as usual it seems like we look back and wonder where the last year went.

I had plans for 2013 that failed to come to completion but what was for 2013 is for 2014. I will finish the novel I’m working on and push through with the rest of the short stories I have had lying in wait.

The second half of 2013 was much busier, at least professionally speaking, than the first half. Being that I do a majority of my writing while at work this did take a toll on my writing. That and a few people that I adore and help motivate me to write fell by the wayside, busy in their own lives. I suppose these are just excuses and I should have stuck to my guns regardless, but I’m a lazy slacker at heart so….meh.

At any rate….big things to come in 2014. Stay tuned and you’ll see. 😉


For all of you that have been with me through this at times turbid year, thanks for staying with me and let me carry you into 2014 with a vengeance.

Happy New Years everyone

….happiness optional.





Shocking sales information from Amazon.

Episode 4 - Light as a Feather, Hard as an Anvil

So recently Amazon got in contact with me to tell me that I had broken a threshold and they were releasing payment to me. This is wonderful news for obvious reasons. I’m not well known at all, and even though I’ve been told my writing is of great quality, without being known no one will take the chance to buy.

Or so I thought…


Somehow, through no act of promotion by myself, Amazon.co.uk (england’s Amazon) has crossed $100 of sales. I realize it doesn’t seem like a hell of a lot. But it is substantial in my book.


News like this just inspires me to continue to work at this process.

I may never be a big name author making millions of dollars per book, but getting this sort of reaction is such a boost.


Thank you to all of you who have made purchases now and in the future. I will continue to strive to provide you with high quality, well written, scintillating smut.


All the best,



On the horizon; What I’m currently working on.


In the new year I plan on pushing out a number of short stories that I’ve had on the back burner for a little while. I’d like to share with you what they are and I’d love to hear which one you’d like to see first:

  1. Corrupted – A conflicted pastor of a local community church welcomes the newest addition to the neighborhood; a flamboyant fun loving couple from California. A crisis of conscience erupts as lust, devilishness, and desire corrupt the pastor beyond his ability to return to the light.
  2. Couples Massage – A husband and wife enjoy a soothing night at a special spa. While enjoying their massage together it takes a turn for the erotic as the wife plays out a fantasy she’s had for years. This one will be interesting as I plan on attempting to write in some bisexual moments with the male massage ‘therapist’. I don’t know how popular this will be, but I think it’ll be a nice change from the expected route.
  3. Divorce Orgy – A tired housewife of 20yrs is finally free of her domineering cold husband and has decided to celebrate. How? By throwing a divorce party with the sole intention of turning it into an orgy. Her first; but definitely not her last.
  4. 4×4 – A simple couples story. Girlfriend and boyfriend take a trip into the foothills taking their rough and tumble Jeep off road. In the depths of nature, surrounded by wildlife and not another soul for miles, they test the theory of; if two people scream in ecstasy and no one else is there to hear it; does it make it even hotter?
  5. On Call – Oh Em Gee – (title may need work) A nurse working in the oncology ward slides into despair as multiple patients she connected with succumb to their cancer in a short time frame. Outwardly strong, her psyche crumbles and she seeks out a way to push the pain away. Her solution; increasingly deviant sexual encounters within the ward itself. Doctors, nurses, patients, and security guards are all on the menu for her new pain relieving sexual medication.
  6. One-Forty or Less – Two people meet through the ether of the internet via social media (Twitter). They exchange interests, likes, dislikes, and find they connect on multiple levels. Moving from public tweets they exchange increasingly steamier messages until, no longer able to stand it, they plan to meet. But nothing on the internet is what it seems. This one will have a twist to it that I hope I can pull off well.
  7. Research Station – Stuck 250m below the surface of the ocean, a pair of research scientists work in isolation. The loneliness pushes them closer together. Each goes to bed dreaming and fantasizing of the other; afraid to speak their true feelings aloud.
  8. the Road Trip – Chapter 2 – Big Wood: Continuing the story off after Ruby Beach; same main characters finding a new adventure in a redwood forest among the tallest trees in the world.
  9. the Toy – A wealthy husband gives his well-to-do wife a special present for her fortieth birthday. She gets to fulfill her ultimate fantasy; being everyone’s favorite toy. For one evening only she pushes the boundaries of her own psyche as she allows herself to be ‘used’ by the couple’s friends and neighbors.
  10. To a Violent End – The companion story to “Cold Steel”. The consequences of ‘Cold Steel’s conclusion ripple through the spy network and fall maliciously upon this story.
  11. Two People Meet in a Coffee Shop – An experimental story of sorts; playing with breaking the forth wall, “Neverending Story” style. I don’t know how well this one will turn out.

That’s it for the moment. Like I said, I have a number of stories on the back-burner. So of these that I’ve listed; which would you like to see first?

Let me know in the comments below.

Till next time my loves,


Christmas wish…

Honestly, I’d just like to be able to share my smutty filthy gift with the world.

If you want to get me anything this year a nice encouraging nod of approval by purchasing one of my stories for a dollar; well that would make my year. 🙂

Love you all

Woorah! Tutelage now available for purchase.

I received word on Saturday that ‘the Tutelage of Vinita Forthcutter’ was accepted for publishing. Pretty exciting for me. This marks the sixth and longest work I’ve published to date.

As promised my next goal is to write one additional short story and then release it, along with the previously released six into a compilation of seven short stories. I hope to do this in time for Christmas, but I’ll be happy if it’s done before the new year.


All ready I’ve sent the book to several people to review and so far the response has been very positive. One individual going so far as to say that it’s better than her sister’s work and her sister is a professional writer! Woo-rah!


If you’d like to show your support and purchase ‘Tutelage’ you can do so here.

the Tutelage - cover option-01


I’d like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. One year ago this was only a hobby at best. Now I can say with pride that I’m a published author. I have you to thank for that.

Best wishes for the holidays my loves,



One Year Blog-iversary

So one year ago today I started this filthy blog, and I couldn’t be happier for it.

I haven’t made mountains of cash, nor have I finished the novel I started one year ago, but I’ve grown in my craft and I can look back in pride at how far I’ve come.

Coincidentally I just finished submitting “Tutelage” for publishing this morning. It will be my sixth and longest short story I’ve published (if accepted). I’ll be sure to include the link to it here as soon as it becomes available.

My next goal will be to write one more additional short story, and with the previously published works, create a collection to be sold as one single book.

After that I plan on going through every chapter of “A to Z” and editing it as necessary. I’ve been waffling back and forth whether or not to continue using the second-person narrative view that I’ve used till this point. It sometimes can be restricting when I write, but what I think could happen is that the audience may have a greater connection to the work. It’s hard to say. Opinions?


For nostalgic purposes, here’s my very first post. Enjoy =)

Episode I – Control