Oh am I ever in a mood…

08 09 2012 017

The last two days at work have been incredibly slow. This is the tendency in the business I work in. November slows down, and December is nearly stationary. It gives me time, perhaps too much time, to let my mind wander.

I find myself sitting at my desk; all of my work for the day completed before 9am, and I’m in a mood.

You know the mood….the one where you feel like holding onto someone. Hugging and kissing; watching sappy romantic movies, smiling for no reason….just that sort of mood.

I’ve set my downloader to retrieve movies like “Lie with me” and “Kama Sutra”; setting myself up for further ‘moods’ as the long slow days become more frequent.

This is definitely the mood I should be writing in; but I’ve promised myself that I’ll proofread, rewrite, and shore up “Tutelage” before I write anything new.


….unless someone offers to do that for me?





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